My Idiot Husband 1

My child of a husband. Now I admit I probably got married for the wrong reasons, but now that I'm stuck do I HAVE to deal with his stupidity for the REST of my life. What kind of man jacks off when there's a perfectly good woman less than 20ft away? Then he can't get it back up for at LEAST 24hrs...what kind of bullshit is that? Not to mention he's not that good at it anyway (you'd think a porn addict would learn a few things). We've been married 6yrs and together for 9 and he has NEVER given me an orgasm. I like sex too much to deal with this BS.

I swear he gets dumber by the day. I ask him did he do something, that I know I didn't do he say always says "I don't know" or "I don't remember". Well if I didn't do it and the only other people in the house are you and an 8 month old, who the hell else did it? I asked him to cut the rose bush branches away from the front of the house, I come back home and this dumbass has cut the entire bush down, except for 1 branch.

I go to work and he doesn't feed my baby, doesn't bathe her, he works from home (but doesn't work). I don't have enough space and time to explain all that he does to piss me off on a regular basis. Just know that it would drive you to drinking or killing him!

I hate my husband 2

I am older than my husband but he is very book smart. I thought we would grow and make that best of our lives together. Soom as he joined the ARMY it seems that he got worse, the drinking , the hitting and the cheating. I was so crushed. He has forced me to have sex and has just been evil. I started drinking very heavy because everytime I would leave he would take up the same ways. Little by little I saw myself dim and die inside. He could careless because all he cares for is himself. I went to a very bad place and acted out horribly. I was so hurt by so many things I did not care for not feeling. No matter how much I did to try and make our marrige complete, he would always chip away at it and bring me down. I have tried to talk, write and scream. Because he knows what I have done he has take it upon himself to bring me even further down by sending emails, text and video of me. He won't let up and it hurts that so many people have jumped on the band wagon to keep me in shame. What is sad is that they don't know our history and the sick things he has done. If they knew he got so drunk and jacked off in my sons bed, would they think differently? Or the time he ate me out over the toilet. I have wanted professional help for us for along time but he would refuse. He would always close off. You don't know how hard it is being married and feeling alone in every way possible. He has sabotaged every effort I have reached out to for help. With his military he is tracking me and stalking me by my cell, computer or car. We have children and I hate that he is the father because he has no idea what everything has done to them. He always questions, what about me? He says I gave up on him, but I stayed for 15 years and he never tried to do better, even when I begged way before I ever had a thought to do anything.He does not get the big picture because he never has ever allowed us to heal, we remained a very ugly place.he is the same person who would cry to me about not knowing if he was good at his job or how others would talk down to him. I do not excuse my actions but I was always standing by waiting and wanting us to get it right and here he is now that the spot light is off him and on me making my life hell. I wish he remembered those times and the many others.

my husband 3

My husband is a bully & abusive. He tried to strangle me today & shoved fingers in my mouth so now my tooth is barely hanging in my gums. I just came home from almost leaving him & shoulda stayed gone. It started today because I wanted to call his cousin for a ride. He got bent out of shape for it. This isn't the first time his obsession with his cousin caused us problems. He sleeps for days at a time then when he finally wakes up it's because his cousin called or came by. After he does hateful things to me he is able to go right to sleep. He doesn't seem to let the evil things he does to me bother him. But yet my life is threatened for me simply wanting to call his cousin for a quick ride. I really wish someone could explain this to me. I'm leaving the weirdo but it makes me so mad I got to reaarrange my whole life. I hope he finds happiness with his cousin. As far as I know my husband isn't gay but I'm very confused by his obsession cause his husband is a guy too. Also married.

unreliable stupid husband 4

I hate my husband so much because we were planning a trip to South America. After he put up the initial money fight and we realized we can afford it, I told him to ask off time from work and then I would too. He said he didn't need to give advance notice and I said it was a good idea to give at least a month. He refused but said it would be fine and stupid me I believed him. I bought my ticket as I would be going down a bit early and he would be joining me. I asked off work and it could only be this particular month. All the pieces were falling in place, when he informed me that he would not be able to get time off work. I am so infuriated with him I want to hurt something. This was to be our honeymoon and he ruined it. Not only that but he booked my flight down to South America on the wrong month like the F***ing idiot he is and I spent a large portion of my day correcting it only to find out that his f********in lazy ass is not going to get off work cause it's not allowed. The SOB wasted months of planning, emails, blogs and talks just to bail on the whole thing. We won't quit his job and I'm about to think this marriage is over. He cheated on me on our wedding night, lost his wedding ring, wrecked my car twice and has not repaired it, wrecked my bike and has not repaired it and has now ruined my trip. He is an irresponsible pri****

Husband 5

Ok to start off, my husband and I have been married for 7 months. We were together for only a year before that. He was so sweet and told me when I'm with him I have nothing to worry about with money. I moved to another state to be able to stay with him and I am a college student who isn't working because I want to focus on getting my degree. Well yeah all I hear is "I have to pay all your bills and I can't have anything because of it" well he makes 40 dollars an hour and works overtime like 4 days a week so it's not like he don't have money. My car is messed up it's an old car he is driving around a brand new gmc truck and is going to look at a 2010 mustang cobra this weekend. My car barely even runs but he says I can't get one until I get a job and pay for it. Ok he said he don't have money for me to go by a new pair of flip flops seriously? He goes the next day and brings home a damn dog! I have left him and I came back because he said things will change and they haven't. I am not allowed to go anywhere so I don't know anyone. He won't let me do school on campus do I'm at home all day doing online classes because I am not allowed to go anywhere around people. My mom pays for school an my cell phone and he said if she didn't pay my phone he would take it away from me. I am not his child I'm his damn wife! I'm not an idiot! He made me quit the job that I had because I was working from 10-6 and he wasn't oknwith that. It's bull! I don't know how much more I can handle before I leave for good!!!

husband 6

I can't take his selfishness anymore! 25 years I have given 110 % of devotion loyalty faithfullness, respect and love, he does nothing! He wont help around the house does no chores doesn't lift a finger to do anything I want to do and he harps on my weight all the time and blames my weight for everything wrong with him and with us, I can't stand it anymore the fat bastard is far from perfect yet expects perfection from me. I cant live up to his standards, now out of the blue he tells me he needs a long weekend off by himself! Fuck him, by his self my ass, he has never ever liked being alone and my heart tells me he won't be alone but will be with another woman. I cant take it anymore. He blames my insecurities on me but the fact is he is the one one who has made me insecure by constantly bitching about everything that he perseives as wrong with me.

Moron self-centered husband 7

Well, let's see: I bailed him out of a business deal that he took out a second mortgage on our house to get at the LOW price of no interest and a balloon payment. To get him out of this I took out a $30,000 loan on my pension fund, most of which was earned before our marriage.

Had I known one tenth about his past prior to our marriage, I would still (seventeen years later) be running. I'm not stupid, and I'm not desperate. I could happily eat my dinner alone for the rest of my days if I did not have this moron siphoning away my resources by his impulsivity and poor judgment.

Right now I'm home with an injured back and guess where Mr. Wonderful is? Skydiving, of all the fucking overpriced recreational moronic things to do! When I complained I was bored and would like to go out to dinner, he gave me a McDonald's coupon and huffed on out, claiming he was "entitled" to go enjoy himself because he had worked all week. Big fucking whoop. The dipshit during the course of our seventeen year "marriage" has had three periods of unemployment, each lasting over a year, and all of which were caused by his getting fired. So he worked all week. What does he want, a fucking medal?

After one year of doing taxes with him, I started to file separately. If the Infernal Revenue Service ever catches up with him, I want to be clear of the clusterfuck. I'm not even sure if he has filed his taxes for about the last seven years.

The thing I'd really like to know is this: Where do these men think that they're exempt from the rules of society? It just boggles my mind that someone can think that they're this entitled. The only money this asshole ever held onto was when his mother died and left him quite a bit of money. It lasted him a whole year, because he decided to buy a total of four boats. You read that right. Four. The dipshit wanted to do fishing charters. I doubt he's ever been fishing in his life, other than kiddie fishing events, and there, he probably didn't catch anything other than a cold.

