conceited people

god, these people make me so damn angry. they put others around them down so they can get a bit of self esteem, they are dumbasses, and they think they are god's gift to mankind. to all the conceited people in the world reading this, FUCK OFF!!!

Nosey People 2

I'm so pissed at people who act like they have to know all your business, and talk to you if you happen to be awake at 3 am. I'm too busy trying to sort things out in my own mind to worry about the "buy one, get one free" sale on a tub of butter at the grocery store.DON'T TALK TO ME, just GO IN THE OTHER ROOM AND LET ME HAVE MY SPACE!!!

People in general 3

OK I am really angry at two types of people and lets start with the first: Constant chatterers, or people who NEVER FUCKING SHUT UP!! They ask you at ten at night about your credit card bills, about this, about that -- my finances are the LAST thing I want to think about at that time of night, let alone discuss with you!!! Take the hint sweetie -- when I say put a sock in it it means SHUT UP!

But that's nothing compared to the vicious rumormongers who spread out and out LIES about you behind your back knowing it will get back to you - this latter I really just want to kick the fucking shit out of. This is the same idiot that left her marijuana in the workplace and tried to bullshit her way out of it-- go figure. You should be fired. Fuck you S.!!! Maybe it would do you good to get off the fucking couch and clean up the house for a change.

People bitch about everything 4

The reason I'm so pissed is because you can't even read a book at a public library without the government knowing what you read. Isn't there any privacy in this damn world anymore. It's ridiculous.

'Popular' People 5

They walk around, treating people like shit, when they are by far inferior to any other living organism. With the mental capacity of a school of deranged goldfish, combined with the fact that intelligence and culture are like a differrent language to them, really gets on my nerves. Fair enough, mock us mere humans now, but we are not going to pick you out of the gutter in a few years time, instead you will get a kick to help you on your way back to where you belong, ohh gracious popular ones.

Disruptive People 6

After 20 years of teaching, I've noticed that in any room full of people at least one is stupid and another is disruptive. It doesn't matter if they're high school dropouts, Harvard MBAs, or teachers trying to accomplish something in a committee meeting, the principle always holds: one stupid, one disruptive.

Stupid I can handle, but what drives me nuts is people who whisper and chit-chat while you're trying to impart important information. You tell them various ways 12 or 15 times to shut up, and they keep right on disrupting things with their private conversations.

I think teachers, and anyone who chairs meetings, should be legally entitled to snap the neck of anyone who won't shut up after being told politely to do so a dozen or more times. One class I teach is mostly Iraqi adults, and they are model students. None of this blah-blah-blah in the background shit. Maybe it's because they came from a society where jerks got dropped feet-first into plastic shredders.

Not a bad thing to do at all, with some of the people I have to deal with.

wrestling bashers 7

I'm angry because recently former World Wrestling Entertainment (W.W.F.) performer Elizabeth Hulette died of drug overdose and people made fun of her because of her profession in wrestling. She played a role of a manager and not been active in wrestling for few years. Every time someone in wrestling dies for some reason, someone who have the nerves to made fun of their deaths because they hate wrestling and assuming its performers are con artists who are trying to fool people if it is real sport. If you hate wrestling, fine but making fun of somebody's death is very disrespectful because everybody dies and it could be one of your loved ones in the family for any reasons. Also stop telling me wrestling is fake because I got the point. Although I can't speak for all wrestling fans why we like this form of entertainment, I like it because of the characters and humour such as the stories for example. I will continue to enjoy wrestling regardless of narrow minded people out there and show some respect to others. If any of you still viewed me as a stereotypical wrestling fan like a local radio DJ who I know, fine, but it will not stop me from enjoying wrestling and I know you narrow minded people would hate it.

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We have been sitting on this one for a week, trying to figure out where it should go. We gave up and stuck this posting in here.

directionally challenged people 8

Damn it I can't STAND it when people don't know left from right!!! It drives me absolutely, posetively crazy! Right is on way, left is the other. Know where one is and it's easy! Do you KNOW how many times I've been told to go left but I really had to go RIGHT?? God damn it, learn your directions people!

Rude people in the bus 9

There's many kinds of people in the bus. I have to take the bus almost every day, and when I'll be back to school in september I will have to take the bus at least twice a day. I wish people in the bus were more nice and polite, or just mind their own business. I always meet really rude people there and I'm starting to get sick of it.

Every time I sit in the bus, I open a window. Often an old lady or some person like that will sit next to me, when they could have sat ANYWHERE ELSE and they will yell at me to close the window OR close the window themselves without even asking me. This is SO annoying!! They could at least ask nicely! Also sometimes when the bus is crowded, some people older then 50 year old will stare at me until I give them my place. Even though it's obvious that they're perfectly healthy and that they have no reason of asking me for my seat. They just think they are better then me and more worthy of my seat then I am. I really hate this! Once a man yelled at me in the bus just because I didn't give him my seat. And I was SLEEPING!

Some people on the bus also have an extremely bad temper and they aren't afraid to show it. Once a guy I knew was with me in the bus and it was really crowded. There was this woman with a little girl and the guy was close to them but he had no choice. The woman started yelling at him accusing him of trying to hurt the girl and she called him an idiot and an asshole. I see that kind of things happening every day.

If you want to be selfish like that, then walk home and don't take the bus! Authors 10

I wish you highly intelligent morons that contribute to this site would have somebody proofread your work before hitting the send button. At times. I think you aren't really angry about the subject you are writing about, rather, you must be really pissed off at yourselves for never taking the time to learn to read, write and comprehend the english language. And you Canooks and Britts: stop pronouncing words as if your sinuses were caked solid with ten years worth of snot. What's up with the extra letter"u" in words like, colour and where in hell do you think the "sch" in schedule is pronounced like, shedule? Yeah, you Aussies are guilty of this shit, too.

I get tension headaches reading your piss poorly written and atrociously rotten rants. Now, go fuck yourselves up your fannys and bums and be happy.

Nosy People 11

I went out to buy two newspapers that I read. When I go up to the counter pay for them,this raspy voiced jerk-off wearing a straw hat waiting in line has to ask me "You sure you got enough to read there?" I try to ignore this shithead and go about my business but after the 5th time he asked, he had said "I guess he don't understand english" I turned around and told him that I heard him loud and clear and that I do have enough to read and suggested that he mind his own goddamn business. I wasn't doing anything to bother this man, why should he give a fuck what I do? I wasn't hurting anyone. I can't do anything without someone making a smart-ass remark and it really pisses me off.

everyone 12

people suck. you cannot trust them. some people lie. some people cheat. others are just assholes, jerkoffs and/or douchebags. what the hell? I think the words please and thank you have become more like latin to some people than manners. but hey, who the hell knows what manners are these days are either? it's disgusting no manners, no morals, not a one. what the hell is wrong with everyone today? ugh.

People in general 13

I am so sick and tired of people treating me like I have no right to exist. Some people would stare at me like I did something horrible right in front of them or If I'm running around naked in the street singing showtunes, or some other crazy shit like that. Others would mutter obscenities under their breath when they walk past me. I don't know the people that do these things, they sure as hell don't know me. I'm not a criminal,I mind my own business,I don't go around picking fights with others. I'm not going to stay confined to my home because of bi-polar assholes I have the misfortune of running into everyday.

rude people 14

i am really getting sick of this girl i work with! she's SUCH a fucking drama queen! omg...i can't deal with this. one day she's good and the next day she finds out she's pregnant, and omg, all of a sudden she acts like she's a cripple or something. bitching & moaning about swelling feet, (which i can't even tell are swollen, that's how over dramatic she is!) and how tired she is, and how sick she is and how this she is and how that she is.....blah blah blahbity fucking BLAH!!!!! shut the fuck up cunt! i can't seem to GET pregnant, and to hear you fucking bitch about it endlessly at only 6 weeks along, is like a fucking KNIFE in my heart so SHUT UP!!!!!! you KNOW how damn much i wanna be pregnant, can't you think about anyone but your damn self for ONCE??? damn! and btw, stop fucking taking breaks when you know i take them. just cuz you're preggo, doesn't mean you can do what you want, when you want. eat me bitch!

Idiots who Only Talk about Themselves 15

I'm rabid angry with dumb, self-absorbed, selfish, stupid, mind draining, mind sucking so-called 'friends', relatives, neighbors. ALL people who live in their own little murky pond of self-indulgent shit. Body language - HA, what a bloody joke, they don't see anything but their own pathetic, sad selves. You could be running away while they talk and someone else could stand where you were and they wouldn't even notice - just keep right on yacking. THEIR life is the only life, THEIR illness is the only illness, THEIR child is the only child. Nobody in creation has ever been ripped off like them, backstabbed like them, hurt like them, pained like them, had a rotten childhood like them, had worse parents than them, had no parents like them, had a unique illness like them, had a holiday like theirs, had a life learning experience like them, had a bad boss like them - in fact, NOBODY has lived before in the whole of human history EXCEPT them. You get migraines - oh nothing like THEIR migraines, you have a problem - oh THEY had that happen but worse. I want to know something. How come they even know that anything was worse, better, more or ANYTHING at all when they are completely incapable of listening to anybody else for more than 5 secs, without starting on their top up spiel until your eyes glaze over and a 6 yr old would see you need medical attention before you feint from bordom. Their problems, their woes, THEIR bloody life story. HEY to all those insensitive, selfish MORONS, if your life is so bad END it, if it's so good SPEND it, but leave me the hell out of it.

