Myself, primarily 1

I'm miffed at the moment because I was browsing the "things" page I misread "unions" as "unicorns" and click on it. THERE WAS NO FUCKING KEYSMASH ABOUT UNICORNS DAMMIT.

That shit would made my shitty night better (run in with the ~nice stepmom who's sweet like sugary almond-flavored with arsenic, you know the type) but noooo, just fuckng union crap. Why could I not be fucking awesome enough to bend the wily and untamed internet to my whim? Why did I not see rant after rant about glittery, moonbeam riding, rainbow-shitting cherryhounds?

Why the fuck isn't there a rant page about fucking magical creatures, guys? What? They ain't of a fucking page? D:<

*Note from Anger Central.
We have a page about magical creatures. ;)

hateful mother 2

I Recently turned 18 years old I have incredible anger issues and increasing paranoia levels I tell the thing I keep on getting voices in my head and stuff like that but what happens I'm told to either shut up piss off or go away everyday is battle against my other personality who is nothing but cruelty and hate and malice I get really bad thoughts I have a massive anger reservoir building up more and more and it gets harder and harder to keep it back and I get the feeling she hates me despises me and doesn't want me anymore let alone alive then there's the boyfriend she has who as far as I can tell she wants her boyfriend a lot more then what she wants me unbelievable YOU FUCKING FOOL DO YOU SEE THE HORRIBLE THINGS I DO!? HAVE YOU PUT UP WITH SUCIDAL THOUGHTS AND HORRIBLE THINGS I SEE? I am at my wits end I also have serious depression issues and I always think people are plotting against me (this is a problem I have and I tell and tell but I just get pushed away) end of rant

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This appeared to be mis-titled and we moved it hear after reading it.
If this is real, then please seek professional help ASAP!

myself 3

I am a total, complete, 360, failure. There is nothing for me to be proud of. I never kissed a girl and I am 18, never even hugged one. Im a virgin, fat, ugly, alone, and I don't know how to drive or I don't even know my own address. I message about 20 people a day on dating sites and on facebook but no one replys. they reply to other people but ignore me, I actually saw some girl do that to me on facebook. My accomplished cousins are so perfect, skinny, tall and rich. I am ashamed to call myself family of them. They don't even know who I am, we met a few times when she was a baby, but now she and her siblings forgot all about me, but I didn't. I am a creepy fat ugly quiet failure. If I ever saw them, I'd walk right on my way and not greet them because I don't want to embaress them. I never accomplish anything. I'm 18 and will always be an 18 year old living with his parents. I never had a friend in my entire life. my parents know im fat and ugly so they don't say anything. they give me everything, I love them but they can't give me happiness. Happiness comes from meeting and loving people...something i'll never get to experience. I always think about just killing myself but then there would be no point in going through the emotional pain i already went through. I will never have a job, a daughter, a wife, a son....or anything. My life has just begun but I already failed all there is to accomplish....I am clueless what to do now.....Im still in high school as a senior but I only have 7 credits. I don't know if i'll ever grow out of this failure. one day i'll be dead in a dumpster downtown. gta and red bull keeps me happy...but one day that'll all end and so will I. I don't know how else to insult gets boring. This is to the girlfriend, daughter, son, job, boss, car, and life i'll never have: "i fail too much and i'll fail again if i got every chance in the universe....i was born to be an example of a bad excuse"...

well alright guys, time to go to bed now. I have nothing to look forward to, but maybe i'll come across a noose while I'm dragging myself through this barbwired-wrapped day.

