Old nosy people 1

My grandmother is an old nosy fuck. She lives next door and every time I go somewhere she comes out of her house or over to my house and asks "where did you go?' or "what do you have in the bag?" As if she is a fucking homicide detective questioning me about some CSI bs. Mind your fucking business lady. Jesus H Christ.

mother 2

She won't get me a cell phone and then makes me feel bad for being mad at her about it

Dumb Ass Brother 3

My brother heard a rumor from the family gossip girl aka my mother that my husband beats my ass. Rather thn ask me if its true he blows up in my husbands face making a scene in front of the kids (mine and his)and then says call him if I have any problems! Do you even know if I have them in the first place? Where the fuck do you get off playing tough guy and disrespecting my husband, kids, and me? Get off your ex-Marine supercop high horse and ask a fucking question before you go all ape shit next time!

Good for nothing father's! 4

You wanna know what makes me so angry? First off, I know nobody's perfect but at the same time, learn from your mistakes ! My dad has been in and out of my life the only consistent person I've ever had in my life is my mom. Being 16 soon to be 17 my mom thought it was a good idea for me to get to know and understand my dad. So I decided to fly across the country to connect with my so called "father". Instead all I'm doing is defending my mom and bickering and arguing because according to my "Dad" who barely freaking knows me I'm good for nothing, a liar, and a slut just like my mom? I wish I would of knew what he thought of me before I came out here. And wasted my moms money, I would rather be with people I know who loves me instead of trying to love someone who obviously doesn't love me! It just makes me so mad I feel like screaming every time he makes some slick remark. But hey at least I can say I tryed. I know my mama raised me right.

Sincerely, your good for nothing daughter ...(who I guess doesn't have a name)

*Note from Anger Central
Obviously, we have no idea of the circumstances of your parents breakup or what happened between you and your father. It appears that your father has some major issues. Most fathers who are separated from their children jump at any chance to interact with them. It looks like you made a good faith effort as did your mother. We're sorry he doesn't want to work with you and be a father.
(Calling your daughter a slut is not the sign of a good parent, unless the daughter IS bouncing from bed to bed)

they didnt say anything 5

my family members who I let stay at my place to help them (FREE)due to hard times.. didnt tell me the bathroom sink underneath was leaking water...ARGH did they think it would go away by itself????? What is wrong with them!!!!!

stepson 6

Maurice you are a ungrateful piece of shit. It sickens me to know I have been in you life since you were 6mos old and you have np respect for me, your mother, nor my daughters that you ducking molested! I wish you were still in jail and not here in our house. Every night when I walk past your room I feel like busting in there and shooting you in your fucking head BITCH!! You are a cancer to this family, and out of the love I have to for your mother and me wanting to be around to raise my girls I would have been killed your ass. 2 more yrs and you will be 18 and out on your ass.

Fat ass 7

I am angry because my fat lard brother is such a fat pig !!! He makes fun of me because I'm skinny and he's a fat lard and when I tell him that he needs to lose weight he just gives me this evil look ..he eats everything he never stops ! It's like it's his last day ! Disrespectful fat lard I wish I could tell this to his face but he'll just go into depression and NEVER stop eating .."ooooh I'm fat therefore I'm strong" NO fat lard you're just fat nothing more EXPLODE bitch!

Bitter Dad 8

I am so angry that I got one bitter asshole of a dad. He is so self-absorbed and all he cares about is his sorry self. Whatever his children do is never enough for him. Everyone I ever dated is never good enough for him. He calls them names while I never judge the sluts he dated. He really thought those sluts ever loved him. They were all after his money, if there is any. Why is he so bitter? After the divorce with my mother, he turned into an even worse father that I cant even look up to him as a father anymore. No wonder his children kinda stopped talking to him. He is such a douche bag. He used to beat us when we were kids and the hitting and abuse continue until now, randomly. I swear I will never get married as long as he lives because I know no matter who I date, it will never be good enough for him. I don't want my child to know him and I don't want him to see get married. Our life will be much easier if he leaves.

My asshat brother 9

For 39 years my dipshit brother has been holding grudges against me. Literally from the day I was born and started hogging all of mommie's attention. Well, time for him to grow up and get the fuck over it. I think my life has turned out OK. It isn't paradise, but I'm happy. He needs to stop telling others around him to grow up if he's not willing to grow himself. A fine example he has set for his younger siblings and his own offspring. I've never run from a relationship the way he has. I've never stolen the way he has. I've never lied the way he has. Or used family and friends the way he has. I don't blow every last dime I have of a vehicle that isn't even paid for. It isn't my fault his wives left. That's all on asshat numero uno. Treat a woman with respect for a change and see if that works instead of stomping around like a goddam toddler. It isn't my fault you lost your dogs, cars, trucks, jobs, mind, kids, etc. ad nauseum. Again, asshat values himself over all others. Even family. Thanks for the heartburn and fucked up childhood. Not having a real father around, he was the closest thing to it. I respected and looked up to him. Now I just want to forget.

My retard of a sister 10

I am so FUCKING PISSED at her, she's autistic, and i'm aspergers... And i'm expected to look after he CONSTANTLY.

She's too stupid to read a big sign on my door saying NO GIRLS ALLOWED (Except my mom, older sister, and cat), Take her to the park constantly, in which i got the flu because of taking her out, look after her, and buy her the only 3 things she eats, Which is all fucking junk food. The list of what she (At least) eats is: Hickory sticks, Yellow corn twists, and spaghetti with no sauce. and i also have to constantly make her pizzas, in which who only eats cheese on it, while we always buy pepperoni. She's a dumb bitch who things a character from, of all things, happy tree friends, flippy to be exact, as her BOYFRIEND. and she constantly calls him Fluffy. She freaks out no matter what if she gets no attention, is constantly on the computer, and is too stupid to even learn how to write properly! She can't even draw, she just copies off my mom's laptop screen, which she broke almost, constantly goes in my room (Which is my home's cat haven, as they hide IN my bed to get away from her) Just to piss me off, by doing something completely retarded. SHE EVEN SPITS ON THE GODDAMN HOUSE FLOOR WHENEVER SHE WANTS TO, AND I ALWAYS HAVE TO CLEAN UP THE MESS!

There... Ragedump Gone

My cousin 11

Argh she is such a selfish inconsiderate brat that acts like a 5 year old (and her tantrums are like that too) when she is like freaking 27. I have to live with pig as well since she decided to move in with my mum and I and wont move out. So yesterday I spent about 6 hours cleaning the whole house and she comes back and turns it into a pigsty in about 10 minutes. Like she has used plates and bowls everywhere, half eaten food and rubbish all over the kitchen. I ask her really nicely to clean it up and she starts yelling and getting aggro. Really? Also she plays her horrible music at full blast and won't let me use the house key (she thinks it's hers but it's actually my mum's) and basically has the attitude that she is amazing and perfect and everyone should bow down to her and is so selfish and inconsiderate and never does nice ( or reasonable things for others) - eg I had a suPer important exam to study for and she's distracting me and being annoying and I ask her to Politely stop and she stArts yelling at me. Like WTF dumb prick.

BF kids and Ex 12

I am so angry that my boyfriends daughter whom I have been feeding, planning a wedding and baby for has now decided to not let me attend the wedding! Why you ask? Because her mother seeing me there with her ex husband will cause drama! And to top it off my boyfriend won't even discuss it with his daughter!! He keeps saying I wish I knew what to do to make you feel better about this!! Are You kidding me???? Maybe hey my gf is going with me whether you like it or not!! I don't care what your mother says!!

Selfish moody sister 13

I leave home and drive seven hours to be with my pregnant sister, her husband, and one and a half year old son to help out when she has her baby. First of all, this house is disgusting. They don't seem to understand how to clean. Picking up stuff and putting it on counters doesn't make your place clean, just cluttered. You have been in this house for half a year now and you haven't mopped the floors or cleaned the bathtub or toilet once. Your kitchen is covered in greasy filth. I know my place isn't always clean, but when I have company over, I go out of my way to make my place spotless. It's kind of a respect thing. Also, keep your freaky chihuahua away from me. I hate dogs. Now for the worst... You are selfish and controlling. I know you're pregnant, but stop using that as an excuse to get your way. You always used your period as your excuse to be a jerk when you weren't pregnant. I have periods too, but I don't force my husband to do everything for me. Stop yelling at your dogs for barking. You shouldn't have gotten that puppy last month. You clearly have anger control issues and I'm sick of hearing you cuss so much. Your son is learning to speak. Another thing... WHY THE HECK did you want another baby so bad!?!? You couldn't handle javing two dogs and a baby before.. and now youre going to have two kids and three dogs? And you guys are leaving within the next couple of weeks to move across the country around the same time your baby is due. Why don't you realize that all of your problems are ones that you created? I could be home trying to find a job, but no. I'm here dealing with you.

My dysfunctional family 14

My mom always complains about how I never visit and avoid spending more time with them. Well, I have one damn good reason for that: about 75 % of family functions always end up in some kind of fight, and most of the time it is my mom becoming pissed off at someone or something, and then making everyone else miserable. Okay, I already accepted the fact that she will never ever get along with my boyfriend, but he seems not to be the only one with a "problem". Like today, it was my brother's birthday, and we all were supposed to have a nice time at a restaurant and then go to a kite show. Well, first my mom was pissed off at my brother for random reasons like taking too long to prepare to go out; then she got TOTALLY mad at his girlfriend, who is rather shy and seems uncomfortable when hanging out with our family (when talking to each other, we all speak a different language, and our grandmother does not even know English, which is probably part of the reason why); anyways, we took her out to the restaurant with us, and when leaving she did not say "thanks" or "goodbye". BIG FUCKING DEAL! If I was the host, I'd probably get a little upset, but not even give it a second thought, as for me the number one priority is for everyone to have a good time and enjoy their meal, not to make sure that all etiquette rules are followed, but my mom could not just get over it. So we ended up not going to the kite show cause of her bitching, and even though neither my brother nor his gf were in the car with us, we all were forced to listen about her behavior, NONSTOP. Personally, I don't like that chick much either, but I keep my attitudes to myself and don't spread it to others. Then of course my dad gets pissed at my mom and snaps at her, and she starts crying and cussing at him, and my grandma just adds more negativity, and before I know, I feel totally uncomfortable riding in a car listening to loads and loads of BS and drama, which I did not sign up for, and which does not even have anything to do with me; moreover, my mom asks me for my OPINION and PARTICIPATION in the drama. Screw that! I'm so sad that our family cannot even enjoy a birthday meal at a restaurant without getting into a huge and pointless fight over a third party. Why would I want to hang out with them again?

step kids and ex wife 15

Oh my god. I am so glad there is a place where I can get all my anger out. Well I lov my bf with all my heart and I am now pregnant with our child. I should be the happiest person right now, but, he has these two little brat daughters and this low life ex wife. I mean I hate all three of them so much I don't know how to control myself. I never even got to meet the kids but when they call all they ask him for is cany and money. Like your mom is right there I undertsand she is on welfare but sorry we don't have money for bullshit al the time. And then the ex is just so sick like she believes they are all still a happy family! Like bitch step badk he lef you and is never getting back with you get it through your low life head! So today we were planning on having a nice day out since its his only day off and of coarse she calls in the morning to argue. And he has to answer his phone for his dumbass daughter that didn't go to school today. Im just so sick of this. If I wasn't pregnant and didn't love him I think I would just leave.

horrible family 16

Why does my otherwise intelligent sister insist on trying to get the psychopaths in the family together! Why does she keep trying to make people get along who have never gotten along for more than 2 hours in a superficial way even during the non-holiday season!

We- her immediate family and husband, pitched in to help her even though I knew it was going to be uncomfortable, especially for me at least, since my uncle is not speaking to me from some stupidity that was all his fault from 10 months ago. Since then i have tried to get things to be civilized, but he is a curmudgeon asshole to the core. I mean he is a mean, bitter, hateful person to the bone.

And my sister knows this, but she has to try and be the one to bring everyone together. It's as if she has a compulsion to prove to the world that she is the one who can make everyone behave, no matter what kind of uncouth, foul, bad-vibe bringing, fucked up creature crosses her path.

So my uncle and his brood of grown up fucked up children walk in an hour and a half late with a fucked up hateful vibe spewing from them like steam off a volcano. and of course, within an hour, my cunt of a cousin- and i use that special four letter word in only the most dire circumstances, just so you know, that word applies to no one else in my world- has to pick a fight over my disagreement with her dad, even though it happened almost ten months ago, and she wasn't there and said nothing about it for all this time, until now, Thanksgiving. AND she had the audacity to pick the fight while i was being nice to her and trying to make her feel better because i thought something was wrong, but had no idea she had a problem with me. For the record, she knows how horrible her father can be, and has said so, many times.

But there is nothing she loves more, than tearing people apart who are trying to do something wonderful, like feed people a nice meal.

She got in my face, the way a person who thinks that nothing bad could ever happen to them no matter how out of line they are would get in someone's face. She is bigger than me and has put on a few pounds. it's amazing neither of us actually hurt each other.

