Idiots that get offended over stuff. 1

I'm so sick of people whining over the stupidest stuff; I mean Jesus Christ if a Starbucks Cup Design offends you so Goddamn Much than don't fucking shop there retards. If I owned a business and you came into my store whining over shit, than I would throw your ass out and never let you back in and call you a fucking moron to your face, if you get offended over shit than maybe you need to stay home and let mommy change your diapers for you, because you people seriously need to GROW THE FUCK UP. Also you're not old enough to be drinking Coffee at Starbucks until you get off the baby formula out of your bottles provided by Mommy, and if I were Mommy, I would take a belt and whip all of you morons and maybe get some goddamn common sense into you. Seriously people it's a fucking Coffee Cup, and I really wish that Coffee Spills out of that offensive cup and burns you as an act of Karma, grow the fuck up and stop acting like fucking attention whores.

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