myself 4

So a few years ago i got a girlfriend. And she was perfect, beautiful, smart, funny, easy going, great to just be able to lay and do nothing with... but my dumb ass went and fucked shit up. THEN we broke up and ive been trying to get her back since. And about a year and a half after we broke up we hung out one night. We went on a date and it went well, HOWEVER i fucked it up again!!!!!!!!! WHYYYYYYYYYY. SO fucking stupid on my end. So since that night ive still been trying to get her back but she wont even talk to me. THEN she started talking to me again. IT was amazing. we talked for alittle over six months and out of the blue she said she didnt want to talk any more because she was talking with someone else? some one i didnt even know about..... NOW 7 months after the last time we talked, i find out she is pregnant with this dudes baby. WhAT THE FuCK. this is fucked up. im still in love with her and there is now literally nothing i can do any more to get her back. but i cant get over her!!! Why the fuck do i have to be sso fucking stupid and why cant i just get over her... this fucking sucks. FUCK

Myself 5

This is my third post on this site. I am still single. I am ugly, fat, short, and I have no friends. I wish I had a girlfriend more than anything. I am still in a charter high school and failing. I don't know how to drive and never kissed a girl. I never made my own money because my parents still buy me everything including my car (that I'll never drive, but when I do I'll crash and die). I live in the hottest fucking city and everything I try to do fails. I have no future. I am waiting for nothing. I look at the pictures of all the pretty girls from my old schools. So perfect. Something I can never have.

Myself 6

Sometimes I can't stand myself. I have an in general, all around, good guy. I appreciate him most of the time. I

Today was a day where I couldn't stand myself, and still kind of can't. I work first shift, he works second. By the time I get home from work, he has been gone already 3 hours, and by the time he comes home, I've been in bed for 2, by the time he comes to bed, I've been there for 4... So yeah, that sucks. but today was different. I do home health and I was able to come home for a bit between clients. Something that rarely ever happens.

(I need to insert here that I do not drink but he does. Thankfully only beer and he doesn't get carried away with it)

When I come in to the house, I see a new case of beer open on the counter. WTF?? It's only 1 in the afternoon and you have to work at 3!!! When I finally get him to half assed pay attention (he was sleeping) He tells me he didn't drink. Now... He is telling me this AS I PICK UP EMPTY BEER CANS (3) OFF THE OTHERWISE SPOTLESS FLOOR!

When I finally just break and yell to get his attention, he tells me, I had 2.... my comeback? "So I suppose your imaginary friend had the other 2 missing from this new case." of course, no comment from him.

Anyway... he leaves, goes to work, I sit down on the couch, grab the remote and go to hit the channel down button and I hit "prev"... Straight to Brazzer's Porn channel... WTF #2!! You're here jacking off in the morning while I'm at work?!? Seriously?!? You take fugging pills to be able to keep up with MY sex drive... I'm laying in bed at night completely NAKED and you don't think perhaps I would want sex??Well, tonight, I sleep on the couch.. I refuse to give him room beside me. Tomorrow he can watch his porn.. and the next day. and the next... etc.

I'm done. I mean seriously, I bend over backwards to make sure I'm not breaking some unspoken rule and I'm not hurting feelings... but.. it doesn't seem to go the same way.

So I titled this as the object of my anger being myself, and this rant seems to be about him. What makes me angry... is that I am so pissed off about this. I've never allowed someone to make me as angry as this has, and to be truthful, I'm not sure why I'm as pissed as I am other than.. God Damnit, Jason! I am RIGHT HERE IN FRONT OF YOU! I have the sex drive of a 16 yr old boy teenager and you're out here jacking off....

I hate that you control me this way.. I hate myself for LETTING you.

So. I'm going to not care. I hope. Unfortunately for him, this means turning off any and ALL feelings and just doing my own thing... Shame he fuggin lives with me.

Myself 7

I'm not angry, I'm more depressed. I am a high school senior, that won't graduate. There is too much to complain about, so I'm making it short plain and simple. In life, some are just more fortunate than others, by nature. You have no control over it. That's why I'm a failed high school student with no friends or experience in anything, and some other girl I used to know has all these awards and certificates and a scholarship. She will have a better life than me. I'm an ignorant, fat, ugly, lonely failure. I have nothing to look forward to. I've accepted this. Under this blanket in my dark room is where none or earths misfortunes can get me. I'm safe.