I never want to see these people again, and I am going to make sure that for the rest of my life, I am nowhere near them. I am sure I will have to miss funerals, and weddings, but that is how bad it was. Save me God, please. I think these people are really evil. I am not kidding.

why does she do it? 17

I was so excited for my xmas party at work iíd got a new dress n dared to go for something different to what i usually wear i loved it the minute i tried it on my friends loved it even my dad and grandma however i showed my mum n she made me feel like the fattest ugliest bitch around claiming that it just didnít look nice and could i get it in a size bigger or change it now even though i originally loved it and so did my friends i keep looking in the mirror while wearing it and hearing everything she said i look fat and ugly and maybe i should go for a bigger size even though a know in my head logically a size bigger what just make the dress look baggy and me fatter but i donít feel nice in it at all now and i cant return it because i already took the tag off and i donít have money to buy another dress why couldnít my mum just tell me i looked nice or if she didnít like it just say i liked this dress better etc. instead of tearing my self esteem apart i donít know what to do but im sick of everytime i feel good about myself she says something and i feel crap about myself all over again it gets me so angry not only does she hurt my feelings continuously with these remarks but if i ever have a problem sheíll cut me off and explain how the problems she has are far worse and i should shut up and stop complaining to her about them i hate it, it gets me so angry!!

baby mama (NOT ex wife, ex girlfriend) 18

baby mamas really piss me off! the one in my life refuses to work and hasnt had a job for 7 years but is perfectly fine bleeding my house dry from child support! best of all, once the kid turned 5, she gets knocked up again so she doesnt have to work until the new fuck trophy is 5. god forbid she would have to work and stop living off welfare and child support! even better, she has other people claim the kids on taxes since she doesnt work which prevents my chils support paying husband from collecting the extra money at tax time. BTW cs is taxed so why shouldnt he be allowed to claim the kid?! weve held this welfare queen in contempt of court multiple times and all the judge does it slap her on the wrists. we tried to get more custody and we were told that the county i live in makes it IMPOSSIBLE for fathers to have any rights. i am totally sick and fed up with this whore and her lack of parenting skills and lack of morals. <~ GOES TO SHOW YOU WHAT TEENAGE INCUBATORS TURN INTO!!! money hungry, welfare queen, leeches! but hey she learned from the best...her mother

*Note from Anger Central
Have you looked into going for custody?

my fuckin bitch sister 19

She is always demanding things for herself and a thank you is pretty fuckin rare. She yells at everyone and treats them like she is their parent or something. The hell? Where does someone get the nerve? Anyways she doesn't yell at EVERYBODY, just everybody in the house(my sister, me, mom, dad.) She can never get off her fat ass and do anything for herself she critiques everything anybody does. And today, when i was kindly helping her get glass out of her foot,after she DEMANDED and pushed me off my bed, I was getting up to get tweezers. She was being impatient and shit i had had it up to my neck. I wanted to slap the daylights out of her, but instead I kindly said CAN YOU WAIT A DAMN SECOND? As i had to clean up a cup of water my dog knocked over. And she said some smart remark and I FINALLY STOOD UP FOR MYSELF and said you can take care of your foot somewhere else, bitch. And she got up took another glass of water that was in the room and poured in down my back(I was on the floor.) And threw the cup at me. And missed. ha. anyways still pissed. normally by now she would've tried to apologize, though I am in no condition to accept. The reason I am pissed is because, I did not get up and throw the cup back at her brainless fuckin head and say something else back to her. I remained CALM. I am also pissed because, she walked away and went and set off my mom. My mom is nothing close to my sister, but she is pretty annoying when set off. So the rest of the day I got to here my sister yell at everyone else while i stayed in my room. I hate that i keep coming back to this bitch. I don't really have a choice- most the time i try to keep the peace and just do whatever the hell she asks. So until she moves out i will be in misery. I can't move out seeing as i am 14. but really, this bitch. ugh. SO nice to get all that out/ Great thanks to anyone who actually read.

 teenage younger brother 20

My 17 year old younger brother makes me angry. I try to be nice to him, but he acts like such a slob and it really ticks me off. Then he retorts until the air in his lungs can't refill from all the times he'e retorted; the world's air doesn't want to supply any more of itself for the purpose of retorts. He walks around shirtless in the house flailing around his hand trying to make snapping noises. This happens at least once about every other minute, usually at least three times in a row each of these times. He does it while in the shower, while farting around, while watching biking videos shirtless. IT'S ALL HE DOES except for occasionally BMX bike. BMX biking is the only interesting or noteworthy thing about him except for the fact that he shares my bloodlines. Otherwise, he enjoys bashing me on the side of the head, not socializing with anyone outside the family, not thanking anyone for anything except on rare occasion, and RETORTING especially with the words "shut up" and "rarara", or "blablaBLABLA", because he freaking mumbles and I can't understand much he says, even though he TRIES to make it clear. HA. HE also enjoys scaring mom into buying him a ton of food and letting him steal food off her and dad's plates. Then mom says "Oh it's ok he a growing boy.". Yeah maybe, but he's still as helpless as SHIT. He couldn't hardboil an egg for himself if someone PAID him. Ok maybe then, but he wouldn't do it to feed himself. To feed himself, his strategy of choice is to say "HAY MAM. Buy me food. It has to have lots of protein (and be premade to the utmost degree)". Then half the food in the fridge is labeled and reserved under his name. For your dumbass shirtless self (It's not the pool, or your private room, but in the public area of HOME.). Which brings me to the next topic. Ok so mayybe he has a sucky room. But now he makes the whole center of the house his room. So we can all hear his RETORTING. Well what provoked this retorting you might ask? Maybe a SMALL suggestion at his way of life like PUT ON A SHIRT ONCE IN A WHILE IT'S COMMON DECENCY, HERE AT LEAST. He has the longest winded, most annoying RETORTS you have EVER heard. And my parents, as much as I love them, DONT DO SHIT TO CORRECT ANYTHING ANYTHING ANYTHING he does. Want to hit me upside the head? Freebie. Parents? Want to send this douche that you love to millitary school so he will be a more loveable and LESS LAZY son? NOOOOOOOOOOO. He must stay HERE so we can keep his lovely RETORTING SELF, and let us ALL HEAR HIS MUMBLING MUSIC. If you think this might be all my fault, why he is like this towards me, well, let me tell you, he gets away with sort of treating my parents like CRAP. MOM DO MY HOMEWORK. DAD YOURE A BAD PARENT. *Physical fight between the two males of my immediate family*. MOM BLABLABLA MUMBLEMUMBLEMUBLE. Hey 17 year old brother, STFUUUU!

Gosh, I hope if I have a son, that he will get his dad's street smart, because the males in my family aint got none that I see, even if I love my dad. It all belongs (mostly) to the females in my family. And if someone says I don't have much myself (in their opinion), well fucking compare it to them. Alright, so sometimes my dad's ok. But people, my brother is just a PLAIN IDIOT (who makes me angry because he is a jerk and socially awkward dumbass). Sorry. These are not the nicest things to say, but hell, I feel they ring true, if anyone looks at how he acts through my eyes.

Hey, HOW THE HELL am I supposed to present my younger 17 year old brother to the outside world? Hey! Look at these great socially unawkward genes!!!!!!! (sike). Ok, I kindof just thought about it, but maybe he has some kind of worse autism. But still, he makes me ANGRY because he is MEAN and treats parents like scum most of the time. I gave him a gift. It may not be another $100 or so BMX bike, but it was a nice gesture. He liked the gesture I think, BUT HE DIDNT EVEN UNWRAP THE PLASTIC OF MY GIFT. JERKKKKK! Fuck you and your finger snapping selff with your dumbass mumbling and enjoyment for eating everything and your being socially retarded and love for hitting everyone who disagrees who doesn't control the cash flow. You know what makes me even more angry? How my younger sister and mom LAUGH when he insults them, or me (in a way that I assume is FUNNY somehow?? wtf?). GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

He only likes my little sister, who is younger, and cannot pose a threat by existing.

He can't do anything for himself, by the way, except RETORT.


stepson 21

I hate my stepson. He's a fat, lazy retarded buck toothed, selfish fuck whose head is way to big for his body. He's 17 and expects everyone to slave around for him. He announced today, he can't be bothered to look for a job because he hasn't got time because he has xbox games to play.

Whenever we buy food for the family he eats all of it. He can't do anything for himself because he's so fucking lazy. He even gets his mum out of bed to put his bread in the toaster, and his mum, who i'm also angry at, does it. He is going to have some serious problems when he goes out into the real world and people tell him to go fuck himself when he expects them to slave around him. That's if he ever does get his fat hamburger ass out into the real world because his mother seems intent on pampering and keeping him lazy and childlike. He's been pampered that much, that he's like a 10 year old. Can't think for himself, can't do anything for himself and whats more, if it continues, i'm either going to leave or freak out and kick his ass

Stepchildren 22

My stepchildren are inspiring me to write a book about how awful step children really are! From porno to pot I have had to deal with nasty little f stepchildren whose mothers are also trailer trash and my husband is so ashamed that he had a part in their making! I have tried everything at first possible to make them comfortable but now I will not lift one finger to them, I can only hope that they are abducted and sold into slavery in some middle eastern country (wait I am sure they would be returned fast!) I now feel nothing towards them and cant wait to move out of state where they will not be able to follow us, I wish I had someone tell me not to date a man with previous children, though I love my husband, abortion comes to my mind when I think of his kids.......

 Family is so annoying! 23

First, a bit of background info. I am a 16 year old highschool student and I am just pissed ten days to Sunday with my family at the moment! Starting off with my 12 year old brother; for the most part he's alright but by God does he ever get away with murder here! Just 2 days ago it snowed and I shoveled and salted the driveway with no help from him, unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, put a load of laundry to wash and another to dry, changed 7 buckets of fishtank water, made popcorn for my mom AND vacuumed. Starting from about 11am to 6:30pm that day. My brother wiped down the fridge in the time I did all that and my parents start praising him like the second coming of Christ for one trivial chore! While all 7 hours of my work go by unnoticed WTF?!?!

Next, there's my mom. Again, she's also alright but she can get REALLY fucking annoying when I least need it! She'll always ask for a glass of water or some stupid item. But the nail that seals the fucking coffin is that I'm typically upstairs while my mom is like 6 meters away from the thing! Are you fucking serious?! I don't know if this is by pure coincidence or not, but she ALWAYS just happens to need some tedious thing done or insignificant object brought to her right when I put on my headphones or open up a web browser! It just pisses me off so fucking much!!

Lastly, my dad who, again, is pretty cool most of the time. But he's an absolute neat-freak! If he comes home then may God himself forbid that there's a single crumb on the counter top or a single fingerprint on the fridge or whatever! If you are unfortunate enough to have this happen, he'll go on and on about habits and cleanliness and other annoying bullshit for five times longer than it actually would take to just clean up the goddamned crumbs!

Lastly, my xbox which I've had for 3 and a half years recently broke down on me. So I was kind of pissed about that (another rant for another day). This wouldn't be as much of a problem had anybody actually given a frosted fuck about my situation! But when my mom's phone stops working, I HAVE to go out of my way to fix it or try to help her fix it!!

Although they are a loving family, they are still a pain in the ass sometimes. But fuck it, I guess that's life for ya. Peace out for now. Feels good to vent a little.

Annoying Step-Father 24

My Step-Father has been really annoying to my 13-year-old sister, not because she is lazy or anything, but because she is having difficulties at school. What I hate the most is that my uncle, who is a doctor, asked my Step-Father, "what did you studied?" Guess what? My step-dad did not even started middle school! He is always angry at my sister for not doing too well in classes, and what good example does he give? I heard that he had an abusive step-mother that did not care if he went to school or not, I think that is BullSh*t, and I also think that he has made it up as most life less people. I am 16 years old, and it has been two years since I was with him. I'm tired and sick of him for not even helping my mother out in the house, and especially when he always shouting at me, "Help out your mother on something in the house!" The information I have given was only 20% of what I hate about him, and there is much more. I hate you, you are only 10 years younger that my mother, and you my friend can just burn in h3ll.

My little sister 25

Hmm... don't know where to start... oh! my little sister will constantly insult me for no reason at all. I'm walking by her door? an excuse to throw a gameboy at my head.

I look at her at any point in time? She yells at me and calls me a loon.

I'm always being nice to her and everything, but she constantly harrasses me. Anyway, what I'm trying to say here is that my sister hates me for no reason at all.

Thanks anger central

Parents and Sisters 26

OK mom. I know we have a big family, 4 men and 3 women, and a small house with only 3 bedrooms. But I cannot share a room with an annoying 9 year old and a messy 6 year old anymore. They'll make the room look like a bunch of bears lived there, and I'D get blamed for it! I'm fucking tired of it. And DO NOT get me started on the bathroom. I just cleaned it 2 days ago, and my hands STILL smell like bleach. And now it looks like a 600 pound man just came out. Smells like it too. There's a lock on the bathroom, but they can just stick a penny in there and turn it and--boom!--its unlocked. They throw tissue everywhere--the toilet, the sink, the shower, the floor-- and I have to clean it up. They leave their nasty underwear and clothes on the wet floor and toothpaste on the sink and mirror. I know they're young but they fuckin know better now. I just give up. I'm not cleaning they room or the bathroom anymore. If you have a problem with it then either make them do it or Ill move in with Kellee. She's been begging to let me stay with her. So that's it. Hope you consider it, bye.

Lazy cousin 27

I'm angry at my lazy, piece of shit cousin who doesnt lift a finger at family gatherings unless she's forced to or food is involved. She has a dangerous medical condition yet is content to weigh in at over 300+ pounds, smokes, and drinks like a fish to boot. Thanksgiving this year we had a sudden death in the family. Everyone but her pitches in to help - we had a work list drawn up with jobs allotted to whomever. I was on dishes and so was she. Do you think she washed a single dish? No! She was more than content to vacuum up food and sit around drinking while I washed up after 14 people all weeked. We're talking Thankgiving dishes + funeral dishes + regular meals. My hands were chapped and raw towards the end of it, plus I have a family to look after while she is (understandably) single with no one to look after but herself. What a lazy, lazy woman. It was disgusting watching her dole out a huge heaping mound of ham, leaving the rest of us with 1-2 small pieces after she was done. She always seats herself next to the main dishes so she can pig out before anyone else. Absolutely mind boggling how anyone can be that fucking lazy. Next time I see her and there's dishes to be done I'm going to loudly announce that its HER turn to wash some motherfucking dishes. She owes me for last Thanksgiving and all the ones before. Confuscious say - fat lazy pig wants to eat ham, she can wash some fucking dishes. :)

Family 28

Okay, so back in August of last year some crazy stuff happened at home and I left. I couldn't stand living in the same house with my stepdad anymore and my mother wasn't doing anything about it anyway, so i left. I didn't plan on coming back. Ever.

So, for two weeks I lived with my boyfriend and he took care of me. Fed me, clothed me, gave me a place to sleep, everything. I cleaned, i attempted to cook, i was nice to family even though his mother hated me after awhile. I mean, it was better than where i was and i was happy to be far away as possible to that fat fuck i called dad.

Well, two weeks later, i'm found and taken to live with aunt. I lived with her for probably two months. It was PERFECT. Nothing was horrible, I never got in trouble, and i never had to worry about my stepdad. EVER. It was absolutely amazing.

CPS told my aunt that i had to eventually go home to my mother since they couldn't prove anything that happened in the house. Which i found to be total bullshit because i felt as if i was basically being called a liar. Well, during the two months i lived with my aunt, my mom decided it upon herself to put my boyfriend on an ankle monitor, put a restraining order on him, give me one way ticket to Ohio with my stepfamily, and pack up all my belongings. She thought all this was the best for me. Needless to say, I only went to school for a total of 3 weeks before i was shipped off to Ohio.

Once in Ohio, my mother became friendly to me again because in her eyes, my step-family was the best thing that could've happened to me. SHE WAS SO DAMN WRONG.

Well, the first three days were all good. Everything was fine until i stayed up talking to my friend all night on the phone. The next day my mother texted me saying they'd be taking a peek through my phone which i was completely fine with since i had nothing to hide. I'd only texted my mother and my friend.

Apparently to my uncle an iphone like a go phone (that only stores so many texts at one time). My uncle told me there is obviously something i'm hiding and if i am i should just spill it. i had nothing to hide, so i said NOTHING maybe four times before i got snippy. They yelled at me all day and went i gave them the silent treatment I WAS IN THE WRONG and got yelled at some more.

That weekend they went to a theme park that i couldn't go to and I was given to another relative which i was completely fine with because I loved them. They asked me what had happened and i told them point blank everything. Well that sunday, when i was taken back to my uncle's i was told that i couldn't stay and was going home. Instead of telling me in a nice way, i was told, "EITHER SHE GOES OR I GO. I'M NOT GOING TO LIVE WITH HER." At this point I would like to know what the hell i did wrong to these people. I had only been with them for a week and they blamed me for all their problems and there were NONE! what.so.ever. unless they decided i was "doing" something wrong, even though i would be simply reading a book.
Well the next day i went to school, came to the house, got yelled at, packed my shit, and walked out the door. My uncle called the cops and said i was a runaway and when my other uncle's wife pulled into the drive he than told the cops on the phone a domestic dispute was about to take place.