I'm really tired of being the only adult here.

If we divorce, it will be because of religious differences. He think's he's God. I don't.

 Lazy, Inconsiderate Husband 8

My Husband and I were forced into Marriage at a young age, He was 17 and I had just turned 20. His "holy-roller" Mother found out that we'd been having sex and I had just finished College and was ready to move into a place of my own, I wanted him to move in with me so, I could test out the relationship and see if we were ready for Marriage (that would've been great because I would've found out the angry little boy he still was and would not have been trapped in a Marriage.) Anyways, as I said forced into Marriage.

The day after we got Married, he texted an ex-girlfriend and told her "I wished I would've Married you." I broke his phone. He stayed home all the time playing Xbox and sleeping while I worked and paid all of our bills, he was still in High School (Home School actually he was kicked-out of High School due to anger issues-should have saw the problem then.) His Father actually finished all of his School work for him and turned it in because he said he would be more interested in going to School for something he liked. He went to College for Welding. Quit half-way thru (still jobless) at this time and I was 3 months pregnant with our first child. I had to quit my job because I was having problems with my pregnancy and the Doctor asked me to do so. Right after I quit my job, he, with the texting Girls again; was texting a Girl that he was supposed to have sex with that night.

I broke that phone as well, That is when he started to get abusive. The first time he hit me and I was pregnant with his child. Now, I grew up in a Christian Family, I was taught Marriage is until death do you part, except for sexual immorality. My Dad was Married twice, had 10 kids, both of his Wives cheated on him so, he divorced them. I didn't want my child to have to go thru what I went thru with my own parents. So, I pressed on. Acted perfectly fine, like nothing happened. His best friend died, his anger got worse and he began to drink heavily. We split for a while after that, I lived with my Dad and he again with his parents, he would call every 5 minutes of everyday begging me back and saying that he wanted a happy little family with our baby on the way, I actually believed him. We moved in to a rental house, things were fine for a couple months then the anger started back.

He would punch holes in our rental home for no reason, he didn't talk about what was angering him he just broke things, I was just happy for the most part it wasn't me that he was punching. Our Daughter was born and I thought he would grow up, that he would get a job and provide for our Family. I was wrong. He told all his friends that our Daughter wasn't his (she is the spitting image of him) he began to talk to and text more girls. I shoved it off yet again. I decided I didn't want more children, especially with him; seeing how his anger was and that he wasn't supporting us. He never bought a thing for our daughter, he refused. I basically at that time lived off my Dad. He helped me with everything that I needed. My Husband got money from his parents to pay for things he wanted and began stealing to keep up our finances since I was still unable to work; I highly disapproved of him doing this, he was perfectly capable of finding a job.

I couldn't handle much more at this point and I was praying to be able to prove that he was cheating on me so, I could get a Divorce. About that time, I found out I was pregnant with our second child; I cried for months. How could I let this happen, bringing another sweet innocent child into this world, into my world and all the pain and suffering I go through. At this time, I had no friends he had made me abandon anyone I cared about except my family and I couldn't explain to them what I was going thru. Our second daughter was born, she has blonde hair and blue eyes; she looks exactly like my Daddy. He denies her still to this day. Knowing that I am kept right under his thumb, under constant surveillance of all of his friends and family, I had no time to mess around on him, I was busy actually doing the best I could to raise my family. Shortly after she was born, He got his first honest job.

I was relieved a strong burden was lifted off my shoulders, I actually felt like our Marriage was going to make it. That we could actually be a "Happy Family" The anger persisted still yet, the drinking got heavier now that he actually had money to blow. He didn't want to help with our children, I was so very stressed with raising 2 children under the age of 2 that I decided since I was 21 and had 2 children that I was going to get fixed. I wasn't going to bring anymore children into this Marriage that I was certain was facing doom. After about 7 months, he lost that job. We moved in with my Dad, I was not going to let him go back to his old ways of stealing.

Two little girls and us in a tiny bedroom with everything we owned, it stayed that way for 6 months. He finally got a new job, a job in Welding (the degree he persued but, flunked out) It was a high-paying job, he was very pleased. I actually thought we would get some where in life. He began to blow all our money on material stuff. He would yell at me and say I was the one spending it all, yet the only thing I ever bought was groceries and diapers for the kids. He wouldn't let me buy them anything else. People would give me hand-me-downs (which I am very greatful for) for the girls, so they would have clothing. Everything they have is basically hand-me-downs. His parents moved states and left us their home here.

It is a very nice old-timey home but, atleast we were out of the cramped one bedroom. Since moving here, his temper has heightened, he screams at me and calls me names at least once, if not more, daily. He lost his high-paying job, he recieves unemployment which does get us by if we budget it correctly. But, he has a problem with buying material things and has recently developed a taste for high liqours and marijuana. We recieved our taxes back this year, and I had asked him to fix my car (the transmission is slipping and it wont inspect, so I can't get a new tag) what does he do, besides fixing the only vehicle that transports his children, He buys himself a Crotch Rocket.

He stays gone all the time riding, partying or whatever he wants to do til 5 or 6 am, he will come home and sleep in another bedroom til about 4 pm and get up and do it all again. He has never been a real Father to our children, I am constantly here with them, no friends (he demolished that along time ago) and wont let me go out in the car because the tag is dead, now who's fault is that?! Being here by myself all day with the kids, with nothing to do, basically being a single parent is driving me crazy.

Both of the Girls are at "The Terrible 2" age and it is driving me up the wall! I have asked him to help out, to stay home more since he isn't working and have family time, he ignores me. He has had 3 job offers but, refused them sayin that 'he was taking the Summer off to be with his family' -more like his friends and whoever else that might include. In the last couple weeks, I have joined a group called "31 days of Prayer for your Husband." Prayer is all I have left, I have no one else to talk to, why not talk to God. The day before I started this group prayer, is what I have prayed would be the last time he hit me.

I told him that day I wanted a Divorce, that this Marriage was one-sided; there was the Girls and I and then there was him, all for him. He knocked me down in the hall in front of the girls and told me that if I ever left him he would kill me and if I thought about taking his kids anywhere, that I would be so far down deep in a well, no one would know where to find me, he would just tell everyone that I went crazy and ran off. Seeing as how I am the main provider for my children and he could not be trusted with them, I cannot leave them behind. I am scared for our lives and contemplating on what would be the best thing to do for both myself and their safety.

I don't want to have to live off of my Dad anymore but, I also can't afford to work because I will only be paying for their childcare. I don't really have anything, everything is his, and his parents own the house we live in. I have a car that has transmission problems and a dead tag, that is in my name but, that is it. I just don't know what to do. Today, topped it all of this is the reason I know that my Marriage is almost over, My oldest daughter had an appointment in town, I had no choice but, to drive my dead-tag, transmission-failure vehicle.

Coming out of the appointment, the car wouldn't crank. The temperature today was 98 degrees, too hot for children. I called my Husband and asked politely for him to come help me, he refused, he was too busy with one of his friends they were getting ready to go fishing (must be nice) It took me almost an hour, draggin 2 sweaty, hungry, tired children around to find a kind-hearted person that would help me. Thank You God for that Angel.

But, that goes to show you how much my Husband cares for his Family. On my way back home, he called me and asked me to meet him somewhere, that he had to get something out of my car. So, I did. I had asked him earlier in the week if I could go out with an old friend whom I have reconnected with since I haven't been out since before the girls were born, he obliged at the time. He began to fuss at me and call me names right there in public and blame me for tearing up 'his' car. He told me that I wasn't going anywhere, ever.

That all I want to do is go out and sleep with someone else. I can't even cry anymore tears. I can't prove it yet but, I do believe he is with someone else, because he certainly isn't being with me. Sex between us rarely happens and when it does, it is fast and unpleasing. I couldn't bring myself to cheat on him that would be following in my Mother's footsteps and that is not something I want to do.

