My husband is a Jerk! I got so tired of him telling that "I said this", and "I said that" when I know that I didn't say anything of the sort. Then he would "say this and that" and when I would tell him "you said this ... he would say he never said it. So I got a small tape recorder. I used this tape recorded right in front of him. When the tape was playing he was reasonable and he would remember later that he did say this or that. When he would tell me that I said this or that, I would say, "No I didn't, wanna play the tape?" Now he would talk to me if I pull the tape recorder out. He said, "Do you know how ridiculous that tape recorder is? If we asked a bunch of people what they thought of you taping our conversations, they say you were crazy." I told him, if they knew the circumstances, or were married to you, they'd think it was a great idea. I love my tape recorder and it's funny you don't. If you're so "right" all the time, I'd thing you'd love it, but you don't. Why's that?" What do you think, am I crazy?

*Note from Anger Central
We have just started the 4th page dedicated to angry wives. Who would have known?

Video Games 2

My husband keeps ditching me to play his fucking Golf game. Really! Golf! Are you kidding me? I'm pretty sure anything you can do with a real person would be better than a golf video game.

husband 3

My husband consistently proves to be a selfish asshole. His family has gone out of their way to make me feel uncomfortable and unwelcomed, the latest being his sister defriended me on facebook. When I point it out, he says it is just drama and who cares. Um clearly I care cause I just pointed it out. Heaven forbid that something happen to him and I don't listen, acknowledge and hold his hand about it...then he accuses me of not communicating,not being supportive. His mother and sister have done a series of things to make me feel unwelcome include just talk about me when I am in the next room. I have a medical condition that requires a lot of attention, but my husband has put me in the situation where I need my meds and he has to accommodate some family member. The anger tonight stems from the fact that I asked him to go one wedding with me for a cousin I don't get to see that often and he said no. I have dealt with going to his family's house multiple times a week for several years and endured their condescension, their attempts to humiliate me and embarrass me. When I pointed out how one sided he was being, he was like I never forced you to go. Well begging and pleading and promising it will be the last time I know is not forcing but it is coercion. Whenever I put my foot down, I am referred to as unloving, uncaring, unsupportive bitch...yet he gets to act like an asshole all the time, ignore my needs, my requests, and not listen to my concerns and he really thinks he is doing a stellar job but he isn't. When your wife is going to hot tubs after you fall asleep and talking to other guys while you are patting yourself on your back for your mediocrity, maybe it is time you wake up and face the reality of how inadequate you are.

Husband 4

My husband thinks its ok to storm around, curse, and yell when he is annoyed. It thinks its ok to put me down as a joke. He doesn't hold me or kiss me unless he wants sex. Otherwise there is no affection in the marriage. We actually went 2yrs without a date. On my anniversary he asked me at 6:15pm where we were going to dinner. I said no where, since it was obviously not important to him. There are times when he is nice. But he is emotionally abusive. I weighed 160 after our second child. I lost down to 133 lbs. He started singing the "Old Grey Mare Ain't What She Used to Be" to me after I lost the weight. I am an exceptionally pretty woman. When I worked full time, had a child, volunteered at church, and he traveled all we did was work. I stopped working after my Mom died. I realized my kids childhood was slipping away so we could make $250K yr instead of finding a way to live on 140K. Now if he comes home and all the laundry is done accept for the kids towels on Friday, he is mad. He lets the kids hit me, he allows them to tell me shut up, or yell at me. He lies about money. Last night he started fussing because I put his toothbrush in the draw and he didn't know where it was. I had steamed the bathroom surfaces. The toothbrush holder was in the dishwasher. I put toothbrushes in the drawer. I hadn't put them back yet. If I am watching a movie on my iPhone while I cook or clean (he is busy elsewhere in the house) he is angry with me. Last night he took the kids to boy scout practice. I stayed home as I am suffering from bleeding. Yes, I cleaned the house even though I am almost anememic from being ill. Anyway, I was eating popcorn and watching a movie. My chores were done. That's when he started getting a ticky about the toothbrush holder. I guess after steam cleaning 2 bathrooms, mopping the kitchen, steaming the kitchen surfaces, completing all the laundry, dusting the bedrooms, living room/dining room, and vacuuming the entire house I was not suppose to be watching a movie. I did all this while caring from my sick son and my other baby. I guess I was suppose to be getting the damn toothbrush holder out of the dishwasher. When he came home from work. He didn't say the house look niced. He said why did you move my stuff. I moved it so I could clean the surfaces/mirrors. No one nice word. Just my stuff has been moved, my toothbrush is not in the holder. "Where in the #$%^ is my toothbrush." It's like he can't stand if I am not running around the house like a servant. I am sick of being treated this way.

My insensitive husband!! 5

My husband and i have been married for a year but together for 4 years. We have an awesome 14 month old son and we use to have a good marriage but not anymore!! He always comes home in a bad mood. Nothing I do is ever right and i am always wrong. He calls me a bitch, asshole, prick, cocksucker, and anything else he can think of to be mean. Tells me to kick rocks all the time which hurts my feelings! I don't know if he would even care if I left. I think he would be happy which upsets me more! He is always tired. He is lazy and thinks he is better than everyone else. He works at a prison and luckily has the Monday to friday shift. I work as a paralegal and also work Monday to Friday. I take care of our child before an after work and make sure he gets to his babysitters on time. I feed him bathe him play with him all while his dad sits in his chair on his ass all night because he is tired. I get tired too and he could care less!! Its like a competition. He always says well u didn't do this or that like I did today. He just doesn't care!! We have been fighting all the time too! He won't give me sex when I want it only at his convenience and not mine. I am fed up and ready to "kick rocks" as he says. I just can't go because of our son. I can't bare the thought of not seeing him everyday and night. He needs me! I'm his mommy!!! I mean I would probably get custody and all but still. What if... I don't know what to do. He is so mean and inconsiderate of my feelings. He won't talk with me about it or even really listen. He just says yeah uh huh r u done yet?! Ugh. What to do?! I am really beginning to have some hate towards him n it is not good!!!

Husband 6

My husband has become such an asshole lately. He's gets offended or angry with everything I tell him. I can't joke around or be playful without worrying that something I might say is going to cause an argument. To top it off, he has started calling me names when he's angry and tells me I need to grow up when something he does bothers me (like showing his bare ass to my sister). It's gotten to the point where I am considering leaving him. I don't know what the fuck his problem is, but if he doesn't get his act together I'm not going to stick around long enough to find out.

Selfishness 7

We've been married for less than 6 mnths and the dumbass im married to is addicted to himself and his damn computer and the god damn stock market. My wanna be stock trader husband would prefer to spend all his spare time on his computer which i might add, he now hooked up to our new 55inch TV all in the name of "OUR FUTURE". I feel like theirs another person in our relationship; and the mistress' name; THE GSE! In the last 6 months i got absolutely no romantic gestures. ISn't THIS SUPPOSED TO Be MY HONEYMOON PERIOD? Let me tell you, my honeymoon period died the day i married HIM!

My husband 8

My husband just really ticks me off recently!!! We have a 5 month old baby now, and he still acts like the entire world revolves around him. He never helps out around the house, and no matter how many times he talks about it and says he's "trying" nothing gets any better. I've tried leaving it to let him see how bad it gets, and we end up living in a PIGSTY and he still doesn't care. All he cares about is playing his stupid computer game. He says I can tell him to get off, but why should I have to ask him to please spend some time with me?

Last night, after picking him up from work, (I had driven him so I could have the car, because heaven forbid he should drive his own. He's litterally driven it to the ground and it's a POS.) he said he wanted to play his game again. I had just finished eating and I asked him when he was going to play. He said he didn't know. I asked him to watch the baby because I needed a shower. Then he proclaimed that they were getting started and I could put the baby on the swing and he would keep an eye on him. (He has been able to hold the baby and play at the same time before.) When I got out of the shower, the baby was so upset and screaming that he was making himself sick. I asked how long he let his son cry. Since I got in the shower. About 30 minutes. He was so mad at me for leaving him with the baby, (after I had been watching him ALL DAY) that he let the poor thing scream himself into near hysteria. Then he was mad that I was mad about it and called ME a hypocrit, saying that I should follow my own advice and leave the baby be if I didn't want to deal with him. WHAT???!!! He took my advice of "If you're mad enough you think you are going to shake, yell at, or loose your temper at the baby walk away." against me. He misunderstood. And this isn't the first time he's used it against me. He "misunderstands" on purpose.

Then today, my mom had a hard time watching the baby because he needed extra food, and I called my husband and left a message to call me when he was done with the funeral. (don't worry, it wasn't anyone he was close to. I don't know why he even went unless he just wanted another day shirking his responsibility as a father.) He called me back just long enough to say "What you told me to call?"

"Have you picked up the baby yet?"

I'm going to get him now. Bye." OMG!!!! I just can't take him anymore!!!

Then he just apologizes and expects me to just forgive him and everything to just be ok again. And pouts until I do. He says "I don't know what you want me to do. I said I was sorry." And I usually do make the effort, but it's just gotten harder and harder.

I'm so Effing mad that I'm seriously considering leaving until he's willing to make more of an effort to think about his family, other than just himself.

husband 9

My Dumbass Husband had a mid-life crisis and after 16 years of marriage. He chose to screw around with a married woman, instead of talking out his feelings with ME. I wish the other woman would just die and go back to her orignal home, Hell. He tries to make me feel sorry for him. "My childhood was bad" or "My mom and dad don't have a good marriage, they just fight" "I didn't mean to have a one night stand" are just some of the shitty things I have to hear. But what about me, you lousy pieco of shit? You do all this dirty shit to me and I am just supposed to look the other way and forgive you. You can just fuck off. I am young, pretty and viable. My next husband won't be such a fucking asshole.

Husband 10

My husband is a F'n jerk and i really don't think i want to be with him anymore. He used to be a very clean cut, funny, and a he used to have such a presence about him. We used to own a house, he had a good job, i took care of our son and went to school, everything was great. Then one night he decided to cuss out the bosses son and now we live with his parents. Where the F*** do i begin... first he has a horrid gas problem like every 20-30 minutes, he doesn't take care of himself AT ALL, such as shaving or showering and doesn't shave his head anymore... just lets it go! Besides his hygine issues, he spends all my hard earned money (i being the only working w/ two jobs and going to college full time) and spends it on smokes and booze. Not to mention every time i come home he is either gone at a friends house or drunk. He shows no desire to work anymore. When i was sick i had to take care of myself cuz he is gone off doing something else like always. We fight constantly, we don't seem to gat along about anything anymore. I currently besides the two jobs and college are dieting and working out, had quit smoking 3 months ago, and take care of my son and the household. I see a big F***ing problem here and i just cant stand his nasty smelly jerk face anymore. He wanted to have sex the other night after spending all my money and i swear i wanted to vomit. Sometimes i think when he is away doing something, those are my best times... I think i need to find someone else. Period.


my cheating husband and family 11

I'm angry cause I'm to damn nice for my own frickin good! I get cheated on by my husband and niece( yes frickin niece) and I take the son of a ***** back. Twat I am ehhh!! arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhh Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry. Also lazy twat heads piss me off. Get a life stop blaming other people for your shit. you messed up deal with it don't even talk to me bout shit cause I aint interested. I'm still Angry aswell what a crock of shit. ANGRY.

Donald the ASS**** 12

My husband is a true dick. He's an odd duck. He's so rude to me that it's to the point where it's expected of him. He comes off as this perfect, happy, well rounded person. When he's with me it's a different story. I just try to stay away from his hairy ass and ignore him. I can't wait to find a job and make myself happy again! I don't wonder about any of my actions towards him. My actions are justified; it just took me a long time to realize it and realize that I'm not to blame. I'm pushed to my breaking point often. I'm good enough when his 2 dwi's land him and jail for 30 days which cost him his successful career, he's nice when he needs a ride golfing, etc. F-him! Done!

Husband 13

My stupid meth head husband doesn't get why he can't have any money from the bank accounts. I live three hours from my parents and when I visit i have to bring him becuase hes too stupid to make himself a sandwhich while i'm gone. when we get here he says he hates it here. He only hates that his dumb ass friends arn't here to get high with. dumb ass. I keep hoping he will kill himself with those drugs so my daughter and I can have a happy live. Shitty life to have when you stuff disapears if you leave it out! I went out of town last month without and him my DS games were gone!! UGHGHGHHH!!!!! This bastard used to beat me when I wouldn't give him money until one day I fought back and beat him with peice of wood. i even held back... I should have keep beating him when he went down.