Oh yes, and people who've had EVERY illness known to man and more. And who tell EVERY poor unsuspecting person they meet and more. NOBODY cares about your bloody stupid illnesses and medical history. Do you UNDERSTAND! NOBODY bloody cares, get it! Even your doctors have probably turned to drink, so shut the hell up.

rude stupid people!! 16

What is the deal with people grocery shopping & eating what they put in their carts? Like tonight, there was this broad & she was eating out of a box of triscuits. i know they're gonna pay for them anyway, but good lord, can't you wait til you're out of the store to eat that stuff? that pisses me off to no end!!!

The Ignorant 17

What really angers me is the ignorant dumbasses who rant and rave about things they no nothing about and have not experienced. If you DO NOT know how another person feels, ARE NOT and have never been in their situation, and ARE a complete idiot, you have no right to make such stupid opinions. It's not that I have never been biased or naive, but at least I had the common decency to keep my opinions to myself, instead of inadvertantly of purposely insulting people who are in situations I have never and will never be in. So please, if you don't understand something, keep your mouth shut.

Nasty People 18

Nasty- as in unsanitary. Why do folks do this?

Where I work there is this lady who visits the bathroom, sits in the stall, takes a dump, comes out, runs water over the tips of her fingers, for like 3 seconds flat- then waltzes out like she she came in only for the mere purpose of adjusting her make-up?!

This pig won't even use soap and the "30 second scrub rule" to clean her filty hands, knowing she's just wiped her nasty butt crack! It drives me nuts! The she comes out and touches the door handle, leaving her butt-germs on it. I wonder if shes that nasty and trifiling at home?.....Everything she cooks probably makes her family sick........ewww, she's just nasty!

Ingrates 19

I am sick of doing nice things for the people I care about. I go out of my way to help out somebody and I don't even get a thank you. If somebody does something for me, I'm expected to thank them or do something nice for them in return, If I don't then I'm being a selfish bastard. It's not worth being nice to people.

*Note from Anger Central
So you don't work on a helpdesk I take?? ;)

stupid guy 20

what, do you think i'm just going to wait around for you forever?? i'm always here for you, and will always be here for you, but you never seem to notice do you? not unless its convenient for you or its what you want to do. god you make me so mad!!! why can't you see that you have someone who would love you no matter what? YOU WOULD SEE ME IF YOU JUST LOOKED!!!

Nasty People 21

People....nasty people that is.

"Unwashed Woman" strikes again.

I'm convinced this heffer is allergic to soap. A few days ago I had the displeasure of seeing her in the ladies room once again. There I was, washing my hands and preparing to exit when a co-worker of mine entered and proceeded to engage me in small talk. Suddenly we heard turds hit the water (not that we were listening for it, but they made really loud splashing noises.) Out of the stall comes Unwashed Woman- this time she broke her own record. She didn't even bother to wash her hands at all!! She walked right out like she hadn't just finished dropping a load!

Then on Halloween she had the nerve to bring in homebaked items for her co-workers...just the thought of consuming something she made induces symptoms of diareeah! If she dosen't bother to wash here, you know she dosen't at home! Eww...*shudder*

Rude People 22

Iíve lived in the Bay Area for seven years now. I love the location (San Jose, the heart of Silly Clown Valley). Itís nice for work (Iím a Computer Technician), and itís right in the middle of everythingÖMonterey, San Francisco. It couldnít be any better. So why am I PO'd? The Bay Area is full of the rudest people Iíve ever met in my life, e.g., Generation X pissy housewifes with a license to kill (SUVs that they donít know how to drive) gabbing on their cell phone as they cut me off, stressed out yuppies shaving and/or applying makeup on their way to work, flying in a 30 MPH zone at bat-out-of-hell speeds. People in general are really pissy here. Of course, most of them have probably come from some other part of the country (or world) and donít deal well with the stress, so they seem to take it out on everyone. AAARGGGHHHHH!!!

People that Gossip 23

I am pissed off with people that gossip behind your backs. They are just plain and simple losers who are jealous of others. I hate people like that. A word of advice: step up and say it or shut the fuck up.

Sheeple 24

The lady with the shopping cart who saw something shiny across the isle and abandoned her cart perfectly centered blocking me and everyone attempting to travel that way. The man and his friend in line who seems to believe that unless something of his, a shirt sleeve perhaps, is touching something of mine, the line will not move at all. The presence of his friend with the snotty running nose who should have used a tissue about 10 sniffs back doesn't help the situation. Each sniff sounding more deliberate as if each snotty load gets larger and more difficult to manage. The prick who wants to bully his way into traffic because he is just sooo special and who's time is much more important than everyone else who's been waiting much longer. The masses of sheeple slowly following someone or something to somewhere gives me the chills...there will be a silent but deadly gaseous event, you just know it. Damn! Why don't those people go to the bathroom before leaving the house! But the god, the children! Not the wonderful ones who smile and generally behave, it's the screaming, demanding, spoiled brats that I deplore. Why their mothers allow them to continue screaming while shopping, I'll never know...take the little brat outside and deal with it, dammit. Don't make my shopping experience unpleasant with your offspring's bad behavior. No, I don't have to have patience with your kid when he's a little shit, that's your job, honey. On the days I catch myself hating people in general, everywhere for anything...those are the days I must remove myself from any public place. No driving, no waiting in lines, no nothing, at least until I find I can stop hating sheeple for a good while.

Bathroom Slobs 25

Why are people such pigs in public bathrooms? You have to wonder if they do the same things at home as they do in public! I've caught people pissing all over the seat, I mean just spraying around wildly like they are putting out a fire. That explains the oceans of urine that I have had to swim through to relieve myself, but it gets worse.

What kind of a sick mind does it take to defecate in a urinal? I've seen a row of four urinals, and ALL OF THEM have crap in them? How long did that take? Weren't they afraid of being caught?

You think thats bad, it gets even worse. I've seen turds in the sinks. Imagine the time it takes to crawl up there, take a dump, then climb back down. All that time, the dumper is vulnerable to untold of butt kickings if only someone were to walk in and catch them. For crying out loud, if public bathrooms had bathtubs, people would be emptying their bowels into those too.

Why are people so two-faced 26

I can't stand two-faced people. I can't stand people who backstab. I can't stand people who lie. I can't stand people who have no spine. I can't stand people who only exist to make others feel less than. I can't stand people who compete for no good reason. I can't stand pretentious morons who have nothing to be pretentious about. I can't stand people who think they have all the answers after their life has proven to be a bleeding mess. I can't stand people who don't stand up for themselves. I can't stand people who ostracize those who do. I can't stand people who shrug at others' discomfort. I can't stand people who are hypocrites. I can't stand people who are selfish and self-centered. I can't stand people who never admit when they are wrong. I can't stand people who wreak havoc in others' lives and then distance themselves from the spoilage. I can't stand people who never understand anything you say to them, no matter how bluntly you make your statement. I can't stand people who behave as though you just killed ten grandmothers because you said a curse word, especially when they know it was deserved. I can't stand people who think Jesus is the answer to everything. I can't stand judgmental idiots. I can't stand people who only see the bottom line. I can't stand people who don't see the bigger picture. I can't stand people who are ignorant and want to be. I can't stand people who never heard of standing by a person, right or wrong, unless of course, they've raped or killed someone.

people who won't leave you alone 27

I am so pissed at people who won't leave you alone when you want to be left alone!!! They insist on talking your damn ear off and won't fucking go away. The next person to do this to me will have the dubious honor of having a pair of my sweat socks jammed down their gullet!!! ARGH!

ignorant people 28

I had hidden away gifts for my friends but now they are demolished. One of them is even missing. Now I have to go out and buy more gifts to replace them. How did this happen? Some kid tore them apart. The parents should take on responsibility and do something about it or at least say sorry, but what did they do? They let their kid roam wild and they hid the destroyed gifts from me. They didn't even let me know what had happened!! In addition to that, their kid broke a number of glass figurines that are irreplaceable. This is just great...I already spent a ridiculous amount of money on gifts but now I have to spend even more than I have to and my display case is full of empty spaces.

Assholes 29

I am angry that so many assholes get away with so much evil bullshit in this stupid world of ours. Why do things have to be this way? Can't we just build a big catapult and toss all the assholes out into space? Maybe they could spin into the sun and crackle and melt like campfire marshmallows. That would make me feel a lot better, for sure.