To sum it all up, I have been dissatisfied with my life and my Marriage since the first time he hit me, when I was still pregnant with our first Daughter. Things have yo-yoed up and down since that point but, we have reached an all time low. I am afraid one day he will keep to his word of finally killing me off and my children will have no one. He would be perfectly content with that I believe. I don't regret my children at all what so ever but, I feel horrible for having to bring them into this.

-Scared and Unhappy.

*Note from Anger Central
We are firm believers in Marriage, but we're sorry to say, it doesn't look like yours can't be saved. Your husband is, to put it bluntly, a classic loser. Have you spoken about these problems with your father? You seem to have a good relationship with him. Does he know that your husband has been violent towards you?
There are many places you can go to get help. The yellow pages are full of agencies, both public and private that can work with you. (My recommendations is to avoid government agencies if possible) From your descriptions, we're fearful that it is only a matter of time before this guy does something really bad. If he is stealing, the odds are he will get caught and you don't want to be dragged into that mess with him. We know that breaking up a family is not easy, but it sounds like he isn't all that interested in your children in any case.
We've gotten two women of out bad situations through our "Notes from Anger Central." Hopefully you will be number three.
We wish you the best of luck. Always remember that your first duty is to your children and your second is to yourself. If your husband doesn't understand that his duty is also to the children and then to you with himself a distant third, then he is worthless.

Husbands 9

First of all I should clarify the fact that this pathetic excuse of a human being isn't my husband yet, he is me fiance. I'm 25 yrs old and have been with this clown since i was thirteen!! He is the only man I have ever slept with but that doesn't stop him from calling me a slut and computer whore every chance he gets. My being on the internet especially sets him off, only because he is fucking computer illiterate and cant even turn it on unassisted so by his logic the only reason to EVER use a computer is to cheat and have cybersex with random guys.

I have two children with this clown and i pay EVERYTHING. Once he told me he payed the rent because I didn't have enough to cover it and he said he would. Yeah, well a few days later I find an eviction notice taped to my door for NON PAYMENT OF RENT. The fucker lied about paying it knowing that we would be kicked out!

We both struggled with drug addiction for several years in our late teens and early twenties and while i got help and am now four years clean and haven't even had one drink in as long, this shithead thinks he is still a teen and will get high every chance he gets on any substance he can find, then try to lie about it. Ummm, i was an addict, i know what you look like high!! Then when i catch him in a lie he will blame his drugs use on being depressed because i don't talk to him and don't love him. Um, yeah no shit, because i cant fucking stand you anymore!!

He works and makes more money than i do but can never pay a bill EVER! I pay the rent, groceries, everything and he whines about having to pay a fucking 200$ car insurance payment. When we had to move out of our apartment he had a grand in the bank, yet i was forced to get a payday loan to pay the rest of the damage deposit because he was too freakin stingy to pay the 300$ we were short. Not to mention i packed the entire house myself and loaded the damn truck, all while watching our two kids and him being god knows where.

He drinks every single day and when hes not drunk he is high, and i honestly do not understand why he still wants to use drugs after all the bullshit it caused us in the past. The worst part is he really is a great dad when he wants to be and the kids absolutely adore him, but I am always walking on eggshells never knowing when he will snap. I honestly think he is bipolar. He will be perfectly fine and nice one minute then totally fly off the handle the net. He is such a mindfuck!!

Everything that is wrong in his life is someone elses fault and his favorite hobby is pointing out everything i do wrong. He is a total fucking nutjob...Yet i cant get rid of him. Last time i tried kicking him out he smashed a bunch of my shit and I had to call the police because he stood in my yard banging on the door and screaming like a lunatic for two hours straight. Then he calls crying the next day saying he is sorry and is going to kill himself because he cant live without me...Just fucking do it already!

He also plays mind games with every other person he comes in contact with, talking shit about someone then turn around and play all buddy with that person and shit talk someone else. A relative or friend will call and ask for a drive and he will say yep no problem, ill be there in five minutes then totally leave them hanging and get mad when they try to call back and see if he is coming. Are you fucking retarded?? Just say you cant drive them iynstead of leaving them waiting for an hour when you have no intention of showing up. But don't think that as his fiancee I am exempt from the bullshit.. Oh no, he does the same shit to me! He'll drop me and the kids of at the grocery store, promising to come back to get us, then not show up and turn his phone off, forcing me to call a fucking cab. I caught him texting his losers friends girlfriend, telling her he loved her and sneaking over there to sniff pills with her. He was buying her pills and smokes while the kids and i have no food in the fridge. He still swears he never slept with her, yet she was selling her ass as an escort and giving him money. How nasty can you be? He even brought my kids there to play with her little bratty kids!

And the biggest piss off of all?? He will have a thousand dollars in the bank while I have absolutely no food or diapers for the baby and instead of going to pick up a few things we need like a normal father would do, what does he do?? He makes me borrow the money and pay it all back when i get my check! Ugh hello, I didn't make these kids on m own, fucktard!! I cant even stand to look at him, all scrawny and dirty looking, when he used to be such a good looking guy...He just doesn't care anymore and is the most selfish, manipulative, delusional person on the fucking planet.

He comes and goes as he pleases, goes out and parties every night, doesn't come home till 4m, but if i so much as mention going somewhere with one of my friends (I barely have any anyways) then he starts throwing accusations and calling me a whore. I just wish he would go to jail already (oh yeah, hes on probation for stealing something stupid as hell when he was on valium...What a winner!) so i could get on with my life. I keep hanging on to hope and trying to focus on the happy times, but they are so few and far in between that i know it is a lost cause. And I'm the idiot who puts up with it because even though I fucking hate him, part of me still loves him!! Lord knows why?!

husbands 10

My husband of 16 years came and told me he never loved me and he married me because i was pregnant with our son who is now 18 years old. My husband signed papers to evict our son out into the street. He took all the money out of our joint account (1600) yea he made the money but my piddly check was going in it too. Up until 2006 he was a drunk. I could barely work because my son needed me. I had to come home from work a few times because he was passed out drunk and my son at the time was 4 years old roaming the streets at 2 or 3 in the morning. He actually transferred the money out of our joint account and put it in another account which i have no access to. I asked him why he did that. he said cuz i wanted to. I had a job in 2007 to 2012. I got fired from it and he said to find another job so i did. soon as i got it he said those things. I ask him can you just help me out i mean I need a new tire for my car. I can't buy groceries. He buys him fruits and vegetables and whatever the hell he eats and doesn't offer us any. My son is back in the house right now only until he goes to job corps. He cant make it on his own. He was in therapy since he was 11. He has a learning disabilty and adhd. I believe he is slightly bipolar. Anyway he stopped going to therapy because he figured he didn't need it anymore which i beg to differ.He talks to so many girls online. He has paid for a dating site almost 60 dollars but he can't buy groceries for the house. He claims to be a christian. but what christian would throw his son into the street? My husband is already looking for if not hooking up with someone else. His sister claims he hides behind God. He is telling all these girls that he is single. He is also telling them he loves to help others (yea that don't include me and our son) He actually said i was the dirt on the bottom of his shoe. He said he prays for people that are mean to him. Well i was mean to him and i said do you pray for me? he said yea i prayed that you would hurry and get the fuck out of here. wow. He told me he would help me get an apartment. At first he said he wanted a divorce then he said i don't know things could change then he said he did. His sister and his friend think hes going through a midlife crisis. I don't think so. the crazy thing is i still love him. Over the years when he was drinking he paid attention to me. we had sex. we actually had fun but the minute he stopped drinking its like he woke up and realized what the hell he did. He would help a complete stranger before he would his own wife and son. His son hates him right now. He never wanted him. He never wanted to go any therapy sessions with him or any kind of appointments with us. He said he don't want to spend his day off at the doctors. My son has been in placement a few times and my husband just hated going up to see him all the time. I'm not doing a damn thing for him no more. I put up with his drunk ass since 1993 til 2006. that's a lotta years. i drove his ass around. took him to the store to get beer. took him to the strip joint. to the bar. i have been nothing but good to him and he is going to treat me like this. uh uh. i don't think so. He cares about nothing but his self, his money and the girls who he talks to. Anybody else going through something similar?