Well needless to say, my aunt almost got her ass kicked by my other aunt who showed up to rescue me. It was funny as hell and i would of loved to have it video recorded if i could have.
Well i stay with aunt and uncle who came to my rescue for a week and there was no problems. We are close in age, I'm 17 and there 20 and 23. My aunt wanted me to stay, but my mother said no, i was coming home.

I came home, and went to school, got my diploma and now i'm living with my current boyfriend. I would just like to say i have NO relations with my fucking family, except my mother and sister, my side of the family, and only my aunt and uncle who rescued me.


They went as far as taking it out on my sister who had nothing to do with this. Instead of sending a card for her birthday, she got nothing. She was so hurt and i would just like to say, i hope you read this because FUCK YOU. my sister didn't deserve that BULLSHIT you pulled. Maybe you should figure out what i did to you & apologize for the bullshit! Also, if you ever try to steal money from us again, i'll go up there to BEAT YOUR FUCKING ASSES PERSONALLY. thank you :)

people who can't appreciate how good they got it 29

My Father (who is a father of 8 children and has 5 grand children) had a heart attack about 15 yrs ago followed by a stroke 12 years ago. He has diminished function in his right arm and right leg -he would have had more but decided not to re-hab himself cause he figured he would have to go back to work. He now spends his entire life sitting in a recliner that you elevate with a button,sleeps,gets up eats and goes to the bathroom -that's about it. My mother works and is almost at retiring age but can't cause she needs the money to now support a household where my father NEVER planned for any future. My brothers and sisters and I help my mom where we can. Well the latest thing with my dad is the fact that he has now chosen to ignore every single person in the house except for my one brother who just pacifies his every request and figures "someone has to help him out -he obviously can't" -this has been going off and on for a while. On top of that he is supposed to be on a regimen -being a diabetic- well he takes his meds whenever he wants -doesn't follow the doctors instructions,showers when he gets around to it -he has gone a week or more -doesn't wash his hands after using the bathroom -I could go on but it is aggravating.-the reason for the silent treatment he has put on the rest of us is that we were on him to at least care enough about himself to maintain himself and there is more to life than just sleeping and watching TV -I have always been a tolerant one and would help him with anything(he used to talk to me too)-then he called me a "bag of shit tied in the middle"- well I have given up on him -I pray for him that he will see the err of his ways -but the way things are going is he is going to die alone-no one will care --I believe he is one of the richest men alive when it comes to family -which was always important -don't know when it all changed -it's sad....

My hateful father 30

I'm 23 years old, I have 2 beautiful young children ages 2 & 5. We just recently moved in with my dad because of an abusive relationship & loss of job. Only problem is my father gets on my damn nerves so bad!! He's so OCD it's not even funny! Like it's good to be clean and neat but not psychotic like "using scissors to cut your grass kind of OCD".... I now see why my mother left him... he's a mean miserable old man!! My 5 yr old son has a learning disability & my dad bullies him all the time, when asking my son for a request and my son doesn't follow through, my dad will then tell him that he's a dumbass & he's dumber than a box or rocks!! For one you fucking old piece of shit DO NOT CALL MY SON DUMB!!!! You're a piece of shit and I can't wait to get out of your psychotic bubble of a house... better yet, because you're up on the roof cleaning out the gutters, please fall and die so I can claim all of the money that you have and deserve for you being an asshole & a effing pervert to your own daughter all the time!! But until then i'm taking money from your wallet and packing as I type this & my BEAUTIFUL SMART LOVING AMAZING CHILDREN are getting out of here and going to a homeless shelter for women and children!!! I really pray that when you die you see how hateful you were and it's going to be really hard to forgive you if you gave my son a complex from all the bullying you've done!

Me and family 31

Ugh. I am tired about hearing about my subpar self in this family overachievers. I'm not feminine enough for you? Not good enough for medical school? Not fucking bilingual enough? Cool bro. I'll remove myself and be average and good enough for me. Life is not long enough to please people you don't even like. And maybe I'll get around to liking myself, too.

My brother 32

My brother is such a prick, all he cares about is his girlfriend. When i try to talk to him, he gets mad at me and shouts at me to get out of his room. I found out that he had a slutty girlfriend when i accidentally saw her face in his phone. He asks me if he loves him and i say yes but in reality i don't. He MADE me not love him. He always breaks a promise to me. For example, when i ask him to download a game for the pc, he said he promises to download it when he has the time. But when he DOES have the time, he spent it on texting his girlfriend, playing football with his friends etc etc. Just now when i asked him when will he download it he got so frustrated that he called me a dumbass. I called him a retard who only cares for his girlfriend rather than his own brother. This shocked him and he screamed at my face to ask me to get out of his room. He even swore that he will never do anything for me again. What has he done for me? Im the one who practically does everything he asks me to do. I hate him so much i wish we weren't brothers. Im better off without him.

Mums loser boyfriend 33

My mothers boyfriend is a fucking loser . I honestly have no fucking idea why she is with him . He has serious issues and has only just come out of prison ... Nice !

He watched kids films , doesn't drive , cook , wash up and is always seeking her attention .

He abandoned his own son years ago which mum and I know about and had a serious alcohol problem , yet she still sticks up for him and mothers him like the fucking loser she is !

He's so fat and eats us out of house and home , all she does is drive him about and cook for him . I'm surprised she doesnt wipe his arse !

I just don't understand why she won't tell him to go , they don't even sleep in the same bed and haven't done for 2 years . I FUCKING CAN'T STAND HIM ! He makes me so angry with his stupid accent, eating habits, overly loud voice an everything about him . JUST FUCK OFF U PRICK

My Brother 34

My brother is the meaning of the word parasite. His entire life has been a monument to stupidity and idiotic decisions. He was a very bright kid, with an extremely high IQ. He was considered very gifted. But the only thing he has accomplished is being arrested in every state that he has ever been to. He has fathered three children with three different women, and he has not been a part of any of their lives. He hasn't paid child support steadily for years. He can't hold a job because he's too busy chasing floosies and doing copious amounts of drugs. He is extremely mentally ill and refuses to take any medication. In my belief, he is a danger to everyone he crosses paths with. His idea is that he is entitled to EVERYTHING that ANYONE ELSE has. Everyone around him, he drags down into his messes. He is counter-productive, disrespectful, and he's a slob. He always expects others to clean up after him, literally and figuratively. Yet, somehow, the legal system continues to let him go and roam and rip people off some more. I don't know how he always gets way with the shit he does, but next time I see him, I'll be calling the police. He won't get away with shit on my watch, and he can stay away from me as far as I'm concerned.

I'm expected to like him, because he's my brother. But to hell with that. I don't care if he's blood-related to me. He's a scumbag, a parasite, and an ignorant fuck. Unless he gets his act together, I don't want to even see him. He's thirty-five years old and acts like he's fucking fifteen. He has absolutely no respect or compassion for other people or their property. He steals and borrows money to finance his drug habit, and when people deny him, he gets pissed and throws a tantrum like a fucking four year old. Well, the buck stops here. I don't give a rat's ass if he's my brother, he's nothing but a bad reminder and a dishonor to me and my family, and he will get NO help from me. He can clean up his own damn mess. Be a dumbass, experience dumbass consequences.

Step-son, step-daughter, wife 35

I fucking hate these pair of dicks who I inherited 5 years ago along with my now wife. Step-son is a fucking lazy retard who constantly wants entertaining and if you dont he follows you round like a lost sheep .. "I'm bored" in otherwords entertain me, find me something to do.. He is fucking 17!! He always challenges everything you say and does fuck all round the house and the wife does nothing at all. I do pretty much all the cooking, cleaning, running about and I am fucking sick of it, I wanted a life and this is nowhere near. The wife is always moaning, and as for sex forget it. As for the step-daughter I want to put my fist through her stupid fucking face as all she does is whine, manipulate people, show off for attention, bitch and challenge everything you say and do .. cause you have so much experience to draw upon at 14 you twat!! She is a total fucking nightmare to be around. I hate her more than anyone because she is a lazy cunt, never picks up after herself, moans all the time about how hard done by she is despite having all the latest gadgets and she has the personality and likeability of an anal wart. I hope she fucking kills herself and I can escape this place of hell called family life.

Mother 36

You're such a negative person in my life. I really dont need any negative people in my life . I'm glad yesterday , only a day happened and it changed things . Life is funny , u make it so sad . From now on , this is the way it goes . You have your life , I have mine . The only day im forced to spend with u is sunDAY other than that never especially at night . Even if I have nothing . We stay away from each other I on,y take a yes or no . I don't want u as my ride I'm gonna take cabs everywhere no more relying on u I'm on my own . Happy I learnt now better early haha xo

sister 37

I HATE when my sister comes to visit and TOUCHES my things without asking and COMMENTS about them and TAKES INVENTORY!

She also thinks that it is o.k. to touch me whenever she wants and completely take over.

My Retarded Grandparents 38

Im 14 and during the summer i mow yards for cash so i saved up to by a mic and THE FUCKING RETARDS I LIVE WITH took my 100$ mic for my ps3 and broke it and WONT EVEN PAY ME BACK I AM SO FUCKING SICK OF THEM AFTER I BOUGHT ANOTHER ONE THEY SAID I COUNDNT USE IT AFTER 6:00 PM! THEY ARE SO FUCKING RETATRDED I CANT WAIT TO MOVE OUT!

Scumbag Brother 39

I once loved my brother.

When we were younger, we'd play games and laugh all day. But over time, something changed. He became selfish and cruel. For him, it's okay for him to do whatever whenever. But when someone, god forbid, stands up for himself or says no, he flips a shit on how "I DON'T WANNA BE HERE!" and "YOU'RE WRONG!" He once said "fuck you" to my mother over him not going to a friend's house. This certain friend came from an abusive, drug addicted household. Something about this friend and certain past friends rubbed off on him. For a couple months now my brother has been making my parents' lives living hell. He's been using drugs (even though he's 14,) fighting with my parents, and manipulating them. When confronted about this, he throws a tantrum and runs to the bathroom to cut himself. He causes problems time and time again and when it bites him, he simply runs away like the sniveling coward he is. Because, y'know, playing annoying dubstep music and dying your hair red makes you h@rdc0re.

He once said that nobody in this family wants to be around him. Gee, I wonder why?

He is a self-centered, hypocritical, manipulative scumbag.

Eddie, I hope you overdose hard with your precious scumbag friends and rot in hell.

Grandmother and family 40

I am angry at my grandmother. She is a manipulative bitch who loves to push people into doing shit they don't want to, and ban people from doing what they enjoy.

She intimidates others by pointing her finger at their face or chest, and she quietly growls her bullshit orders. My mother, grandfather, and I are fucking pushed around by her behavior. She constantly bitches about everybody in her life, especially my aunt who is super nice to everybody and doesn't abuse others. Nobody has ever told my grandmother to shut the fuck up in fear of making her behavior worse, so my grandmother runs everybody's lives with an iron fist. She is Adolf Hitler.

My mother and grandfather have become so used to the abuse that they are slowing acting the same way as her. I once read a web page that said "If you don't follow your dreams, they will die. You have to reprogram yourself to follow your dreams.". My mother wanted to move into an apartment, and my grandfather wanted to move to Kentucky, and neither did because they didn't want to upset grandmother. Now they are fucking screwed. Thankfully I found a personal development website that inspired me to become brave and find a way to make some money and move out.

Thank you Anger Central for letting me post this rant. I feel so much better about myself and my future.

Brother 41

My little brother makes me so fucking frustrated. I admit, I gave him shit when I was about seven years old but the punishments from my parents resolved it. Instead of saying "Shut your mouth" when he's being loud and obnoxious I say "Can you stop that?" instead.

But the fucking princeling won't accept that, he thinks it's too blunt and harsh for his fucking godly ears. He then proceeds to call me a "miserable thing" and several other charming names that he no doubt learned from his similiarly retarded friends.

Parents don't do shit about it either. If he calls someone a cunt they let him off with a warning. If I call him an idiot the whole house erupts into a shitstorm that makes me lose my night's rest.

I am so close to snapping and just punching him in the mouth and kicking his crotch. I have never violently attacked him before but I sometimes I think it's the only way the little shithead will learn some human empathy and decencty. He complains and whines about the things I do that are minor, yet he can't handle it when I give him shit back for what he does and says to me.

Sometimes I look at how he acts and behaves. I truly think something is wrong with his brain. He's disgustingly unaware of his surroundings and others. I kid you not, one time he was supposed to be brushing his teeth and he started spinning in circles and making strange noises while holding the toothbrush on the stair landing.

I am at my wit's end. Everytime we get into a fight, I tell myself that I will just try not to care about him anymore, yet I can't. Even though he's an ignorant little shit, he's still my brother who I have known for the majority of my life.

My own brother won't treat me with human decency. I guess I'm more sad than angry in the end.

my sister and her ex 42

I am currently FUCKING enraged at my older sister and her ex boyfriend. So, here's the story. Recently I have moved in with my sister and she lives with her ex. And this guy is a fucking putrid piece of human shit I have ever laid eyes on. Physically he is healthy and he is in the military but his personality and how he is is just fucking scum. My older sister who is still in love with him even though they're broken up, still has sex with him as sex-friends. And she also has no spine so she cant protect herself from him emotionally. He calls her foul names and talks to her like she's shit and even once he made her pregnant and urged her to keep the baby even though she was already struggling financially and if she would have the baby she would ruin its life because it wouldn't be in a safe environment from him. She had an abortion which was the better of two evils when it came to giving the abusive motherfucker the baby. AND this was her second abortion because her first husband was abusive and threatened my her if she kept the baby. And now he's just still fucking controlling her and telling her to tell me to do shit that I know 100% that is his bidding. And he doesn't face me either. Like if he doesn't like something that I'm doing he will tell her to tell me to stop. That motherfucker has been pestering us for the last 3 months. And the funny thing is that SHE IS THE ONLY ONE PAYING THE FUCKING BILLS AND BUYING FOOD while this asshole doesn't do shit, not even descent respect! And he also dates girls online and he tells her about it but then fucks her later and she's okay with it but then later comes to me crying her heart out telling me how she hates him and feels used. Unfortunately she never learns so she keeps going back to that same fucking routine. And that motherfucker just gets what he wants and not getting any fucking punishment for what shitty person he is. A pure piece of human scum, fucking prick, disgusting excuse for someone in the military. This guy should just get deployed off to fucking China so he would stop ruining mine and my sisters' lives!

My Mother 43

my entire life i have dealt with her picking on me and criticizing everything i do or say. All through my childhood she said i was the problem and forced me to get "professional help" and when the therapists would suggest she come in and do therapy as well she would never come in. I wont say im perfect though the constant emotional abuse has really cause a lot of internal damage. I remember feeling as if she would only beat me up so others could see all the damage she was causing me. If only i would get so lucky. Not once has she ever said i am so proud of you or job well done. Every chance she gets to take a stab at me or break me down she jumps on that opportunity. There was a time i thought maybe she actually cared when i was hospitalized for a high risk pregnancy she acted as if she cared about me. I thought wow maybe she has seen her wrong ways and turned around. No that was a false reality. Soon after giving birth and leaving the hospital she went back to being her usual cruel self. I honestly could go on and on about how she has screwed me over or done horrible things to me. I cant think of a single kind or nice thing she has done for me without me asking it for it. She never says i love you .. and im honestly confused.. why have a kid if you hate me so? You are honestly the worst mother. You are constantly disrespectful to me yet want to preach about respect.