Of course, yeah, I know, some asshole out there is going to say, how do you define who's an asshole and who's not? Well, for one thing, I have my own personal shit-list, and you'll just have to trust me, it's 100% accurate about all the people on it being assholes. But, okay, say that's not quite good enough for you (what are you, some kind of asshole or something?). Say you want to at least test people before sticking them on the catapult, to make absolutely sure they're assholes. Fortunately, nothing could be easier. Here's the simple answer:

  1. If someone is a fucking goddamn pathological liar, that's a prime symptom of assholeness.

  2. If someone treats you like absolute shit absolutely all the time, that's them being an asshole.

  3. If someone treats you nice all the time, but then goes and says something mean about you to someone else, then they belong on the honor roll in the hall of shame for worthless assholes.

  4. Just about anybody who works for a telemarketing firm is a stinky, hairy, shit-ringed asshole.

  5. Republicans = assholes. Period.

  6. Companies that pollute the environment are all run by total assholes.

  7. The stars, producers, writers and fans of the t.v. show "Friends" aren't exactly assholes, I'll admit. They're more like a bad case of the piles deep inside the giant asshole that runs the network.

And, well, I think that ought to do it for now. Don't want to overload the catapult.

People that borrow money and don't pay it back: 30

I am pissed. I loaned this person money three months ago and he hasn't payed it back. He even made me feel guilty for even mentioning it. He's always talking about having problems with money, being broke etc. Then why did you borrow the money you worthless scrub! I wish I could sue his ass to teach him a lesson, but damn! I didn't get anything in writing! F*CK! I'll never loan money again & if I do I'll make them sign a contract! I wish him misfortune, pain, suffering, and may his penis shrivel up and fall off!

Emotionally sensitive people 31

I am extremely angry are emotionally sensitive people. They cannot be told off without throwing a tantrum or running off crying their eyes out. AND THESE ARE ADULTS FOR FUCKS SAKE!!! Fucking hell! What happened when they were young, did they just start crying when they got told off either by their parents or teachers? Or did they just bring the trouble upon themselves and started unprovoked fights with peers. And now they are adults, and every time something goes wrong, these fucking sooks are up the wall. It's their fucking fault that they turned out this way, don't blame anyone else for it, they have themselves to blame.

I can't think of a solution for this. Maybe we could:

In conclusion, straightening out emotionally sensitive people is inconclusive. There is nothing we can do to straighten these mongoloids out.

people that ignore everything you say  32

I am totally pissed off at my sons stupid ass girlfriend spoiled little bitch they live with me told the bitch she could not get a puppy but she ignores me the little bastard is shitting allover my place. I'm about to rub her nose in it

Stupidity 33

Why can't people learn to use their damn computers? Businesses use computers! if you can't make it work then DON'T work at that business! If you need time to figure out how it works before you open for the day, then GET THERE EARLY ENOUGH TO DO SO!!!

Idiotic do gooders 34

What the fuck is the deal with all these do gooders? The criminals, terrorists, and losers and filth of society are protected by these idealistic fuckwits who don't know their ass from left. The criminals are still rampaging on the street, the terrorist still kill more innocent people, and the lazy people are cheating off the welfare. Fuck off idiots! That is why the world is out of control. Pull your heads out of your fucking asses and figure out why crime rates and deaths are higher than before. How about you go to fucking Iraq for a week and give us your opinion on what we should do. And don't you fucking dare come whinging to us when you are robbed, attacked, blown up and have had money stolen from you. I WON'T FUCKING HELP YOU!

Shallow People 35

I am really tired of these shallow people everywhere. I used to have a friend like this, and I told him about a band I like. he said 'Oh that band sucks, because so-and-so has a t-shirt about them.' What the hell?  And the people that buy certain brands of clothes. Do people really go around and look at the tag on your butt? I don't freaking care if you hate Goths or blondes or ugly people! Leave me the hell alone!

RSVP-ing 36

I have gotten completely angry that people don't RSVP anymore. I bought all this crap for my kid's birthday party, but nobody called to let me know they weren't coming. Plenty of heartbreak and waste insued. How could you people do that to a kid, and a mom you jerks all call "nice". You are not nice. You are bad. I hope you need something badly one day and nobody takes thirty seconds to act like they give a hoot. I hope it really hurts you and makes you realize how cold the world is when it is populated with such a large proportion of meanies. Plus, you can also go die of ebola.


I am in NO MOOD FOR BULLSHIT THIS WEEKEND.. I'M FUCKIN' PISSED OFF. I shouldn't even be awake right now and I was getting lethargic (which is another thing I have a BIG beef about), but I'm FUCKIN' PISSED RIGHT NOW. I didn't go out and do everything I was supposed to yesterday, even though I had a whole "free" day.. FUCK being on the computer next time (I should have just left the house), not to mention distracted by the fuckin' movie dad brought home (once I start watching, sometimes I just end up sitting there). Speaking of dad, he brought over my half brother and I'll be out all weekend so I won't have time to spend with him.




Rubbernecking Pagans 38

A little girl was struck tonight in the street by a careless driver. When I consider the actions of more than a few neighbors in coming to stand around and gawk I really just want to explode. I myself went out to see if I could offer assistance. When I saw the police and ambulance crew already working on her, I turned around and went back in the house. I knew at that point the most help I could offer was not getting in the fucking way!

And.... where the fuck were the god damned parents when their little girl got hit? I don't even know if she's gonna live or not. This is torture. This isn't fair. If someone is gonna die, let it be someone like me, who's burned out and used up and disillusioned -- not someone who's full of life and potential and dreams for the future that should still be ahead of her!!!!!! GOD DAMN IT TO HELL!

*Note from Anger Central
Mine were on vacation when I was hit by a car at age 8. The Webmaster

People in general 39

Why are people so NASTY so NOISEY they have to runin your own fucking life.  I am feed with Everyone doing thing to me. The few people who have NOT done things to me are the great ones. Thank you those people. The world does not go around me but when loads of people do things its starts to get really tiring. Im ok now but i keep stress level to a low well try to any way.

Nasty Nosey people 40

What really ticks me off is Nasty nosey people having to know all your business all the time. These people don't care about anyone but them selves. They just carry on sticking there noses in you business, and been being plain nasty to others. I call them bullies.

People who whine 41

Whiny water babies make me angry. WWAAAAA, I don't have a job and nobody will hand me one on a silver platter. WWWAAAAA, customer service won't treat me like the next king. Lord, somebody call WHINE-11! ;)

people who don't return your calls 42

I hate when people don't return your calls when you leave a message on their answer machine. I called my boyfriend yesterday twice and asked him to call me back and he never returned my calls. That really pisses me off when people do that.

Laundromat Hogs 43

It truly pissed me off to enter the Laundromat today and see that 9 of the 14 dryers were being monopolized by this scabby bitch with a cell and the other three of those by this old granny bitch who should be hog tied and whipped like the dog she is. Some of us have to do several loads of laundry and its NOT cool to have to sit there with two loads of sopping wet laundry and watch these Laundromat pigs pumping more quarters when there's only five goddamn things in each dryer! The mother fucking nerve! I know some things are unavoidable but this is just plain ridiculous. I am seriously contemplating getting my own washer and dryer when I get the money ahead and these Laundromat pigs can go stick their sorry selves in a dryer and turn it on high heat for all I care. PS. I hope your cat fire hose pukes all over your mother fucking clean laundry the minute you get home! That will teach you cock suckers some manners...

people, yes, this probably means you. 44

Seriously, people really annoy the ever living shit out of me. whether it is the old man in some bonneville, wearing his fishing cap and wrap around sun glasses, or the nasty rag at starbucks who thinks she can give me an attitude because she's making me a friggin' latte. get over yourselves, realize that there are other people on this planet and please try to stop being such dumb fucks.

People in general 45

People in general! Damn what a perfect category for me to write about how FUCKING ANGRY I am. I hate people with a damn passion. I think I am a serial killer who hasn't killed anybody yet. Well maybe just a sociopath. REGARDLESS I HATE THE FUCKERS! I would gladly spend every minute of the rest of my fucked up shit miserable excuse for a life blowing their damn brains out, one human piece of shit at a time. I can't begin to describe how angry they make me. They are ALWAYS EVIL. They always want to hurt the weakest one, just because of "animal instinct" or some bullshit we hear from sociologists. NO ASSFUCK, it is not based on an anthropological model, they are JUST PLAIN EVIL. Why can't they be like animals? Animals are good and pure. They have no evil intent. And why are people so damn ugly? Some of them look like giant larva. Think about it. God I hate the fuckers.