*Note from Anger Central
What a jerk! The Webmaster worships the ground Mrs. Webmaster walks on. (In fact he's on his knees kowtowing to her empty chair right now)
May we offer a word for you? That word is "ALIMONY"

husband 11

I'm 53 years old, I work 2 jobs,plus I barter with a mechanic to do his laundry and he works on our cars, I clean apartments to get money off the rent. And I HATE my husband for it. He wants to keep buying toys!!! tv.s motorcycles etc. I'm tired of working. He buys whatever he wants and I bust my ass to get the bills paid. He is not kicking in nearly enough money. I go without and he is buying whatever his evil heart desires. sometimes I work from 9a-12p. I really feel like i'm gonna collapse from exhaustion. He wants to

When I met him he said he would take care of me because I've always been a hard worker. HAHAHA the jokes on me. I've never worked this hard in MY ENTIRE LIFE and the kids are grown. I'm so depressed and I can't stop crying. I NEED A BREAK!!!

My Husband 12

My husband is the most vicious person I have ever met in my life. Im not perfect, my home is very lived in and Im not crazy organized but I handle what needs to be taken care of daily while raising 3 kids.I only recently started handling our money in the last 2 to 3 months. We have been married for 5 years together for 8 years. Until recently I wasnt even aware of how much he made denied access to his account, always some lame ass excuse as to why. He has student loans that are in default because instead of using the checks he was sent by the government which were meant for the loans, he spent them on whatever dumb crap he wanted to buy. None of which he still has but the 100k collection is still there and now drafting it out of our account which just happens to be 750$ a month.Naturally I get to manage the finances after this bs starts.So damn sick of him telling me I'm selfish and wasteful while I am sharing deodorant with my kids and spending 100$ every 2 weeks to feed a family of 5. When I didnt have access to the money and we had no groceries and said something to him we were always told "yes we do look in the freezer" where there was usually a frozen chicken.... like really.... who the hell thaws out a chicken for breakfast ? For some reason he thinks we only eat when he is present...So while fussing about money and blah blah, he wasnt having the 750 drafted yet, but managed to save NOTHING! Yet has no problem going on and on about how careless I am with money.While switching jobs he had to roll over his retirement and we talked about getting some out and agreed not to unless it was for a new home....or heres an idea --- pay on your damn loan so we dont have to suffer constantly!-- but no, this genuis who went to college decides hes getting a new truck, all along pretending he saved the money not took it from retirement...Fine whats done is done so I even help his ass look for a truck and he finds one for about 8g , he goes and sees it talks to the shady ass guy selling it tells him he wants it. The very next day the guy calls him and says someone else wants it and if whoever gets there first will get to buy it ( ughhh wtf I dont care if you went to harvard or dropped out in eighth grade,something aint right here) or maybe the fact that it sounded like a semi with no muffler would have raised a red flag but no , he wanted it and he was gonna get it! Wonderful boy genuis here goes to get inspected and cant even pass it so about another grand went into this freakin lemon he bought just for it to be legal and road worthy.Then he needs a new 200$ tablet that he acts like a damn 5 year old over, also has a boat boat motor, trollin motor, riding lawnmower, all these things really dont start to bug me til this prick starts telling me how selfish I am.I have a laptop but I sold something of mine so I had the money for it! I never expect this of him and his toys but am sure he pats himself on the back like he did something!He buys me next to nothing, he even puts his used oil in my car from when he changes his!

He is mean as a snake, According to him Im a fat lazy stupid good for nothing bitch who only cares about herself...These usually start flying at me when I dont agree with him, he met me I didnt work yet when they started coming after him for the student loans the bastard brought me a job application from mcdonalds trying to tell me I was too stupid to work anywhere else...I felt like Id be stupid if I busted my ass working to pay off his loans so he could make a life while Im stuck in a grease pit struggling! I took 150$ course and he bitched about that so much that I said screw it amd my ex paid for! As for lazy... this jackass sits in a cubicle all day then comes home and plants his ass on the couch with the xbox til hes ready to go to bed! His clothes are clean he has dinner, does he think some fairy does this crap? I spend all my time avoiding him because its the only way I dont get talked to like I have no brain. We never do anything other than what he wants, and if I dont wanna do what he wants then he tries negative reinforcement to con me into which rarely works just hurts my feelings and pisses me off.A little less each time he does it.Example being he decided last week he wanted to go and i didnt want to, its a 100 degrees and i didnt sit on my ass all day! So he tells me I need excercise, ummm hello.. I wear a size 6 asshole and my belly isnt hanging over my belt even though 3 kids have come from it! What the hell is his excuse? Ive looked for jobs but little luck since I dont have an extensive work exp, but 150$ class does pay off as its an on call job and pays 30$ an hour so I can buy make up a new shirt here and there, its just not constant so I cant depend on it that way. -sigh- so tired of this unhappiness!

Husband of 15 years 12

I am so tired and frustrated by my husband. His constant complaining about how I have taken over by making all of the decisions in our marraiage make me want to puke. He refuses to take any responsibility for any of our problems. I just have to listen to how he isn't allowed to make decisions and how all of his problems are caused by other people. The man will not take any responsibility for himself. I have sought marriage counseling and he will go if it will help me. Because he has no culpability for any of the issues in our marriage. He says that I dictate the mood in the house. I am sad, hell yeah I am sad. I am tired of being the scapegoat for everything in our marriage. I work 32 hours a week at a stressful job that I am underpaid for, oh did I mention, that is my fault too? He expects me to go in and demand a raise while they are cutting expenses left and right. Then I come home to a house that is trashed by him and 3 kids. I am expected to clean up after him and the kids, cook, do the bills, keep his business finances in order, and do the laundry. Then he wonders why I am stressed out and frustrated. Guess what moron, I make all of the decisions because you refuse to do anything and it is easier to do everything than wait for you to do it! Oh and I am supposed to tolerate and look the other way at his pornography addiction because according to him, that is my fault also.

My husband 13

My husband...I am so angry at him but really I should be angry with myself!! I married the man, and should live with my decision. I am so angry and hurt! He is so terribly mean and hateful to me! We have a son and 1 on the way and he has no sympathy for me at all. I work a full time job and I'm a full time mommy! I cook and clean and do the laundry and wash the dishes and buy the groceries and pay the bills and bathe our son and get him to sleep, and wake up with him in the night. And he gives me a hard time for being exhausted! I do everything...he won't do anything to help me...he won't even take the trash out when I ask. He just says no. NO!!! Are you freaking kidding me!!!! Why do I deserve this!? How? Like was his birthday. Wanna know what I did? I went to the store after work and bought him a cake and a balloon and some banana bread (with nuts his fav) and a king size Reece cup! Then I stopped and got Mexican for dinner (his fav). Wanna know what he not thank you...he got mad and yelled at me for buying cake....for buying a f-ing cake!!!! Cause he doesn't like cake (liar)!!! Are you kidding me..I feel like I'm in a freaking terrible dream! I want him to just leave, just leave and never return!!! I would be fine with it!! I would gladly be a single mother of 2! But lucky me he knows that the little boy in the other room sleeping right now is MY LIFE and wouldn't dare leave me to be happy!!! I would love to leave but he would fight me!!! He doesn't even know how to take care of him!!! I honestly wish I could get him to screw up 1 good time so I could get him outta here!! I don't understand what I have done so bad in my life to deserve to be treated like dirt. He makes fun of me and talks down to me, and makes fun of my family. I just don't get it. Why can't I just wish him away!!! He makes me hate myself and my marriage! Can you pray for someone to disappear? I pray everynight for the good lord to change my heart and maybe things will look better....I pray for my husband and my family...I pray for love and guidance. What am I doing wrong??? Seems like many of us have the same problems but no one seems to have a good answer yet. Please someone let me know when your terrible dream ends so I can have hope that my life will one day be happy and fun!!

so called husband 14

First this page is funny as shit! We all basically hate our husbands! My 4th and 10th graders have failing grades in 2-4 subjects. This douche monkey has shit to say about it. My middle child has memory/attention issues and he does nothing to help. As for parenting he does shit! My 5 yr old..he does shit for. When he is present he does shot but sit on his cell texting or watching tv. He knows the routine, dinner bath reading..when he's home does nothing to help. I've got heel/ankle pain and through the pain I still get it all done. He dont pay any bills..clean or cook or laundry. Sure if I ask he'll 1/2 ass do it. Made kids dinner once in 8 yr we been together. This douche is lazy and trifling. How you get a second car note/cell phone you know you can't afford. So now cell gets shut off and the bank is bout to repo the car. Yeah he works fulltime but had it not been for military his ass wouldn't have a job! We are roomates and he comes and goes as he please. All I can do is ride this out..until I'm set to leave. 7yr out of 8 yrs of marriage all a waste of time. I put to much time effort energy counseling into something I should of gave up on by year 2.