Stupid mother 44

My mother is so god damn annoying. She frustrates me so much. I went to my brothers house yesterday, which is literally less than two minutes away, and I forgot to tell my mother.Seven hours later my dad rang me to see where I was because they only noticed I was gone. When I came home my mother gave out to me so much. She was shouting at me, telling me that I had to choose between my brother and her house and that next time I go to his house I can get the fuck out of this house and never come back. She's a bitch to everyone. Today, she won't even register my existence only for when she wants me to do something for her. She constantly tells me I need to learn manners even though I have manners. Perfect manners. I can't even talk in my house any more because of the shit mam does.

Spouse 45

So opinionated that you couldn't give a damn about how much it was hurting me, my family, and others. Stifling expression with your projections, claiming others were controlling without an ounce of self-awareness, when in the end, YOU were controlling, emotionally abusive, cold, and unwilling to change your behaviors and habits no matter HOW important it was to our relationship. Well, you're even more miserable now, so enjoy.

Mother 46

My mother is too nice, too easy going and irritates the heck out of me. I have completed my residency and taken my board certification tests for internal medicine. I have never once felt like she supported me. She always is concerned that something will be "too much for me," While she judges harshly everything that I do: How will you pay for school, gas etc., she thinks that my sister who is 32 who still lives at home is doing awesome as she is a costco demonstrator. Everything that she asks or says irriates me.

mother 47

I cannot figure out why my mother still tries to make me feel guilty at my age! She is 90-in decent health -except for a little arthritis- I live at #27 and she lives @50 same street. I have been there all my life- now I want to sell my large home and downsize- I want peace and quiet for my retirement years.I want to move out of this town because of all the "suburbia", noise- tight spaces feeling.
I told my mother she is welcome to come with me - and my older sister tells her that they are going to put her in assisted living and rent her side of the house for $1000. a month. Now mother is hittingme with this " why do you want to move " questions- let her have my sister take care of her- she will not miss a beat when it comes to putting the Mom away- and getting their $1000.00 rent for a property my mother gave them!

bratty cousin 48

I can't stand my bratty ass 8 year old, spoiled cousin!! She's so fucking annoying and i cant stand her!! She went to florida with me, my family and my friend, and she was absolute HELL. she talks in this stupid baby voice all the time, and bitches when she doesn't get what she wants!! my aunt[ her gramma] spoils her like hell and gives into whatever she wants!!! 2 years ago i visited her and i brought my dsi xl. her: oohh i want one!! she got a friggen ds and was like, ooh i hate it its not like yours!! bitch. and one day we were talking about what we want for christmas and i said an ipod, because i can use that as a phone, so my parents wont have to pay alot of money. she was like, ooh i want one to i NEED one!! and i just looked @ her!! the little brat!whatever i have, or want she wants it and she'll get it too!!:(( her gramma is annoying to because my cousin had said she wanted a bigger/or younger sister. my aunt laughed and said' oh you dont want a big sister! because they always tell you what to do! and you dont want a younger sister because then you'll have to SHARE your TOYS!' ugh. she said it like it was the worst thing ever. And my cousin,on the florida trip, had used up all my friends face wash which was carefully stored away and my friend had told her not to touch it!! she used it as body wash, and my friend was pissed!! she has this annoying baby voice she uses but not around me cuz she knows ill beat the shit out of her!!

Spoiled Handicapped Niece 49

My 11 year old niece has Down's Syndome but she is a spoiled unmanageable little brat. Her mother feels sorry for her because of her disability and will not discipline her. She wore Pull-ups until she was at least six because her mom was too lazy to fully toilet train her, although she could tell another elderly relative how to change her Pull-up. She is obese because her mom feeds her any junk foods she wants to make her feel better because "schoool is so traumatic". Her school has called her mom many times because she hits other children and curses at them. My brother will not let his smaller kids play unsupervised with her because she might body slam them and seriously hurt them. When visiting her, she took my child's drink. When I pointed this out to her mom, she half-heartedly scolded her and got a dopey smile in exchange. If my kid had done this, he would be drinking H2o for the rest of the day to reinforce the point you don't steal other people's drinks. I do not look forward to her becoming an adult-her behavior may keep her out of any decent adult care facilities. A lot of her attitude could have been fixed with a hard smack on the ass when she was younger.

Asshole dad 50

My dad is the biggest tantrum thrower ever, you would think he is old enough to control himself but he can't help but throw tantrums I actually feel sorry for him because he will have no one left in his life because he is such an asshole at times. I'm 19 years old he always has to show off and try to be cool, in front of me and my friends with is just fucked up. He says things that are always innapropriate he's mainly joking but it's like shut up! Apparently im ignorant because I have cooked something for a party I'm having and have put it in containers and whatever now he told me to fuck off and I'm stupid don't know anything and don't fucking know how to do anything right. He's been picking at me all day he thinks because he has this job managing a bar in a nice restaurant that he knows fucking everything and food and people he is a fuckn tool. I'm so frustrated especially seeing as when he isn't home because of his job I'm at home cooking dinner for his wife who has a baby cleaning up for her pretty much

Being her bitch and he turns around says horrible things like that to me. Telling me to fuck off and nasty shit. He has no idea what I do for this family so the asshole can shut up and get fucked I don't wanna look at you or talk to you you ungrateful pig. I never complain just do what I am asked and he is the biggest tight ass I have ever met he hasn't brought me clothes since I was young I even have to pay for some shopping. I work In a bread shop and bring things home for him always no one picks me up from the train station when I have to carry all this bread home for these ungrateful fucks no one offers to give me money when I pay for this shit out of my own pocket so who the fuck is he to turn around and call me useless? For fuck sake !!! SO MAD

Grandmother 51

I am angry at my control freak grandmother. Every single day she sits on her fat ass watching TV and acting depressed, only to take breaks by going out in public and criticizing everybody on their lifestyle choices. I'm sick of her fucking yelling, crying, and telling me what jobs I should get and how to groom myself. Stupid bitch. I told her off a few days ago and she said that she can do whatever she wants because she's my grandmother. Fuck her. I'm a grown ass adult and I'm cutting all contact with her.

My step sister 52

She steals my stuff shes bringing her little dope boyfriend to my birthday party and I've met him once he's a little fuck ass and she try's to boss me around because I'm younger than her and she bitches about everything she's so stupid and she try's to control my dog like she's doing everything wrong but its really her little fuck and she makes me want to take her little slut ass and shove the dog up it!

waiting for others 53

God, I hate having my life hinge on what other people do or their schedules. Daughter's baby daddy wants him for Thanksgiving. cool. But baby wont get back here till what? 2/3pm. In the meantime I have a family forty minutes away, that I cannot help or contribute till he gets here, and I drive all of us there, because I am the GD car that will take me, her, and him to my fiance family to eat. Thing is, it's our first thanksgiving together with his family and now I am gonna look like a non helping new in-law already and not show up till her baby daddy brings the baby back. Jesus. My life is waiting and she is holding me back. two years now. god.

Gimme Pig Sister 53

My younger sister is a nice person to the outside world but in reality she is a selfish greedy gimme pig.

Last X-mas she got my card and called me to ask how many gift cards were enclosed, who they were for, what stores they were from, and how much money was on each card. She was worried they had been "misplaced".

Then my birthday came around. Sis is the caretaker of a disabled relative. The relative told me she wanted to treat me to a spa visit worth $100 to celebrate my special day. She told me to call Sis who was responsible for sending either a gift certificate or cash to make this happen. If Sis dragged her feet, this relative told me to call her and she would have it taken care of. I had to call Sis many times but she kept putting it off until she finally said, 'Well, you're coming home this summer, so we'll split the money and go the spa together for a special treat".

Gross.... Meanwhile this relative's health took a turn for the worse. Their health is much more important to me than any spa visit, but Sis' greed still pisses me off.

So...this Yuletide season there will be no X-mas gift of any kind for Sis from me, her nice hubby (sorry), or her kids whose rooms are already overflowing with junk.

It's too bad I can't send them all this special customized gift certificate:

Free One Year Family Membership

Gimme Pigs Anonymous

A Cure for:


Single Mom & Kids 54

I don't think it is too much to ask for my girlfriend to follow through with disciplining her kids. I live with them, and every single day they break a majority of the hour rules!

There is ZERO discipline! The "rules" are ethereal, and by that I mean that they are completely ignored by everyone!!!

For example, I came out of my office (the garage) to find the 11 and 5 year olds in the Family room. The 11 year old was pigging out on a bowl of gold fish, and the 5 year old had a huge tray of cookies. There were even cookies on the floor. The rules are clear, no food outside the kitchen/dining rooms. So I kick them out of the family room. Is it wrong for me to be pissed at the bratty 11 year old for teaching the younger one to break the rules?

Then, about 5 minutes pass and I come back in. Sure as shit, there is the 14 year old eating in the family room. Every single one of them, every single day, EVERY SINGLE RULE!

So I yell at him, probably could be nicer, but REALLY?!?!?

Then the Matron Bitch from Hell comes in yelling at me because I am disciplining the kids for their constant disrespect of house rules!


I'm sorry I spent $300 fucking dollars to put food on their plates.

I'm sorry I bailed your negative bank account balance out of the hole earlier today!

I'm sorry I pick up the fucking kids from school since you are short on cars!

I'm sorry that YOU DONT CARE that your 14 year old is a failure in school!

I'm even more sorry that you PRETEND the asshole can't get good grades, and you ENABLE him to FAIL with your lack of discipline!

I'm sorry you snapped at some point and FORGOT TO PARENT!


Why are people so stupid? Why don't people take care of their kids correctly? Why don't people follow-through when there are rules?

Anyone else out there feel my pain?

The sad thing is, the only answer left is to give up on the kids. Now I don't even care that the 14 year old is failing.

I feel bad I voted to raise my taxes to pay for kids like him to waste my money and waste their education!

Sister, Parents 55

You want me to review with my sister? HELL NO. Every time I do, it ends with her screaming at me if I get an answer wrong! And I always, ALWAYS get in trouble for it! "She's doing this out of the goodness of her heart?" BULLSHIT. She's doing it because YOU FORCED HER TO. I WANT to go work with my chemistry teacher (who has tutoring sessions every day from 2:05 to 3:05 after school), but NO. I have to come home immediately, since my sister was caught smoking pot last year. WHY DO I HAVE TO PAY FOR WHAT SHE DID? GAH! She's 19, a well known pot smoker and underage drinker. Yet I bear the brunt of my parent's restrictions. They're letting that piece of ass plop her ass at home until she wants to leave! Me, I'm getting out of here ASAP.

Brothers 56

I am so fucking sick and tired of my brother. I just HAD to be fucking twins with That peice of shit. He yells at me like a fucking maniac and even tries to literally BEAT me the fuck up, when HE knows HE causes a problem, and gets me introuble for some retarded as bullshit. He deffinetaly knows that he isnt supposed to hit WOMEN. (Yes, I am a girl, if you havent noticed.) But the dumbfuck makes things WORSE than that. He made my life miserable and I am so stupid because of him. He is such a fatass and he fucking YELLS at my MOM because my mom doesnt get what he wants. What a baby.

asshole mom 57

I am so pissed off at my mo. What she does is she makes me do make-up work that the teachers don't accept. Then she looks on SchoolMax and still sees the assignments. And she makes me do these stupid assignments. she is a fucking asshole and i would rather sleep with a pack of dogs than live with her.

FAT people 58

I cant stand the fact that my dad eats so much freakin' food, that we couldn't afford heat, air, groceries, gas, rent sometimes, etc. he blows $400 a month eating out..a couple of biscuits from mcdonalds in the morning, a buffet for lunch and a buffett for dinner...hes so fat he sleeps with a machine on his face and his face is beet red all day...he smells like a handful of pennies and his breath is terrible...plesae dad...stop eating so damn much. exercise...and lets eat at home!

My Father 59

Dear Pathetic excuse for a father,

I am sick and tired of being your personal slave. If you wanted a slave then you should have hired one, not insert your DNA into my mother and create one. Your petty problems are nothing short of annoying. You are pathetic if the TV remote is on the table, 5 inches away from you and you have the decency to call me LITERALLY call me on the phone from three rooms away where I've been locked up for hours studying in order to get the remote for you. I honestly would rather chew off my own arms and legs to keep from ever serving you again. It is not only the remote that irritates me but your very existence does as well. Asking me to stop doing my homework or from cleaning the house so that I can do things for you or get things for you is the most obnoxious habit that you uphold, apart from spitting when you are yelling and the fact that your face gets as red as a tomato when you are angry. Alas, idiocy cannot be repaired so I try not to fry your monkey brain by back talking. I am only a year away from leaving this dump of a home and making my own life. Enjoy starving to death from lack of my servitude.


Your daughter who wants to take that remote and smack you upside the head with it.

Stupid fat bitch 60

My cousin is a stupid fat bitch that does absolutely nothing. She hordes donuts in her room like krispy kreme is going out of business. Umm hello, ever heard of "DIABETES". At least throw that shit out ya fat cow. She does nothing but hide in the closet of her unknown sexuality. If you could figure out which team you wanna play for maybe you wouldnt be so damn lonely either. We all have seen the computer internet history, "lesbian" and "old man" huh? Nigga you gay.

Arrogant Ass-Hat Father 61

I am so Damn tired of him not listening to anything I say. How damn hard is it to understand that I am more mature than you? You seem to be an arrogant asshole who can't seem to get it through your moronic head that you are no longer alive to me. You can't listen to any idea that I might ever have just because you "know more" than I do. I've built computers and make almost straight A's! I got a fucking award from Duke! I was ranked in the top 300 in the entire state! But no, just because I'm 14 means I'm stupid. You were a high-school dropout, whereas I'm getting offers for collages! And yet if I make even one suggestion about anything, you explode! I'm so fucking tired of your ignorant behavior. This has slowly eaten away at me for years. You believe that because you are older, that makes you automatically superior! NO! We live in the 21st damn century, or hadn't you noticed? You scream racist hate at people just because you are an immature prick. Even my mother,your wife, thinks you are overly aggressive. I've had enough of this! You seem to have plenty of time to talk to your "boyfriend" for hours on end, and then scream if I walk down the stairs to get something because I'm "too loud". No, you are too much of a fucking idiot to realize that this isn't the 70's when your sorry ass grew up. I don't give a flying fuck what your father would have done! YOU criticize your father, so I don't think that you're using a good example there, you fucking hypocrite. Because I don't do it your way, does NOT make it wrong. Unless your the one looking at it. You seem to be able to criticize me plenty when I "let"the dog dig out from under the fence, but I can't fix it, because all of my ideas are just oh so retarded. You seem to not have met yourself yet. The sheer amount of anger contained within you seems to be equivalent to all of it in North Korea! You constantly bitch about how everyone hates you,yest if we try to help you, we do it "wrong". Ever wonder why almost all your coworkers hate you? I could not for the life of me figure that one out! You have the gall to sit there and play with your shit, but when I try to help, all you do is bitch. You scream at the TV, cuss like a sailor, and behave like a total off the wall ass-hat. But somehow in that cesspool you call a mind, you wonder why the 4 year old behaves like you do! And then when he does, you not only act astonished, but half the time he doesn't get in trouble for it. You are a malignant asshole who should be sterilized. It is a wonder that you are the sperm that won. Plenty of time for yourself, no time for anyone else. You are dead to me. The day I am capable, I'm fucking leaving your sorry ass to rot. When you are infirm and old, you had better hope that my brother has a better relationship than you have with me, because I'm not paying for a nursing home! Bitch! But if my mother needs it, she will get it. I will never truly utter the words "I love you" truthfully again to you. But mother will be loved until the end. You have and will always will be an asshole whom I hate. Hatefully, Your scorned son.