*Note from Anger Central
If he's this bad, why don't you just take your daughter and leave? We assume you don't want her growing up in that environment after all.

Liar Master Manipulating Husband 14

I am so tired of his lies. When we met I thought he was my knight & shining armor. However as soon as he had me & we were a couple after 1 year of friendship he changed but it was too late I was already pregnant. He cheated with several women did not touch me for 10 months said he had no desire for sex but still looked at porn and jerked off. He ignored me I was huge & pregnant and slept on the couch crying, I worked everyday on my feet even when he had no job.....Things go up and down over the years now I am 5 years in and even more lonely and sad than I ever been in my life. I am torn up inside, he controls how I respond in our conversations when we do get to have one, he deciphers what he wants to hear and how I say it. He interrupts me, He never tells me nice things about me, we never kiss, hug or make love. When we do its still cold like a one night stand. No intimacy! My hart aches for good and loving husband someone who can support me every once and awhile. I have not had a vacation from work in over 4 years, I work 2 jobs and he barely works 40 hours. Quite sad how he handles it, we only see each other Part of Saturday and Sunday & he treats me like the plague! I’m sick & tired. He never looks at me like I am appealing but is always checking out other females asses, so much where when I talk to him he is distracted. I am neither ugly nor disgusting but it sure does make me feel like that when he is around. We sleep in same bed with separate blankets with a row of pillows between us. He always talks to other women & is sooooooo sweet but when he does talk to me he is brash, cold & arrogant. He always says I am over reacting or trying to fight when I try to bring all this up. He manipulates me to believe it’s my entire fault. I’m tired please oh god please rescue me before I am lost in the abyss of pain & sadness.

Husband 15

My husband is a selfish, ignorant, and lazy man. We have two children and he NEVER helps do anything to take care of them. He leaves the house at 7 in the morning and gets home at 6 every day. Then when he gets home he stays outside and drinks beer for about an hour. Comes in eats and baths and then goes to bed. He says he has to work the next day. He does bot work at a job that requires him to work from 7 to 6. I also teach full time and do everything at home and pay most all of the bills. I am getting very tired of this!

husband 16

I am really angry at my husband. He has always had a really bad problem with lying to be about everything, which is annoying enough. My best friend told me last night that he came over to her house the other day looking for her boyfriend's cell phone number, and made the comment to her that, " I am a wonderful mother, but I'm not the best wife to him". So, what do I make out of this? Why on God's green earth would any man talk badly about his wife to her best friend? I am starting to wonder how many other women that he talks badly about me to as well. Does this mean that he might be trying to venture outside of the marriage? Any answers would be really helpful to be because I am so confusted right now. Our kids are 2,3,and 6 years old,I am a full time college student,I work on the weekends,the house is always clean,laundry done,kids taken care of, and dinner is always hot and on the table for him when he gets home. I even give him sex when I am not even in the mood, all in the name of making him happy and trying to be a good wife and mother.Needless to say, I am really hurt by his comments. He has also talked poorly about me to another good friend of mine in the past.

Husband 17

Im so tired of being the man of the house! Sure I may look like the wife but its my job that puts food on the table. My husband gets to keep the same part-time job that is held mainly by college students as they go to school. Literally, he does nothing but watch cameras all evening. He is a great dad because he has so much energy. If I could work an easy job part-time I would have energy too. He gets to mess online at work the whole time. The pay is not even worth the drive to & from to began with. I honestly feel so used and tired. I want to feel protected & cared for. Is that to much to ask for? Everything is under my name. His credit is horrible. And now he threatens to go to a trade school to show me. Really? He tried college 3 times and failed each time. Signing up for a trade school is going to leave us in debt! Not like signing up for one failed college semester. Trades school will make you owe the whole program. What to do? What to do? Im not ugly. Im young. If he was a bad dad there would be no question about it. I think Im forever going to suffer as the bread winner always working over time. Never seeing my kids. And it breaks my heart. :(

husband says bad stuff about my parents 18

husband keeps saying bad stuff about my parents and brother and calls them deranged and calls my father stupid .....he is always judgemental and wants me to agree ,i cant so i keep quiet to avoid fights .i have no energy to fight and argue i just want to continue my life without controversy i am very tired of his constant rant 'o i am so much better than the world 'but he is without a job and keeps telling me not to spend money ,but he will not go look for a job as he is too good for all the low jobs he stays home keep criticising me for everything

Loser Husband 19

Like many of you here, I married an absolutely awful man child. Loser couldn't hold a job and I work full time, so my REWARD was getting woke up almost every night for 2 years by him; ranting and raving about no food cooked for the poor fucking baby. I used to call it "Angry Man Dinner". Spent all his money, when he did have it, on coke, booze and gambling. Horrible in bed, self-entitled, thought all the chicks wanted him. Guess what? I was the last. Your too old and broke to get another one. I divorced him and its the best thing I've ever done! So I WAS angry and now life is blissful and free of abuse. I hate most men now and will never do this again!!!

angry, alcoholic, pothead, insane husband 20

Husband is always mad at me for something, is very rude to me and then asks what my problem is. He lies about drinking,smoking pot and cigarettes. He is never home, owns his own business and doesn't work very much. Can' t take the constant rudeness, feel like i'm gonna explode.Everything's my fault, even when he doesn't feel well, it's my fault. Calls me a bitch. i'm not allowed to call his cell phone or I'm being a 'bitch", can't ask him any questions or I'm a "bitch". He'll do "what he wants, when he wants, because he's 50". I sit home by myself, or with our son.When husband does come home can't ask him anything or I get yelled at. I have no job, no skills, been home raising kids for 20 years. His attitude just keeps getting worse, I don't know where to turn or what to do. I am trapped in hell.QOJ9

Military Husband 21

My husband is the most self-centered man on the earth. He is in the military and yes i am proud but seriously has never been in danger, gets ALOT of time off, and comes home to yell at me. Not only do i work, clean, cook, do the laundyr, but im also the handyman, and fix the cars. He yells at me for not washing his uniform on time after giving me 20 minutes notice. I can understand working longer hours than me but seriously he cant even kill the spiders he comes home and sits on his but until he decides he wants to have sex. O did i mention that he has cheated on me every time he deploys and also manages to make it my fault. I keep in shape and keep the house in great condition but talking to other military girls is worth it? Now i completley repect his job but does it mean he is entitled to treat like this?

my husband 22

brian is a drunk ass bastered who puts me down all the time i just got layed off from my job december 1 2010 and he thinks he is better than me i dont understand he drinks 13 to 20 24oz tall beers gets drunk yells at me all night thrwos things around broke my picture frams and threw them at me i got guts and brozes on my body becasue of him he tell me i am a no good fat fucken whore who is a lazy peice of shit i dont drink or anything like that he calls his mom and they tell each other lies about me i love him with all my heart but this fucken shit has to stop or i am out I HAVE HAD ENOUGH

i just want things to go better maybe him and his mom should both go to a crazy doctor and get help

the 'ol balls and chain 23

I'm angry because my husband steals my ambien...and then drinks jack daniels. He won't look for a job. He has a porn addiction. Sometimes he gets so drunk he passes out while eating. So, the last time he did this. I put spaghetti and meatballs all over him and let our three cats use him as a food dish. For fun, I took pictures. Can't wait to share these memories with our future grandchildren...."and look at this one. This is when your grandpa thought he was peeing in the bathroom. But pissed all over the floor and laundry instead."

selfish lazy husband 24

My husband is the laziest most selfish man on the face of the earth. He is unemployed right now due to the weather and I am working thirty to forty hours a week. We have three kids and still paid for daycare the first month he was unemployed because he didn't want to watch them, to top it off I would have to come home every night and clean the house, he can't even throw away a wrapper, he leaves it on the counter next to the garbage can. Finally I just pulled the kids out of daycare and told him he had to watch them or I was quitting my job. So now he plays video games/watches TV all day while the kids run around and fend for themselves. I still come home and the house is such a disaster it will take me two hours to clean it up every night! Then he goes and takes money out of the bank , I am talking hundreds of dollars to buy protein shakes so he can work out and "get in shape" we can't even pay our utility bill but he can spend a hundred bucks a week on this crap. Then he doesn't cook, doesn't clean, doesn't help take care of the kids, but still expects sex...I don't think so.........I really can't take it anymore, he is a chronic alcoholic and has no desire to ever quit drinking. To top it all off I found out a couple months ago he cheated on me. Yeah he picked up some nasty ho at a bar that he didn't even know and took her to a motel for a one night stand, sick, I can't stand him , I seriously need to get my shit together so I can leave ASAP! He just asked me if I was going to fix dinner or if we were just gonna sit around and not eat until ten at night, I feel like asking him what the hell he has done today, I worked a ten hour shift, came home to a filthy nasty house, that was clean when I left this morning, and to kids that act like they hadn't eaten or drank anything all day-(I already fixed them dinner) R U freaking serious, what planet is this man from, and what drugs did he slip me to get me to say I do??

My Husband who know's Everything! 25

I thought I was really lucky at 1 time...apparently I was blind...We've been married 5 yrs and I have had about enough of this crap as I can take.I have never in my entire life met someone who sabotage's situation's like this man.He pick's fight's,he's mean an nasty,then turn's the table's on me to act like the victim an I'm the monster....when I defend my self,he threaten's to call the cop's on me,or take our daughter.He tell's me he hate's me...then tell's me I started it by saying I hated him............WHAT? ...Are you smoking Crack?????? He has even gone as far to tell me I talk to damn much...when all I'm doing is telling him about me an our daughter's day......which is probably a 30 min conversation...or when we'll share a 12 pk,he always swear's I drink 8 an he's only had 4...when it's I had 4 an he had 8 an wants more booze.He also choose's to remember anything I've ever said to him,throw it up as much as possible.When I try to be forgiving an move past it..instead of waste my brain thinking about the shit he pull's an thing's he's said.I guess it's what you get when you marry someone because you're pregnant..when he swear's he wanted to marry me before......what bullshit...why do you always say "I DID THE RIGHT THING!" didn't marry me then for me....I also hate that he lie's sometimes like it comes natural to him.

Piece of shit husband 26

My husband is a piece of shit and when I look at him I want to make myself throw up. He is selfish and needs to grow up. He doesn't do a damn thing to help out with the kids or the house. I work full time and at the end of the day, I have to come home and clean up after his damn ugly ass. I wish he would he would drop dead!

my bi polar husband bully 27

i am angry because my mean bully husband calls me a fat ass bitch ugly fat whore tramp,and tells me to shut the hell up when i disagree with him. im so tired of his put downs, when he is not angry he is great and thats what gets me.the stuff he gets so angry about is so stupid. like the internet is to slow all you can hear is fucking bitch stupid fucking shit.mother fucker. than if i say anything im the problem. i hate this it makes me so freakin mad! i think he needs to just go get some meds for his anger issues jeez!i dont want to have to keep going in the other room so i dont have ton hear his anger fits!this is my apt too i pay all the bills he doesnt even work!

Husband 28

I don't know why I am so angry. Today Husband said that I'm angry because he exists and I almost agreed with him, but I don't mean it. I don't think. I find myself so short-tempered and angry all the time though. He's not a bad person, at all. He just drinks too much and has a way of making me feel like I'm a worthless inferior piece of furniture taking up space in his home. I get angry because instead of playing with our daughter, he watches reality TV all evening. I get angry because I can ask him 2000 times not to do something minor, like walk around in his shoes after I mopped, and he just doesn't give a crap. I'm angry because he complains that we never have sex anymore, but I don't understand why he thinks I'd want to have sex with him. There's ZERO foreplay and that's not very fun. I'm angry but sometimes he's so sweet and I love him so much and I get angry at myself for being angry at him for no reason. Then I get angry at him again. BLAH!

Husband 29

The creature I had the misfortune to marry is a selfish, disgusting, cheating, lying, unbelievably stupid and pitiful excuse for a male. Not only does he cheat, but he vindicates himself by accusing me of doing the same...when I have NEVER EVER cheated on him in 21 long years. Where I have proof of his philandering, he has nothing on me...because there isn't anything to find. I even draw suspicion when I clean my car! heaven help me if I ever spoke to another male!

He sits on the crapper for ages, which ties up the bathroom use since its all in one (very poor design, toilets should always be separate from every other room in the house!) never asks anyone if they would like to use the loo before he hogs it for over half an hour and does this at least three times a day. He's regular, no chance of bowel cancer there (sadly) and always sits on his throne when we all need to use the bathroom in the morning.

