musicians with no rhythm

Have you ever been jammin out with a few people, and all of a sudden, out of nowhere someone shows up and says "Hey guys, mind if i play?" being the polite, music lover i am, I always say "Sure! come on in." only to find out 5 minutes later that the dude has NO sense of of a beat and completely screws everyone else up, then has the nerve to ask why everyone is off beat... I GOT NEWS FOR YOU JACKASSES "EVERYONE ELSE IS ON BEAT, YOUR THE ONLY LOST ONE. WAKE UP DIPSHIT". my son is 9 years old and can carry a beat like its second nature. How do you people NOT understand a beat? . . . . . . . . . look at the dots. that represents a beat.. its not hard to understand hit, pause, hit pause for the same amount of time. hit, pause etc. HOW DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND THIS. Take a few drum lessons so you can understand what beat is, or just quit playing music all together.. your unmatched beating noise that you call music just pisses me off.

The Jonas Faggots 2

I can not stand these emofags anymore i'm sick of them their fanbase seriously the Jonas Brothers suck their an Epic Fail at both music and life they serve no purpose what so ever other than bringing the world closer to it's end. Jonas fangirls seriously need to be punched in the face, raped, or die of aids for defending these losers seriously stop whining and saying the emofag brothers are better than groups like AC-DC, Metallica, or even the late Micheal Jackson well guess what THE'RE NOT YOU FUCKING RETARDS THE JONAS BROTHERS SUCK AND ARE A DISGRACE AND A BOIL ON THE FACE OF LIFE I know this is about anger but this is far from angry i'm sick of seeing these talentless retards being advertised from clothes to their peice of shit show so yeah the JONAS FAGGOTS SUCK, DISNEY SUCKS, and if you fangirls don't like it well when the Jonas Faggots are put out of their misery here's a little advice go kill yourselves or learn to deal with it.

*Note from Anger Central
No one here ever heard of them, let alone heard their music. *shrug*

Ethnic Christmas Music 3

Who the fuck decided that every classic Christmas song from the 30s, 40s and 50s had to be "ghettoed" up by some black trash R&B "artist" or some piece of shit R&B faggot or, best of all, some dipshit wanna-be thug rapper?

Every time I hear this bullshit on the radio in a store or somewhere else where I don't have a choice, it makes me want to jam burning hot pokers into my ears. Honest to fucking God, I was in a grocery store just the other day and remarked to my wife, "Holy shit, can you believe how they fucked up this Christmas song?" to which she replied, "This is a Christmas song? I had no idea." Care to guess which one? It was RUDOLPH THE RED NOSED REINDEER! Some ridiculous ghetto trash "male vocalist" had African-American-ized the song so fucking badly that she couldn't even tell what it was a Christmas song. No, I'm not kidding, it was that bad.

It makes me want to puke just listening to how every R&B, Rap and Hip-hop version of a Christmas song is ten times worse than the year before. Do these assholes, be they white, black, brown or whatever, get off on being able to butcher the fucking songs this bad? You'd literally have to go out of your way to fuck it up worse.

I don't know who signs a record deal for this and I won't even begin to say what I think about the people who listen to this shit and actually enjoy it. Bunch of fucking degenerate assholes, if you don't like the originals, COME UP WITH YOUR OWN instead of butchering someone else's song to your liking. Oh wait, that would require talent and lyrical ability, never mind, it all makes sense now.

I've fucking had it with this ethnic Christmas music bullshit. Anyone that listens to this shit ought to be fucking ashamed of themselves.

Orchestra 4

Our conductor would be better using that baton to scratch his ass,or maybe to clean the wax out of his ears. I'm not the one making mistakes. I come to rehearsal prepared. Your little pet who you think can do no wrong is the one making the mistakes. Wake up!

Random Guitar Guy 5

What makes me angry? When someone, who clearly isn't all that great at playing guitar, decides they are good enough to play in public. Oh, whats that you almost know two songs by the Fray... that's nice. And it gets better when they decide they know how to sing too, because sub-par guitar playing on its own isn't torturous enough on its own.
What really kills me is that they have their guitar case open as if someone should pay them because they are so skilled and talented, but don't have a real job because of their dedication to their hobby. The only thing I would pay him for is to shut the hell up, walking to class is more than enough fun without you shouting lyrics as loudly as you possibly can in my ear.
I know how to play a guitar (debatably well) and I don't stand in peoples way. And even if I did, I would NEVER expect someone to pay me. In fact, I would probably have a sign that reads "Don't pay me, I do this for fun.

S***, just go get a damn job if you need money that badly. Grrrr...

Music Groups 6

Every time I get into some group or song, it always ends with the band being long dead, or me not knowing the genre of the music that I love so much. I am absolutely pissed because i have very specific tastes and/or genres that I like, but they're usually so underground that you'd have to know the bands themselves to get a tape. I just want good music, but I'm so damn angry, maybe it's my fault for being so damn picky, but then again I'd be admitting I'm wrong and that just doesn't happen. Whatever, at least I feel a little better.

Kevin the Wannabe Rapper 7

I can't stand this loser named Kevin he's white but he thinks he's black, he thinks he can rap but anything he says sounds completely stupid and he acts like he runs the place when he's a fucking tool.

You don't run anything dumbass, if anything you sound and look more like Kevin Federline for those who remember Britney's White Trash loser ex husband. Any White Guy named Kevin can't rap they are dumbasses.

Not only that but he even told a group of guys telling them to move calling them white people. Hey dumbass have you looked in the mirror? You are white and you will never be accepted by any of the black kids, and if I was a black kid, i'd kick the shit out of your dumbass because you're a dumbass, a loser, and you're a complete and total wannabe.

Let this be an important message, if you're white stick to your genre of music and stop pretending yourself that you can rap because white boys like Kevin can't rap and he's a complete wannabe and a total poser and loser.

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