Uncle 62

First off, I don't hate my uncle. I was happy when he took me in when I moved to MA.

What I'm angry about is the fact that my uncle's mind is so narrow. He is gay, which he flaunts. I told him about my boyfriend back in MO and he flips. He accused me of trying to steal his partner. He despises 80's music because the 80's is when he lost his friends to AIDS. I respect their losses, but come on the 80's were fun and campy. The music is timeless.

He never listens to both sides of an argument. He jumps to conclusions and makes assumptions. He assumed I was wealthy, when in fact I'm dirt poor.

*Note from Anger Central
Your uncle is a classic Massachusetts Moonbat liberal. They will not listen to anyone who disagrees with them. Don't even waste your time trying. You will have better luck talking to a wall.

family 63

my neice comes home from a long weeked of being with family and she has a cat that is put up in her room and my mom feels sorry for it and lets it out well she also has a dog that is hyper and gets into fights with the cat and then eats the cats food and then when the cats food is gone my niece blames my dog for doing it I really do not know who is eating the cats food and if it is her dog she needs to stop blaming my dog yes my dog goes in to her room and so does her dog all the time it is her dog I can not watch them 24 hours a day and when I do watch them I see them do things they should not do I yell at them and then I get yelled at for that by my mom and so I am fed up with this shit it is not my job to watch my nieces pets and if she is going to be a bitch about it then she needs to take them with her from now on I had enough of this crap

My stepbrother 64

I hate my stepbrother! He is an ungrateful douchebag. He is 18 and im 16 yet he makes it seem like hes the boss of me. He is weird as hell to begin with. I really hate when I hang out with my friends and he wants to join in a game or when we just chill. At first all my friends were cool with it at first but now alot of them won't come over if he is here because he is just awkward. I definitely don't bring my girlfriend over we he's here because she might think we are related. The only thing he likes to talk about is GOD DAMN airplanes. Now he has gone crazy and I mean CRAZY. He has to wear a hat everywhere now because he has been twisting and pulling his hair out. A good amount too at first me and my mom though that someone had played a prank on him and shaved his head while he was sleeping, but then we saw they were in circles and she found out that he was pulling it out. My stepdad says its from his grandmother died but that was like a year ago and I had to deal with the same thing a year before and he and his dad hated when we went to the hospital most days of the week. They argued about that with my mom. I had just gotten back from a friends and overheard them talking in my parents room just my mom and him, then I hear him say she should die already. So I opened the door walked up to him a punched the shit out of his face in front of my mom which after that made me feel bad she had to see it but it was all I could think at the time. And now I'm suppose to feel sorry for him, FUCK THAT. He is a fat lazy failed abortion who wont get a job. I have a part time job and its hard to balence that with school and now sports is coming so it will be tough. He just comes home and goes in goes in his room and gets online to watch videos last time I pasted it was some female talk show. I like to play PS3 and even though I bought the console my parents won't help or get me my own tv after my last one broke. I'm the one who buys the games and controllers but he acting as if he owns it. So he went into my room to get the new game I got I had not even gotten to play it so its still in the film i get home and its out of the film covering and there is fucking cheeto orange marks on the box and he broke just broke my mic lasts week so there goes $100. I almost forgot to say that he is also a spoiled dick. For example I got an iPhone 4S for my birthday it was the only thing I got and I thanked my parents and I was extremely gratful well about two months later it gets near his B-day and he starts bitching that he wants an iPhone so he gets one a week before but he is not satisfied so he tells HIS mom that we were cheap and that's the only thing he was going to get so she goes out and gets him a brand new $600 laptop. Now he is on his phone on some app with pictures and shows us EVERY single one of them and its in the middle of when we watch T.V together so we are all annoyed. Right now I'm typing this with everyone in the room and he is trying to show some airplane pictures to my mom FML. Thank you for letting me get this out I needed this.

My Prima Donna Sister 65

Sorry, I HAVE to rant. I am literally so mad, I can hardly see straight right now! I have quite a few siblings and my parents are insanely strict on all of us.

Well. Except on my second youngest sister, who is thirteen this year. I know you're supposed to love your sisters and all, but I have a really hard time putting up with this certain one. She's always been treated way better than any of the rest of us were by my parents. I'm telling you, she's like the resident 'princess' of the family. Don't get in an argument with her because you won't win. Both my parents are ALWAYS on her side. As soon as she comes running to them, sniffling and whining, they don't even bother to hear your side of the story. They just assume that you're the big, bad, bully trying to pick on poor defenseless little her. They have this theory in their minds that because she's one of the 'younger' kids, the 'older' one must be the one doing the persecuting. The truth of the matter is, she's the bully. She knows she's got them wrapped around her little finger and uses them to get her way because they're too stupid to see it. She uses them as her headsmen constantly.

You better not say anything bad about her either. As soon as they hear anybody breathing a word of criticism, both or either of the parents drop on you like a ton of bricks. They can't stand anyone talking bad about her and come racing to her defense like an angry mother cow. "How dare you talk about her, don't you dare blah blah blah!!!" Give me a damn break!

It's their fault she's so damn insufferable. She's loud. And annoying. She's lazy, she's never had to do any of the work that any of the rest of us have had to do. Mom always finds a reason why she shouldn't have to help with chores. "Oh she's too little, she gets tired easy, she might sunburn, etc." Just gag me with a damn spoon. I showed her how to change a younger sibling's diaper once when she was ten (something I had to do when I was six) because I was busy working in the garden with all the rest of us free laborers. She thought it was 'gross' and she was too good to do it. She did what she usually did: run crying off to mom and dad and they immediately took her side. "How dare you make her do that, YOU should have done it blah blah blah!!!"
"But yet you made me do it all the time when I was six--but oh nevermind! Oh yes...how stupid of me. I'd momentarily forgotten that she's a higher lifeform. How dare I make Her Royal Highness do something she didn't want to do!"

Thanks to all that, she's a little self entitled sissy...and she'll probably never do a day of honest work in her life because 'that's someone else's job.' I hope she grows up to marry a doctor or a lawyer; she'll need one to continue her lifestyle of constantly being catered to. Because they've always pampered her and leave all the rest of us kids out in the cold, she's got this attitude like 'I'm the queen, I'm adorable, nobody better bother me, I get what I want just by being cute." And it's not just a teenager thing either, she's always been that way. She walks around all day with this know-it-all attitude, interrupting in conversations when you weren't even talking to her, correcting people, butting in. She just HAS to be the center of attention. It doesn't matter if we go somewhere or someone comes over to visit, she inserts herself right into the middle of things, opens her loudmouth, and starts giving her opinion on shit she has no clue about to make sure NOBODY misses that she is there. My parents think it's fucking adorable for some reason, everyone else thinks it's annoying. Even my relatives who we don't see very often are like 'damn she's a pain in the ass.'

As you can expect, most of the rest of us would just rather not bother with her. She's a damn nuisance. But if we're doing something and we don't want her knowing about it, we'd better be stealthy as fuck about it. Because if she finds out, she immediately demands to be included and then runs screaming to her royal guardians if we don't. If we want to go on a hike in the woods, we better slip out the door quick-like because mom or dad will always think it's a great idea for her to go along...which is ironic because five minutes ago she was too delicate to unload the dishwasher. And if, as she always does, she becomes fatigued after walking a fucking sixteenth of a mile and wants to go back to the house, we have to 'escort' her royal ass back to the house. Yes, that's right. ESCORT. We told her to walk back by herself one time because we were sick of her shit, and you would have thought we'd pushed her in lion's den. We like to NEVER heard end of it from our parents! "Oh my gawd, she might have been carried off by a Chupacabra!!" Or some shit. If she gets hurt or cold...it's always OUR fault. Not because she's clumsy or too dumb to wear a fucking coat. If we want to ride horses, it'll turn into a babysitting job if she has anything to do with it. If we want to climb trees, she's runs to the parents crying that she can't climb and then nobody's allowed to climb trees.

She gets away with shit that we'd get lynched for. While all the rest of us have to walk a fine line to keep from getting our asses tanned or yelled at, she rarely ever gets reprimanded for anything. All she has to do is pucker up that lip, juice out a few croc tears, and squeal out 'waaaaaaahh I'm sowry!! I wuv you!!!' and those two idiots just melt. If any of the rest of us 'commoners' tried the shit she does, we'd get our heads stuck on a pike. Our parents are so, so strict on us...yet they let her do whatever she wants.

She's developed this charming habit lately of getting on Facebook so she can throw 'cutesy' little hissy fits and talk smack about her 'annoying' siblings. Statuses like: "Ugh! I can't believe I had to get up at the same time that everyone else did this morning!" or "OMG so glad I don't have to stack firewood with the rest of my siblings. Psh Lame." I would love to put her in her place and comment, but I'm pretty sure everyone already knows what a fucking prima donna she is. I 100% guarantee that if any of the rest of us posted something about our 'annoying' family, we would have our account deleted, have to endure the ear bash of a lifetime, and be grounded for months. But no, when she does it, it's just her being 'sassy.' Yeah ok. I tried that once actually, got a swift kick in the ass for it.

Mom goes wayyyyy out of her way to make her 'special' food, because she doesn't 'like' some of the food the rest of us have to eat. Shit, when I was growing up I didn't have a choice whether or not to like or dislike food. If they put it on your plate, you damn well better eat it. I'm not even kidding, one of my sisters had a birthday party and Mom pulls out two cakes...a regular one for my sister and a 'special' one for the little snot. HER birthday wasn't for another six months, yet she gets a separate cake for each siblings' birthday!! All because "she doesn't like yellow cake." Can you believe that shit?

The sad thing is, my parents persist in 'tooting their own horn' about how they never have any favorites and how they love all their kids equally. It's fucking sickening, is what it is! But we're not allowed to say anything about it, or voice our opinions because that's 'disrespectful.' Ironically, my parents are the only ones who believe all that shit about being impartial. Everyone else just snickers behind their backs because it is very obvious that it is NOT TRUE.

And then they both have the gall to try to guilt trip us about it. "Oh why do you treat your sister so badly? You're all always ganging up on her like a bunch of big meanies! Why do you all go out of your way to make her feel so bad?!"

<Sarcasm> Hmmm what a damn enigma. What a fucking quandary. If only the Grecian philosophers were here to help us solve this impenetrable puzzler!! <End Sarcasm>

It's like this, dipshit: Maybe we don't care for her, because you treat the rest of us like garbage! Ughhhhhh!!! Whoever invented this site is a genius! I really needed to blow off some steam, and thank heavens it was here and not my snotty sister's Facebook wall!! I really do pray that maybe she'll go off to college on day and just magically become a tolerable, nice person...but I don't hold my breath. Thanks Webmaster.

Family 66

I went to bed one night angry at my sister, I woke up the next morning with a small but painful cut on my thum. I know no one did it i kept my room door locked. I dont know how i got it, but my dad is always busy working and gets annoyed easly, my mom is always on some kind of technolgy even when we are eating my sister she is always on the phone or reading and gets very annoyed easly like my dad. I have another sister M, she is never home, she's always out smoking, drinking, doing drug, and partying with her friends. I feel like I am the only normal one. Im the youngest I always want to have a nice talk with my family or get some attention cause i'm so lonly. I get I could hang out with my friends but they are always busy. Every night I can hear my mom and dad having sex I just feel tired of this world. Finally I lied and told my sister that I cut my self she looked up and listened then I told her I lied because I really didnt I just wanted to get her attention but I don't think she believes me she said I need to go tell my mom and dad. I feel good that she cares but I DIDNT CUT MYSELF. I dont know what to do i just wanted some attention.

Asshole Brother 67

Why am I angry? Hmmm... lets see - because my fatass lump of a brother seems to think he can lord it over me because I'm younger.

Every time he does wrong, okay, yeah, he get's an earhole full - if I try to correct him on something my parents say it's not my job (there again, my grandparents encourage me to tell him off for being a cunt, so I'm a bit confused sometimes).

What I think is unfair though, and makes me so mad, is that he'll happily scream and shout at me if I do wrong, and my parents never say thats not okay. My idiot of a brother frequently demands respect from me - tells me not to talk down to him - I say to him he's never done anything to earn my respect at all, he has not a single ounce of respect for me - coming into my room taking my stuff, backchatting to me, trying to hit me and get me into trouble! He insults me all the time, and for all my parents telling of he never stops, he's an insufferable, morbidly obese, smoking, drinking pig who think's he can act like my god damn dad when my parents arent around. I ain't gonna be told off by him, not when I don't respect him - he pretty much wasted his education and comes up with these crappy ass idea's to get money - he's a part time burger flipper and ping and dinger - why the fuck should I take his shit? Because he's 19 - and an 'adult' - yeah right. I can take my parents telling me I'm wrong, but not him. Never him.

Fat bitchy cousin 68

This skanky of a fat cousin of mine thinks she is the shit,she's ugly as sin huge mountain too and shitty attitude but she thinks she's hot because she has emo hair ugly fat whore guys only want her because she's an easy lay and they know she's insecure so of course they just want pussy haha and now she's pregnant with a black dude who doesn't want anything to do with her no wonder her lifes in the shit hole ugly fat bitch

stepkid and his mom 69

Why is it so hard for my husband's baby mama to have her kid when she is supposed to? I get so sick and tired of always having my time of peace ruined because she wants to get rid of her kid and dump him on us. And because my husband has guilty dad syndrome, he jumps at the chance and any plans or promises that he had with me just get tossed aside. Can't we spend some time together sometime? Is it too much to ask. It wouldn't be so bad if stepkid wasn't a big brat but OMG, I can't stand his ass. What a self-centered, narcissistic prick he is. I only get two Saturdays every month without his ass here, and this bitch has just ruined it for me. Stupid bitch! I can't stand you. Why can't you be a real mom and keep your kid when you are supposed to you fucking cunt! Fuck all of you!

My brother 70

I hate my brother, he is really stuck up. I have always tried to be nice to him, but no, it didn't work. He has been talking behind my back to his friend about how lonely I am. (He THINKS I am) this caused many people to question me it.

Family 71

My family members makes me angry on a daily basis. She can't get along with anybody, even her husband. She bitches at people, tells them what to do with their life, talks shit to them, makes fun of them, yells, cries, and makes a fucking bitch of herself. I wish she would shut the fuck up.