Anything I like is looked down on disdainfully, any idea I have is ignored or ridiculed, but if someone else suggests it - its brilliant!! I'm not allowed to think for myself, he has to tell me what to do. When I earned more money than him, he had to quit his job and work where I do to try and get more than me. He watches my every move at work, sees who is talking to me, where I am and if I'm having a secret affair. People at work have noticed! they often say he glares at them whenever they talk to me. He treated my son (I was a single mum when I met him) like a dog when his kids came along. Nothing my son did was good enough. I still have all the home made cards, notes and things he bought his step day, things that were cast aside with hardly a glance. My son is a man now, but he has never had a decent male role model in his life and it pains me to look back on old video footage, and how he was always pushed aside. You may ask why I stay....I have tried to kick him out after he was caught red handed with his whore, something he denied vigorously for over a year, so I had to use spy equipment and involve her partner to catch the loser because he tried to lie his way out of it. But he wouldn't go. He tried to make out that it was all over and he was trying. Ha! trying indeed! he put up a front so people would tell me off for not being forgiving, he tried to get the kids on his side, buying their affection. But they're not stupid. The boys I had with him always react badly when I try to leave, the youngest being 12 so I guess I'm just going to have to put up with it for a few more years.

He's even tried to make me look like I'm crazy and imagining things when I suspect he's at it again. He's so convincing, even my girlfriends side with him! until I prove otherwise. I believe he has a personality disorder - socio-path mixed with narcissism. He sure displays all the symptoms! wants to use up all my money before he dips into his, then cries broke or accidentally on purpose leaves his wallet at home. Has almost had me put in jail for a scheme that he put in my name. Never ever stood up for me when I took abuse (I'm an Indian migrant, racism abounds here!) never thinks about the kids safety, or mine for that matter. Always puts himself first, thinks the world owes him big time!

I often dream about a day when the police will knock on my door with some sad news that my poor husband has been mangled in a horrific car crash...dying painfully and slowly. But bastards like this live forever, spreading their filth til age takes them to the grave where they return to their true form....maggots.

Husband 30

I have been married for sixteen years to a man whose goal in life is to scream, rant, threaten, demean and terrify me and our three children, who happen to loathe him as much as I do. There is no pleasing this fool. If i work all day and come home and cook a nice meal I have to hear about how I don't make enough money and should go out and find a REAL job, and, by the way, this meatloaf would taste much better with some chopped bell pepper. I truly am trapped, as my job pays crap and I have only a high school education. I have screwed myself and my children by allowing myself to land in this situation, and my teenage son probably already thinks its okay for a man to call his wife a lazy whore and a dumb bitch.

*Note from Anger Central
We can't do much to help your situation other then wish you well. The Webmaster knew a couple in a similar situation to yours. He worked with the husband who makes the Taliban look enlightened when it came to women. He would scream at his wife constantly. Finally she had enough. During a birthday party for her, in front of their friends, she stood up and said, "Today is my birthday and this is my present to myself." She then handed him divorce papers and walked out of the house. She also had 2 children by this guy. We don't know what happened since the Webmaster lost contact, but we heartily approved of the wife and what she did

husband 31

my husband is a jerk. he plays head games with me and then tries to say that i'm crazy. he says he doesn't care about me and is only with me because of the house and the kids. he has a stupid family that is always in our marriage. he likes to tell me i'm fat that he wants a skinny wife and he meanwhile looks like a cow. he never answers my phone calls and makes up lies all the time why he doesn't. i have never been happy with him but i don't know what kind of life i would give my kids if i leave. he will never change. he has been like this from the start. he doesn't care about me and tells me all the time we are no friends. i feel so stupid but a guess i'm not the only girl unhappy. feel a little better good luck to all you ladies

Husband 32

I am married to the most self centered bastard alive. He does NOTHING in the home. Yes, he works but so do I, I come home and clean up after him and our four kids, while he sits on his fat ass in front of the T.V. If i ask him to help at all, he gets pissed and acts appalled like how dare I have the nerve to ask for help. He yells constantly, he has serious anger issues. He is OBSESSED with sex!! Asks for it almost everyday, and if I dare not feel like giving it to him, you better believe there is going to be hell to pay. I wish his fat ass would fall asleep driving to work and have a head on collison with a semi!

Selfish and lazy 33

It's so damn cliche it borders on pathetic. My husband works 22 hours a week... No that's not exactly full time is it, and we have a baby and a preschooler, I'm a stay at home mum, I cook, clean, wash, scrub, consol, entertain and fucking work my ass off all day, but when he is home... Nothing. No help. Which I could even cope with if be could stop being such a lazy selfish pig. He throws clothes everywhere, gets up and makes himslelf food, leaving sticky pots/pans/bowls everywhere, gets on to some gadget project which leaves cords and computer bits everywhere, ignores the crying kids while I feed/clothe and entertain them, then he saunters off to work (in a dead retail store with an average of ten customers a day) leaving the house in fucking disaray. So lll work

my but off till it's spotless and he'll come home and NOT SAY A THING! Selfish selfish ass. Then as I get the kids in bed, stupidly excited that the house is perfect, the kids are asleep and my husbands home, so finally I can relax and hang out in the lounge with him... Then he wants to play FUCKING GUITAR HERO WII DRUMS! Yes, I know, their very fun, but not at 8:30pm when I'm fucking exhausted and to frigging metalica tap tap tap tap tap tap tap. Most annoying sound EVER. So I ask him not to play and he calls me selfish. Yeah right, ask the neighbors who's selfish when you play those drums till 2am. Then he makes himself 2nd dinner, trashes the house in one night, and he'll saunter off to work tomorrow and we'll do it all again. Sigh.

my husband 34

My husband is a 6'10" imbecile! I am 5'2" who has the weight of the world on my shoulders while he is in dire need of anger management and he is afraid of his own shadow. I not only fear him but also my large 12 year old son who can and has manipulated my husbands weak mind. I have a 8 and 9 year old who I am always protecting from crazy asshole son, their father is clueless and gets mad at me if I ask for help. It's his own stupid guilt that makes him rage at me...I call it guilty rage. Husband is passive agressive. He is miserable to me and kids and tells me I am. I have always been the cheerleader and peacemaker, my oldest son resents me for correcting him, he lies to my husband about me. My 3 children are adopted and have various forms of RAD (reactive attatchment dissorder) and I am keeping educated on this and taking kids to therapy. My husband calls it all psycho-babble because he is too lazy to read about it and deal with the issue and also because he wants people to believe we are such a happy family, for his image and huge giant ego (musician on the side). He rarely works anymore, self employed construction, and he thinks people have to call him instead of him actually going out to find work. He is a giant immature soft brained jelly spined pothead whiskey sweating fake of a man. I did not see his weaknesses until after we adopted. I became born again Christian this February because of evil I saw, felt, heard in my home and felt certain my life was in danger as my husband and 2 sons railroaded me out of my own home for no good reason at all. It was crazy scary, and I only came back home after 2 weeks when husband begged me and I was very worried for 8 and 9 year old, as their father has little patience with them and 12 year old brother hates them. 12 year old charms and enchants husband ...husband enables kids so he has fans to feed giant ego.....sick. Husband had lousy childhood and is trying to relive his childhood through our kids....sick. I had good childhood...parents still married 52 years! Husband angry at me because I don't mother him, sorry I want a husband not a father. I already have an earthly father and I have God the father. I would not mind if husband took after my father...he would be a great father and husband if that were the case. But I need a strong constitution husband to match me and handle these kids who God blessed us with. I am going to therapy with 12 year old. Husband says there is nothing wrong with him or kids, only me. My pastor did counsel us one time, and husband was not happy with what he was told. He berates me for my belief, but Jesus did save me. Until I was born again I was having nightmares and 12 year old control freak ocd son and big baby husband were crazy scary. They are starting to be crazy scary again. I don't want to leave my home I worked so hard in it and growing veggie and flower gardens galore and we have pets I take care of, huband does not. Not easy to move and have no job other than SAHM I pray to God for positive results and solution. My friends and family can't help. Pastor tried to help, but husband lied to him so I could not get the help I really need. Therapy helps only a little. I pray to God for healing and resolution.

my unfeeling husband 35

well, i dated him for almost a yr before we got married. But sad that I couldn't figure out things in fact him, would turn out to be so damn difficult to handle!.. :(

My loser husband is not just a mamma's boy, he is his family's puppet!.. just knows to spend on them.. everyone in his family is just making use of his stupidity, and he simply fails to understand :( don't have enough money to spend on his wife or our home here, and just keeps spending money on his greedy family.. i hate him for being this way.. is a wife nothing for a husband in front of his own family??.. :(

everytime i complain about his spending on his family, he backs off saying 'even you are earning!! you spend your own money on you'.. well to some extent he is right, but does that mean we got married to just earn and spend our own money??.. what about our investments together??.. our own home? our own future family?? our savings??.. :( why don't he understand this????...... and i dunno how i would make him see what he is doin!.. his other brothers are so smart, they keep saving for their own families.. This stupid husband of mine keeps spending on them as well.. for example he books their flight tickets..... can you imagine!?????.. and just to let know his brother is elder to him and earning.. so why can't he handle his own finances??..

only i had to have this dumb loser husband!!!!.. :( why me GOD???????............. :((((

Husband 36

My husband cares only about his job and his side jobs his boss his family which don't include me or the kids and helping his friends. He always wants to help or impress other people but when it come to me or his kids or even the house he lives in it don't happen he won't even pay the bills now.He refuses to do anthing at all here at home. And when I try to tell him in a nice way how I am feeling about this he leaves to go do for other people and could honestly care less how I feel.he blows his whole paycheck and never has anything to show for it. I also work full time take care of both kids buy everything for the house and take care of all the bills do All the work here too and the thanks I get is I should do more. why don't I work more how about cause I get NO HELP with the kids or any extra money to pay for someone to watch the kids. What a selfish A-hole. I don't know why he became so selfish. He is a big kid and will never grow up It is actully very sad.

Idiot Husband 37

My husband is a piece of crap. He is a idiot for real. Sucks as husband, daddy, lover, friend. He
will be moving within the week. Thank goodness I will be free of him. I feel sorry for anyone who he comes in contact with, because he uses people.

fat ass husband 38

You know what honey??

I bust my ass, all day, every day. I work, I care for the boy, I clean, I shop, I do laundry, I cook, I do all of the yard work (except the lawn mowing, poor little you, I know how you SUFFER so in the heat), I pay all of the bills, I volunteer at the pool and get shit on there too. I shower every three days, I eat once a day, I sit down every three days or so, but only to get on the computer and deal with shit or pay bills, of course after the baby is in bed, because we wouldn't want any of your precious "decompression" time to be taken.

I am fucking sick and fucking tired of you acting like a bitch, whining and pissing and moaning about how you never have time to yourself, about how fat you are, about not getting enough sex, about me asking you to do fucking anything!!!

"hon, could you grab this garbage please" says I with a baby in one hand and a spatula in the other.

"sighhhhhhhhh, yeah, hold on, damn" says you from the couch.

Fuck you!!!

I make you a lunch every day you fat fuck. Veggies, meats, grains, nice, excellent tasting meals most people would drop down and give me head for. But they are not good for you, oh no. Yeah, fucker, I found them all in your car when I drove it the other day. 12 tupperwares, full of food, molding in the backseat. Instead fatass must have pizza and burgers and bar food and SHIT for lunch, at $15 a pop. Those "fradulaent charges on the card"? Well, now I know it's your giant fat ass spending all of the money on junk food, while I can barely buy the groceries you throw out! You spoiled fucking brat!
Yep, you're FAT. Why are you fat? Why are you broke? Well, it may have something to do with $15 lunches every day, $12 worth of beer every day, and the fact that you can barely deign to move your fat ass from the chair to the fridge.
Jesus crist, what a kid.

Grow the fuck up, be a man, not a bitch. I bet you did your ex like this too and that's why she dumped your ass, she was sick of waiting on you and buying you fucking fast food, and watching your sweaty gut grow. Gross.
I love you, but get your shit together, or I'm gonna get mine together, and you can pay child support and eat and slob around and blow up your motherfucking heart on your own time.