Liar,deceiver,cheater,immature,lazy,irresponsible lazy trifling,want to be single more then married low life. All I've given up for him,all I've done for him. Worst off my children..3 boys..who need a man in the house to raise them. How the hell do you tell me part of me wanna be single and another married. All of his behavior say he need and want to be single..and he will have it! I look at my 5 yr old and sorry..when he ask for daddy to take him out..or can he go with him..cause it won't happen. A simple bike ride and I see the look on douche he gotta have a root canal! What's worse, a dead beat dad or a present but absent dad when present! Men..claim they want a good woman..but don't know how to value,respect,honor and be dedicated and devoted. Men who want to have children and then decide kids are no longer what they isn't what they want. This is my second hand at marriage and I'm done after rather sleep alone then share a bed with someone who only sees me as a price of convient tail! Its been almost 2 yrs since I've shared a bed with this douche and im planning on keeping it that way. He won't change and i won't share! 100% celibacy for the rest of this marriage! Yeah and that makes me angry! I'm a 30 something looking in my mid 20's fit and good looking mrs. And douche dont appreciate that! For sure he looks at me like some pervert..and I wish he would!

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Husbands 15

I have been married for over 13 years. My husband married me when he was 38 and I was in my early 20's. We now have 4 children, one with speical needs. He never helps with the kids. They are a nusance to him, but he pressed to have children. He can not hold down a job and has been out of work for 5 years. At which time I was working 3 jobs, going to school, taking care of the kids. He tells me I am stupid. I feel stupid because no one else would put up with his ass. He is fat, rude and smell like shit. I stay because I think that is what a good wife does. He never remembers a birthday, anniversay - nothing. I wasnted my youth on a prick! He tells my speical needs child he is worthless. Which is sad, because that child will do more in his life than my husband will every do. He his a @@##$$%%^&&!


it is our first year anniversary, i spent damn near 400 bucks on him and all I get is a lousy happy birthday tag on facebook?! REALLY!?

Uncaring Husband 17

I am so angry at my husband, we have a beautiful boy and he's a good dad but he doesn't care about my feelings at all, just tells me to get the f over it, when he calls me names or does something to upset me. We have really bad fights and he calls me terrible names and says he hates me, and he started saying them to my son saying "mummys a f88n b888, she's a psycho b888" The last fight we had he smashed in a window and I kept him locked out because he was so angry, I packed for him and he left. Two days later day he came back and we talked, he wants to go to counselling but he's staying at his friends for two more days to get space then coming home for good on the weekend. He said he would ring to say goodnight, knowing how upset I was about the whole situation and then instead of ringing he smoked a lot of legal drugs and passed out, so when I got sick of waiting for him to ring and called him at 10.30 at night, he was so passed out he didnt even hear me for twenty minutes, noone answered the landline or any cellphones, and I was so worried I nearly walked down there in the middle of the night and when he finally did answer it was the same as always, "get the f88 over it, you're being stupid" and then tried to tell me he didnt think he was meant to ring me!!! What a liar,he's said several times that he would ring, cause I saidf I didn't want to be the one to call for once. GRRR soo angry right now. Want to work it out with him , I take marriage seriously but if he cant even bother to ring me while we're in a crisis and he'd rather smoke so much drugs that he passes out to the point where he can't even hear the phone ring, whats the point??? He already said he does love me but next time we fight like that we have to separate, maybe I should just man up since he won't and do it now? He thinks he's staying away another night to do nothing but smoke legals and play xbox, he might as well just stay away permanently.

husband 18

He is home off of work for a day for a routine doctor's appointment, although he is not sick. Our puppy made a piddle on the floor in our hallway and I asked him to get out the shampooer and clean the spot more thoroughly today while I was at the office. I come home after a very chaotic day at work to find that he did nothing but sit on the Internet all day and look up decals that he can put on his precious car. We have been married for 10 years and he seems to be taking me for granted more and more every day. He used to do little things for me and he does pretty much absolutely nothing for me any more. I am tired of it!!!! When did he become so complacent? I still do little things for him to show him I care, why can't he do the same for me? He sits in front of that damned television watching movies and if I try to talk to him, it goes in one ear and out the other. He never used to do that!! I am really angry and hurt!

Asshole husband 19

This is hard for me, because I really donít know what to say or exactly how to say it. Iím writing this so you can read it when Iím not here. I donít want to argue with you, and thatís always what happens when we have this conversation.( because weíve had this conversation before) Iím just telling you how I feel, and need to be able to do that without you telling me Iím wrong for feeling this way. So Iím sorry if this feels like a lot for you to absorb, or like Iím dumping it all on you at once, but it needs to be addressed.

Iím frustrated because I feel like youíre not really doing your part. I understand that Iím gone to Gma and Gpaís a lot, but since I cut back on my work schedule It really doesnít amount to more time away from home. You donít work (yes, I know you bring in money) and I feel you could do more at home. I do not begrudge you any time you spend at your Momís. I get it that sometimes (all the time?) youíre tired, but there are things that need to be done at home before going off to band practice, Joeís, delivering gear all over the freaking place, and going hunting. One week you were out on Monday delivering gear, then Tuesday at Carlís and not home till after 10, then Wednesday at Joes, Thursday all afternoon with Scott, never even called me, then was an asshole to me on the phone when I called you.

You almost always assume Iím being a bitch about stuff, and lately Iíve purposefully tried hard not to be that way, and you still seem to perceive far too many things as bitchy, and are nasty back when I didnít do anything then I DO get not nice.

Itís very disheartening for me when I come home from Gmaís or work, and youíre out with your buddies or out having a good time, or have been out, and there are dirty dishes, the floor hasnít been swept and the bathroom is gross. I feel like as the non working person in the house that it is mostly your responsibility to make sure these things happen. We talked about this when you stopped working. I donít expect you to do it all, I expect to do some myself and I also expect that B should help, and I donít think you ask or expect him to do much (certainly not enough) Heís a great kid, donít get me wrong, but he needs to take care of business and not have 3 baskets of laundry in his room or 3 loads of laundry downstairs. Which means you need to be aware of whatís going on (or NOT going on.) Lots of times Iíll ask and half the time you donít know if he even has homework or not.

You have stuff, papers, magazines, band gear, stuff strewn from one end of the house to the other and all through the basement. The white drawer above the recycle bin, the kitchen table, pool table the massage table, the floor, the basement are all packed with stuff. I donít mind a little clutter sometimes (youíve seen my office) but I DO occasionally hoe it out and clean it up.

Iím reaching the end of my rope and I canít take it anymore. I know you perceive many of the things Iíve mentioned to be ďlittle thingsĒ (youíve said as much before), and yeah if they were singular and isolated incidents they might be little, but they arenít. Theyíre often and not isolated. And they all build up and we end up here.

Iím tired of having the same conversations over and over with nothing happening differently and no change. (at least not for more than a day or two)

I'm not going to do this anymore. Fix it or I'm gone.

