Dustin, and anyone who is like him

Dustin has no understanding of the beauty of human life, and see dead babies as comedy. He is a pompus jerk who is so conceited that if his THING was as big as he thinks it is it wouldn't fit in a room. When you adress a question to some one else he will answer your question in a loud, utterly obnoxious way that drowns out the person who you wanted the answer from (might add he is usually wrong). He always speaks to women as if they are little objects for his pleasure. And I AM NOT FOR HIS PLEASURE!!!! He touches people with his slimy hands, people he doesn't know. And if it weren't a crime to torture, I would have a special place to keep him and torture him. He tortures me with his obnoxious voice.

Dustin 2

Dustin, you piss me off beyond all belief. You are one of the most disrespectful, inconsiderate douche-bag excuses of a man I have ever had the displeasure of knowing. You use people like it's going out of style until they're all used up, and then they're nothing but trash. You said you'd stay in my house for a couple weeks to get on your feet, and now it's been 14 weeks/3 fucking months! All you do is sit around, smoke pot, eat, and look at porn! You fucked up my computer and bitched about it not working, you act like a dick towards anyone, and have no fucking respect for me, my home, or anyone else! Go back to prison, because that's the only place you're accepted because that's all you are, a felon, a 'poor victim of society', go fuck off Dustin.

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