Husbands alcoholic Addiction 39

I called the police on my husband because he had been drinking and he was being so verbally abusive. He did not touch me but he was turning the power on and off, rambling in my stuff, snatching things out of my hand. He was so out of control and I didn't know what to expect so I called 911. The officers told him to just calm down and take a walk. I said he just took a walk, straight to the liquor store. His abuse of alcohol is getting to me, his speech is always slurred, he is lying about drinking and hiding cans in the house, he wont bathe or brush his teeth when he is like that. don't know why he is so angry, he was not angry when we met 17 yrs ago.. Oh and dont let me or one of the children ask him for a dollar, he gets so angry... blames me for his drinking. He is also angry because he tried to push me out the door in 2009 because I ask him to get up and take a bath mid you he was sprawled out on the living room floor drunk at 4:00pm and I had him locked up and he was made to take classes and was put on probation. I don't think he will ever forgive me for that but It's okay.. There has been so much peace in the house since I had him removed, he thought It couldn't happen because he didn't touch me this time. He laughed when the officers told me to get a stay away order on Monday morning. He was sorry on Sunday and he didn't drink a thing. I don't know why when he said he never did anything. Well I got the last laugh when he was served with the stay away order on Monday morning. We own the house together, but he still had to leave. We have court in another week. I will ask the judge to have him go see a psychiatrist and get counseling. I hate him right now because he blames me and it's all my fault. He is in complete DENIAL about everything..

husband 40

I am pissed that i have stayed with the jerk. i truly cannot stand him. he is self serving and only cares about himself. he loves to gossip like a little old lady. he is responsible for causing my husband's wife to leave. he is an ass i wish him nothing but ill will. he thinks he is all that. he interrupts and is a complete know it all. he is a freckled freak

Husband 41

Married 15 years and suddenly husband decided to go on trip without me (he said he couldn't "afford" to bring me too). Trip was scheduled for day after our anniversary, which he forgot. He is still gone and I honestly don't feel like doing all the things/errands or bill paying I was supposed to, because when he gets back he will have all the time in the world - he quit his job (without consulting me) before he left. His job was the source of our health insurance (we are in 50s). My job is the source of the monthly bill paying - mortgage, utilities, etc. so his salary was primarily banked. Right now we have about 150k put away for retirement.

I don't feel like a team any more. I feel like a selfish single person in a relationship with another selfish single person, and I don't want to be in the relationship any more. I realize my problem seems quite small next to many of the offended/offending persons posting here - for that I apologize. Thanks for providing the ability to vent here, it is a valuable aid. Cheers to all.

Husband 42

My husband is such an uncaring person. My son has an MRI tomorrow and he doesn't even act like he gives a damn. He doesn't even give a shit that I don't love him anymore. I have told him this to his face lots of times.

My weak and lazy husband 43

I work full time and pay the vast majority of the bills for the family. My husband works part time and is a lazy good for nothing who is constantly working weekends and won't help out with my daughter who is a real handful (she's adopted and from difficult background.) I just get so damned tired and every time he says it's the last week end he;s working it's a lie. I am sick of him. I'm just frightened to leave as all my family have died...and I reckon some help with the littleun is better than none. I am sad, sick and tired. Thanks for letting me have a rant!

Husband 44

I am angry with my man as he does not understand the pressure I am put under. I work part time, he is a stay at home Dad by his choice to look after our daughter (well he thinks he does) I attend University to educate myself and better my career prospects. I have to do everything I can to provide for our family, which becomes a major chore when doing it alone. My Husband is older than I so I have to think of the future and prepare for his departure for my children's sake. Then when I take our children away for 3 days and leave him at home to enjoy his peace and quiet, it is obviously way too much to ask him to clean the house, or do the washing that has been on the clothes horse since I went away. No sorry I am just a bitch because I expect him to make an effort for his wife and kids. Obviously too much to ask eh!!

My Useless Husband 45

I am so fucking angry because my husband doesn't do enough chores around the house. The only way I could get him to do chores is to divide them up so he gets all the easy ones. He feeds the cat and the fish and takes out the garbage and waters the plants. I scrub the kitchen floor, do the grocery shopping, cook, scrub the bathroom floor, dust, vacuum, clean the cat litter and tidy up the house. We take turns doing the dishes.

A week and a half ago, I was cleaning the house before we went to Virginia so we could come home to a clean house. I had tidied up the whole place and I still had to do the cat litter and giant sink full of dishes before we left. He offered to do the dishes for me as a favor even though it was my turn. Sweet, right?

Well, it's a week and a half later and there's still dishes EVERYWHERE in our kitchen. When I asked him about them today, he said, "Well, I never said WHEN I would do them. Besides, now you're not overwhelmed. Now you can do them." FUCK YOU! To which he responded, "How about I finish them by the end of next week?" .....

Ok, my husband offers to do me favors that may or may not get done three and a half weeks later... Asshole!!!

*Note from Anger Central
Hey! Useless Husband! The Angry Webmaster is always ready to help Mrs. Webmaster at any time. He is constantly offering to assist her with everything. Clean the house? No problem! Do the dishes? He's actually better at it than she is. He even offers to wash her clothes, although she always refuses the offer. ;)
Help you wife you moron!

My dumbass husband 46

Wow after reading these rants I wonder if we have somehow married the same asshole I was married 17 years I put up with alot so that my 3 kids could have a dad but my husband treated me like dirt and ruined my life he was so self centered he drank to much and was a cheater. Now I am left with no job and kids to support with no child support I am so pissed off not fair that he can walk away free what a asshole

husband 47

My husband is so damn selfish. He thinks only about himself, his family and his friends. The problem with him is that he doesn't have any goodwill or patience with the wife's family or friends. Maybe that's why he has two failed marriages before I met him. I've bent over backwards to put up with the crap, entertain and support his family and friends. For his part, he gets agitated whenever I have my friends over which is once in a blue moon. Though my side of the family never did anything to hurt him, he has nothing but malice towards them. We've argued constantly about this. Everytime he apologized and promised he wouldn't do it again. I don't know if I want to spend my life whole life with someone who is so selfish.

My Selfish Husband 48

MY HUSBAND BLAMES ME FOR EVERYTHING whenever something goes wrong it is my fault he runs out of gas because he didnt put gas in the car its my fault for not filling it up he loses or QUITS his job and its my fault because i cant afford to pay all the bills let alone buy him all the stupid crap he wants i have been thinking about a divorce for awhile now but i am scared of what will happen to our kids he is hellbent on making sure if we ever were to split i would never see them again he is emotionally abusive and controlling he expects me to do everything he will sit on his but in the living room and call me out of the bedroom to go get him something to drink he's 10 feet from the freaking kitchen im all the way on the other side of the house he does everything with our daughter we have together but completely ignores my daughter from a past marriage i dont know how much longer i can deal with this i dont want to leave because i really dont believe in divorce (my first husband left me i didnt leave him) i also love my husband with all of my heart but im just tired of his crap and him walking all over me its not fair

 Married a Millinionare Drunk Asshole ... 49

Just have to say that the son of a bitch should go back to work and micro manage anyone but us his family.

He complains about it all. Spending money on home maintaince, my new company, screams at me to go marry a drug dealer?

Im to the point that he could walk away and NEVER return home from golf or the bars and NONE of the rest of the family which is 2 kids ages 6 and 10 & a dog would miss him.

Really we hate him now; he always says "he hates us and life was better for him when he was on the road. The maids kept his room clean and clothes pressed."

The kids can't stand it when dad comes home they go to their bedrooms or friends homes before he gets home. That is the only reason they call him is to see where he is.

Maybe someone else; you out there: a stranger at a bar or someone who drinks with him who he thinks is a "friend" who he insults will finally point out he is fucked.

husband 50

i am so angry because i was a good person with goals and he ruined them and me. He made me trust him and you know how many fucking times he walked out when things were even semi hard used me for money and laziness for years because he is a fucking drug addict hateful using motherfucker. Every holiday he doesnt come home. Mothers day spent alone because he was so messed up decided it was ok to drive to miami to see friends that did not invite him,i spent it driving gas to him when he ran out. My birthday showed up hour late drunk and acted like another day. Thanksgiving eve went out all night i prepared the entire dinner and he got up after his hangover to eat. Christmas eve went out to help peeps whatever left me with his mom to question me and another ruined day. And now because he lost his job goes to his mommies and leaves me with all the bills. He although still has the nerve to say i keep my car over his head and ask for it. Really it is MY CAR. He tonight asked me to go out even though he left and we are working it out I paid more than half the bill used me for more to get messed up then my dumb ass dropped him off at 8 to get picked up by somebody else that has more money,

Husband 51

My husband yelled at me today because I threw a pad away in the trash can! Why are you throwing that in the trash?! GO take the trash out NOW!! I don't care if there wasn't anything in the bag!! What if someone was to come in and see it in the trash????

Then he stomps up the stairs.

WTF??!?!?! That was the most idiotic thing I've ever heard!! Oh I'm gonna go flush some pads now. Some big overnight type pads! LOL

Husband 52

I cant fucking stand my broke ass husband anymore! Always looking at porn, jacking off and being so god damn lazy. He never even wants to do anything. I ask "baby what do you want to do tonight" his response is always "watch tv" He sits on his fat lazy ass playing stupid fucking ps3 and computer games. Sometimes I just want to fucking choke him. He totally ignores our 4 year old as if she doesnt even exist. It hurts me. It hurts me how much this man has changed since weve been together. I am the mother of his children and he still treats me like shit. Makes me feel ugly when he looks at porn. Im tired of feeling like this. Im done.


I am angry @ my husband because he is a lazy, self centeted, pot smoking jerk. He makes good money WHEN he works. He ia a professional with a master's license. We are always on the verge of financial castrophe; the electricity is always past due, our car insurace is sometimes cancelled, or we have to eat p&j all week, and we will probably lose our house eventually. But by God, he makes sure he has his weed. He puts jobs off until he loses them due to sitting on his ass all the time. I work full time, but I don't make enough to pay all the bills, because a huge chunk of my check is taken ouf to pay for health ins. for HIM. I am sick to death of his bullshit, and I am leaving him ASAP.

Cheating Husband 54

while i was sick with a virus in another towns' emergency room my retarded husband got drunk and instead of calling me to see how i was doing he picked up a girl and brought her home and had sex with her. The next day he emailed me saying he's going to commit suicide and admitted to his cheating. Immediately I flew home, visited him in hospital and took him back. It's only been 10 days since he cheated but he freaks out when I cry from the hurt he has caused me by cheating. He acts like it never happened and when I feel sad he guilt trips me for being sad and says I am treating him badly and trying to make him feel bad for his mistake. To top it off, we were once active in the church, when he prays he says that God planed for him to cheat on me!!! It makes me so angry and at times I just can't keep it in so I punch the bed and scream into the pillows....ARGHHHH!!!!

Husband 55

This husband of mine has a hateful heart towards me. It's been getting more obvious after 21 years together. I've always paid the bills up to about 6 months ago now he knows how saving money until our next paycheck is hard. So he's now telling me that we need to move to a house with less rent. A month ago I asked him to put me back on his insurance at work because I've been feeling something going on with my heart. Oh by the way he took me off about two years ago without letting me know, I found out at doc's office (embarrassing)! He claims that it was taking out too much from his check, but I was using it. Now that he got me back on it hasn't even been 1 week and he's already wanting to take me off and again for the money issue, so he says. We had 3 children together and we are both in their lives and now that i'm getting older I need this and he sees it he just Hates Me and can't wait til I die. When I brought it up he tells me to "Just Shut My Face". Sooo not cool.

porn addict, selfish bastard, abusive 56

My husband just told me that I have a genetic defect because my belly has no muscle!!! What an idiot! I play tennis a lot, am a good player, and I am pretty smart like him, we both have MA degrees -- this fat pig who is a computer engineer has the nerve to tell me that I have a genetic defect!! Just look at his balding hair!, his beer belly, and the fact that he has no friends, just a cubicle at Intel!

Whiney husband needs more coddling than my baby 57

OK so I have an awesome husband, but sometimes he is a whiney dumb dumb frustrating 3 year old with absolutely no flexibility or tolerance for losing 1 minute of sleep, or lifting a finger to help. I am a new mom and totally over having two babies in the house.