Scumbag Brother Part 2 72

Jesus Christ, Eddie. I know you like dick and all, but is that really the proper excuse for being such a little bitch?

You're a self-centered, obnoxious little douchebag that can take the best thing ever and make it completely unbearable. Every SINGLE time you try to manipulate my parents or throw a tantrum or smoke or drone on and on about jackshit fucking nothing or bother people or otherwise try to make something about you/your stooges when it shouldn't be, I want to grab your delicate little snohflaek head and bash it on the nearest table.

I don't care that you have "depression" or "anxiety" or whatever the fuck you "cool kids" have. I had a legit mental illness (EMPHASIS ON HAD), and you know what I did? I pushed past it and GOT THE FUCK OVER IT. Even IF whatever you have is real, it's probably your own god damn fault. There. I said it. My sister and I were sick because Mom had the genius idea of using IVF to have us. In case you DIDN'T know, IVF is a VERY destructive method of habbin behbiez that's been SHOWN to have a higher rate of producing disabled kids. This ain't because of it being new or anything, it's because 90% of the time you're using rotten eggs, rotten sperm or both. (I can't fucking tell, they were probably both bad.) You have whatever because you fucked with your own body. YOU made the conscious decision to pick up the "gift from Jah," and now you're paying the price.

You just didn't want to be alienated by your so called friends, did you, you spineless little toad? What's the matter, Mr. Hardcore Screamo Spammer? Mr. Yoonek, Pweshius Lil' Cneauflaek? Was the toughest twink around scared of being made fun of by people with no future? People that nobody cared about or even liked? Too stupid to consider that "hey, these kids were sired by druggies, maybe hanging out with them is not a good idea?" I was 12-15 not so long ago, you pretentious little cunt, and back when I was EIGHT I knew to STAY AWAY from certain people, as they were NOT MY GOD DAMN MOTHERFUCKING FRIENDS. Riddle me this, Mr. Super Psycologist, if you're so motherfucking smart, why didn't you figure out the same yet?

For the past couple of years, you've been fucking everything up with your horrid personality and drug-enduced bullshit. Even a trip to NYC wasn't good enough for your speshul ass. Not only that, but these years are probably my last here at my hometown. Thanks for ruining those, you putrid little scumbag ~<3. As soon as I get out of here, this little drug white trash fiasco is DONE for me, you understand? Should I do something with my life (which I probably will) and should all the shit you've pulled come back to bite you (which is even more possible,) you can rot in the hell you've made for yourself. I sincerely hope that you live a long, empty life with no pension, no friends, no true joy or sense of fulfillment, no anything, but filled to the brim with people ruining everything for YOU, just like you've ruined everything for everyone else.

Kindly fuck off.

My uncles and aunt gave my grandparents hell 73

My uncle called my grandmother and yelled at her over the phone, which upset her. Then he drove across the country to visit us. During the end of his visit, my other aunt and uncle forces themselves into our house, and they all try to change how we live. My grandparents try to kick them out, but they stay and start yelling at us, not approving of our jobs, friends, or hobbies. We start to call the police and they all leave. My grandparents couldn't handle the stress. My grandmother had to leave for the evening, and my grandfather had a heart attack and was in the hospital for a while. My two uncles and aunt broke into my grandpa's hospital room and started yelling again the next day. We had to get the security officers, who almost got the police involved but my two uncles and aunt ran off. My grandparents are doing fine now but that was some bullshit.

Tired of being a maid 74

I have been married now for 15 years. I have health problems, I had had failed back surgeries. Yet, I cook, clean and take care of my son. I have to walk food upstairs for the 600 lb man that is my husband. We walk in the house from the store and right away he runs upstairs to his room like a little damn baby. Everything there is something to do or somewhere to go all he does is drive. He will do nothing around the house except shit and lay in bed. Will not walk downstairs except to drive me to the store or to the dr. appointments. I can not drive because of my issues and he throws that in my face when I need my medication. What about all the bullshit I do for you , you fat mother fucker. I do not like wiping your ass after you take a crap. I do not want to wash your sweaty ball sack . This is not my job. Get off your ass and do something. Every single day I have to push myself to clean a two story home and homeschool my son.. I am up 14 hours and go non stop but, yet my legs are going and I fall alot. Fuck you, you just stay here so I can take care of you. I told him to leave and he won't and the thing that sucks.. I need him to drive me around I can not afford any other means of transportation. Don't take care of someone you show you care and your screwed. No one helps you they are all out for themselves.

Dad's Family Hoarding Pirated Videos 75

I'm really angry at my dad's side of the family for their worship of the TV, using it as a babysitter for my quadruplet half-siblings. When I was 5, Grandma nagged that I watch too much TV, even though all I was watching at the time (after kindergarten class, in the afternoon, at her place, in her viewpoint) were the educational children's shows on PBS. After my dad and stepmom were "blessed" with quadruplets, they took up using the TV as a babysitter. When the quads weren't screaming in their highchairs, going for an hour-long car ride, taking their couple-hour naps, or permitted to run wild throughout the entire house for about 15 minutes, they were always placed in front of the TV, in the gated up playroom, for the majority of days. Unbelievable! I gradually took notice of this, and discreetly told grandma about their excessive TV viewing, but she hypocritically blew it off with excuses such as "It's educational" or "You didn't watch half as much TV as they did!" Well, excuse me, Grandma!

To add to their excessive TV addiction, they recorded, accumulated and hoarded marathons of children's videos and shows, almost as though it was their kids life support, or kidney dialysis, and that they would die if they didn't get any new ones soon. Most of them were Sesame Street themed, because the rest of the videos they tried to copy were copyright/piracy protected. Stepmom acted like those children's companies owed her their videos, talking smack to me about how the Sesame Street people "care" and let people record their videos, but the other companies, "they don't care" acting all self-righteous about it to herself...

They've even mooched at ME for baby videos like I owed it to them which I don't. I already packed those tapes away a long time ago. And before you readers accuse me of acting like some dog in the manger with this attitude, I'll tell you this: I already gave them a pretty fair share of children's tapes, all 5 from Grandma's shelf as we agreed willingly, and 1 from where I lived at my Mom's place (it happened to be a duplicate, so we gave it to them). Mom spent her money on those tapes without Dad's help, and besides, they were already gonna get their own gift videos by default anyway. They can't just covet and beg for someone else's videos like they're "too poor" to buy their own (maybe they should've thought of that before they chose to have quads). Seriously! They got a whole shitload of baby toys and supplies from their church volunteer friends who doted on their multiple birth.

By the time they started to mooch at me for more baby videos, they already had like, at least 100 naked tapes laid out across their couch (pushed inward towards the wall so the babies couldn't climb and mess up the tapes). Trust me, I counted them myself, when I temporarily stacked the tapes together (interested in knowing how many they've hoarded), 20 stacks, 5 tapes in each stack. About half were official regular tapes, the other half were recorded tapes containing marathons of children's shows on TV, like PBS and Noggin (later renamed Nick Jr.).

Yet that wasn't enough for them! They still tried to record as many "educational" kids' shows as they could. They would borrow a set from the library, and Stepmom (tryin' to make herself look busy) would check through them to see if they were copyright-protected (where the film would go dark black on and off again). Those that weren't protected, in their case, the Sesame Street tapes, then Stepmom would record the whole thing to go with their little marathon block of recorded children's shows

In the days of Youtube, I have no problem with someone downloading the favorite scenes of a movie or show, especially to make an AMV, music montage tribute, or whatever. But what my dad and stepmom did in early 2000 I'd say was just pure pirating, and also terrible parenting. With the quads in front of the TV for the first 5 years of their life, they were lucky enough to even speak English at all (after selfish Stepmom tried to make them bilingual like her, and her whole Mexican family with all those Spanish-speaking kid shows), as they had a delayed speech development and needed tutoring at that Sylvan learning place...

I'd really like to know what happened to all those pirated videos, as the tapes are not at their house anymore. Did they toss all their pirated tapes? Or perhaps my stepmom gave them to one of her relatives back in Mexico who has a little boy. Only God knows, and now Mom wishes she could report Dad and Stepmom about those pirated tapes. I never condoned them pirating those tapes and never will...

Idiot Son 76

After mowing my grass, my wife came home from the Mall and then took the Bananas i got two days ago and threw them off the deck, and keep in mind they were fresh the day i bought them, so how in the hell did they get bruised in two days. Well my son was laughing about it and I asked if he had anything to do with my Bananas and then I couldn't believe what he said, HE DANCES WITH MY BANANAS. Son You don't dance with Bananas; they were made for eating not that foolishness; those bananas cost money thet i worked hard to earned and you wasted them by dancing with them; who the hell dances with bananas? Then I took him home to his Mother and then after that I decided to drink a bottle of Alcohol and look back to what went wrong between me and my son; i do everything for him and then he goes and dances with my bananas and now I need to go see a Therapist and i'm taking that Banana Dancing Buffoon of a son with me; so that way i can figure out what's messed up in his head, I hope it isn't too late.

Ne'er-do-well Brother 77

I'm furious at my ne'er-do-well half-brother (I'll call him "Bro") for being such a screw-up for the past few years! You'd think at 39 now (14 yr difference b/t us) he'd gain some permanent wisdom by this age, but NO! I've developed a lot of hostility towards Bro; maybe sibling rivalry jealousy grown into a terrible hatred... About 2013, he chose to move out to California to be closer to his 2 infant sons. I'll give him credit for that, but dammit I say it's his own fault that he had to go to CA in the 1st place. Maybe if he hadn't been taking off long hours of the night, making his girlfriend wonder where he's been, which he refuses to discuss with her, (Geez! Where do you have to be so bad that you don't want her to know?) then maybe GF would still be here. He did the same thing to Mom, & his 1st wife too, taking off for long periods like that, acting like he doesn't owe them an explanation!

At 1 point the bastard even stormed out on GF, went out & got black-out drunk (after being sober for years, the damn alcoholic), left her alone with the babies all night, & didn't return 'til the next day. Asshole! Bro 1st went out at 10am, was gone for 12 straight hrs; when he returned he only stayed for 2 min, & then stormed out after a fight w/ GF. I'm sure Bro started it, because he's so mouthy. GF called Mom up in tears, told her what Bro did, & couldn't get the twins to sleep who were screaming like crazy. We went out of our way, sacrificing the last of our Smackdown wrestling program, to drive all the way out there (not exactly the best neighborhood) after 10pm, & stayed w/ her until the twins fell asleep. I kept my cellphone on & in hand, ready to dial the police in case Bro came back to cause more trouble. Mom left 2 angry messages on Bro's cellphone, which he never answers when he's out, except to gossip w/ his friends. I bet Bro erased those angry messages after hearing only 5 sec of them. Next day, he's allowed to just talk his way out of it, sucking up to Mom w/ some fake apology. With him constantly being out for a long time, GF eventually took off on Bro, went back to CA to her family, & took the kids w/ her! And Mom (probably in denial) had the nerve to defend Bro, lamenting w/ bullshit like "He doesn't deserve this!...He supported her...she kidnapped those kids from him..." (Bro so had it coming!) So he finally proves more of his support when he brings the babies' supplies (GF left behind almost everything) out to her in CA, & eventually moved there to be closer to his sons (which would be difficult w/ the slower work there in CA vs. AZ).

I never missed him while he was in CA, living w/ his paternal half-sister & her husband. When he 1st left to start out there, I swear he was so clingy, living in a big fantasy world, calling Mom nearly every day. Then Mom would annoy me by babbling non-stop about him, that Bro says "hi," that he's making good money there, how he plans to get a vacation home there for us to stay in (Don't count your chickens before they hatch!), & "Oh! He REALLY wants us to come visit him!" SHUT UP! I ain't goin' to no airport to be felt up by those pervy TSA's, & it stressed me out enough w/ Mom fussing about how we would board our pets. I finally yelled, "I don't wanna hear anymore about it!" JUST DROP IT MOM! First Bro treats his GF like shit, shirking his father responsibilities, & now he's this prodigal son hero w/ bragging rights? He acted like a clingy schoolgirl, flattering Mom w/ his sweet-talk bullshit, that I found too good to be true, (you know maybe Mom's part of this problem too), sucking up to her neediness w/ his insists of visiting him. Why can't he just grow up & get a life already? She said he was working long hrs (I forgot the number), but he appeared to get lazy overtime. He once asked Mom to deliver some money payment to his union (he's an electrician) back in AZ the day before it was due (why didn't he just mail it to them much earlier?). They of course were closed, & Mom admitted afterwards, "It's his own damn fault. He should be doing this himself. He's 37 yrs old!" (Thank you!) I think he took up smoking pot at 1 point over there in CA (traded his drinking for pot, eh?). This was when he called at 10:55 PM right during our Smackdown program! Doesn't he know better than to call that late? No fucking concept of time! I stormed into my room in frustration while Mom spoke to him. She later told her friend in another phone conversation that he sounded very high over the phone, & I overheard this. Yeah, I know it's rude to eavesdrop, but I really distrusted Bro, & Mom admitted he was getting lazy w/ no motivation. And exactly WHAT qualifies Bro for even MEDICAL MJ? (assuming CA's latest law) I bet he was smoking it illegally.

Following 2014, Mom begged Bro to return to AZ due to his failure to thrive in CA, so that fucker would then move in w/ Mom & me, staying in our home, "until he gets back on his feet," says Mom (as if!). When she said that, I felt my whole world go to Hell, b/c I knew that was too long for me to tolerate. I can't stand Bro or him being within a 10 ft radius of me. He reeks of cigarettes & I have zero-tolerance for the smell, which throws me into fits. Whenever he gets into my personal space, I wanna shove him clear across the room! Also I've seen him casually drinking beer from those tall 25 oz cans (about 3 a wk) despite his chronic alcoholism from over 2 decades (starting at age 9?), & I'm supposed to trust he's drinking responsibly? Whenever I see him drink that beer, I wanna sigh & shake my head in disgust. I avoided Bro as much as I could, doing yardwork, staying in my room, & hoping he'll leave for a few hrs. Mom later criticized me not to "hide" in my room, b/c "it's not nice" (fuck you Mom!), & assured that Bro wasn't going to micromanage me or anyone else (the way my dad's family did). However that's exactly what Bro does! All his personal remarks... I mind my own business cleaning the floors by hand w/ a sponge, & he pries "Why don't you use a mop?" (we don't have a good mop & can't invest in 1 yet) I bust my ass vacuuming the living room, tidying up the clutter (Mom had a hoarding problem at 1 time), & Bro openly grumbles about Mom letting the house go. He bitched about our older non-HD TV (which worked just fine w/o any defects), rudely complaining that we need to get a new TV (Mom was kind to a fault taking you in & you bitch about the house & TV? YOU need glasses if you think the screen quality's poor). He goes out for 1 hr, comes home to see me preparing some sugary strawberry dessert & makes a snide remark, "Is that your dinner?" (Why don't you mind your own fucking business & quit breathing down my neck?!) The longer Bro stayed, the angrier I got. He habitually backtalked & argued w/ Mom constantly, turning it into shouting matches, to a point where Mom almost made him move out (but Bro weaseled his way outta that). No wonder he didn't stay w/ his sister long; her husband even threatened to charge Bro rent.