*Note from Anger Central
Feel free to leave the planet any time. :)

Newsgroup jerks 46

Why do some people on newsgroups think they are superior to others? I also get furious at the amount of facetious and smart-ass answers I get to my questions. And not to mention the rude replies to some of my messages. I don't post often, as some of these people do daily. I guess some people have nothing better to do than to attack others because of their hobbies. Maybe these people need to find a constructive hobby instead of looking up porn on web and playing with themselves. They're probably bunch of losers with wet dreams. (My rant might not sound coherent, but I'm just frustrated with these newsgroup jerk-offs so it really doesn't matter.)

people in general 47

ok i could easily list hundreds of reasons why people piss me off, but today i am going for people who talk about nothing but themselves. whether it be 'oh im so amazing ive done this and this memememememe' or 'oh my life is so hard' when it fucking well isnt they all deserve to be mashed up with fish forks

People who are angry at 48

I am angry at those angry about Yes, everyone needs to vent every once a while. But if all you people ever do is just read the entries this site simply for your own amusement, then you must lead a sad existence. Go do some volunteer work, take a walk in the park, or do something constructive, and maybe, just maybe, you dingbats won't be so angry!

Ignorant 49

Recently I was watching a sport on Monday Night. The intro to the show was acted out by a well known athlete and actress. One black, the other white. A certain guy named TONY from Indianapolis stated he was offended by a black man and a white woman being together. He is a racist. I used to respect this man. Not anymore.

stupidity and ignorance 50

I work with people that are supposed to be smart. People who are supposed to know what they are doing and are supposed to be professionals. The more I work with these people the more I start to give up on humanity. When I was young I knew that there were some stupid, ignorant, no common sense having jackasses out there. Once I got this job I realized that there are more than I first thought. As if that wasn't enough, I married a woman that cheated on me while I was in the military. Got divorced from her and was stupid enough to marry another. The only difference is, my current wife now is lazy and wont get a job. She also has her mother and 12 year old brother living in our house. So between my kids and her mother and brother, I am supporting 7 freaking people with a job that pays absolutely nothing. So know I am completely stressed, broke and on top of that I have this anger problem that I am hoping this site helps me with. I hate stupid, lazy, freeloading, no common sense having, jerks. I almost flipped out tonight, between all of the bad crap happening to me now the government wants me to pay property taxes on a house I DON'T OWN. So even better, I have to fight going to jail over something that has nothing to do with me. The person working at the tax office probably heard that I hate stupid people and decided to strike back. So I leave whoever is reading this to my final statement, do not trust anyone, if you yourself have the common sense to know right from wrong, take care of yourself and leave the tards to take care of themselves...

Angry People 51

I'm pissed about all the dumb bastards that are pissed for no reason, and so ,feel compelled to bitch about fat people, bald people, people of certain ethnicities, short people, tall people, people with pointy ears, people with three nipples, short people, blind people, people with properly functioning genitals. Who gives a shit. So your angry. Why do you feel the need to share the fact that for some damn reason your mad. Guess what, NOBODY CARES. Everyone is pissed for some reason, and everyone likes to bitch about it, but noone likes to listen to it so really, shut up. I don't know, maybe some fat dude sat next to you in a seat that someone left a ketchup packet sitting on, and it exploded and stained your favorite spandex bottoms. Be mad at tomatoes. Maybe some blind midget's little tapping stick thing was in the tapping stick shop, and not being able to "see" you, walked his little bald pointy-eared head right into your sac. Be mad at the fact that we can't see infrared. One thing maybe you don't know about all the people you hate, as you sit in your little tower in your tiny little kingdom, ruling all those perfect full head of hair, spandex wearing, two-nippled, no midget having, kingdom, nobody cares what you think. You're one opinion out of trillions, many of whom, for some reason or another, hate people just like you. People don't care if you don't like them. Maybe you see your targets as victims, think they're helpless, and want only for you to like them and want to be your friend 'cause you're just so damn fabulous in your sparkly spandex. They don't give a shit if you like them. They aren't the ones with the anger problem. I think there is seriously something with you, but I'm glad I've given you something else to bitch about, friend.

idiots who walk in the middle of the street 52

I live in a residential area and a lot of people choose to walk in the middle of the street instead of the sidewalk. What do you stupid people think the sidewalk was made for anyway? Every time I drive my car these idiots are doing there daily walk and they choose to piss me off and walk in the middle of the street just to be annoying. Screw them! It is like a suicide attempt for them, it's like they want to be ran over or something.

weirdo at the mall 53

For the last month everytime I go to the mall, there is this weird little man there following me around. I think he is a stalker. Everytime I am walking around in the mall, this guy seems to know where I am going to be, what is he a freaking mind reader? He is so ugly and a weirdo. I have no interest in him and in his weak little mind he seems to think I like him. Last time I was at the mall, i was walking around and he comes up to me and says "aren't you happy to see me?" What a weirdo! He doesn't even know me. I think he needs to get a life.

STUPID people 54

I am so incredibly fed up with stupid people breathing my air. The co-worker who whines because her husband works days, she works nights and she doesn't get any sleep-neither do I but I don't call in and leave people hanging. I made that decision and I live by my decisions. She is irresponsible. The customer who comes in demanding 5 star quality hotels rooms for $25/night HELLO! The neighbor who says please don't park in front of my house (on the public street) because I don't want to look at your truck but then parks her own truck there! The "friend" who goes behind your back, lies, and tells other friends, "Oh didn't you know 'Kate' is only friends with you because I'm moving away and she has no one else" when in fact you are trying to maintain a frienship with her only because she is pregnant, hormonal, and thinks the world is out to get her and you feel sorry for her that she has essentially cut herself off from anyone she was ever pals with. I am angry with my spouse for jeopardizing my life by screwing up at work and effectively ruining his career-thus he'll be out of a job within the next 18 months and we have no way of knowing if or where we will land. I am angry at myself for allowing all of these people to make my life hell, and for allowing them all to make me so crazy that I hate to get out bed daily. I am angry that I cannot quit my job and spend what precious time I have with my children. They will eventually look back and wonder why mom worked so much and I'll never be able to tell them it is because their father was stupid and threw away everything we've sacrificed for over the past 10 years. I am so filled with anger that I have gotten to the point that I hate myself, and I haven't done any of this! There is so much more, but that'll have to wait for another day.

Assholes who ignore me 55

What in the name of fuck do I have to do to get some HUMAN FUCKING CONTACT in life. I've been going to this one fucking drinking room EVERY DAMN weekend, and aside from a few drinking buddies that I get loaded with every few weeks, I never met a SINGLE DAMN PERSON, and end up spending all night sitting in a corner by myself. Has it occured to any of the X-amount of skanks in there that they can stop the drunken spit swapping with other skanks and oh say maybe fucking speak to ME FOR FUCKING ONCE?

I'M SICK OF FUCKING GOING HOME EVERY WEEK TO END UP TALKING TO MYSELF, THINKING ABOUT NOTHING OTHER THAN ME AND DESERT EAGLE COMING TO RE-EDUCATE YOUR ASSES AND HAVING TO DEPEND ON NAUGHTY SITES TO GET ANY SATISFACTION. Yes I want a bit of fucking action like any other properly functioning guy. Hell, you all don't even have to put out. A serious friendship would be good enough. But I guess that's also too much to ask for.

And approaching people is out of the question because all they do is treat you like you're invisible or they'll cry harassment.


Staring people 56

Why does this make me so fucking pissed? Why have I felt this way since I was a child? People that think they are doing me a favor by staring at me are not doing so. I am not scarred, disfigured, burned, deformed, or have purple spiked hair with black lipstick and a lip ring. Being 6'4" tall certainly doesn't help things. I get a haircut every month, shave on a regular basis, and bathe every day. I work for a living. I have a job. I have bills and responsibilities. For fuck's sake, guys like me don't dress in an abnormal manner. Do yourselves a favor and don't even look at me. Don't even give me a second thought if you see me at my work (selling auto tags). Don't bother thinking about me, because I would rather blend into the background and disappear than be looked upon. No, being a celeberty would be a death sentence for me. I am no one special. My wife, who I adore, knows this, but doesn't realize how bad it really is. Sometimes, being invisible would be the best thing for me. Please, do not stare anymore. I do not want your fucking attention!

People who stare 57

Ok, say I'm at a some kind of event where there are naturally lots of people. I go to the lady's room to do my biz and touch up my makeup. I'm not drop-dead gorgeous, yet I'm far from ugly, I'm just pretty. And by no means am I conceited or vain. Why is it then, that there's always some dumb cunt that likes to stare at me as I'm refreshing my face? It's not like I'm getting all glamoured up to impress anyone (my hubby thinks I'm beautiful no matter what), but yet someone has to just stand there and stare, like if she's never seen anyone put on makeup before. I get so annoyed at times! I'd stop what I'm doing and give her a mean glare thru the mirror until she stops staring. Once, when that didn't work, I actually said, "excuse me, is there a problem?" Geez, take a picture, it will last longer! Dumb cunts got nothing better to do but stare at everyone else. Freaking rude!