I have a teething baby who I am up all night with and who I have to wear on my body for him to sleep during the day. My husband on his Saturday decided he was sleepy and needed a nap so I worked hard to get the baby down so my hubby could nap beside him while I cleaned the house and did some research on making money for the family. The baby woke up, woke my husband up so I went and got the baby and put him in his sling an went out for a walk so hubbie could sleep. Hubbie gets up and goes into the garage to do the 1 hour chore I have asked from him this week (I have done a ridiculous amount of housework this week including painting the fence and deck, writing letters to my husband's boss when he is falling apart at work (like the letters came from him) and working a few hours myself in addition to dealing with a sick 6 month old baby). He is playing the "poor me" card in the garage sulking around half heartedly packing the car. I ask him to take the bottles with him (an extra 10 minutes out and a chore that terrifies my baby making it nearly impossible for me to do in addition to the fact it involves carrying a massive tupperware with a tiny baby strapped to me). He refuses. I tell him I really need him to do it and put the bottles in the car. He tells me his groany attitude, which he has had for the past hour is because of this. Arrrrrrrggggghhhhh!!! He is so whiney. Everything he does I need to cheer for like he is some effing hero. All he does is go to work for 8 hours and then anything extra is such a HUGE DEAL. We both did a tonne extra when we were both working. My workload has tripled and he groans when he has to do anything extra.



Uptight A$$ husband! 58

My new husband loves to finger point as to whose fault everything is and I'm sure you can only guess whose fault it ALWAYS is; MINE! HUH. Its exhausting! I've been smoke free for weeks, things were good, wedding went off without a hitch, and we even had a pretty good time on our honeymoon with the exception of him being so uptight. My husband is one of the most uptight people I've ever known in my life, and I'm an Academic... He can't and won't relax and just let things be. So let me set the scene for you; I've been really good about quitting smoking (ciggs and Js) for about 6 weeks. I had a minor relapse yesterday in which I immediately felt guilty and threw it away. When I got home my husband was already home and started interrogating me about where I've been and what I've been doing, knowing all along what was up and was just going to see if I would admit guilt. Finally, after an hour of him playing "sly fox," it comes out and he gets mad. What he doesn't realize is that he is the cause of my anxiety. HE is the cause of my stress. JUST BEING With him is stressful. I love him so much it disgusts me because no matter how miserable his uptight ass makes me I doubt I'll ever leave him. And what's worse, every tinsy argument results in him threatening me with divorce. I mean ANYTHING. I knew when I married him that he was a fragile kid, and that I would have to tread lightly in order for him not to spiral down his uptight tunnel, but DAMN. It is almost unbearable to think that for the rest of my days I will be with this person and have no means to relieve my stress that he causes. I see now why people turn to alcohol.... its legal, its cheap, and the hangover is worth the headache if you don't have to hear your spouses mouth.

cheating husband 59

Ive been with my husband 30 years. married 27. We got along fine, no serious complaints were ever voiced. this summer he was having an affair with a woman he met from Craigs list personals. he said he chatted with 100's in a few months. I found out once, confronted him. he lied , said it was ended and we strated ( i thought) to work on it ) then a week later he admitted it hadnt ended and a week after that he left to live with her. through the 4 weeks total from when i foirst knew he had cheated he was sending me emails how much he loved me and wanted us to stay together. We have 3 sons 19, 20 and 23. He just turned on us. he has a lawyer and setting a mediation up with him. I need a lawyer but have nothing. Ive been a stay at home mom for 23 years!

I have no idea what to do. I feel lost and alone.

My husband 60

I am so damned angry at my husband because he treats me like a child.. I am disabled but not stupid. He has to drive me places so I am stuck with him shopping with me. He will say "You don't need that, or what is that for?" I hate it. It's like I have a communist ruler over me. I don't question things he wants, why does he do that to me?

I work with/for my husband, and he is so pissy to me, especially in front of customers. I don't know what it is. I have had enough and he can hire somebody else to put up with his crappy moods, but, I am not! I've gotten to where I just stay couped up in a little office to be away from him.. I call him on the intercom for prices, I don't have access to that info, and he will snap "What??" at me..He can take his rude attitude and shove it.


HE is a mentally ill- spoiled-selfish - abusive cock ! He is a grandma's boy and can't survive without her or her money- he has tried to kill me many many times and has thrown me down the stairs and killed two of my animals. he tells me everyday that he wants me dead and I'm fat and ugly (I'm 95 pounds and drop dead gorgeous) I have lyem disease and he has taken my money and ruined my credit so that I can't get a job or a place to live- I have three animals to support and protect and he has stated that if I die of lyme he will kill them because they "mess up his hous". I can't work due to my lyme and other chronic conditions and he guilt trips me about it and is constantly bitchign and moaning and complaining and will never apoligize for anything- he never thinks that kiling me would be wrong and tells me he heates me more than life itself and wishes I were dead.

If I didn't have my girls- I would have killed myself just to get away from him- my family doens' care and won't help and I need his health insurance and a place to live for me and my animals- I would be homelss without him and he knows it- so he treats me like shit because he knows I have to take it. I have no way out and I just want him back to my old husband I married 20 years ago- I hate living like this.. He feels nothign for me and it hurts- why can't I have a nice caring loving husband like everyone else?

Why are guys such assholes?

*Note from Anger Central
Find a lawyer now. If he's assaulting you, then you need to get out and he needs to go to jail.

Husband 62

My husband makes me so angry. We've been married almost 4 years. It's been 6 months since we had sex. He's much younger than me, so why is it that I am the one doing without. I thought it was the men who always had that problem. I haven't gained weight (he has), I take care of myself. what is the deal. Oh, and he doesn't pay any bills either. I have a good job and make more money but does that mean he can take everything he makes, put it in a separate account and not pay anything. I bought him a car, I paid all the expenses for his DUI, I pay the insurance. I pay when we go out. I pay for vacations, trips to Vegas. I take care of everything and can't even get laid. What is the deal here? It would be differnt if i was fat or ugly but I am a size 5 with 34D boobs. I get hit on all the time. I deserve to be happy don't I. Why can a man be tired when he is with me, but get him with his friends and a case of beer and he can stay up all night. Is it just time to say adios?

husband 63

Worthless husband. He gets jealous when I spend time with my daughters. Calls me slut, hoe and always tells me I'm cheating on him. He'll be nice to your face and talk about you behind your back. I hate Moses!

my verbally abusive low self esteem husband 64

I have neen married for two years I have a 22 yr old and a 5mth old I am 22 years old and my husband is 25 and verbally abusive also he is always ego trippin. I am tired of being called a bitch, whore, stupid and worst of all worthless. I gave him my virginity at age19 april of 2008. I thought he loved me wrong sure he work and support the bills but does its mean I have to suffer he called me a whore becuz I was talking to my exes from childhood littled pupplove status im talkin 11yrs old bf and gf thing really! and one from 18yrs. old we were dating almost gave virginity to but didnt want to I didnt start talking on the phone with guys until he started talking promiscuous to other females on facebook note that when I conversated nothing was going on but him noway. im tired of this married life im not worthless and I deserve better he is always telling me that not other man will want me because Im not a virgin anymore and he was the first who I gave its too and not one will seee me as never been touched really!! dont feed me these insecure lines grow some self esteem.

Run-away Husband 65

I am angry with my husband because he is a man-child. He couldn't take the pressure of work, home and school. I didn't force him into school, but he plays the victim constantly like HE didn't make these decisions for himself. So what did he do to "solve" the problem? He got into a relationship with another woman...girl. We are in counseling,etc., but he doesn't want to separate, well, because he's a man-child (emphasis on child). I just want him to realize how good he had it. I'm told he's intimidated by me...because I'm emotional. Well, he married a woman...not a man in a woman's body. I will say that since all this, he's trying to figure out why he reacts the way he does to's problems. Me? I just want his LOVE and affection. But if I bring up my needs, I'm the devil in a dress. UGH. I'm just praying for God to help me to be patient and love him through this, but I feel like I'm about to lose it on a daily basis. It's so hard not to take stuff he does personally.

Punk ass soon to be Ex Husband 66

My Husband is a controlling, lying,cheating, punk who does not want to support himself or his children. We have been married over 10 years. He is a real ASSHOLE! He hasn't had steady employement in about eight years. His daughter has lived with us for the last several years. I have taken care of him and all our kids. Basically he took my money when I got paid and was never that nice to me. He was verbally abusive and a real jerk. On top of that he was awful in bed. So I told him that I was leaving him. He told me if I did. He would get custody of the kids and make me pay him child support and Alimoney because he was not going to tolerate me leaving him. On top of all that he cheated on me with his "baby mama", our neighbor, and he is having a internet affair with some chic in Africa. So because I work, I have to pay him child support even though we have joint 50/50 custody. He is such a liar. He goes around telling people that he is a nurse and that he has always had a job on third shift. He is an embarrasment to his family. OMG! I can't believe that he got the court to believe his bullshit!!! The sad thing is now that I have kicked him to the curb he expects his parents to take care of them. What a real LOSER!!!

husband 67

I hate him! He yelled at me and called me ugly just 'cause I asked to keep his mother's food away from our fridge! and this is after years of supporting him financially and morally. While he parked his lazy ass at home for a year, I've worked three jobs, after having baby!

Hate him! Will cheat on him at the very first opportunity.

Asshole selfish h u s b a n d 68

this idiot that I'm married to is a complete A S S ! He must be bipolar because all he does is bitch from sun up til sun down! One minute he was bitching about birthday candles and the next he was bitching about something that happened 6 months ago. An hour into his bitching he brings up shit from 10 years ago! I'm like what the f--- is he bitching about! I swear his moods change like someone turning the light switch off and on! One day he bitched for 6 straight hours and his parents told him to shut the f--- up ! He doesn't think a man should support his family! He thinks the husband and wife should split the rent and the utility bills and if the wife runs out of money then that's her problem ! He thinks women who breast feed are crippling their child because it makes the child handicap with out it's mother! He thinks stay at home moms are lazy leaching bitches!

Husband 69

My husband and i were over at our friends for a bonfire and i overheard him telling his best friend a sex story. Only upon hearing more and more (he was practically yelling it as he talks loud when he drinks) of the story i realize its not one of ours, but one about him and another woman! I am completely pissed at this inconsiderate jerk for disrespecting me this way. Did i mention our children were present and heard all this as well? What is his response? So what? ASSHOLE!

Husband 70

I take a while to climax, so I try to avoid having sex where it would be a rush, plus I was half asleep and he just had to have it. He kept messing with me and finally I let him and then when I started getting to it, He came. Then said for me to wait until he gets off of work to get me off. Then he has the nerve to tell me to quit being grouchy because I'm pissed off and have the female version of blue balls!

bi-polar husband 71

My husband and I started a business together. I lworked my ass off for him for 13 yrs. I did it all in the beginning, made up forms and even our logo. I ended up quitting a year ago because he made my job very hard. I know I was pushed out along with our assistant of 5 years... she quit too because of his shitty treatment. His way or the highway. I thought things would get better...they haven't. He immediately cut me off of accounts and computer access to the business like I was just another ex-employee. He doesn't like to tell me anything about the business anymore. He is an asshole. I think he resents that I quit and now stay home even though he said I don't need to work. He has called me lazy, fat, crazy, cunt, boring, anti-social bitch, etc. etc. He says I try to control him and his "manhood" because whenever we fight he leaves and doesn't call and doesn't take my calls for days. I have to try to track him down. He comes home late. I went to several counseling sessions because he wanted me to but he then started to stay things like "save it for the counselor" or "i won't discuss that with you but I will in front of the counselor", etc. etc. So I quit! I think he is bi-polar! He even told my teenage daughter the other day not to stand too close to me because I would rub off on her!!! Motherfucker! He has pushed me, thrown things at me and lied about it. I make him do it he says...pathetic! I have always given him his space whenever the fuck he wanted it but when he takes advantage and comes home late or has been fishing all day and then invites friends over to drink all night and throws up,,,,it's ridiculous. He likes his friends more than his family. I am sick of his shit!!! Fuck you douche!

My Lazy Gamer Husband 72

My husband, who I love, but hate, annoys the crap out of me. I feel like his mother, not his wife. He works away from home for 2 weeks at a time and then comes home for 2 weeks. When he's at home, he doesn't do anything but drink beer (he can't drink while he's away at work, so claims he deserves to drink at home) and play his nerdy computer games. He'll wake up at 8 or 9am and play non-stop until he goes to bed around midnight. We live abroad due to his job and I can't work, so I spend my days at the gym, going on walks, food shopping and visiting with friends - I try to keep busy, but I'm certainly no "lady of leisure". I take care of the house, bills, and everything that needs to be done. If I left him, he wouldn't survive. He'd die of some type of disease caused from inhaling the mold that's growing on dirty dishes, which would be surrounding (and probably even in) his bed. He'd have fast food delivered for every meal and wouldn't know how to find his bank information to pay the bills. He'd probably have a house that looked like the people's homes on Hoarders, but he'd be living in nothing but fast food containers and trash.

