Erica the Fat Bitch 1

I am so angry at this fat bitch at my School named Erica she is such a narcissistic stuck up bitch, first off all that kid didn't throw a book at you, you don't go up in his face talking shit about him you fat fucking cunt. Than he throws a desk but I really wish he would have thrown the desk at her and her fatass would have deserved it. Then I told her to shut the fuck up and she gets in my face and I told her to get her goddamn fatass out of my face, then she hits me and I hit back trust me, I ain't taking no shit from your goddamn fatass. Just because you eat up more than your whole goddamn body weight at lunch and bully those in class for no reason give you the right to start shit. The fight was stopped and I got suspended but you know what If we wasn't in School I would take a Sledge Hammer and break every fucking bone in your fat fucking body. Fuck you Erica and I really hope you do die of Obesity you fat fucking cunt.

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