Trend Whores 58

Why am I angry? I look around and see a world (over) populated by false, shallow, indifferent, greedy, selfish, obnoxious, arrogant, stupid, uncultivated, moronic trend whores who walk around in clouds, ignoring all the mess in the world - brainwashed into thinking that they can buy themselves out of their misery. They try to fill up those spiritual voids within them with SUV's, sport cars, IKEA furniture, cellular phones, designer clothes and mp3 players - designed with the sole purpose of providing them with an identity they can't produce themselves. It's like looking at a geriatric patient clinging to his crutches. They are so naked without everything that makes them them. It's the modern day comfort blanket. You have to open your eyes and realize that you're not cool, you're not special. Those NIKE shoes don't enhance your identity. All they show the world around you is that you're a self absorbed, self-conscious moron who will buy anything if you think it will add anything positive to other people's perception of you as a human being. You are weak, you are insecure, you are manipulated by corporate shrinks. They know you better than you know yourself. They know that you drink Aquafina, they know you wear Pumas, they know you want that iPod nano very badly. They know because they made you who you are. Take the pill and snap out of it. Wearing Puma sneakers won't make you a better human being, drinking Aquafina won't make you cool, driving a Supra doesn't make people like you better.

Be yourself, be genuine.

People who can't take hints 59

You wanna know what I hate the most.. its fucking people who cant take fucking hints. Like this useless piece of shit who keeps wandering into my room sometimes.I don't want him there and I give him close to like infinity billion hints to get his ass out of my room and he still doesn't go.Fucking hell I think people who can't take hints are the scum of the earth .. they should be persecuted and sent to Mars they dont' belong here fucking hell.

*Note from Anger Central
Might we suggest you try the two magic words? These words have been used throughout time and have been known to be effective. These words are...GET OUT!!

People in General 60

I cannot fucking stand some people and their audacity. I never could understand why people are so "comfortable" with themselves. Show some modesty. I know these people at work who will say anything to anyone even if they don't know what the fuck they are talking about. that is so annoying. If you don't have any clue or you spent no time on the issue at hand, shut the fuck up... I hate that about people. And this power crap. Who wants it???? Why would I want to tell people what to do all day? Or why do I care if these idiots at work think I am the boss???? These same people have two year degrees and they act like they are doctors. How funny is that? No one wants to do hard work anymore. I do and I love to work, real work, not sit and talk about work or myself like most of my colleages. What the fuck is wrong with this world? How do people become so arrogant and controlling? They are freakin embarassing. I would be embarassed to act like I know something when I myself have never experienced it. This is real annoying. Basically I need to focus on positive people that I can respect. I only have a few and sometimes they do shit that is unethical and rude. I am not perfect trust me, however I have common courtesy and would not want to hurt someone. Others love to see people struggle. This corporate world is not for me. What really pisses me off is that I am stuck here. Pay raises make a big impact on my life outside of this hell hole. These people even talk negatively about their own work place to public. What a shame. Have some self pride. Why would someone want to complain about where they CHOOSE to be for 8.5 hours a day???? I cannot stand this type of mentality.

Cab snatchers 61

Someone fucking bitch stole a cab from me, and i had been waiting for about half an hour under the hot sun for a cab. Where did all the cabs disappear to? I had to call for a cab in the end, and pay booking fee. I hate it having to spend so much time waiting, getting sun burnt, having my blood pressure increased. Fuck

trailer trash retards 62

What the fuck is wrong with people who live in trailer parks? Why are they so goddamned rude? Just because you are poor doesn't mean you don't have to learn manners, you assholes. And they have the nerve to have entitlement issues! The only thing they entitled to is my foot up their ass! If we burned down all of the trailer parks, that would get rid of at least half the people on welfare. And what's up with the mullets? What is so appealing about living in a dumpy shack on wheels? One last thing, if you going to fuck your cousins, at least have sex with the good looking ones, and don't send the offspring to school. They'll just wind up being rude, disruptive flunkies anyway so at least give other kids some peace and keep the little inbreeds at home.

*Note from Anger Central
Not to worry, this is why we invented the T.S.T. (Trailer seeking Tornado) <grin>

Asshole who gave me a dirty look 63

When I was walking out of a building and going down the stairs, there was this fucking inbred dirtbag with a sunburn and orange mullet rode by on his bicycle and was giving me a dirty look and as he was riding away, he looked back at me. I asked him "Hey, Do you have a problem with me?" The stupid bastard came back and was mumbling to me then rode off again, he sounded either drunk or retarded, possibly both. I couldn't make out what he was saying but anyway I'm really getting sick of people giving me dirty looks, like I'm supposed to be afraid of them. Are they hoping I just drop dead after they glare at me? What the fuck did I do to them besides exist? It's not like I have some abnormality like a tail or six legs or a second head with three eyes. I sure as hell am not a criminal, I don't even go around bothering anyone. We live in 21st century and it really bothers me that there still are people out there who judge others before they know them. I know I should just let it go but I can't help it, it happens way too often and it really pisses me off.

I hate unhappy people 64

Okay. I'm angry that so many people are having such horrible lives. It makes me so sad. I'd love to promote complete and total happiness and want to start by hoping that everyone has a lovely day tomorrow. Stop worrying about the things that you can't change and consider doing something about the things that you can. I love my life and I want other people to feel as happy as me! Come on people, stop the hating and (in a non hippie way) start the love. Being considerate costs nothing and the only disability is a bad attitude. Fair enough, sometimes for whatever reason, people are going to annoy you, but if you rise above it then there's nothing that you can't overcome. Loads of luck everyone!

People who take away choices 65

I am angry at a few people in my life at the moment. People that tell me i need to make my decisions, and that they are mine to make! Bull Shit! I got married because the guy i was dating decided "drunk" means have un-protected sex. I got pregnant and married at 18. He has now left ME and people say it is MY decision what to do! I decided, i have a wonderful boyfriend BUT my decision was supposedly the wrong one! Its too soon, he's not right for you, you need time alone! WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT. I make my mind up, you ALL criticize my decision. I CHANGE my mine to stop you nagging, and am told that if i still desire it in my HEART, i haven't changed at all! STOP SAYING I HAVE A CHOICE, WHEN OBVIOUSLY YOU HAVE ALREADY MADE MY CHOICES FOR ME! Fuckers

needy people 66

Needy emotional vampires. I hate them. People who drain your life blood by whining and crying all the time and not doing ONE GODDAMN THING ABOUT IT. It's not like these people are handicapped in any physical manner, NOOOO, just that they are mental midgets who can't go a day without having to spew their verbal vomit all over anyone who will listen. AND THEN when one tells them to get a fucking grip on reality they have some emotional breakdown and get all fucking angry because you're "not there" for them.

Fuck off.

Get a life.

Get a fucking job like the REST OF THE WORLD.

Suck it up.

and most of all


people in general  67

I am really fucking sick of people who pick on others! I mean, how exactly does posting nasty comments to someone's webpage make your dick (or boobs) bigger? How exactly does joining a huge gang and killing people who obviously can't defend themselves make you tough? How exactly does calling someone else a retard make you a genius? How exactly does pushing over a fat kid in the yard make you cool? Honestly, not everyone will be well endowed, not everyone will be a genius, tough has nothing to do with intentionally hurting other people just for the fun of it, and forget about being cool, the expectations are too high and all of your friend will be fakes! And if you just don't like someone then just leave them alone, it's not that hard!

People on the internet 68

I am angry because I read some of the things on this website. I just think that it's ridiculous that people get on here to make fun of or hate on people. If you don't like something then do something about it. Everybody that stays on here and posts all the time are pathetic, and I'm sure with the sad lives that they lead gives them a right to post on this. They draw attention away from themselves to hate on everybody else. It's useless and I know that I'm going to get some people angry at me for writing this. I don't care cause it's useless. Simply because you don't know me, and you can say every mean thing about me. You still don't know me :D

People's Entries 69

I am so angry at some people for saying stuff about kids, overweight people, parents, and everything else! I am very disappointed in you all. Talk about DANG RESPECT! Heard of it? Yeah! RESPECT! Give it! If you can't learn the word, go talk to a therapist or go back to school! I'm a mother who finished college and has a good job, a wonderful husband and 3 good children! Sometimes you people make it sound so bad and you might even be the cause of the anger! And the teens! You went through it too, so shut your trap about it! The way your all acting is like absolute brats! Some of your actions show the real brat! I'm disgusted with you all!

*Note from Anger Central
Do you know what annoys the Webmaster? The lack of use of that wonderful tool called the SPELLCHECKER!!

drive by 70

God! I absolutely hate immature fucking retards such as the ones at my current high school!!