About a month into his stay, he brought home another girlfriend (I'll call her "Jay"). Unlike Bro, Jay was very polite & industrious around the house. She helped clean out a lot of clutter by compressing & reorganizing everything neatly, & only tossing out what was actually trash (unlike Bro who just nags us about the clutter & only "cleans" by indiscriminately throwing away everything he sees...). Jay was a sweet trustworthy woman...or so Mom & I thought. After Bro & Jay finally moved out together, Mom couldn't find her cameo jewelry, hair curlers, her Rx pain medication or certain clothes anywhere! She eventually realized Jay was the thief after she saw Jay (who insisted on staying in Bro's car, when Bro stopped by to pick up his mail) wearing a stolen pair of sterling silver base settings as earrings. Mom tipped this off to Bro, who 1st listened calmly. Later he refused to believe it, & still stayed by this girl b/c she waits on him hand & foot. He even nastily told Mom that she can't control what he does or who he chooses to be with. True, Mom can't control him at 38, but Bro still sounded selfish, rebellious, & ungrateful for saying that, basically means, "I pick this thief woman that I just met who waits on me hand & foot, over my own mother who kindly & selflessly took us both in to stay for free until we got back on our feet."

Mom angrily told Bro off on the phone for picking Jay over us, threatened to disown him, insisted she's writing him out of her will (she already made these threats a few yrs back), no longer trusts him, it's the last straw, & won't speak to him anymore, even if he breaks up w/ Jay. We bought new locks just to be safe, & I selflessly installed the locks for Mom, trying to be supportive of her; she was sickly upset for days by Jay's theft, & Bro's backstabbing. Mom later did a thorough background check on Jay, & was horrified at the results. Besides the criminal traffic records & drug issues (no wonder Mom's Rx painkillers disappeared), Jay served prison time for child abuse, including medical and sexual! Mom explained Jay had 9 children, & lost custody of every one! I can't believe Bro brought this monster he barely knew into our home. Mom highlighted the crucial info, emailed it to Bro (who recently got a DUI that he tried to hide from Mom), w/ some of her own disgusted thoughts about Jay's rap sheet, but Bro ignored this, didn't contact Mom for wks, merely dismissing himself as "just been busy." Mom sure didn't want Bro bringing Jay around his sons, & endangering them...

Mom later thought she had been too hard on Bro (about her threats to disown him), much to my annoyance, & eventually let him return to the house to pick up his mail again. Bro made a calm visit, & Mom makes me come out my room to say hi to him (I've been passive too long in my life). Bro greets me with a suck-up hug, but I wouldn't hug him back, feeling the urge to shove him away, spit in his face, & slap him. He even nosily & rudely remarked on a rash I had on my neck (I get this itchy rash every year). Mom then showed Bro the empty boxes of missing cameos to prove the theft, while I secretly wanted nothing to do w/ Bro, hated his guts, & Mom later wondered why I was so angry....

The 2nd time Bro came to pick up his mail, Mom wanted me to let him in for her while she went to relax in her room. When he showed up I hastily unlocked the door (he probably didn't even get to find out the locks were changed) so he'll just get his crap & leave, & then I avoided him. Well, he went to see Mom in her room, & he carelessly blurted out still being w/ Jay. When Mom rehashed the theft episode, Bro began more bullshit, doubting Mom's testimony. I heard a light tapping sound from the bedroom (like a light object thrown or a light swat?), obviously Mom's response to Bro invalidating her like that. Bro awkwardly left right away, leaving quicker than he came. 10 sec later, Mom hurried out of her room to see if Bro brought Jay along, b/c she yearned to smack that bitch across the face, but I assured Mom that I didn't see Jay in his car. She irately ranted to me, "Did you smell that alcohol on his breath?!" & I said no, b/c I walked away from Bro as soon as he entered, avoiding, & not wanting to talk to him. Mom could smell that alcohol breath from clear across the foot of her bed! I guess Bro learned nothing from his DUI... NOW Mom understands why I was so angry last time, & I got some angry feelings about Bro off my chest, & confronted Mom about her idle threats to him as well. Mom admits she only let Bro in last time thinking he broke up w/ Jay, & that "he looked so depressed." (Well, if he broke up w/ Jay, wouldn't he tell you?) Now she assures that if he shows up again w/ alcohol on his breath, she won't let him in the house (at least she got some control of him back...)

After months of not calling since the last visit, Bro finally answered his phone in Sept, revealing that he moved back to CA (Good riddance!) w/o bothering to tell Mom, claiming that his union couldn't give him any work in AZ. He still wouldn't believe her about Jay (who moved w/ him), got mad at Mom for tipping ex-GF off about Jay's background, & spoke nastily to Mom on the phone almost every call. Yet Mom refused to lose a son over Jay, & stubbornly tried to maintain phone contact w/ him, despite receiving abuse w/ nearly every call. It wasn't 'til Nov that he finally "realized" Mom was right about Jay all along. The truth sank in when Jay stole from Bro's friend's house (after he let them stay) & when GF showed Jay's printed convictions to Bro's face. He claimed he never discovered "this" b/c he "couldn't open the attachment" in his email (then why did you believe & insist earlier that those were convictions of Jay's father instead, almost as though you actually DID read the charges). You're such a liar, Bro...Also Bro discovered that Jay (whom I guess was bisexual) tried to cheat on him w/ a lesbian friend (the honest lesbian tipped Bro off showing Jay's come-on emails sent to her). But I don't give a fuck about Bro being cheated on; he's the 1 who wanted to take off long hrs w/o his girlfriends asking where he's been. But Jay DID buy drugs w/ the money he gave her for free use, which adds to her drug abuse & probable cause for stealing Mom's pain medication. He finally broke up w/ Jay permanently (insists on NEVER making up w/ her again), "understanding" she tried to isolate him from Mom (Hey, He CHOSE many times to side w/ this stranger over Mom), & sent her on a train back to AZ. He did this to avoid possible retaliation from her; the last girlfriend he tried to dump high & dry, she threw his stereo at his car. Wow! (Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned...) Mom & I will make sure to avoid Jay at all costs if we ever run into her again; she's a very mentally ill, delusional, pathological liar, who could be armed & dangerous to our safety.

Presently, Mom needs to STFU too about her wishes to visit Bro or her grandkids! I have anxiety issues w/ traveling & visiting, part of it due to post-trauma & family abuse (many reasons off-topic to this rant). I'm NOT going on that "visit" w/ her, won't be changing my mind EVER, so Mom should quit badgering me about it, & drop it, or I'll get really nasty w/ her. I'd rather stay home instead, house-sitting w/ our last 2 dogs. Over the past decade Mom was often too sick & tired to go anywhere (except work), come to my events, (the worst offense missing my high school graduation!) or pick me up from a relative's place. Yet she'll go out of her way w/ preparations to visit Bro & the twins out of state? Fucking hypocrite! Besides, I've lost all respect & trust for Bro; I don't give a shit if he's my brother (as Mom preaches) b/c I won't be fooled twice by him. I'm sure it'll only be a matter of time before he screws up again, as he's still taking off for long periods again, & some time ago, "investigators" have been looking for him (it must be really bad if ppl are looking for him). I've been resentful & distrustful of him since he 1st left GF alone all night w/ their infant sons, while he stormed out to get drunk. He'd better stay completely away from that alcohol, if he knows what's good for him, & maybe get friends that don't drink as a social gathering. Also Bro, quit screwing around w/ those drugs that I overhear you use, which you had a simple choice to avoid. Keep it in your pants too, Asshole! Instead of bang the 1st broad you meet... Maybe then you can work your peace, trust, & respect back to me, but I doubt it now, since I see you still take your chances w/ that alcohol & so onÖI hope Mom 1 day sees Bro for what he really is now, an egotistical sociopath leeching off her doting empathy attention & enabling his messes w/ her money handouts. With his sneaky irresponsible behavior, alcohol abuse, & nasty temper fits, I'm sure he'll be back in jail sooner or later, the fuckerÖ

Well Anger Central! That's it; I've said a mouthful, & hope the abbreviations to trim this lengthy rant are legible. I'm stopping this wordy rant here, at this satisfactory moment, but I'm sure the war w/ Bro's far from over.

spoiled sister 78

My sister is a spoiled, narcissistic brat. Not so attractive when we were kids, downright ugly now my siblings and I are in our 50s. Mom is still telling us how she is special and we need to make allowances for her. Well I am tired of driving hours to be there for her in all her family crises and joys, then receiving nothing in return. Tired of biting my tongue and swallowing her rudeness. Tired of smoothing over her relationships with my siblings (I am the oldest). Recently I remarried and she refused to attend or even allow me to talk about it; when I told her my feelings were hurt, I broke the family rule against upsetting her. So I am in trouble with mom and my sister is not talking to me. Yes, this sounds like it was written by a 15-year old. I can't start swearing because I won't stop!!

Hmmm... Life, maybe? 79

No, I'm not angry. I just disappointed with my mum. She said that she never want me from the very beginning and said that I'm a mistake, a big sin she's ever made. Gosh, I feel so unwanted. This is hard, dude.

*Note from Anger Central
A mother like that is no mother. All we can recommend is finish school and make a successful life, without her.
If she doesn't want you, then walk away from her. Do not let her idiocy ruin your life.

lazy ass kid sister 80

I'm completely pissed that, at 48 years old, and my wonderful husband, (he's 63) we are raising a precious handful of a 6 yo nephew...his mother is a lazy, shiftless, 33 yo who's never worked a day in her life, has absolutely no work ethic, and has everything she owns provided by the government!! If anyone dares to suggest that this trifilin' hefa should get off her ass and try working for a living, she has the nerve to cop an attitude. I worked as a CNA for 17 years, and as a admin assist after that. Went to business school full time because my body couldn't do the hard physical work I was doing, and did this when I was 46-47. But the bone-lazy cow who gave birth to my baby nephew won't even try and go back to get her HS diploma!! So now, in middle age, hubby and I are raising a kindergartner...and for extra fun, baby boy had to live with us, due to his idiot broadmare biomom taking drugs when she was pregnant w/him, then moved a POS boyfriend into her section 8 apt...someone who molested my little guy. She then complained that she hated her own child, and he was too hard to raise!! Now we take him to therapy, and he has special help at school because he has behavioral issues due to the abuse she allowed. At middle age, husband and I weren't prepared to take on such responsibility, but I sleep better at night knowing precious boy is safe, and not shacked up with drug users, degenerates, and an idiot mother. He calls my husband and I 'mommy and daddy', and that's exactly who we are to him...lazy bitch bio-mom doesn't like that, but at this point, I don't give a shit!!! ;-) ueuxrd

Bitter and Needy Father 81

This is the last straw with my father all he does is fucking think of shit to fucking get on my ass about; all he ever asks is "When are you going to get a job or when are you going to come and visit me, i need help with my lawn?" Here 's the thing you old bastard, I'm trying to look for a job, i'm busty helping relatives and neighbors with their stuff, and also i'm a grown man and don't need to visit you; for one thing you lost your damn patience with me as a kid berating me and screaming at me cause I didn't mow your fucking grass right, you do that to me now and i'll take this fucking lawnmower and run your fucking ass over with it, watch and see if I don't. Seriously, I have a fucking life of my own and you need to stop acting like you can still control it, i'm a goddamned grown man, are you so goddamn old and delusional that you can't even see how times have changed and that I am old enough to make my own decisions, and why the fuck is it any of your business what me or the rest of my family does with our lives, why don't you go back to fucking your fifth wife for her money, it's no wonder my mother wanted nothing to do with you, also what is your fucking fascination with FAT WOMEN, you are a sick man. One of his wives was a woman I was very close with, she was good to me, she took me out to eat, took me swimming, bought me things, and you threw her away because you were getting jealous that I was spending more time with her than you, you called her lazy and useless, she was trying to lose weight and go on a diet and had surgeries and that's how you treat someone, yeah you call anyone useless that doesn't work for you, if you owned a company it would go out of business and all of your employees would hate your fucking guts; you flip your shit over the simplest mistakes, if you're that goddamned anal and fucking psychotic over the way someone does something for you, than it is clear that you are nothing more than a bitter old dickhead, also why don't you show more appreciation over somebody's efforts, hell it's no wonder you can't get any help, and I don't blame anyone for not helping a bitter old bastard like you, as far as i'm concerned you can live the rest of your life in fucking misery for all I care.

Also old man get the fuck off my ass about looking for a job and driving already; I'm trying to get a job, but no it's not good enough for you, are you that fucking afraid I will end up a failure, and you say you are doubtful of me, well guess what I'm doubtful you will still be alive in the coming year, I help my neighbors, they pay me with stuff I do for them I build fences, clean gutters, mow lawns, but that's not good enough for you is it; well you know what you're not good enough to be my father and as far as i'm concerned you are fucking dead to me now; also why don't you stop harassing me about getting a car to drive over to visit your miserable old ass, you have other relatives and a fifth wife, you can't be that goddamned needy all the time; I have a life and if I did have a car i'm not going to waste gas just to visit a miserable old fuck. Also I told him I don't have a girlfriend and Do not want any kids, and then he says that's bullshit; well it's my fucking choice if I don't want kids, and why does it matter if I find a girlfriend, I know what you're trying to do you old pervert, and If I do have kids, i'll be sure to treat their Grandfather like shit, and if you even lay a hand on them, I will punch you right in your fucking face, and that will be the last time you ever see your Grandchildren, that and i'll make sure you go to jail to.

Yeah he's had over 5 wives and 4 of them he divorced with including my mother, yeah it's easy to see why he can't have a long relationship, it's always about him. He's also so goddamn out of touch with the rest of the world for a long time, like for example I used to watch cartoons as a kid and he thought they were for little kids and video games too, my self esteem was so damaged that I really had no idea what to watch, because my dad would flex his "You're too old for that shit" logic on me, yet he watches fucking western movies; a grown man that watches western movies, you're taste in tv is way worse, also not all cartoons are for little kids and certainly not video games, Jesus Christ I've never seen someone who's so damn out of touch with the rest of the world, it's embarrassing for me to even call him my father. Hell i'm a gamer and a nerd, but my dad would not approve of it, thinks I waste my money on that shit, he is so goddamn judgmental on everything, yet if I try to criticize him, he gets mad about it, why is it ok for you to criticize me but you can't take any criticism yourself, it's because i'm right and you're afraid to admit it, and yet we all have no choice but to follow your bullshit logic.

I'm so fucking pissed off with my father, that i'm just about to explode with rage, he's nothing more than a bitter old man, who tries to force his bullshit on others, gets on people's nerves, so fucking needs, doesn't appreciate what anybody does for him, judgmental, can't control his fucking temper, anal about shit, and is just overall the world's biggest pain in the ass. I swear I hope he kicks the bucket soon, the day his miserable old ass is out of my life, the better my life will be.