Wayne 20

OMG! I hate you. I can't wait to gert a divorce. So I don't have to listen to you take forever to tell a simpe story. It's fucking painful to even have a conversation with you at this point and a waste of my time, since apparently you don't pay attention to a fucking thing I say. and for god sake please stop the breathing into the phone when I talk to you. It sounds like a perverted truffle pig on the other end of the line. SOOO LEAVING!

asshole husband (again) 21

Seriously, you dont know your password, can't find your credit card, don't know how to work the fucking computer, and it's my fault. To top it off you yell at me and are mean to me on the phone when I'm at WORK!! People heard you, ASSHOLE. Now not only am I mad, I'm embarassed. This is fucking ridiculous. Well guess what? i got my own bak account today, and I called a divorce lawyer. I'm looking for an apartment. You're gonna miss me when I'm gone. You have no idea all the things I do that you don't even notice. Well fuckhead, they're about to be all your reponsibility, because I'm leaving. Happy Fucking Anniversary (thank god after 14 years i finally came to my senses, don't know how I lasted this long)

Husband 22

My husband is sooo fucking annoying. We been together 12 years, and its seems as time goes by things just get worse. I quit smoking for 2 months until today coz of him and his stupidity. It feels like I have another child. He bags me out for treating Jim like a child but he's do stupid I have no other choice. I sent him to shop today for Xmas groceries a detailed list of probably 20 items and he came back with stuff missing or the wrong type. So I had to go myself anyway as we'll as doing all the cooking and preparation for tomorrow and the the normal everyday cleaning. Also he's been off work for 1 and a half months and I've been working full time. I get frustrated when I get home and he's only done basic cleaning like dishes vacuuming . He tries to go washing but keeps mixing up the loads even if I separate them before I go to work. He didn't clean out car like he said he got our son to do it . Also u had to hint/ nag him to clean the yard for three weeks before he did it . He's crap at mocking kids beds and seems like he really puts no effort into it, he always makes ours with the covers sideways. I've showed him asked him nagged him but he still don't get it right. I like things to be neat and tidy and done properly he doesn't seem to care. He's no good in bed either but always wants sex and can't understand why I don't want it. I find him frustrating and annoying and try to just let things go but it's constant annoyance and I get angry at him

Fat boring liar 23

Things that piss me off about my fucking intolerable husband:

1) he is a fucking shameless liar who will lie anytime he feels that someone will disagree with him or that he will look bad in even the smallest sense - this holds true even if the lies will hurt our marriage

2) he is still a pathetic frat boy, eventhough he is much too old to be one. he is better than that at heart, but he has never had the self esteem to act that way, so he's still just a fucking loser who denigrates himself to other people. of course, he will never admit this and instead puts on a transparent act of entitled arrogance

3) he has 0 manners and is rude and inconsiderate to my parents--for instance he has had two angry rage fits over trivial bullshit in front of my dignified and elderly mother during which is cursed like a sailor

4) see #3, he has anger problems which in reality are just adult tantrums--a grown fucking man stomping his feet because he didn't get his way

5) one reason I've begun to hate him is because he suddenly ceased to want to have sex with me eventhough our relationship is still young and i am still young and attractive and will do whatever he wants in the bedroom and no matter what i try, or how many times I have guessed or asked him directly, I cannot get to the bottom of why--he will not tell me why-instead, he makes up implausible reasons--I also believe he is addicted to porn--i tried to be understanding, and genuinely wanted to try to work through this problem with him, but of course he is uninterested in working on ANY problems or taking ANY responsibility in our relationship, he is comfortable just continuing on a selfish asshole, so now, I have no understanding left, I am just pissed off

6) he has a fetish that involves hurting women--just porn, not in reality which would have been fine, or so i thought, but then I realized that he actually is a misogynistic piece of shit in real life too!!!! surprise

7) in keeping with the fact that he is an immature child, he is extremely passive aggressive and will literally just refuse to speak or make eye contact if someone pisses him off --he will do this with me, with friends, with anyone even at work!! at his job!!!! how embarrassing to have to resort to that tactic as a professional-it reminds me of a child whose parent is trying to feed him a spoonful of peas, and he doesn't want it, so he just makes a pouty face and won't open up

8) he has no sense of how to speak to women--he yells, screams, and curses at me when angry--the opposite of how i was raised to believe a man should treat a woman--i am so repulsed by his lack of concern for this kind of behavior...

9) he is a lazy fat fuck who just sits on his ass, watches tv, and surfs the internet and then whines that he is too fat and should lose weight--yea!! no shit!!! maybe if you put in some effort, you would lose that weight buddy

10) because he has such low self esteem and is such an increasingly gross fat slob, anytime any girl, no matter how gross or ugly shows him even a modicum of attention, she has his attention,,it has been this way since the beginning of our relationship--he denies it but it is 100% true

11) his teeth are disgusting!!! he barely brushes and his breath smells like shit--he also leaves waxy qtips, toenails, boogers,e tc all over the house. after he pees, a pee stain will literally appear on the front of his pants!! wtf?? , also he doesnt wipe his ass properly, and consequently when he sits on the couch, his "side" of the couch reeks of shit ALL THE TIME.


I am so fucking done with this bullshit! All I have ever asked for was for him to fucking be honest, and that lying hurts more in the end. He lies about everything to EVERYONE! He calls me a CUNT to his coworkers and "friends" and I find out afterwards. He is MORE concerned about how many people he can fucking find on his Book Face account then he is about our marriage or our 2 children. HE LIES ABOUT FUCKING EVERYTHING and HAS CHEATED SO MANY TIMES BUT I KEEP TAKING HIM BACK LIKE A FUCKING IDIOT THAT I AM! He went out and got a cell phone and COULDN'T EVEN bother to fucking tell me and previously when he had a cell he would turn it on silent or vibrate so I would never fucking know who texts him or calls him BECAUSE THEY ARE RANDOM CUNTS he finds from websites or bus stops because he is a FUCKING LOSER who cant get his drivers license. HE tells me one thing and does the opposite. I have done NOTHING but stay faithful to this PIECE OF FUCKING SHIT and EVERY TIME I tell him to GET THE FUCK out he says that I'm crazy and that he isn't doing anything....ya well every time I TALK to these random whore bitches cause I find a number his STORY ends up a bullshit lie. He is a pathetic fucking loser and all I have ever done is jeopardize my fucking health for him and the kids' needs and wants. ALL HE DOES is smoke pot which he says is NOT a drug YEAH ITS A FUCKING DRUG DUMB ASS LOSER PIECE OF DOG SHIT! He sits on his ass and plays his video games ALL DAY at work and when he gets home. So that's all he fucking gives a shit about, not me not his kids. When he reads ONE time with his youngest he thinks he is the greatest fucking dad in the world. He rips off and scams people too. He thinks it's fucking hilarious and goal accomplishing to be doing this kind of shit at the age of 34?! REALLY!? He thinks I nag 24/7 NO ASSHOLE YOU ARE NEVER FUCKING HOME AND YOU THINK EVERYONE NAGS WHEN THEY SPEAK TRUTH AND GROWN UP SHIT! LOSER FUCKING PIECE OF FUCKING SCUM BAG DOG SHIT. HE FUCKING IS A CHEATER LIAR LOSER RAT BAG WHO DOESN'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT ANY ONE'S FEELINGS BUT HIS OWN. I express how I am feeling and what HE fucking puts ME through and then he turns it around and makes ME the problem and that he does ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong. THEN it becomes that HE is the victim. I WORK MY ASS OFF and in order to take care of our kids I work nights. HE tells me I need to get a real 9-5 fucking job. When he wants attention he complains that I never want to fucking have sex with him....WHY THE FUCK WOULD I WANT TO FUCKING BE WITH YOU AFTER YOU JUST STRAIGHT UP FUCKING LIED TO ME?! HOW CAN SOME ONE BE SO FUCKING USELESS, STUPID, ALL HE'S GOOD AT IS FUCKING LYING, STEALING, CHEATING AND SCAMMING.

Once all our debt is paid off I'm packing up and leaving this mother fucking piece of worthless shit who loves no one not even himself.