I just recently moved into a new place, in a new state. so I'm kind of a loner, reason being:

I donít really know any one. And b. most of the people one finds within a high school, teenage environment are the type of people I wouldnít want to associate with. (see the "teenage" page in "groups"). well anyway, I needed to get out of the house, cause I really donít like sitting on my ass doing nothing at home, so I decided to go on a walk. figured I would go grab a cup of coffee and a burger at the McDonalds (kind of a long walk but better then watching some crap on TV... god I hate TV...) it just so happened that there had been a football game that night, so of course, all these stupid retards with there slutty bitchy fake girlfriends and there loud stereo systems were driving around the neighborhood at speeds way way over the limit. and they all feel the need to yell out something obnoxious and rude to any passing person on the sidewalk. god! then I get to McDonalds and it seems that that was where half of them were heading, where of course they just had to argue with the poor guy behind the counter about what they were getting, and ask about every fuckin thing because there to stupid to read the god damn menu that is literately right in front of there fucking faces. I finally get my order, and take it outside, trying to get away from the place, walking outside thereís a group of them, all around 15-16 smoking in front of the red box movie thing!!!! what the fuck!!!!! If your going to do something completely illegal, donít do it in a completely public place and show off you idiocy!!! god!!!! its next to a huge kohlís parking lot so I go and find a grassy area next to a light pole to eat in peace, and a couple cars full of there drunken asshole kind start doing wheelies in the parking lot, thereís like 5 of them in the back of the trucks and you got them hanging out of the fuckin windows!!!! god!! why donít people use some common sense.

then I start walking home and a group of them drive by and yell some more shit at me. god! if your going to say something say it in front of my damn face instead of driving off while screaming something at 60 mph in a 25 zone.... freaking mother fuckers.. why are there that type of rude obnoxious people out there??? I wont dare mention the bus ride to school every day, and there disrespect towards the bus and driver. poor guy, he has to deal with a lot of shit, why do people have to argue demands given by the driver!!! they argue every fuckin thing he says, and he's the most lenient driver out there! all he asks is that people watch the language and volume! and they even disrespect that!!!! calling him names, arguing with him, why? some respect!...I just donít get some people, especially within a high school environment.

fake, ignorant, rude people are the scum of the earth... they give absolutely nothing to society. and go through there lifeís only causing pain to those whom do give. living off other peoples money and possessions.. stealing, using there laziness as a tool to get aid from government and charity organizations. people like that mean nothing.. yet they can cause so much damage.... there kind operate the same way as a parasite, taking while causing harm.... so ignorant and immature... showing no respect, god I hate there kind...yet there every where, in every level of society!

I hate High School (especially Riverdale, the one IĎm attending)!!! Education is important, its the tool that expands are minds... changes the way we think, always for the better. I fully support it... yet I find it hard to appreciate such opportunities when Iím surrounded by people who I hate and despise, and because of it I am alone... I hate school, sadly I have 3 years of it left, three years of dealing with all that shitÖgranted not everyone within a high school are that way, but I find it hard to find friendsÖ. Itís much easier when you have a choice of where you are, certain people tend to swarm towards certain things. itís a simple matter of personality.

Well anyway, yea. I hate people who feel the need to yell something at you when they drive by. And people who cant show any respect. And fake people, and ignorant people. And sorry about my language. I usually try not to curse like that, but one tends to do such things when irate.

(wow, this is really a great website! This is my second rant in two days!)

people who add -esque to the end of words 71

Who are these morons who add -esque to the end of words to sound smart? I swear if I hear another idiot say a word ending is -esque I'm going to shoot them between the eyes. Your not Reubenesque, YOUR FAT! That movie wasn't Spike Lee-esque, IT SUCKS! These retards think adding -esque to the end of any word instantly raises their IQ by 50 points. No, it just makes you an unimaginative loser. It's one thing to use it once in a great while when genuinely appropriate, but when I hear these fuckers say this is blank-esque or that is blank-esque every other sentence it makes me want to scream! If you were really that intelligent you wouldn't have to try so hard to convince me that you have a brain. Come up with a new catch phrase dingleberry!

people in general 72

I swear for 2008 my new year's resolution will be not to get let myself get close to anyone else...EVER. Why. Over the past four years, I've learned that when you make friends one of three things are inevitable.


a) get married and abandon you. I understand that once you get married/settle down or whatever your spouse becomes top priority... And I totally understand that things will NEVER be the same as they were when we were younger, but to totally cut your friends off with no explanation is total bullshit. Hell, I'm married too but I still try to make time for my friends, even if it's something like have a beer or watch the game...what do you think weekends are for? Which brings me to point

b) They get new friends and abandon you. This one really sucks...Especially when I was the only one who was there to give him a shoulder to cry on when his bitch of an ex-girlfriend gave him problems, and when his asshole roommates put him out in the cold...I was the only one who stood up and gave him a place to lay his head and a hot meal until he got on his feet, and you mean to tell me that now that you're Mr.. big time weed dealer now, you can't even pencil me in to go hang out every once in a while because you're too busy with your new friend.

c) they flat out turn on you. So in '08 my thing is fuck people, and stay to myself.

people who hate skateboarders 73

well i am so damn angry because, every time I am riding my skateboard people yell at me. now either they have a stick up there ass or they just want to be bitches.

*Note from Anger Central
Could it be that people are worried that you're about to run into them? Could it be that you are skateboarding in places that you shouldn't be? (Like sidewalks, roads, etc)

People in General 74

I'm just mad at all of the assholes and morons I have to deal with on a daily basis. Not to mention, that I usually end up arguing with a quarter of them, which really drains you.

Like this one shit head that kept staring at me when I was walking into the market. Like I'm supposed to be scared of his scrawny ginger ass.

Then this friend of mine, who I got in a 2 hour argument with about why we shouldn't be colonizing space anytime soon, and, when asked why we should be going up there, he simply said "because we haven't done it before." What kind of dumbass answer is that? Well, maybe I should go have anal sex with a whale, that's something no one has done before. I'd be a star! The more I get to know him, the more I dislike him. It's probably because he smokes way too much pot. But it's ok, he's not a pothead, because he's never bought it. He just owns a bong, and gets high waaay too often.

Then there is this stupid backstabbing bitch, who likes to fuck around with guys. Who has stabbed me in the back so fucking much, it's pathetic I took so long to catch on. I was walking back to my dorm with some food, and the stupid bitch has the nerve to wave to me, after she embarrassed me in front of a bunch of people saying that she didn't want to be my friend anymore! What are you? Retarded? The only interaction I want with you right now is my foot up your ass. I fucking hate you. It's the kind of hate I reserve for genuine dumbasses. That's because YOU'RE A DUMBASS. You clearly have no idea what the fuck is going on. You think you can just stab me in the back and expect everything to be alright? YEA FUCKING RIGHT. The only time I want to see your face again is when my fist is making contact with it, and the subsequent "Holy crap! My shit just got ruined!" look on it afterwards. Go eat dick, cunt.

people with teeth 75

What the hell is wrong with people these days? I just don't get it. What gives them the right to think that they can have teeth I mean they just sit there chewing things and talking normal and what not. It is just gross. I THINK THEY SHOULD ALL DIE !!!! I hope that they bite there stupid tongues off while eating there god damn food. FUCK YOU ALL!!!

*Note from Anger Central
We see someone has gotten tired of gumming their dinner of oatmeal. ;)

people not caring about me 76

i am a nice decent person. i care about everybody and i always make sure they are happy before i myself am happy i make sure i talk and hug and everything. in other words i am a great fucking friend... then these stupid 'friends'of mine don't reciprocate this so i am like this little bubble of no-one caring aboutness i am nice. i swear i am nice. why can't they care. they are so damn self absorbed.

People With Foot Fetishes 77

How sick can people be; those with foot fetishes, really why do people on sites say they would love to smell their nasty feet I mean that's fucking gross and sucking their toes and worse say they would lick Britney Spears's feet after walking barefoot in a public bathroom seriously you people need help.

Same thing goes out to all barefoot people if you want to be barefoot do it at the beach, the pool, at home, karate class, or in bed not at Wal-Mart, the Movie theater, McDonalds or the bathroom because those are disease ridden places and lets see how sexy you think it is when you see them with foot fungus and ring worm.

Also people on you tube who send videos on youtube showing their nasty feet saying it's sexy, no it's nasty and a waste of time and sock strippers same thing. Also parents who let their kids run around barefoot are dumbasses who don't care.

It's all nothing but white trash, you people need to see a doctor because you all are sick stop wanting to think about smelling someone's Shoes, Socks, or Bare Feet because feet is gross and I think the webmaster also thinks bare feet is nasty too. Seriously this whole world has pretty much gone straight to hell what will happen next.