Anyway... I wake up at the same time as him and go to make coffee and grab my breakfast, and before I'm even 100% awake, he asks me to make him tea and get him cereal. If I don't get his breakfast for him (which I refuse to do often, as he can't even manage to move his lazy butt 5 feet), he whines for a while, but then won't eat until around 2pm when his stomach is growling non-stop (and his game has downtime). Lunchtime is the only time he decides he can actually leave the house (not counting the occasional beer run) and even though I offer to make lunch, he insists he needs unhealthy fried crap that has caused him to have a huge belly. I try to get him to go for walks with me, but he's "too busy". Too busy getting fat, I say! After lunch, he actually moves out of bed and into his office (AKA the pigsty - I refuse to clean it, because every time I have, he just trashes it the second I'm done. Why bother? He has zero respect).

The beer drinking begins around 3pm and although he doesn't ALWAYS get drunk, I wonder why he needs to sit there for hours on end drinking when he's completely inactive. He also turns into a complete douche when he drinks. He's killing himself with the way he treats his body. I tried telling him subtly and nicely that he wasn't going to live beyond 50, the way he eats and drinks, and when he didn't get the hint, I had to begin emailing him articles about liver disease and pictures of morbidly obese people, telling him this is where he's headed. He wonders why I don't want to have sex with him any more. Like I really want to have sex with a fat man who smells like fries and whose penis is hiding behind mounds of fat and sweats all over me.

When it comes time for dinner, I'm lucky if he doesn't attempt to bring his laptop with him. He's never successfully gotten it to the table, because he knows I'm not lying when I tell him I'll throw it out the window. When he's done eating (speedily scarfing down his food), I have to force him to sit and talk to me while I finish my meal. Sometimes he'll leave his office and sit on the sofa with me to watch some TV, but it's a VERY rare occasion when he actually pays attention to the TV and not his game. If he does pay attention to something besides his game, it's only because his game is down for updating the servers or something game-related. The only time he wants to go out is if there's beer involved. If we go out to dinner, we can't just enjoy the meal, he has to throw back as many beers as possible. We can't just go out and enjoy walks or something a normal couple would do - he plays his game all day and then complains at 11pm when I don't feel like going out to a bar, when he's finally had enough gaming.

He talks on his computer to his fellow nerds, who also don't have lives, all day. He thinks it's totally normal to talk to them all day and doesn't consider them to be losers (they are). They're the only friends he appears to have, besides a few guys he works with that he goes out drinking with. He even woke me up one morning at 4am, because he woke up early and wanted to play his game, and didn't see why he shouldn't be allowed to talk while I'm asleep next to him. He constantly does things like this!
He has ZERO courtesy. He will walk in a room when I'm watching TV and change the channel, because he wants to watch something else. He never says "thank you" when I do something for him - I'm not his mother, I shouldn't have to say "Say 'thank you'!". When I tell him I want to leave him, he cleans up his act for a few days and then goes back to his old self. The man I married was kind, courteous, fairly healthy and had a life away from his computer. I am now married to a rude, inconsiderate, fat game addict. I keep hoping I'll get the good version back, but he claims he likes who he is. He often throws it in my face that he works hard and I don't have a job, so he can do what he likes. I don't think he realises that taking care of him is a 24/7 job that has caused me to get shingles and go grey at an early age. I just want to leave him, taking all of his money in the divorce settlement, and move to an ashram where I can relax all day, because I haven't relaxed in years.

He has no idea that things cost money and thinks money grows on trees. Apparently when we're trying to save, beer isn't something that we can cut back on. Everything that I do (which is very little) gets cut back on, but he makes NO sacrifices. I am very frugal, too, and rarely spend money on anything but food (which I cook for his fat belly). I wanted to go back to visit my parents (who can't really travel), but he wanted a new laptop, so he just went ahead and spend $1800 on one without asking me. How selfish is he?


I can't get rid of my husband 73

My husband's reason for living is "it's not my fault." He's 72; I'm 62. I'm reasonably attractive, slender, generous, fairly intelligent who, in spite of all this, still wants to try saving us.

We could still have a lusty sex life, but I've grown to resent any approach since it's the only time he's pleasant. All the rest is complaint, temper tantrums, criticism, filthy name calling, venom. Anything he can do to demean me, humiliate me or make me feel worthless--going behind my back, spreading stories--you name it.

I used to be a drunk; a really horrible drunk. I feel I drank because I couldn't cope with anything; being numb was safe. But after an episode of alcohol poisoning, I gradually learned to bring myself back into the light. BY MYSELF and I've held fast to that for years. Instead of gratitude or appreciation, my husband doubled his negative behaviors. No matter how I tried to say "this hurts me; this embarrasses me; won't you please not do this," it only encouraged him. But I never went back to alcohol abuse. My husband blames me for his second marriage breaking up. We became involved; we had a 2.5 year affair, and I moved away . He kept some contact in order to assure the occasional booty call. I got tired of it, but couldn't tear away. After we were found out, he cut off communication for a WHOLE month (!), but when he phoned, I jumped right in. (All this is all my fault, by the way. I tempted him, he says, and he couldn't help himself)

This past year I had facial surgery, paid for by me, and when I was down, in terrible pain, eyes swollen shut tight, he decided the house was dirty, cranked up a shop vac and repeatedly banged the shop vac head into the bed side. I screamed and begged him to stop, unable to see or make my way out of the room, but he shouted that the home was a "pig sty", and kept on shrieking the shop vac, and hitting the bed. The home was not immaculate, but it could have waited; he wanted to torment me.

He's called me the most filthy names, relentlessly flirted with other women, told me to shut up during social gatherings. What on earth is wrong with me that I take this? Why do I keep trying?

It's entirely money, I guess. He's a real snake about hiding assets, manipulating the truth. I've begun sleuthing through accounts, but the hard facts of seeing half of everything go makes me ill. I have never taken a dime that wasn't offered, and I have always told him whatever I have is ours; I repeat my thanks and admiration.

I have no pension nor social security yet; being financially comfortable is all I have left to think about.

I can't get him to talk about us without it immediately blowing up into "can't you see YOUR part in all of this?" YES! I can see my part, but he won't acknowledge HIS part. His "logic" makes my head want to explode; he says that would be great, that would solve his problem. I'm afraid and paralyzed. And very, very much in pain. I see no way out and despair of every feeling secure or happy again. I can't believe all this.

AssHole Husband 74

Oh! my! goodness!!!! I can't believe how rude people can be I mean I know that there are some people out there like that, but not like the man that I'm married to. I am so sick an tired of this crap with him his ups and downs one minute he's all nice and sweet then the next minute he's some damn loon! he complains about every little thing it's like I'm the husband and he's the wife! and of course he is a momma's boy which I can't stand! the women is so jea;ous of me she will go out of her way just to make up sh*t because she wants to constantly keep drama going because she do freaking miserable and he knows how she is because he is the same person that told me about her but what I'm not understanding is why the hell he believes everything she say! not only that but when it comes to me it's like he don't believe anything I say he believes a whore before he will believe me and I'm his wife! everyday i wake up I can't wait for him to go to work because i can't stand to lay or be around this stupid idiot no good sun of a mother clucker 24/7 he never has nothing nice or good to say about me or my family which I know deep down it's jealously which is rediculous, i thought that when you are married you are suppose to be a team but instead he is in competetion with any and every little thing that I do! this is beyond sickening I really think this asswipe need to seek some type of help at times this is so nerve racking what the hell did i get myself into it's like I was tricked into the damn marriage after the marriage he just started to become a real ass! seriously! he is trying to cause so much drama between me and my family because he see how close we are and that's how his family isn't so he tries to start trouble for no reason at all but you know what it's ok because what goes around comes around piss head!! Take That an shoove it up your a doubble scribble you burger king kid look alike george lopez looking piss head piece of sh*t!

Husband 75

I have been with my husband for 9 years now and we have two sons, with another on the way. Our oldest has health issues and my husband frequently blames me when things don't go well and my son does poorly due to diet.

Here's the thing though . . . my husband was a teacher and a musician when I met him. I was a bartender. I later built up a successful online business and he hated teaching, so I said he could leave teaching and help with the kids if he wanted. He did. Later he left his band because he hated it and did this without mentioning it to me, though my business was in a bad place at the time. We struggled to get back on our feet for a year and he blamed me all the time for forcing him to quit the band (I'd said when my biz was good that he could find another band or start his own).

Now, he won't find work. He watches our sons most of the time, cleans the house and complains non-stop. He is always complaining about cleaning the house and does a half-ass job of it. I'm working all day long, at home, to try and make sure that we have money. I also cook for the family and due to my son's issues, I have to cook special food. I'm pregnant, exhausted and sick of his complaining ... so I hired a maid who he promptly fired and yelled at me for hiring. I was trying to make him happy, but I think he just wants to be unhappy and have a reason to complain.

These days, I work my ass off, 10-12 hours a day, cook, homeschool our kids and he plays video games and watches videos online and sometimes (usually when I have a particularly heavy workload) disappears for an hour or two and then gets very angry if I am not happy when he comes back and says I'm stifling him. He has more freedom than most men, I think, in terms of doing what he wants all day. I'm angry because I struggle to keep work going and he doesn't appreciate it even a bit and he doesn't appreciate that I'm cooking for everyone and feeling overworked and exhausted. If I take a few minutes to myself, to go out with friends (a couple times a month) or read a book, he goes off on how he can never do anything because I've made him lose all his jobs and friends and now he's stuck in the house all day. But if I tell him to go and find work, he has a million excuses as to why he can't.

Husband Lied Cheated and Taking Forever to File DP 76

I just found out through a text 2 nights ago that my husband is in a relationship with this whore that he moved in with 3 weeks ago. He says he is so happy with her, that shes wonderful and they see each other everyday and have sex. Not to mention each time he has lied, i have caught him by checking out his stories..its called Google, dumbass! So not only that but he called me from his phone and HER phone after the cruel, mean text. I found out who she is and its someone he had a crush on in high school, however shes turned out to be a very stand-up member of society-she got charged with a felony last month and is on probation for 5 years after lying to receive unemployment benefits, she has no job for the obvious reasons and she thinks its ok that hes still married to me and that theyre sleeping together. He also has the divorce papers but refuses to to hand them over because he doesnt want to pay the extra money to have me served by the sheriff. Its a match made in hell and I will be so glad when this is over. Trash deserves trash.


OMG. My husband is the most negative person I have evermet in this fucking world! He is always looking at every situation as bad. He could be given a million dollars and bitch because they take the taxes out!! He is stingy, stubborn, pot smoker,jerk,crybaby, manipulative,mamas boy, sissys boy, he literally drives me so fucking crazy Iwant to jump in front of a damn mac truck! He is always accusing me of being "shady". THinks that I am always cheating on him...he accuses me of being gone to long when Igo out for household shit and will text me nonstop or ring my phone off the hook. he'll ask what i am doing, how long am i gonna be, where i am when did i get there when am i keaving what kinda people are there..AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.........I never go out anywhere. i have to lie to all of my girlfriends(what little i haveleft) when they ask me to go eat dinner with the girls and tell them that i am sick or make up some ridiculous lie because he thinks i am out cheating on him or planning to! He reads al of my text msg and when Iget on my phone, even if i am playing a game..he'll make sure i am really doing what i am doing by pretending to lean over and kiss me when the whole time he is eye fucking my phone to make sure i am not talking to some dude. He will accuse me of talkign to dudes and storing their names under gir names in my phne!!! i constantly have money turn up missing..he has no problem spending any of my money, but when it comes to his own he is a fucking tight wad!! He has the worst temper in the world and has broken so much shit in my home that I just gave up replacing it becuase i will evenyually go bankrupt in doning so. if i come out of the store or gas station and he is waiting on me in the car he will say WHAT THE FUCK DID THAT DUDE SAY TO YOU!!!?? and i have no idea what he is talking about ecuase i didnt even notice a dude. his family is obsessed wit hhis exes and makes it known how much thety loved them at one point alothough the whores cheated on him. His one whore cheated on him for 12 yrs straight and slept with his fmaily members!! He keeps me from my fmaily but we always have to be around his drugged out drama filled cray family. he even accused me of having an incestual affair with my malr cousins because we are close via phone.I deleted my facebook because he was suc an insecure baby fuck and thought i was always shady. he will go tto extreme amounts to have temper tanturms. he will shake his foot all crazy when mad, then mumbles under his breath and talks shit. when we get in an argument he will call and text everyone on his family and all who will listen about how much of a cunt i am and how he knows i am cheating....then gets all of the mmad at me, i never tell any of my freinds or family how rude he is or hoe he puts hands on me when he is having a psycho fit. i have beat the shit outta him so dont think he gets away wit hit. he lies, rips ppl off, promises you the owrld then forgets all about it. sleeps all of the time and dwells over the fact that his construction wortk slowed doewn and he dont have the shit he used to. smokes pot all day long and takes tons of pills...but says he wants to be clean....i dont know why in the fuck i am wit hsomeone who doesnt give two shits about me.....there is my pissed off rant. oh ya, its xmas today and he is on the bdrm pouting and running his mouth becaseu one day i was out for 2 hrs looking for his gift and he swear i was out cheating and thinks that i spent my omney on my secret boyfriend!!! OMG!