Husband 25

My husband of 11 years has me on a roller coaster ride from hell. We've always had a great relationship until about 4 months ago. Then he became the biggest jackass I've ever met (although other people thought he was a jackass before that). The pattern now is every two weeks we get into an argument and I am "worthless" and "all I do is sit on my lazy ass." He will then apologize for his comments but two weeks later, here we go again. I am the most un-lazy person on earth, while he sits on his lazy ass in his recliner watching ESPN, I am doing ALL of the housework, cooking dinner, taking care of our 2 children and I work outside the home about 10 hours a week. He has his own business so he works when he wants to which has become less and less. I do EVERYTHING around this house and the fact that he has the nerve to call me worthless makes me want to bash his head in with my iron skillet. He says that he acts that way because he doesn't get any help from me with the household. WTF?? I run the household! We have 4 bills and I pay them. The latest fight was because he had given me an estimate that needed to be sent to our insurance company and it took me a week to get it to them. Well shoot me in the head!! If that wasn't good enough then do it your damn self you no good lazy piece of crap. I just don't know why he has all of a sudden become so verbally abusive. No, I don't think he's cheating but he did start some medication about 5 months ago and I'm wondering if that's the cause. We better figure it out soon though cause I can't take much more of the put downs, I'm getting seriously depressed.

Broke, Lazy, Cheating, abusive Husband 26

My husband is a broke, cheating, selfish jerk. He hates giving me money. Thinks im always trying to decieve him in some way. He cheats and lies. Even had one chick in love to the point where she totally disrespected me and did nothing but kept sleeping with her. When im sick he calls me a drama queen and ignores me or gets mad if I ask him to take care of me. He can't pay our bills even though he works faithfully. Its by the grace of God that we have a home. He's a good dad but he doesn't do shit with the kids. He treats his son by a previous relationship with more concern. He has accounts with dating sites, even answers personals on Craigslist. He constantly tells me everything I have he has given. He conviently forgets the times when i took care of his ass when he hae nothing. He has hit me, had a chick in my house and took her side when i told her she had too go. He barley keeps food in the house and his greedy ass eats it all up from the kids. Our water keeps getting cut off. I have to beg for money. His income is higher. My money only stretches so far. He is a liar, a coward ( he makes me handle all business where he has to speak with someone about debt. He even hides when the energy or gas truck comes in our yard) i am so sick of not having food, clothes, water. Dude told me i shouldn't depend on him. Wtf? What am i married for? I work hard and bring in income, but when my resources are depleted shouldn't i be able to turn to him? This shit is for the birds! Im a good woman, beautiful, intelligent, talented, and with a loser!!! He forced me to marry him. I wasn't ready. Threatened to break up if i didn't. Now he says i ruined his life. Smh he has it all so twisted. In his mind he is perfect. He provokes me so bad sometimes i yell, or start throwing, and breaking stuff. Then he calls me crazy. But that is the only way i can get him to leave me alone. I want out! Can't spend the rest of my life like this. Im losing me. My weight goes up and down. I dye my hair every month cause stress has it gray as hell. Im losing faith, and hope. I need out! This can't be love!!!

Drunk Husband 27

So my husband is an alky. I love him but damn, every time that he has a day off he promises that we are going to have a good day and it never fails that something goes wrong and we have a horrible day because of his drinking. Tonight we went out to eat. Then, we came home and he proceeded to get sloppy ass drunk as usual. We were just laying in bed when he got up and threw up all over the bathroom. I mean everywhere, the floor, the wall, the door, the top and bottom and sides of the toilet, the sides of the bathtub. Then he stood there for a minute and without lifting the toilet seat he proceeded to continue to dry heave and then vomit some more. He had the chance to go in the toilet but he didn't even bother. Furthermore, the only reason he got sick was because he drank so much. He claims it was food poisoning but no one else got sick only him. Then after he gets done vomiting, he goes in the other bathroom, takes a shower and crawls in bed and promptly passes out, leaving me to clean the flood of vomit up off of the floor because he's the type that never cleans up after himself. I live the life of servitude to a drunken fool. My only consolation is I definitely will be going shopping tomorrow and getting whatever I want because of this stupid little drunken stunt.

Husband 28

I'm angry at my husband because after misleading me to believe that are marriage has been going well, he comes home after school one day and tells me he wants to get a divorce and leaves to live his grandfather the next city over. It's been 20 days and he still doesn't know if he wants to be with me. He won't return my texts, emails although he is completely cooperative with paying bills? Is he being responsible? How about being responsible over our marriage? Because its not even bad. I look at some of the posts and there is nothing that extreme going on that would cause such an alarm that he would abandon me altogether but to pay the bills. What man leaves a good woman? I have the potential to do better anyway. Any woman to fall in love with that will end up shut out and around an embarrassing individual which jokes lack in originality, and is very impulsive with horrible financial management skills. His mother couldn't raise him because she didn't have a man there to help support her and my husband so I guess I had to make up for what she lacked in how she raised that boy. And oh yeah and he says we don't have sex but there hasn't been a time we have went weeks without it. So it is pretty frequent, he just wants it everyday but honey if you don't pay no attention to me at all during the day and tell me you don't like my talkative nature then you need to be reevaluated. I'm going to save his bill money because I don't need it anyway and just create a nice little savings account to just live off after he is finally gone. Oh yeah he initiated the divorce but doesn't know when, how or where to even begin! Try googling Court House you dumbass. And all this time I try texting him, begging him, telling him I know I can change and be better and apparently if thats not enough Im sure it'll be enough for someone else. I'm 22, attractive, ambitious and more valuable you were just practice! I'm so glad I won't have to worry about having to take pictures with your morbidly obese enabling ass family members or having to deal with this again when something actually SIGNIFICANT happens that actually drives people to divorce. Who stays with someone who runs and hides? And that disgusting beard your growing, I won't miss that either.

Husband 29

I just found out today that my husband has been taking money out of our saving account without telling me. He periodically puts the money he takes back in but then he's lying about how much money he's actually bringing back home. When I confronted him with it he attempted to bring up the fact that I spend money too. Really, asshole! I spend money from the main account and it's right there for everyone to see, asshat! He said that I should take his name off the account. Already done, douch bag. What makes it worse is that he has in the past accused me of not handling our money properly and this son of a bitch takes money out of our account whenever he damn well pleases. Fuck that shit!

I swear to god sometimes I absolutely hate him.

Husband 30

I'm less angry after reading all the above! At least I know I'm not alone. I'm the breadwinner of the family. I have a SAHD who has a shaky relationship with discipline. Either overly permissive or verbally over the top with the kids. We just took a vacation to a resort in the Turks and Caicos and he complained the first two days about how awful it was I made him skip our usual adult carribean vacation for a more kid oriented trip. My husband is a pothead :( Couldn't get good pot there, so he was a miserable jerk. No girlfriends or family with us or that I could call without sounding the divorce siren. So bad I pulled the trigger on the LAST option...I called his mother. She knows how he can be. I was hysterical. She calmed me down and said she could whatever I needed, maybe come help watch the kids while we get him to rehab. Sounds so silly that marijuana can cause so many problems, but it can. Or at least I hope that is the cause. I've been with him 10 years. I've seen him after stopping for 2 weeks , and he is different person. But in my heart, I fear he is just an a**hole. Does the same stuff mentioned above.. Nicer in private, jerk to me around others. I'm not one that was brought up to unquestionably stand by my man, so maybe this makes it more difficult. I work full-time, yet we try to take a duel role in caring for the kids when I am home. I hired a once a week cleaners to take the pressure off. He still complains about how hard his life is. I'm a doctor with my own practice to manage and a full-time of responsibility waiting for me at home. I manage ALL finances. I have even gone out of network to get him a therapist to help him, but not sure he even wants it. I wish I had a big angry uncle to kick his butt and tell him to man-up.

