Elon Musk 1

I am so tired of this asshole being everywhere I mean I get he's richer than Bill Gates but he like many other Billionaires are corrupt and Elon Musk is cancer to the Economy.

Like what is the benefits of Bitcoin anyways it's never going to replace the Dollar in fact the real reason there's a global computer chip shortage is because resources are being used to manufacture Bitcoin and these manufacturers need to be shut down and Bitcoins should be thrown into the Garbage where it belongs.

Also we don't want anything Tesla developed their cars are trash and now he's trying to make it possible for people on the road to communicate with other Tesla Car Owners.

No thanks all that's going to do is cause the Road Rage records to go through the roof. Especially since Elon Musk has done more to treat his own employees like shit and profit from it.

Not to mention Elon Musk thought COVID-19 shouldn't have been taken seriously but guess what so many people died as a result of the virus and you think it wasn't meant to be taken seriously?

The fact that he tried to endorse Kanye West as President was even more of a waste of time . Just about everything this idiot has tried to invest isn't beneficial to anyone because nobody in their right mind wants anything to do with anything this jackass endorses.

Elon Musk called a Lifeguard who saved a child's life a pedophile when Elon Musk has been running his own secret child grooming services so why don't we ask Chris Hansen to make Elon Musk have a seat for pushing his lies and grooming children.

Fuck Elon Musk this asshole is a danger to our economy and he needs to be stopped.

*Note from Anger Central
We have our own issues with Musk, but this poster seems to hate him because he's been successful. Oh well.
In any case, Musk needs his own page. :)

Elon Cuck 2

Elon Musk has no business buying Twitter the real reason he's doing so is to do what Mark Zuckerburg has done to Facebook and make it into a dictatorship and punish anyone over the dumbest shit.

With the money Elon Musk has he could use it to end world hunger but instead he has caused a Global Chip Shortage with Bitcoin Mining, trying to colonize Space and it's bullshit this fat faced dumbass doesn't use his money that could actually benefit the world but instead benefits himself.

Elon Musk can go fall into a Black Hole the next time he goes into Space.

*Note from Anger Central
Well the Angry Communist has dropped by. Would the Comrade like to go on a helicopter ride? :)

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