Defensive people 78

People on the internet piss me off so much. They post these webcam shows about their opinions as if the whole fucking world really needs to hear about their bullshit. Then at the end of their speech or whatever, they say something like "If you don't like what i'm saying then fuck off" Then they turn around and have the audacity to ask for other people's opinion. AND when you give them a response that they don't like or don't agree with their opinion, all of a sudden you're the bad guy. They need to stop acting like a bunch of whinny little bitches. ITS THE INTERNET MOTHERFUCKER! YOU'RE GONNA GET CRITICIZED REGARDLESS! 6 BILLION PEOPLE ON EARTH! EVERYBODY IS NOT GONNA AGREE WITH YOU GET OVER IT! You just want somebody to kiss your ass and agree with you. Thatz all you really SHUT-THE-FUCK-UP!

People in general SUCK 79

I just want to say that Jesus Christ (as in, the Son of God) is a FAR BIGGER PERSON than I am. Or that I could ever hope to be. You see, he came down to Earth and died on a cross for everyone in the world.

When you think about it, who populates the entire world? ASSHOLES!!!! People who lie, dumbasses who use drugs, people who look down their noses at other people without bothering to recognize how their own shit stinks, child molestors, etc. General brainlessness abounds everywhere. I'm to the point of unplugging the phone, unplugging the computer, staying in the house and just keeping to myself from now on. If I starve and die, who cares.

I CAN'T STAND THE LOT OF YOU. Always asking me what my problem is. I'll tell you what my problem is... YOU ARE A WASTE OF SKIN and you are always asking me what disturbs me. Then when I tell you you say I need to grow up, or stop feeling sorry for myself. You know what. WHAT FRIGGIN EVER. It's great that God loves you enough to die for you. I think your an asshole and wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire. Oh BTW, all of you LOSERS on (name of LOSER web site, deleted) don't have to worry about me coming around anymore... I'm fucken gone. I don't need the loss of any more brain cells from hanging around the likes of you. Thanks Angry Webmaster for letting me vent.

hateful people/man or woman 80

I just happened to search the Internet "why are women such bitches" I meant to each other. I just looked this up, because some of the women where I work are cunts (I don't use that word lightly). I didn't expect to get the feedback that I did. I never realized men hate women as much as they do... Welfare recipients, only good for sex, etc. They talked about women only going for the "bad guys" who treat them like shit. Apparently they don't realize they are going for the "bad girls." I am a RN who works 12-16 hours shifts. I worked & went to school while raising my son. I raised my son & provided everything he needed, without the help of his "deadbeat" father who died in arrears of $80,000. The only thing a man has ever bought me were some dying roses. I don't care. I buy what I need for myself. I also fix my own car. FUCK OFF, I don't need some man with a complex & a small dick.

a person 81

it pisses me off when i put so much in, and get so little out, I dont know what to do! so f***** mad, feel like im going CRAZY, adrenalin is pulsing through my veins and i feel like crying, but i wont i also feel like running away and never coming back. i hate working, makes me frustrated, everyone gives me the shits, hate them all

everyone 82

friends tell you they're there for you, but when you try to vent, they get pissed off at you and turn it around so you end up comforting them. i am so sick of this life, and i want to die, but everyone says how selfish it is, why don't i think of all the people i love. well, if they love me, they would realize that they should let me do what makes me happy: ceasing to exist. i hate people that are going to destroy this earth. yes, i want to die, but i want to do so when i decide; you don't have the right to choose whether i live or die, whether the earth continues to orbit the sun. i hate myself for getting so angry at everyone and making situation worse. that's how i ended up getting arrested the other day cuz some guy made me so angry for being an asshole, so i threw a fit. i'm angry that this week "vacation" aka chore has extended itself to 2 or more due to my anger, and in the end, i am even angrier. i am pissed that i'm sitting here alone in a place i don't want to be, and i have no control over whether or not i can leave. i am angry i have no money or job because of the fucking politics of countries. i am pissed that i'm not done with college because of money. everything pisses me off, and i don't see an end in sight.

angry people 83

They just won't shut up, man like go take anger management classes lol. people don't want to hear you complain 24/7, it ruins the mood, you ain't the only one with problem and can spaz out a chimpanzee whenever you want you know? At least give a warning when your pissed, just stick a sticker in front of yo head or something. I'm sooooooo fucking angry at them.

People who aren't angry 84

I'm angry at people who don't or won't get angry at something they should upset about. Don't just stand there and shut up...if it's bullshit...then cry out loud "hey, BULLSHIT!" My grandma always did, and felt better afterwards. So do I. Speak your mind, people...get it out, don't repress it so it festers inside eating at you because you know you should have opened your gdamn mouth when the moment was there. BULLSHIT! ahh...BULLSHIT!!!

People in General 85

I am building a networking business that connects companies to each. I've been building the digital pavement by contacting small gem companies and then contacting jewelers and jewelry companies trying to tell them about the people I have partnered with.

For example:

I recently managed to get a few gemstone companies to trust me to connect them to jewelers. I've contacted a few jewelry makers on Alibaba and sent emails, but DIDDLY response. ZERO!!!

I send a well written message, I tell them about my intentions, and request a partnership/working relationship because so that way they know who they are dealing with.

It sucks. I am working hard at this, brainstorming a dither, and pretty much offering companies a chance to buy exotic gemstones.

I don't run a gemstone company myself, but it disgusts me that I'm busy handing them a chance to improve themselves, but they don't even answer!

I've also contacted interior design companies, but no, no freaking answer if only out of courtesy! A few other furniture sellers agreed to work with me and I simply cannot understand why they haven't even had the decency to respond!

*Note from Anger Central
The gem business tends to be a very personal one. They don't know you and you haven't been introduced. You need to develop a relationship with one person who can then introduce you to the others. Email? We would suspect you are now in the spam filters. Good luck though.

Humans 86

I am so angry right now at the human race! People everyday continue to pollute our planet and make the environment worse! And I'm SO angry at people that kill animals!!! Why in the world would you think it's ok to treat cows so badly and drag them across the dirty floor if they can't walk? Why would you put hundreds of innocent chickens in tiny pens and make them lay eggs their whole life? I'm especially mad at people that hunt animals! How can you find joy in ending an animals life??? They've never done anything to us! Ugh! It makes me so mad!! Animals were here first, and then we come along and start killing them all and start destroying the planet with all our pollution. People can be so cruel.

*Note from Anger Central
You are obviously an idiot. You have absolutely no clue about how the world works. Humans are predators. So are lions, tigers and sharks. Fluffy bunnies, Bambi deer and moo cows are dinner. We have run into people like you and are amazed that you actually know how to breath. You have no survival instincts at all. If forced to survive on your own, you would do nothing more then sit down and whine about how unfair everything is. Guess what? Life is not fair. Deal with it.

people in general 87

im so damn angry because people take advantage of my niceness or i just keep getting screwed over by people who i think are my friends. one group just thinks im annoying but ive hardly hung out with them and am only cordial beccause they are my friend's friends. then there's friends who i thought would always be there and said they wouldnt pick friends over others..and well im usually the one being left out in a damn circle even though the other friend's reason is completely stupid. They just accept it, if they are able to accept it, then my reason should be accepted and not fought about either. Funny thing is i did them a favor less than 24 hrs prior to us all getting into a mess over that stupid friend. its absolutely ironic how people can take other reasons or shit over mine when they are obviously being selfish... It really is true that nice people get screwed over. Then theres just fake people or men that like you that just want to get in your pants/just want to get something from you. When u tell them no it wont happen their complete assholes and try to get back at you. On the topic of men, I dont even lead these guys on! If i know its not going to work out I tell them in a straight forward way. it wasnt like i wasted their time, energy, or money. I mean c'mon! And people being flaky i meann really what has society come to?! I find myself bitter and currently angry at the world. Shouldn't we all try to accept each other's flaws? If we cant then just move on...why cause so much commotion and drama?

People Who Are Angry at 89

When I saw on this site a category under "Companies" dedicated to "," I laughed. I was not angry; I was interested in seeing what people would have to complain about regarding an anonymous site that let's people vent. I LOVE Now, as far as the webmaster, I have seen political comments I disagree with, but that doesn't mean I hate the guy! I am a liberal, and from what I can tell, the webmaster's a conservative. I do not hate any person for their political beliefs, unless those beliefs infringe on my rights. Anyhoo, is hilarious, therapeutic, culturally interesting, and socially necessary. People who hate or the webmaster are simply jealous that they didn't come up with the idea. Long live! OH, and for those who want to censor it, go somewhere else, or keep better watch over your fuck trophies. (Did I mention I am a bleeding heart liberal?)

*Note from Anger Central
The Angry Webmaster isn't a conservative, he is a rabid right winger who makes Pat Buchanan look like a communist. :)
Actually he's more of a heavily armed right of center anti-government libertarian but not a try Ron Paul type. He's more of the "Don't Tread On Me" type.

people in general 90

Why I am so madÖ there is so many reasons but Iíd have to say the biggest is people. Everyday we continue this self destructive cycle built on the misery of others, we feed our children ideals about following their dreams only to crush them when they reach a specific age. My biggest question is why? We all have the potential to make each other happy, but instead we chose to touchier and kill each other over ideals we donít even believe in! Iím so mad 24/7 and Iím tired of it and really no one cares at the end of the day. Iím just not cut out for this.