Husband 31

My husband is so damn stupid every fight we have he blames it on me or fight with me, we are living with my family and he disrespected them, the only reason they don't kick him out is because of me. Shit he pisses me off.

jerkass sex addict husband 32

Im angry because... (deep breath) he brings some hoebag escort to our house for a "massage" when I wasnt there. meanwhile Im pregnant with the kid HE wanted sooo fucking badly puking my guts out all day every day for 9 months. and then while

I was laying on the couch for weeks unable to move after the near lethal gutjob cesarean from having HIS kid! he was busy watching porn, getting erotic massages from escorts, talking to his exs on his secret facebook account and taking creeper pictures of random women. I just found out about this now a month after his last "massage" meanwhile I haven't had sex for two fucking years and the whole time Im wondering what's wrong with me? I lost all the baby weight got back to looking like I did before we got married so why wont he touch me! oh he'll take a blowjob and give me a couple tittie twisters then he rolls over and goes to sleep... fucking dickhole douche

Verbally abusive husband with a Jesus complex. 33

I am more hurt than angry, but the angst is there don't worry. I was pregnant with our only child nine years ago when I was diagnosed with a deadly heart disease. To say I was emotionally and psychology permanently damaged is putting it mildly. We survived, daughter and I. To make a long story short, I had an epadoraial, was numb waist down, they had me in a strange position when I was delivering I ended up topping everything off with developing a permanent, chronic painful condition. This pain has permanently disabled me. I am physically unable to do everyday normal things such as cooking and cleaning. The other day (and this is not an isolated incident) my jerk husband decided to shampoo our carpets. I also along with our child have Strep throat. So he was in a posts mood all weekend. I tried to avoid him best I could. Later that evening (Sunday) he walked away from the laptop which he is terribly addicted to online games...I picked up the laptop to look up a phone number. He came back in the room and just started going off. I tried to explain I only needed it for a second, he ripped it out of my hands and in front of our nine yr old daughter he starts screaming and cursing me! He started his favorite. Verbally abusive rant about how lazy I am. He never says he is sorry, matter of fact he truly believes he does/did nothing wrong. I am. I am physically and emotionally done. But as I stated, I am at a disadvantage. I am disabled, even though I am still able to feed, bath and make sure my daughter is not neglected, there are many days I am not feeling well enough to always pick up the house like it needs. Without money what do i do?

My Scrooge Husband 34

My husband (common-law, too much of an unromantic prick to propose) has this mental disorder where he must ruin every single holiday. Christmas, birthdays, halloween, easter, new years - hell, even labour day! That's not even a real holiday!

I don't understand the obsession with making sure that no one around him is content with a holiday. We went to his fathers birthday dinner (wasn't a big deal, the immediate family got together at Boston Pizza to eat... no balloons, gifts anything... literally just eating.) And he made a huge scene! I was so embarrassed! He ended up walking out and his dad had to drive my son and I home. His issue that he had to make a big deal about?

He wasn't in the mood to be around people.

This is our third Christmas living together, last two years we have used his old Christmas tree from when he was a kid (we're only in our early 20s) which is ragged, broken and missing several limbs. It doesn't even stay upright, if the cat touches it it falls over. I noticed in the Walmart flyer that we could get a pre-lit tree for $50 so I was all over that! (The christmas lights that come with the tree don't work, they need to be thrown out.) But NOPE, not happening. No way in hell am I "allowed" to buy a new, not disgusting christmas tree because he doesn't want to waste money on that garbage. We're going to have to look at it for an entire month! It actually causes me stress to look at the shitty tree every day and pick it up every morning after the cat knocks it over.
He refuses to buy me gifts. No way in hell will he buy me any sort of present. He once bought me a rose and an apology card after 2 days of being a verbally abusive asshole. That's it. Yet I buy him gifts, leave him romantic notes, do special favours and surprises for him all the time!

I ask him every year to just humour us and play into the holiday for the happiness of myself and my step son but NOPE that is WAY too much to ask.

I'm only 23. I could probably find someone who is willing to invest in treating me to gifts and surprises... Shit, even a love note on a napkin would be nice! Too bad I'm too poor to leave the scrooge.

Lying Husband 35

I found my husbands secret Twitter account 2 weeks ago. Last night, I asked if when I was leaving for the grocery store he had been messaging on Twitter. I said the screen looked a lot like what the girls use at work on that site. I was trying not to make him angry and even said that. I never yelled or raised my voice. I even apologized for upsetting him. He blew up and said I didn't trust him, I knew he didn't have an account and kept yelling at me. He mocked me and dismissed me to our bedroom before things got out of control and he lost his temper. 4 years ago I found messages between him and another woman on Facenook. He told me if I ever invaded his pricacy again he'd leave me. He flirts with woman online, looks at porn all the time, and lies to me. We have a pretty good marriage; he says he doesn't know what he'd do without me and loves me. How can this be when he acts like this. He is so mentally abusive.

Lazy Deadbeat Husband 36

I am so angry with my Lazy Deadbeat Husband who expects me to bring the money home and his lazy ass has been unemployed for almost a year which has given him time to work on other people's projects they have been asking him to do and he would rather sit on his lazy ass or find any excuse he can to not work. Like for example we have a Fence in the backyard that he along with my little brother were supposed to put up and it has gone unfinished for almost 6 years now because he keeps going from project to project or sitting on his lazy ass playing XBox with his Nephew I mean for God's sake you have all the time in the world after you get work around the house done.

He tried to build a Garage outside and he never even bothered to do anything to the big cinder block square in the backyard I mean if you wanted to have a big garage in the backyard than go out and get people to help you instead of wasting your money going to Gun shows and Fishing when the house is a mess ever since we first moved here and he never bothers to clean up the damn clutter in the house from his hoarding habits that he blames me for.

My Sister has been waiting for him to come and finish work on her house and every time she calls he goes off somewhere else to avoid work I mean for God's sake we need money to help pay bills and buy groceries and he finds excuse after excuse to avoid working. Not to mention his habit of playing XBox until 3 in the morning when he has a Job to get done the next day; I swear why did I even marry this asshole who is so damn lazy and worthless. My Little Brother plays video games until 11 at night and then goes to bed and he doesn't have a job and I really wish my husband was like that and if he was he could actually get stuff done around the house and to the people who ask him to do work for them.

He's also been avoiding paying his bills which he is an idiot for and I shouldn't be the one paying for them when I feel like i'm bringing all of the money home. A lazy deadbeat crackhead who rents a house in our name had been ducking to pay rent and when he finally paid the rent; my husband's dumbass wanted the money to buy a gun and that just pisses me off that he just wants money without making any effort in working whatsoever. How about you instead pay your bills and go get your taxes done and get some work done because I am getting so fed up with his lazy ass and his constant excuses to avoid commitments and working. I would love nothing more than to leave his ass at least I would be better off without him because he's never going to change and is a deadbeat, and I can't wait until I find a good reason to file for a divorce.

Deadbeat Husband 37

I am so fed up with my deadbeat husband and his bullshit. We've been married for almost 5 Years and for the past year my Husband keeps threatening to divorce me and believe me I know he's cheating on me with some Trailer Trash Bitch.

Number 1 I am way more attractive than that pig does and I don't understand what he even sees in her. He's had a bad habit of coming home late or not coming home at all and yeah I know he's with that bitch, believe me that bitch doesn't care she's fucking with a married man and being a homewrecker and it pisses me off that he won't make up his mind me or her.

The fact that he keeps threatening me with a Divorce and changing his mind really pisses me off, I say love me or leave me because i'm getting tired of your bullshit.

I'm the one paying his Bills and yet he can't make any commitment in our marriage to pull his own weight. Currently we just got our Cable restored because his lazy ass never bothered to pay the Cable Bill instead yeah, he was with that bitch instead of doing his part in our Marriage.

Our whole house is a Mess from his Hoarding Habits including a Birdcage, two fish tanks including one large one in our living room which takes up a sizeable amount of room in the living room, the Spare Bedroom which I can't remember what it looks like because his lazy ass never bothered to clean it, and we rented a dumpster one time and his lazy ass never budged to put any of his useless junk inside of it.

He's behind on so many jobs because he never bothers to finish any jobs that he starts and it's really frustrating especially since he's been unemployed for 2 years now and is also behind on payments of his cars he has out in our garage which is a disaster because again everything in that garage all belongs to him.

I'm done with his ass for good, and even his own family is fed up with him and his lack of commitment towards our marriage and shamelessly cheats on me with some trailer trash bitch that looks like she came off the Jerry Springer show. As soon as I get in touch with a Lawyer, i'll be free of his sorry ass and she can have him because i'm done with his sorry ass for good.

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