Myself because I'm a failure 8

I am angry because I am nothing. A hypocrite. A failure. A loser. I am a fat waste. What is my purpose here? Why am I here? I ponder the answers to these questions while I enjoy the sunrise through my curtains and fall into sleep.

i absolutely hate myself 9

I'm 24, live at home, and haven't had a job in almost a year(over a year, if you don't count the 3 jobs I've had for 3 weeks each over the course of the past year). I tried college twice; the first time I made it 9 months with a GPA of 0.0 because I never went to class because drugs and partying; the second, I didn't make it more than 2 months before just stopping going to class. Every job I've had I just walked away from after a bit because I couldn't handle the stress (i.e., I'm I sniveling, weak-constitutioned little bitchmade faggot who can't handle day-to-day life).

I'm a fucking hypocritical son of a bitch with a major depression problem, and a constant stream of hostility towards everyone. I just want to be left somewhere to die slowly, mostly because it's all I deserve.

I hurt people around me without meaning to, because I'm so pissed at myself and depressed, and that just makes me even more angry and depressed, and it makes me hate myself even more. I'm addicted to cough syrup. Fucking cough syrup. What a fucking lame-ass, right? You're damn skippy, I'm a fucking lame-ass. I literally can't go more than 2-3 hours without smoking some weed because it's the only thing that takes my mind off how sad and pissed off I am, and because it helps me feel normal because of the syrup abuse.

I have no insurance of any kind, need to see a doctor because of mild organ damage probably, I need to see a dentist because I have holes in my teeth because I didn't take care of myself in high school and still barely do, and I really need to go see a shrink because I apparently am unable to function without having someone to whine to constantly.

I feel like I shouldn't be alive. I just want to stop existing, everyone's lives would be so much better without me, and it wouldn't take a genius bystander to see this. In short, I really want to die. I feel like I was put on this shitty rock to get high, disappoint and be a fucking loser, and then die alone and fucking miserable.

Myself 10 5th or 6th post on this site. I think I've been ranting here since I was 16 and this year I'll be 21. Can you believe that shit? I wouldn't if I heard that, but it's true. Since last rant when I was 18, the only thing to change was that I now have a job. My coworkers are uneasy around me and they all think I'm ugly as fuck. I'm so serious and I have social anxiety, so it's hard to communicate. My trainer is a beautiful girl that is my age, but she has a boyfriend already. Not that I had a fucking chance anyways, but now when I lay in bed like a faggot loser I know that he is there with her. Another girl I found there is cute and seems likeable, but she too has boyfriend. Truth is, ill be single forever. No girl will ever love me or even befriend me. I'm too weird and my personality is boring and strange. I can't even make eye contact. When I talk, some people don't even understand what I am saying. I'm still in high school! Haha could you believe that? Watch this; there's a girl that I graduated 8th grade with and she is going to graduate from ASU this year because she excelled, while I'm still in high school without any knowledge of how to drive. Now that shit is laughable. My vision is getting bad and I'll probably be fucking blind by next year or so. I think I have cancer too. And I'm fat, ugly, and short as fuck. Simply said, there's nothing of value in me. If a girl falls in love with me she is stupid as fuck because there's nothing to love about me. I suck at my job and can't even do that right. I used to sit around all day and play online ps4 but I got killed way too much which means I suck at that too. It's hard to find something I don't suck at. I honestly didn't think it was possible to suck at everything in existence. Like I said 100 years ago, it gets boring talking shit to myself. I do it all day and night and even laugh at my insults and play little games with myself like which insult I hurl at myself will hurt I'm 2 people...anyways, yeah. No hope for me. I pray to God to help me. I hope he does. Because being on earth without a love or even friend? What kinda life is that? What am I supposed to do? Just live to work and eat and just die? I secretly fall in love with so much people until the love dies because lack of feeding. Kinda like a rose dies if you don't water it. That's how my dying love was.tomorrow I have work again and I will suck at that again. Goodnight. Time to go talk shit to myself again! Hooray!

