I am so angry at Maria for being a lying bitch and the biggest fucking hypocrite to ever walk (slither) the earth. She tells everyone how important her job is and how busy she is, when what she's really doing is surfing online and updating her goofy AND ugly web pages. What a fucking loser! So typical of this bitch, while everyone else is actually doing some work, she's off in the server room making personal phone calls. And because the bozos in the office sre so stupid they have no idea what she's doing. I should make copies of everything and give it to her supervisor (along with a few other things), wouldn't that be hilarious? I'd like to see that piece of trash liar get taken down off that fucking high horse she rides.

Maria 2

I'm angry at Maria because she is so FULL of herself. She blabs on and on about what a great web designer she is when in reality her work sucks out loud. She uses the most god-awful ugly colors like brown and grey for graphics- totally looks like shit! I don't know where she got the idea that she has any artistic talent. She can do the mechanics, but then so can any monkey - real artistic talent can't be learned or copied. The other thing that pisses me off is she is sooooo self centered that when she got married for the second time, she didn't drop her ex-husband's name! She's such an uncultured idiot she doesn't realize how much of a blatant insult that is to the new hubby, poor brainless wonder that he is. Tacky tacky tacky - makes you cringe! Maybe she just figures the divorce is imminent so why bother dropping the ex's name? Everyone who knows her must laughing hysterically at her AND him. Just goes to show she doesn't care about humiliating him b/c it's ALL about HER.

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