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I can't stand it when people think if they just send in a resume that they will get hired. Where I work, we don't accept paper resumes. Everything is online. If they just took a few minutes to read the want ad in the paper they would know this. Then, when they do realize that you have to apply online, so many don't read the directions and screw up their chances of even getting considered. Then they call in either angry at us because they are too stupid to read and follow directions or too 'important' to be bothered with such trivial things as filling out an application. Oh, and the ones who do get interviewed and don't get hired...yep they call and demand to know why they weren't hired. I want to say How should I know, I wasn't the one who made the decision and maybe because someone is better than you, deal with it, but I have to be polite and give them the canned response.

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I hate people that constantly get jobs through their parents or through people they know. why can't they do the hard work like the rest of us and apply and get interviewed and all that shit rather than ask mummy or daddy for a job SUCK IT UP AND MAKE THE EFFORT

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Here's some advice: When you drop in to fill an application out somewhere, your first impression is key. You should try a) not wearing fucking daisy dukes with your fat ass hanging out from the bottom; b) not asking to use the company's phone to call people with your stupid questions ("What's your address? I'm filling out a application! Oh sure, I got a few minutes to talk."); c) getting a babysitter to watch your three hyperactive, screaming kids (and don't ask your potential employers to 'watch your kids for a minute while you run out to the car'); d) not wearing pajamas or tanktops that show off your classy tribal and looney tunes tattoos; e) not clambaking in the car immediately beforehand and then filling their office with weed stench; f) not coming in with a huge group of your equally trashy friends and being loud and obnoxious with each other the entire time; and most of all g) not asking "Before I waste my time filling out a application, do y'all do drug testing?" And then when you don't get hired due to the company's first impression of you as being a trashy, disgusting animal, don't try to sue them for discrimination and lost wages. Get your shitty life in order and try again.

*Note from Anger Central
When the Webmaster goes to a job interview, he wears a suit and tie and brings copies of his resume and references. It hasn't helped of late. :(

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