Myself 11

I signed up to join the Air Force, went through basic, and then wound up failing out of tech school. All because I took a mechanical contract when I don't know much about mechanics. Whoever said they "teach you everything you need to know" is full of fucking shit.

Never even got a chance at being sent to a different school. My first sergeant claims I "got close", but at this point I think he was telling me that to make me feel better.

Great. Now with my 2C re-enlistment code and JHJ SPD ("unsuitable", was never told this was going to be part of the equation), I have no chance of getting into the other services. I don't have the money for college and I can't get into the service again.

I have no useful skills and no way to gain any. I'm pretty much going to be stuck in menial jobs for the rest of my life, constantly struggling to keep the rent paid. I have absolutely no path forward that doesn't just thrust my own idiocy in my face constantly.

Why was I so fucking stupid? Why the fuck did I not tell that lying sack of shit called my recruiter to take a hike? Why? Why? Why?

Friends and Myself 12

I Just seem to have the worst Social Issues ever no matter who tries to be my friend I end up hating their guts in the end. Maybe it has to do with trust issues that I just refuse to let go of, bad choices I made in my life, bad crowds I hung around with, but the problem is my friends say they really care about me yet I really hate them because they care about me. I know it sounds fucked up but it's just that I became friends with these guys over common interest, we used to text eachother every day and would do skype calls but then one day is when my metamorphosis began.

I grew jealous and angry after my friends started playing some stupid game and asked me to join I flat out refused despite them bugging me to play it with them, then I would ignore them when they would go to call me on skype, then they would ask why I wouldn't join them, I wouldn't answer, they were on facebook talking all the time and I refused to join them no matter how they kept bugging me to join even wanting me to play a game with them so I chose to avoid them.

Time after Time I began avoiding them whenever they wanted me to game with them, hang out, or to just talk, it later escalated with me yelling at them, getting angry at them, this one friend I have is a sweet kind hearted person and I treated him like shit, he wanted to talk with me and hang out but I just flat out treated him like shit, I would force them to remove me from tagged posts on facebook, in face i've even threatened them and called them a loser.

But where things really went downhill was when we made plans the whole weekednd to hangout and as usual I got cold feet and lied about not feeling good when in reality I wanted to but the thing is I was so pissed off at them and it was all because that retard had to go and make some tribute post with me in it, that really made my blood boil, it sickens me when they do these nice things for me, tagging me in stuff, making tribute posts, I swear I wish these fucking losers would all die in a car accident.

Then for some reason I joined but retard's pc crashed in the middle of the shitty game they ply and I was happy but then he's like "Dude you know what, it's obvious you hate us so we're not going to talk to you for a while." Ever since then we barely walk to each other anymore, I am starting to regret all of my actions, the way I treated my friends, getting angry at them for no reason, hating them, and wishing bodily harm on them, i'm such a disgusting person all I want is to make things right but sadly I feel like the damage has already been done.

angry at nobody buy myself 13

I tried to be angry at my wife because she's so bitchy. And she is. But I don't wish any harm to her. It's really myself I'm angry with--for compromising and making bad decisions that waste my talents and fritter away precious time. I could put my own head through a wall right now. It's taken me so long to figure out the simplest, stupidest shit.

All anger is self-directed 14

I'm so stupid. All this time I thought I was angry at my wife, but I'm just angry at myself. I'm angry for all the times I let others scare me and push me around. Now I've married a total fucking bully. She can't shut her loud cunt mouth for a minute. Total waste of space on earth. But she's never changed. She is who she is. i'm the stupid one for living the way i've lived, which has gotten me into a horrible financial and marital state at the age of 55. now i'll have to spend the next ten fucking years digging my ass out of the enormous hole i'm in. at least i'm aware of the giant shit mountain i've created. that's a start, i guess. still, i'm so angry at myself i could just cry... which i've been doing more lately because of all the stupid decisions i've made that got me where i am now. big. mistake. i married a cunt. i live with cunts. i work for cunts. it's fucking wall to wall cunts and i'm damned if i know what to do about any of it. fuck this.

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