Health Nazis with Bogus Allergies

I'm angry at people with bogus "allergies" or "syndromes". Now, I realize that sometimes this is legit. But why has it increased so much in the past 20 years or so?

"Allergic to peanuts": when I was a kid, this was unheard of - you couldn't *be* a kid without PB&J sandwiches. Now, because a few stupid shrieklings have an allergic reaction, airlines and some other places refuse to serve any peanut products. Why can't they serve them, but with a warning label - "If you're one of those allergic pussies, don't eat this. We will NOT be responsible, so don't even THINK of suing."

"Allergic to smoke", "allergic to fragrances" and "asthma": Again, nobody had any of these things 20 years ago. It's partly an excuse the anti-smoking people use to bully smokers. Now, though, some people are whining about perfumes and deodorants. Wear a freakin' germ mask if it bugs you so much. How would you like to live in countries where the custom is to bathe less frequently than we do in the U.S., and not use deodorant? I bet then you'd wish for the perfumes and deodorants back!

"ADD", "ADHD" and "oppositional defiant disorder": 90% of the time, this is a bullshit diagnosis. Kids with learning disabilities need extra help from the teacher in learning. *ALL* kids, whether they're "special" or not, need to learn *discipline.* This means sitting still, being quiet, and obeying parents and teachers. Period. I don't want to hear any bullshit excuses about little Shitney's "disorder" if the truth is that the parents will not discipline.

health Nazis 2

Im am so sick of hearing about everyone bitch about health and fatness and deem everything with a few calories dangerous and tell eveyone to watch what they eat. its all over the media and every fucking comercial is even worse cause its showing food with less calories or lard or some wonder pill to lose weight.its all because of the fat sacks of lard in this country this shit doesnt even work for them. im very skinny and need calories and fat but these donut fucks seem to have swiped it all away from me i wouldnt mind if some stuff was fat free but this is unbeleivable!

Hypochondriacs & Health Nuts 3

Is this the Dr. Oz generation or fucking what? Some dumbfuck Oprah-fabricated idiot in scrubs gets on TV and tells you that everything you eat is fucking awful, everything you do will kill you, and that if you buy some random green coffee bean extract or some magic pills that all of your problems will be solved. Hm, now where have I heard this before? That's right, the snake-oil salesmen of the Old West. "Step right up here, get your patent remedy, cures lumbago, rheumatoid arthritis, and the vapors!"

This guy is full of shit. Look, housewives, I get it. You're tired of being fat and you're purportedly too busy to exercise and eat a little less, or maybe you're just lazy, who the fuck knows. Anyway, there is no magical pill that will make you lose weight without a slew of potential side-effects. Real doctors can give you medication to help with weight loss but these have a plethora of unnecessary side-effects too. The only way to lose weight and remain in decent health is to work out and eat less. That's it. It's really not that fucking complicated and, when you get down to it, not all that fucking hard. So if you're that worried about your fucking weight, take some steps to make some mild changes to your life until you drop the excess fat. Until you do that, you're just going to keep spiraling around the Dr. Oz lightbulb like fucking moths. And you will remain fat because you're lazy and unmotivated.

This guy is a fucking charlatan and a liar. Very little of his advice is founded on scientific research or even in reality. The rest is pretty much common-sense, or something you would hear from almost any physician. Besides that, there's something about his expressions and his manner of speaking that really irritate the fuck out of me.

Today he was going off about how hand-dryers in public-bathrooms are not to be trusted because the air moving spews germs allover the place. Alright, let's get one thing straight here. There are germs fucking EVERYWHERE. Allover your skin right now, in your mouth, inside of your body, on your walls, on your desk, on your keyboard, on your doors and door-handles, every goddamned place you can imagine, right now there are millions upon millions of microbes stewing there. If you're worried about germs, you might as well wear a fucking hazmat suit, because there is no avoiding them. This is why you have an immune system. That's what it's for. And I wouldn't doubt for a second that the sterile, constant-hand-washing, over-sanitized life most people are living is the cause for alot of unnecessary illnesses, allergies, and various other negative impacts.

Being born will kill you, folks. Nobody lives forever. If you want to make better choices regarding your health and attempt to avoid illness as much as possible, more power to you. Just don't listen to fake fuckhead charlatans like Dr. Oz. His program is bunk, and he is a bunko artist. I'd bet he's invested in all of the do-nothing-placebo-pills-and-supplements that he tries to pitch to you every single day. I suppose the old adage remains truthful, a fool and his money are soon to be parted.

Keep drinking the Kool-Aid.

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