My Husband 78

I am angry cos my fucked up husband thinks he is better than I am, Who the fuck looks after his companys books? Me. Who the fuck Pays all the bills? me( with his money of course) but hey i am a lousey Cunt, a fat lazy bitch,a good for nothing piece of crap. Well let me tell you something if it wasnt for me he wouldnt have a fucken company. he wouldnt have a fucken house and I bet my fucken life on it, he would still be living at his mum's. i hate him, he pisses me off, he never remembers any of the special days like birthdays or anniversarys, and the fucker loves himself. I am an idiot in a way cos i stay with him, what is it in us woman that makes us to this. Why do we stick around when we know we would be better off with out them. I mean its not as if they give good sex,or make us feel good, the only thing that does that for me is my vibrator,lol. I am so over him,and when i do grow the fucken balls and leave him OMG is he going to be up shit creek with out a paddle.

Somewhat neglectful husband 79

I've been with my husband for 13 years, married 9 of them. We have 4 children ages 2-13, all of which are physically demanding to me. I'm disabled, on/off crutches every few months (been on them 6 months this go 'round) and can't work outside the home. My 'work' here though is so damn horrid to my body! I'm in constant pain all day every day. It hurts to even bend over to pick up the toy I'll fall over if my crutch hits it. We don't have a bedroom and sleep on the couch (kids have beds in their own rooms). A 2br duplex isn't near big enough for 6 people! I've been on rx pain meds for years, which hardly do their job any more. I'm having my 3rd surgery next week. My body is breaking down and I can't stop it. My husband is great. He loves me, has never hit me, never cheated, or anything that makes me regret marrying him. The 1 thing he doesn't do makes me regret it all though. Is it too much to ask for a damn massage?! I'm as frugal as they come. A massage at home from my hubby is free! I haven't had a real massage in 14 years, since my last boyfriend. This may seem petty to many of you, but when I'm physically broken and can never take a break, it's a HUGE deal to me! It's like he's 'too good' to give his wife a massage. I get that look from him I can't STAND, like I'm stupid for even asking. I've subjected myself to a life of literal pain and agony, all because my loving husband can't take 20 minutes away from the PS3 to rub my sore muscles. I put up with this house, the kids, everyone's mess, attitudes, any sahm knows what I mean. I NEED A DAMN MASSAGE FOR CRYIN OUT LOUD!!! Is it REALLY too much to ask?!#

Husband 80

Im so Angry and tired of him. I do 99.9% of everything in the house and he goes to do whatever he wants to do when he wants but guess what now im apparently one fat insecure bitch! I'm over it and the bitch in me has yet to come out so he will soon see .. Trying to remember that he's taken it to far and I'm beyond angry

insensitive husband 81

I married a man I only knew for 3 months who claimed he was sent by God only to find out who he truly was - a fifth mouth, spoiled rotten mommas boy who had everything done for him and never had to help anyone or show any real love or concern. All the money is all his and every argument he throws it up that I stole from him for any items he bought for the house or vacations, even though I have slaved for two years working as his bookkeeper and accountant and only office personall. He still thinks it is all his money and I did nothing and have no right to keep anything. He left me with dangerous tires, a flooding house twice, overdrawn accounts, and totally blew off my birthday and any Christmas while giving generous to his abnormal obsessive disfunctional family who have to talk on the phone and gossip with each other at least 20 times a day about every little detail that goes on. I thought he was from God, but he is a stingy self seeking only do for ya if he stands to gain man who is definetly not a christian but a con and a drunk and a abusive angry spoiled child who is as sensitive as a rock. I'm starting the think I should just chuck this up as a bad choice and deal with the sin of divorce and move on to find someone with a heart and that isn't a lazy spoiled rotten mommas boy who never lived out on his own before and does nothing to help anyone.

Husband selfish arrogant JERK 82

Hmm, let's see...He's selfish, inconsiderate, hypercritical, smothering, arrogant, prone to regular temper tantrums and treats his family like shit whilst being overly pleasant to strangers. he says that's because he can "be himself" with his "loved ones". oh brother. what HE wants, he gets, no questions asked, but when YOU want something you have to get his approval, and god help you if you buy anything without checking with him first. he will rage and rant and yell even if it upsets you and the children...he doesn't care a long as he gets all his whiny-ass rage out and inflicts his rage at his job and his boss at his family at home. after all, that's what we are here for, right? he views apologies as weakness, yet demands that YOU apologize for the slightest inrfaction. if you make a minor mistake like misplacing something of his ike a sock, he will rage and rant and follow you around when you try to get away from the yelling and stick is face in yours and yell and yell and tell you you are out to get him. he also has health issues that make him miserable and instead of correcting them he runs and hides from them. meanwhile, if you have a problem like, say, anxiety brought on by his constant harranguing and concern for your children, he will browbeat you and tell you to "get some help" because it affects his work performance in some way only he can see. ugh. and you get out of a sickbed to keep the house clean and care for the childrens's needs and still cook his 3-course meal, but when he gets a minor cold or something, you have to wait on him hand and foot bring him hot soup, blankets, etc. and the words "please" and "thank you" are completely missing from his vocabulary. he has gone bck to school like five times with my full blessing yet when i wanted to go back ONE TIME, he said no and yelled at me even though i was crying over it. i really can't stand him. if i never saw him again i wouldnt miss him one bit. i am trying to get past my anger this year, because it keeps me from moving forward in my life, so i am typing it out here, as i have no one to talk to about this. it's "nice" to see so many other women with crappy husbands. i sympathize but i don't feel so alone anymore. thank you.

my big baby 83

If I knew my husband was going to be a whiny lazy bratty kid I would have never married him. He bends over backwards for his mom and other females who stroke his ego. I ask for him to help with dishes and he throws a tantrum. I do all the housework and take care of our son 98% of the time by myself. I dress in sexy lingerie and his response is meh. I have been coughing non-stop for a week and his response was "well I guess this means I'm not getting any am I?"

Husband 84

My husband had a bad day again. Your kids should not have to be understanding and tip toe around their father while he complains and rants and blames everyone else! Nothing is ever his fault. He holds everyone else to impossible standards and lets himself off easy! We have 4 kids, 2 with health problems one who was actually shaking today from her father yelling at her about something she did not do. He hit the cat too. He hasn't done that in a long time. It all started because we did not go to lunch where he wanted to today. He complained the entire ride there and picked on my messy car there and back. I no longer let myself feel guilty for things I did not do but the kids all have anxiety issues and I can't take it. I am tired of having 5 kids. When will someone take care of me for a change! Things get so tense when he's like this. We're all walking on egg shells.

Husband 85

My husband gave me shit for the past three years because we went through a bad patch where he made me so miserable I thought about killing myself or that I had to be gay because I hated the sight him so much it made me sick, so I told him I thought I had to be a lesbian or something. I thought we had worked it out and talked about why we had both been unhappy and how I loved him and was not in fact a lesbian, I had just been unhappy, but every time we have a big fight he throws it in my face and uses it as an excuse to treat me like shit. But again, I thought we had gotten over it because lately he's been weirdly extra nice to me. Then today our five year-old daughter found women's underwear in our car that was definitely NOT mine. I mean skanky off-white lacy hooker panties in my FREAKING car and our DAUGHTER found them. Then the BLEEP BLEEPING SON OF A BLEEP acts like it's no big effing deal and has the nerve to say I'm ridiculous for feeling suspicious. I hope that jerk dies in a fire.


My husband went out to a concert with a guy he works with. He left me a voice message before he left for the concert, because I was in class and couldn't pick up his phone call. He said that his phone is about to die, and that he would use the other guy's phone to call me later that night. The plan was, there's another guy who they both work with, that will DD for them both, but my husband said that he would call me so I can pick him up and take him home (coz we live further than the designated driver). It was 1 in the morning, and I didn't have nothing from him: no text, no call, no voice message - NOTHING. So obviously, I am pissed. He has the day off tomorrow, but I do not. I can't believe he expects me to just get up at 1am to come pick his ass up, when I gotta get ready for work at 5am. I checked our bank account and saw a transaction for 'District 30'. I looked it up and found out that it was a night club! NOW I AM VERY ANGRY. For one, he is effin' married. WHO STAYS OUT LATE TILL 1AM AFTER THEYRE MARRIED??? I can understand it when he wants to hang out with his friends, but (TWO), he can't even check in? I get it, his phone is dead (THREE)you're an adult. WHY DIDNT YOU CHARGE IT?? (FOUR) I'm pretty sure your friend doesn't mind it at all if you use his phone to CHECK IN WITH YOUR WIFE! (FIVE)There was never a discussion about him going to a NIGHT CLUB, I thought it was concert, then home.. he even told me that he would be calling so I can pick him up at 10. 1AM IS NOT 10PM!!! So, he finally walked in at 2am. (SIX) What the eff happened to that 'phone call'?? That could've been VERY WELL APPRECIATED!?! (SEVEN) I made sure he knew I WAS ANGRY, no doubt. (EIGHT) He started laughing at me because (NINE) he is DRUNK. On a normal day, i would've been ok about this. But it's how he did these things that makes me really angry. He doesn't care about anybody but himself. HE does whatever the F**K he pleases! He has not consideration for me, but he's always 'to the rescue' when it comes to other people. I am tired of this bullshit. HE ignores it when I'm mad.. that's his way of 'dealing' with me. It's like, I dont have a problem with him going out.. but WHY THE F*CK DOES HE LOSE HIS GODDAMN MIND WHEN HE DOES?? Why is it so hard for him to have some self-control? Why does 'having fun' have to mean you get drunk out of your goddamn mind? I feel he has no respect for me whatsoever, and I'm f*ckin TIRED OF IT!

D'bag husband 87

All he ever does is fight with me. Over everything. Everything becomes a pissing match to see who'll get their way. I just am so mad at him all the time. I can't stand to even look at him. His face irritates me, his breathing irritates me, everything about him makes me just enraged.

He's just so stupid, I can't stand him! I'm cutting off his money supply since he makes half of what I do, and lets see how free-wheeling he is then. Stupid bastard!

I see that I got myself into this mess, married to this utter waste of skin, but I plan to get myself out of it and take everything that I've worked for because he doesn't deserve a thing!

 Mommas rich boy bastard husband....88

My husband and I have been married or almost 2 years now and not to sound like a bitch, but let me paint a picture for you. I look like a Hollywood celebrity and get mistaken for someone famous everytime we go out on the town and he on the other hand looks like Seth Rogan before the weight loss pluses about 40lbs. Ok.....hes hot a BASTARF DAUGHTER that he had with a 15 yr old girl that he screwed TWICE! The kid hasn't wanted to have a damn thing to do with my husband until we got married and his own parents call the little hateful bitch a bastard illegitimate child! However, when she does something shitty to me and I tell the hateful white trash

Bitch off I am the bad guy!!!??? WTF? I have no children never married and he knows it bothers me deeply that I can't give him his first child and he throws this shit in my face from time to time calling her his only child SHE'S FUCKING 18years old. He told me he doesn't need me near as bad as I need him and I honestly and sick and God damned TIRED of his fuckig MAMMY getting calls from his little bastard tattling on me and my husband jumps 3 feet up my asshole about it over a fucking gold digging bastard that's not wanted a thing to do with him until we got married! His mom threatens the businesses he and I have been working so hard for by basically telling me if hes not Responsible enough to shit on me Over his little bastard that he's not responsible enough to e a big business man?! WTF??? Crazy old fucking cunt!!!

husband 89

Husband likes to call me stupid fuck. You know, just to punctuate his discussions. You know the dogs just made a mess, you stupid fuck. The dishes are dirty, you stupid fuck. Fuck off, you stupid fuck. I'd make a joke about his miserable vocabulary but it'd probably not even fazed him. That's what's wholly sad about this whole situation. If I didn't get accidentally pregnant, then I'll keep to hell that I love my son. That lil' stinker.

husband 90

unemployed husband does not cook or clean while i go out and work all day. came home and my 1 and 2 year old still had on their pj's at 6pm. so i know they didnt have a bath. i asked him why he didnt cook. he just says he doesnt know.lazy sorry good for nothing...gonna kick his sorry but to the curb!

