Social Networkers

I am so fucking tired of the wankers that insist on letting all their 'friends' online know every fucking pointless detail of their day.

'So-and-so is having coffee with friends' (and pissing them off by writing on facebook with your fucking phone and ignoring them'

And why is it that they always write something really obscure that makes no sense, it's clearly an 'in' joke that only the people that were with them at the time would understand, so why do we give a shit?

And of course the ominous 'i feel sad' or some shit that's meant to provoke people into responding with sypmpathy and curiosity, well fuck them! No one gives a flying fuck if you 'fell over and hurt your knee' or if you 'don't like the rain', try using your fucking brain for once and write something that may be of any value.

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