Bitch Sister 82

My fucking fat ass bitch sister is an unappreciative psychopath who flips her shit over every mistake; with the way she screams at people she needs her goddamned throat slit. She gets bitchy at my mother all the time, bitchy at me, so you know what I decided to flip her off and tell her she's not talking to me that way, my mother forced me to apologize, but guess what, if I had a child like that her ass would be disowned in a heartbeat, you either respect me as your parent or you can get the hell out of my life and say out, but my mother is so goddamned thinskinned and weak she just lets the bitch walk all over her; well guess what not me, if I ever get enough money i'm going to put a bullet through her fucking skull because her stupid ass deserves one, and she can go burn in hell; she's not my sister she is dead to me and dead to this family, and I hope karma gets her before I get my chance because one way or another the fucking bitch will be out of my life and i'll make damn sure it happens.

*Note from Anger Central
Now now, no threats of violence please.

Brother 83

I hate this fat fucking slob of a brother. Always skulking around the house looking for more food, what a DISGUSTING fat pig this slob is. Always cooking disgusting fat meals to cram in his fat face, always eating all our food. What a fantasy. He does nothing but complain and mooch off our parents. They should've kicked the fat, stubborn, drunken slob onto the street. I hate his fat whining and the fact I can never have a moment's peace without this fat, lazy and disgusting slob. My parents have to beg him to take a shower. He's such a fucking glutton, he needs self control and discipline. It's not like I don't care about him but I still hate his fat fucking face for only being able to whine, drink and eat. And I'm sick of being forced to smell his disgusting creations. Stop eating, you FAT FUCKER

Family 84

My family really annoys me so badly.

I skipped out on my family gathering this weekend. I'm an outcast. Both my mother's side of the family, and my father's side of the family hate each other. They hate me because I stayed neutral and didn't pick a side.

One of the only people who still talks to me is my father, who keeps acting oblivious and pushes me to go to these stupid get togethers, even though I am never welcome to them. God, I hate my father and my family. Going to these things is so awkward. I should just disown all of them for good.

boyfriends maybe-daughter 85

my boyfriends so called daughter (dna test needed) & her heroine junky girlfriend lie upstairs all day and night scheming on her own dad for any of his money. whether thru their rent being paid or her parties. they back each others lieing stories to get what they want. lied about having jobs but even go so low to lie about being raped just to get a car. they focus their retarded pea sized minds on trying to be me but in an immature and childish way. He shows her no discipline and gives her everything her evil heart wants. no wander why she doesnt want to move out on her own. daddy pays & gets played for everything. they are disgusting nasty an evil. they live in filth with rats and moldy everything. now they have 2 small dogs that they really dont give a fuck about but still the dogs remain loyal to the nastiest, ratchet, punk ass girls i have ever known. Daddy is just their dumb dog sitter for when they go blow his money on their outtings. Its time for the ratchet sisters to grow the fuck up & get the fuck OUT!

My brother 86

Well, my brother who I will keep his name private "Mr.S" from Toronto, Canada is lying and hateful liar. We don't really get along since childhood. I always have a pair of eyes over me ever since and wished that I don't have a brother. He accused me of mistreating my parents e.g. just being lazy. Also mistreatment of him too. My brother had accused me of rape, murder and vandalism which are not true. I'm a honest person in nature. I grew tired of his hissy fits and his bullshit. My brother won't leave alone. I wish I don't have a brother so I live my life to my full potential. So, I what do now? I have do deal with it for the time being. I do hope someday that he will move out so he can leave me and my dad alone.If S moves out; I have no plans to contact him unless there is something urgent.

Mom Wants A Robot Son 87

My mom thinks that everything that i care about is a fucking waste of time. Prime example, i have a group of people (a gaming-based Scout unit, actually) that i love and care about that i meet up with all the time, but she thinks that everything i do with them is wasting time and that my sole purpose in existing is fucking doing well in school. But actually, in fact, school is the thing that made me lose all sense of having a reason for living and last year it was so bad wanted nothing more to die so that i wouldnt have to deal with it. But this group of people, particularly one person, she will remain nameless, has showed me that i actually have a purpose and i have something to live for. In spite of all this, my FUCKING MOM thinks that everything we do is a stupid waste of time because we play games and that i should be studying instead. Now what she cant fucking get through her head is that for me its not even all about the games anymore, but about the sense of family that i have with these people, and honestly its a way damn better family than the one i live with because they arent constantly bitching and fighting all the time. But NoOoOoOoOOOOoo, my mom thinks that i should be one of those robot kids who sell their souls to their studies and are all miserable emotionless corpses. Well ya know what?? FUCK THAT SHIT!!! This is what i care about and if you dont approve of it, then you can just fuck off. Honestly could go on for hours about this shit, because its all so complicated, but i dont really want to fill up an entire page on Anger Central, so i guess this is all im gonna say

Deadbeat Uncle 88

I am so angry at my Uncle he is a total asshole who insults everyone and acts like a total smartass all the time, he never comes to see my Grandmother yet she still favorites him more than my Mother and Aunt who actually does stuff for her. My Grandmother was in the Hospital getting Blood and he decides to come down and he fucking took money from her and instead of going to the Hospital to see her, he fucking goes to the beach. You steal money from your sick mother, never bother to visit her in the Hospital and go to the beach he really is a bastard and when he came back from the beach he never bothered to pay her back from the money he stole from her. The asshole has so many taxes he hasn't paid and instead of paying his taxes he goes to the fucking beach not to mention anytime he makes anything he also loses it at the Casino too. I really am so angry at my deadbeat uncle that he would do his own mother that way, I seriously hope karma hits him sooner or later.

Alysia the Evil Sister 89

I am so fucking fed up with my dead to me sister who acts like a total psychotic, narcissistic bitch. Every time she doesn't get her way she acts all woe is fucking me, and takes it out on my mother and the rest of the family instead of putting the blame on her own goddamn self. She acts like a goddamn spoiled bitch all the time, she never appreciates what people do for her, she only wants money, she's greedy as fuck by buying shitloads of stuff and selling them higher than they are worth yet she has a job as a nurse; don't you make enough money as a nurse or do you just want more you spoiled little cunt. Not only that but she gets jealous when everyone gets more Christmas presents than she does; you're 35 years old and you're fucking mad because everybody else gets great stuff, what do you expect people to get for you, plus you buy your own gifts and freeload on our Christmas dinner every year so get the fuck over it. not to mention she's always insulting everybody and then gets defensive when you call her fat, stupid, or ignorant in which she is and the biggest WomanChild on Earth.

I will never forgive the way she treated my mother who was trying to help put her couch up for her, and keep in mind she has a heavily built boyfriend that can do it and he told her he would do it for her but no she wants my 60 year old mother to do it for her and then she bitches at us and kicks us out just for trying to help and then wants us to pay her back for a meal we had that day too; than she wants everyone to pay her back including a Thanksgiving Turkey, if you're going to act that way the only thing you need is a fucking bottle and diaper you ungrateful bitch, not to mention she treats her boyfriend like shit too. She than got upset at us whenever my other sister was about to get married and acted very demanding to have her fiance fix her stupid door and took it out on us, not to mention last Christmas she got pissed because my Mother was talking to her boyfriend and she gets mad because she isn't the center of attention. I'm so fucking fed up with her goddamn bullshit and the fact that my mother just doesn't disown her is really stupid, if she was my daughter I would disown her in a heartbeat all she does is act like a spoiled bitch all the time and acts like the whole fucking world revolves around her. But my mother is too goddamn spineless to do a thing, she has to fucking make excuses for her, and then when I rant to her about how much of a bitch she acts my mother gets all pissed off at me and then says i'm acting hateful all because I tell her the truth and you're going to get mad at me about that, mother you need to get your shit together and grow a goddamn backbone in your body, because that daughter of your's is an abusive bitch who does nothing for anybody, she does more for her stupid dogs than any humans. She's always wanting money when she already has a high paying job, her co workers have complained about her behavior and flipped out at them too, hell she doesn't have any friends either all because of the way she acts, she shouldn't even have a job too in fact she deserves to live out on the street or end up in jail because of her actions.

My Aunt then tried to tell my Mother that if she was her daughter and talked to her that way, she would throw her out of her house and out of her life and never let her back in, but my gutless mother says you don't do that to family. Clearly my Mother doesn't have enough sense to listen but she would threaten to do it to me for confronting her and for telling her how much I hate my sister's guts and that she's an abusive bitch but my Mother acts like i'm wrong and tries to disown me just for being right, really threaten to disown the wrong child, for being right but refuse to disown your abusive child who treats everyone like shit all because they are family and came from a just as abusive father too, you mother need to get your goddamn shit together or i'll disown you myself because you refuse to listen to anybody, that daughter of your's is a fucking psychotic, abusive, narcissistic, spoiled bitch that acts like a fucking bitch all the time, most everyone in the family agrees she is a bitch, and if you had a spine you would stand up for yourself and disown her from your life, she's never going to change, she's never going to grow up and act like an adult and would be better off out of all of our lives for good.

My Son Dances With Bananas 90

We went shopping at Walmart today and my Loony Son went to the Fruit, grabbed Bananas and then danced with them in the middle of the Store, I have never been so embarrassed in my life. My son is criminally insane and I think it's time for him to visit the loony bin or get some counselling.

My Clueless Asshole Stepkids 91

I can't believe how fucking stupid my asshole stepchildren are. They have absolutely no ability to consider their mother's feelings. I mean... who the fuck is that clueless? It's so easy and they fuck it up so badly---every single time. They're so stupid they don't even get how much they're under the influence of their asshole, moron, redneck piece of shit father. Nothing against rednecks, but even decent ones know there's nothing like a redneck asshole, where assholes are concerned. Her son married a complete bitch who doesn't even recognize my wife's kindness. My wife offers to come and help when their new baby arrives and they say, "uh...welll...uh... I don't know..." They're so fucking stupid. Who doesn't want the grandmother around helping with the fucking baby?!? Jesus they're stupid. Then they go and have the shower at their redneck asshole father's house. All the places they could have had it and they have to do it there. What a bunch of fucking morons. Then the fucking cunt calls his mother and says, "this is how it's gonna be," like we don't know that already. Fuck that piece off shit. I hope these fucking assholes die soon. I'm so sick and tired of putting up with all the fucking drunken, moronic trailer trash (again, nothing against trailer people). Fuck!!! Morons! Arggh!!!!

Fat Loser Cousin Johnny 92

I am angry with my loser Cousin he's an asshole and a bully. His fatass is always overstaying his welcome with my parents and is stealing money from them rather then getting a job, he trashes our house and refuses to clean up. He's eating us out of our house and home especially when he steals food when my Dad is the one paying the Grocery Bill for his Fatass. Worst of all he always picks on me, he's always stealing my stuff and then manipulates his friends into stealing my stuff, anytime I confront him, he starts playing victim, my dad finally got tired of his excuses after he tried to steal money from him and threw him out but he just wouldn't leave. Last Christmas he nearly got me killed when he left me in his truck with the parking brake unlocked and could have gotten me killed, he masturbates in my bedroom while hogging my PS4 and then makes fun of me for Playing Nintendo Switch and then tried to steal mine. If you hate it so much stop stealing it you fat inbred fuck. My Dad is really fed up with him he's 30 Years old and acts like a fucking manchild and it's easy to see why your girlfriend left a fat disgusting fucktard like you. Worst of all he had his pants down and was talking to a teenage boy on Omegle and I was sickened that he was exposing himself to a kid younger than me. I immediately told my Parents and now he has a restraining order on him. But now he's trying to break that order by wanting back in he needs to leave us all alone he's a fat worthless waste of life that even my Uncle says that he was a mistake we're all disowning him it's time for his fatass to get out of all of our lives forever.

My Embarrassing Father 93

I am so embarrassed after my dad got drunk at my Aunt's House, put on his Elvis Suit, played All Shook Up on her Stereo, and Stood on top of the Dinner Table while badly lip synching to All Shook Up while playing really bad air guitar. Both my Mom and my Aunt were furious at him as he then broke my Aunt's Table. As a result she had to get a new table and he is no longer Welcome Back as a Result.

Ungrateful Womanchild Sister 94

I am really sick and tired of my sociopathic sister and her bullshit and she is pissing me off to the point to where I am about to get a gun and blow her fucking head off. Every time she doesn't get her fucking way she acts like a bitch to everyone an to tell you the truth we are all getting sick of it, she's fucking 40 years old but acts like a 4 Year Old and all she does is throws tantrums and treats my mother and the rest of the family like trash and talks to them like animals. But when she makes a mistakes she blames it all on the rest of the family and refuses to own up to her mistakes and in all honesty I am getting to the point where I really want to m****r my sister.

No matter how many times people try to help her out, she never shows any goddamn appreciation at all and she always yells and screams at everyone if they make a mistake and it really enrages me to the point where I just want to fucking slit her goddamn throat. It's easy to see why she has no goddamn friends and why nobody wants to be around a selfish spoiled little bitch like her who always treats everyone like garbage.

Anytime she is nice it's only so she can get money from all of us even though she has a good paying job, but she just wants to be a greedy bitch. Anytime you talk to her on the phone she fucking mumbles and anytime you tell her to speak up she yells at you, hangs up on you, then starts demanding shit. Every time she doesn't get her way she starts acting very demanding and no matter what we try to do to help her, she throws us out of her house and then plays the victim thinking we did her wrong; and believe me she is pissing me off to the point that i'm about ready to get a gun and unload every bullet onto her.

Karma really bit her on the ass when her house burned down and you know what she deserves to get her house burn down, the only thing that fire should have done was taken her miserable life from this planet. But as always she shows no appreciation at all to the people who try to help her, got mad at my mother and sister over her stupid dogs and now she's getting mad at every one over a fucking Christmas Tree and i'm really getting to the point where i'm about to send all of her g*fts back because she doesn't deserve a goddamn thing for Christmas except for a bullet to her head and a Tombstone.

I feel bad for her newborn baby because my bitch sister is going to be abusive towards her as she gets older and I hope it's no too late to call both Homeland Security and Child Protective Services if anything it's about time my Stupid Bitch Sister finally get a taste of the real world, I am fed up with her bullshit to the point where I really do pray to God every day to end her miserable, worthless, useless pathetic life,. Believe me there's not a soul on this planet who will miss her except for my spineless and gutless mother who always lets her getaway with all of her bullshit. I hope it happens sooner than later because my bitch sister doesn't deserve to breath on this planet another second.

Basically my aunt being on my ass all the time 95

Just my life In general makes me so angry and annoyed. There are regular annoyances, younger siblings etc., but there are also one's that you sadly can't control. Cough cough *my aunt* Cough cough. She's not getting off my ass and she's starting to look at me differently because she recently found out my grades were slipping. Also the pandemic in general is getting kind of annoying at this point. This time in my life literally REQUIRES somewhere to vent or be at peace at, And although I am grateful for this website, there's only so much peace it could bring me. One last thing I hate stank people. At school, all I smell in the morning is walrus coochie. HOW THE FUCK DO YOU STINK AT 7:45 AM and DONT EVEN HAVE GYM? 2+2 does NOT = 49 . Get some damn deodorant and wash ya ass not that hard right? Anyways that's all.

*Note from Anger Central:
Technically, this is two seperate rants, but we're feeling lazy today. :)

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