Husband 91

When I got married, it was under the assumption that the marriage would be a partnership. He uses every challenge in his life as and excuse, has to be asked repeatedly to help, and then usually gets super pissed that I've dared to ask.

I spend hours per day working around the house, in addition to my 50-60 hour a week job. He comes home and gets on his computer to do his school work, and then sits in front of the TV watching movies/playing video games for the rest of the night.

He thinks that putting laundry in the washer, then the dryer, and then into a HUGE pile on the sofa is doing laundry. On his part, that entails around ten minutes MAX of actual work. Dishes, cleaning, vacuuming, etc. are bitch-work in his mind; and yes, he actually slipped up and said that to my face.

He has the GALL to say that he does more than me, and is always bratty and unappreciative when I have to pick him up or take him somewhere. GAH! It's like I have another child. The boys are more mature than their father.... :/



my husband 93

That no good lousy ROTTEN bastard does barely SHIT to fucking help me. He does not want me. Thats all good.. but that dumbass bitch should have thought about that before he asked ME to marry HIM. I reckon I want to blow that bastard's house up. I fucking HATE him. I hope he fucking DIES a slow painful fucking death while taking a shit on his nasty ass dirty fucking redneck toilet haha

snoring arsy bad tempered husband 94

He can be an insensitive arse. OK so he has just lost his job after 8 years so he has every reason to be pissed off, but i am sick of him taking it out on me and the kids and pets. A dog can't help being sick but him ranting ans saying we have to get rid of it just doesn;t help - i have spent the evening sat on the kitchen floor with the dog cos I prefer her company to his. And then he stomps off to bed leaving me downstairs listening to his snoring through the floorboards. Shut the F**k up and stop being a selfish arse. As well as looking after everyone I am being a full time secretary trying to get him interviews and all he does is complain about the washing up or cleaning. arghhh!!

jerk off husband 95

i cant stand my husband! he is so ignorant to the fact that he is an idiot.he doesnt care about me and never has. but im so gosh damn stupid to stick around like maybe one day things will get better. he makes me so mad and pretends he doesnt do things like get extremely drunk, flirt with broads at the bar, come home vomiting, screaming and upset with me cause i said it was time to fuckin go home and i treat him like a child. but oh wait. who is going to wake up and take care of our child at 3 am. not fucking you!! me! that would be why i didnt want to keep drinking and stay out but way to go for you showing you dont care as usual. then say your so sorry and beg for your forgiveness after you dont recall anything that happened the night before. put all your wants and needs and your friends above me and your child. oh yea who wants to win father of the year award? i bet u tried your hardest since u couldnt be there when your child was born but would think its ok to go out and get drunk and then when i call u after im alone in the hospital after having your mothafuckin baby you lie to me over and over about what your doing and where you are. and obliterated drunk! wow thanks being that awesome supportive husband you claim to be!

My asshole husband 96

We were fine the first year of marriage, but I had a car wreck that really left me pretty bad for a long time. He prematurely took my walker away when I needed it the most. He made snide remarks about me taking pain killers at the time. ( Just to note after the wreck we had a daughter stillborn ) I had lots of physical and emotional pain. He left to work out of state and acted tickled to death to leave me. Came back with some excuse about a lesbian so he wouldn't get in trouble for a rumor about sleeping with her. I think he did by the way. He's lied to me about money and I've caught him up in it. He looks at porn on the computer all the time and then lies about it. I've lost 130 pounds in a year and he acts like it isn't nothing. I've also enrolled in college so I could eventually help with our piss poor finances and he isn't appreciative of that either. I still do all the housework, wait on him hand and foot, and care for our son. He down talks me and when we argue he makes it my fault. I used to believe it was my fault. I love him, but it's so very hard when he won't listen to reason and I get blamed for everything. He has taken out loans at every loan company in a 50 mile radius and we have creditors breathing down our necks. It's just too much stress to not have someone stand next to you and you support each other.

My husband is a momma's boy 97

My husband is a mamma's boy. We have a condo, not a house, because he takes care of her huge house that she can't anymore. Holidays are spent with her. He always wants me to go visit, but she speaks no English and he also has an alcoholic brother living there that I don't want to deal with, much less subject my kids to. He visits her twice a week and calls her every day. The rest of the time he enjoys his hobbies because he doesn't feel the need to act like a grownup and do things for US. And then gets mad when I am too tired to go out on a 'date'

Last straw was having a cancer scare. He only offered to bring me to appointments AFTER my parents said they would. Then he was only going to meet me there. And then the Wednesday of the last appointment ( a biopsy) he said he was going over his mother's house to bring her flowers for Mothers Day, so she would have them early. Guess he was just gonna dump me off and not worry if I was in pain or anything. I mean, God forbid she waits til ACTUAL Mother's Day for her flowers. The he said, "oh no, I will be there. I realize what my priorities are" so he went over to mom's at LUNCHTIME that day. I know where your priorities are too bud. Enjoy moving back in with her, I don't want you anymore.


I'm beyond angry. 18 years of marriage, 3 kids, I've been a stay at home mom willingly. Its what he wanted and I willingly gave up a good career. He's a good financial provider but I'm dealing with a passive aggressive ass who thinks he walks on water. I am angry because he won't deal with any problems in our marriage. Nothing. He does everything not to deal with life. As a result he cheated and wow who does he blame? Me. Ahh gee if he would have dealt with whatever issues he was having or unmet needs he wouldn't have strayed. Hes a selfish no good ass. I'm beyond angry. I've had it with him. I've been clever enough to hide assets, flip over a property into my name a couple years ago that he cannot touch as its in our oldest daughters name and my name only. I know the laws in the state i live in. Instead of getting revenge, i became smart. Learned what was owed to me, what was coming. Basically I need to not file for divorce for another year plus and he has to pay me alimony for life. I don't have to work, i get to keep my house, its a 'fault' state divorce. He's admitted to everyone that he cheated. He's an arrogant ass so I decided because he refuses to behave like a grown up and deal with life, I'm taking what i rightly deserve and whats coming to me. I gave up a very good career for 18 years to raise our kids. I don't have the same ability to make income. He wanted a stay at home wife to cater to him, well now he has to pay for that 'ex-wife' for the rest of her life and I don't have to cater to him or deal with such a childish man. I want to find love, a grown up who I can have grown up conversations with and find adult ways to deal with lifes problems and be happy and find my smile again. I get to do that and get paid for life. Some of you reading this will think i'm being selfish and I will agree with you. This past year has been the first time in my life that I've ever put myself first. I think i gave up enough and dealt with enough that I rightly deserve what the state legal divorce laws say I'm entitled to. I'm not out to bankrupt the guy. He will pay for his consequences of cheating and his inability to be willing to make the marriage work. Wish me luck!!! Please. I sure can use the prayers. I believe I am worthy of a good person in my life. I've had more than enough heartache to last me 2 lifetimes. My husband has put me through hell. No more. I'm done.. well... one more year to 'earn' my lifetime alimony. then I'm done. Yah maybe that's not fair to the guy but hey, its not fair for him to have demanded I give up my career, live for him only for him to betray his marriage vows. THere's always a price to pay for our actions. At least I will be taken care of and I can move on and be happy without having to live with a man with the emotional mindset of a 10 yr old who throws a temper tantrum the moment we have to have an adult discussion. He can go cry to his mama for all I care. Adios. I cannot wait for the next year to fly by!

My children's lazy-ass father 99

How does a man who is a college graduate and is a professional paralegal be so damn stupid? He managed to lose another job because he is sloppy, looks at porn all night and goes to work looking like grizzly adams. He likes third shift because he claims it's not a lot of work. He was fired from a job he had for ten years working third shift. Supervisors wanted him to out of the basement and into a cubicle working with other people. They now saw his work habits and the other employees could not stand him. He did not change his bad habits, he slept, he's late, he's dresses sloppy, his desk is sloppy and I have a feeling he left the building to have an affair and that is why when they were calling for him they could not find him. He lost his job in May of 2008 while I was 9 months pregnant. He played video goames, watched porn in the middle of the day. He left his computer on and my daughter saw pic's of naked women. I nearly kicked his ass. Was he looking for work? He sent resumes to several agencies but no luck. He got called in for interviews and one morning when he was supposed to go on an interview I called form work and he answered the phone waking up from sleep. Sleep?! We are losing our house because the mortgage can not be paid. I managed to keep the lights on, help pay for an aide to help with my elderly dad and new born daughter. I threatned to to cut the cable but to no avail. I found an apartment and moved out with my kids and my father. He needed access for his computer at my apartment so he can send resumes to work and look for work. I told him no. I moved out in July 2009 and he found work August. he begged for us to come back. He needs is family and he promised he would better. For a few months things got better financially, less porn and poker. We got a car then the bad habits happened again he lost his job this month of May of 2012. I am in nursing school and working full-time. He made almost 6 figure income, we have been paying off all the bills and he kept piling in more bills by hiding parking tickets and driving the car to work and get's his car towed which in all would cost almost one thousand dollars to get back the car. It's happened three times. I am so sick and tired. My oldest is graduating in June and going to a private high school and I have to start paying tuition in July. how the hell am I going to be able to this again? We have not gone on vacations, we have not been able to do repairs or any remodelling in our home, my kids can not even enjoy the back yard to go play. I feel if he leaves things would get better. I am tired of him. he is not a man he is still a boy. He is lazy and just sits in fornt of his computer and let's the weeds grow. I want him the fuck out of our lives.

Husband 100

My situation is tricky. My husband is super nice to me BUT does things that show no respect and annoy the piss out of me. Please can someone tell me if I'm just being too demanding? My husband doesn't drink, but he does depend on lortab throughout the day, and if he doesn't have it he gets kinda quiet/depressed. He owns his own biz & works from home & doesn't have to get up early like myself. I come home from my 8 hr/day job to see him playing xbox in our room. He stays in our room 95% of the time & even eats in the bed. I come home to dirty dishes in the sink and trash overflowing in the bin. I immedeiately start on dinner then cleaning the house without saying a word about it, cause I feel it's just my job. He seems oblivious to any of it! He is never in a bad mood or mean to me & doesn't demand or expect anything from me, but now I think it's because he wants nothing expected from him. He will take 2 hr naps during the day and be wide awake by the time I need to sleep. I've told him repeatedly that it's important that I get sleep, yet every night I have to ask him to turn the TV down. One thing I'd asked him was to please stop smoking in the house due to health concerns, and he did.. except he didn't. He thinks by smoking in the bathroom in our bedroom that it's not the same. His mom died a few years back and I sometimes feel like he only needed a mother. I have 2 kids and he has one, and I feel like the Mom in a house full of teens. He does pay all the bills minus a $60 trash/water bill that I pay. BUT I pay all my own personal bills (car, insurance, cell). I resent even paying the $60 bill because I work, pay my own bills, and do ALL the housework. I always ask how his day was, what went on, etc. He tells me a little something, then later I find out he "forgot to mention" some of his activities. Going to the casino, visiting friends, who he talks to. I've gotten to where I don't ask him anymore, because it's just bullshit. We rarely ever have real conversation. He's got a good sense of humor, but everything's not a joke and I'm getting fed up. Before we got married and were only living together, I left him for about 6 months because he lied about meth use. He came back to me begging and crying that he'd changed and knew how to be a partner. He was different when we got back together, but now almost a year later, he's not cutting it. When we split last time he wasted no time hitting the strip clubs and dropping about $500, and also hired a prostitute to suck his dick. I sometimes feel like since he doesn't get to do those things, he just absorbs himself in his xbox and the casino. Please let me know what ya think!!

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