Stupidity, Ignorance, and Judgmental Asses 91

OMG, What the hell is wrong with people these days? It seems like people are just getting dumber and dumber, especially today's teenagers! I cannot STAND it!! I seriously just want to beat the living shit out of the next person that says something stupid. It just makes me so mad...for example. People are still convinced that global warming is a fregon hoax! Are you kidding me? Its like people are just so fregon lazy and dont want to change their asshole ways that they wil sit there and say tha something like global warming is a hoax, or something that people are just throwing around to scare people. WE ARE KILLING THIS EARTH, and americans are too spoiled and lazy to doanything about it. I mean look at these people starving in africa, and even here in america. We throw billions into a bullshit war and we cant help our own starving children? This country is really fucked.

Oh I better stop there i dont want to start getting into bush, healthcare, iraq ect... I will ruin my night lol. But back to todays teenagers. What the hell is going on in the school systems? I mean these idiots want to get pregnant and then think $5,000 is enough to raise a child. Or they will just say my mom will take care of it!!! Whats even more funny is that they actually think the gy who just knocked them up is gonna stick around and support the fmaily on minimum wage. Let me tell you something you naive bitches that little boy is just a horny fuck that will say and do whatever to get in your pants. Its like these kids live in a bubble. They go around and act like they are so cool, oh my mommy and dadddy bought me a brand new BMW for my b-day and then I crashed it and they just bought me another one!! Oh ya im going shopping and buying all this crap cuz im so rich..NO CORRECTION your parents are rich you little asshole.

I cannot stand naive spoiled brats. I wish they could spend their choldhood getting the shit beat out of the, not knowing if they are going to have dinner and having to wkae themselves up for school, feeding themselves and then walking themselves to school in ANY kind of weather and see how they like it. I would like to see them get a job and pay for there liscense and car ect. Get kicked out of their house and abandoned at 16 and be homeless. Little fuckers.

Obviously I cant speak for every teenager or naive and idiodic american but you get the idea. I cant stand these rude little assholes. Go live off mommy and daddys money in your mansion, and never have to lift a fucking finger you little brats. As for the average american, go sit there and complain about your nice big house and your little scratch on your nice car and keep sucking water and gas and burning fossil fuels and killing our wildlife and earth and be way to selfish and lazy to actually want to something about it. Sit around and judge people that are less fortunate, on drugs, homeless, or living in a trailer park. Keep acting like you are better than everyone else because your not in their situation. Guess what it could happen to anyone so you better think befre you speak. Does anyone EVER think about WHY someone is the way they are? Why someone takes drugs, or tries to commit sciucide, or has mental issues? They just automatically rule these people out and act like they are so much better especially these dumb ass teenagers. Damned them all to hell I tell you!! lol. I need to stop now before I go on a rampage! Thanx for reading this.

Oh ya and BTW I did not read this over so sorry if I misspelled or some of the sentances dont make sense. I am too angry to correct this and quite frankly I really dont tgive a flying fuck If its a mess.

--One angry Bitch

*Note from Anger Central
Yeah there were quite a few typos. This posting is a sea of red underlines. ;)

People in general 92

I f*ucking hate people in general. They f*uckin sickin me, to the point where I get physically sick. Just the human race disgusts me. What the f*ck is wrong w/ our society? Where intellect is pushed aside, & seen as something horrible. Where being a follower and being a heartless b*tch is looked upon as something great. I hope the rumors of "2012" are true, so I can be put out of my misery.

People 93

Everyone. I go to work, people piss me off. I come home, family piss me off. Everywhere I go, you all piss me off. What have I done to you, seriously? Yeah, my friends? You all need to GROW UP! Stop bitchin at eachother, then comin to me sayin "Oh she is such a miserable cow", then the next day you're either fine with her or you are COMPELTEY blanking the poor girl, pretending she's not even there. HOW LONG AGO DID YOU LEAVE HIGH SCHOOL? Oh and I know if I say anything, even if its truthful or if im just agreeing with someones plain opinions, they'll turn around and just tell that person OOOHHH you wanna hear what she said about you a few days ago? Are you fuckin for real? Really? Then I go to my "best" friend.. Oh yeah, thats no god damn help because she's all over her damn boyfriend 24/7. ITS DISGUSTING. atleast just do it when youre NOT IN MY FACE PLEASE.. I WANT TO BE ABLE TO EAT TONIGHT. Oh and you have no right at all to compare it to someone else who ditched us all for their boyfriend.. I'd rather you did all that shit somewhere else because when you're with him you dont say a damn word to me, when we used to talk everyday. You said you'd always be there for me? Bullshit. A guy who happens to obsess over you walks onto the scene and thats it, I never get to talk to you anymore. I cant even come to your house to have a real conversation with you when I really need it. You just mumble and say..Nah cant be bothered, mom'll be home.. Stop foolin yourself, woman. I know its because you'd rather spend more time with him than actually be with me. You dont even have to admit it. Its obvious. Everyone else knows it too, its just no one's sayin it. And to be like that when Ive just got out of a nasty relationship is a bit insencitive dont you think? I dont open up to a lot of people girl, but about a month ago I was in a flood of tears because I felt so lonely for not having a boyfriend from my last absolute fuck of a relationship.. Its a load of fuckin crap, I swear. Now, I might sound stupidly controlling here but I just think it's ironic how this girl used to bitch about someone else who was all over her boyfirend 24/7, who didn't talk to us at all anymore just because of a guy, and then a few months later when that's all over, she does this? Despite this pain in the ass, I cant do anything about it, because Ive known her for years and Id do anything to keep her happy I cant tell her because the MISERABLE IMMATURE MOOD she'd go in if I admitted it, would not be worth it at all. I cant tell anyone else because they'll just tell her. So I come home, I pop off the cap on my bottled up CRAP, and what does my family do? Have a go at me for moaning to them. Again, you serious? hmm? HMM? Alright I know its pissin annoyin when someone just moans 24/7, but I NEVER MOAN. Im generally an emotionally supressed sarcastic bitch. Just this once I wanted to let all this crap out, and all I get is a "Hmm".. then a change of subject. Well THANKS MOM, really shows you care about me. Im obviously really upset about this all, and all you can do is shout at me when i ask for a little sympathy... I feel like Im trapped in my own little world, I cant tell anyone anything anymore. Im gonna end up having worse trust issues than I do right now. Like I dont have enough problems telling people whats wrong with me. Loosing my virginity to a guy that took revenge on me by telling everyone what we'd done together and showing my future boyfriend all of the pictures I sent him previously was a fucking start. (Yeah I know, Im a right fuckin idiot, I tell myself this everyday.) So yeah then I fucked up that relationship because I never trusted him even though he was absolutely fine and would probably never do anything to upset me.. I fuckin went and ruined it anyways. And now all this shit with my "friends" isnt making it any better.. I cant trust any of them at all. Even my best friend will just tell her boyfriend.. Fuckin great. Cant trust anyone in this sick sick world.

My fellow countrymen 94

I'm angry at the people who live in my country because everyone seems to be a moralist, a self-righteous person, a religious nutjob or a combination of all three.

The society I live in is so stiff and conservative that it's just sickening. You have your values and I respect that, but don't tell me or others that your values are right and that everyone should follow you. Stop spouting nonsense like "homo people are disgusting", "sex is dirty", "foreigners are to blame for everything" or "you're successful only if you're an engineer/doctor/lawyer". It's stupid how these people place barriers in front of others because of their attempt to spread their "conservative, religious values" for the "better good" of society. Instead of a vibrant society where everyone is different and have the freedom to explore their boundaries, people become just another number in the economy machine.

Stop being a hypocrite, stop being irrational and illogical just to cling on to the ďold valuesĒ, stop forcing your own beliefs onto people, stop telling people how to live their lives, leave them alone, learn to accept other people for who they are, stop being so mean to others you consider different and stop telling these people that they'll go to Hell.

You live your life, I'll live mine, don't tell me what to do.

All people 95

People piss me the fuck off they all yell and scram that there entitled to so much like the fat ass on the plane that told me to scoot over when his fold were rolling over into my lap "would you scoot over your taking up my seat" he say.......FUCK U LOOSE SOME WEIGHT YOUR NOT ENTITLED TO SHIT CAUSE YOU FAT !!!!GO EAT AN APPLE!!......and all over you drive slow and shitty your rude...again this addressed to the world population.....FUCK YOU!!!!!! YOU ARENT ENTITLED TO SHIT!!

Everyone 96

The guy who was too gutless to tell me we werent going out anymore.... after 2 years. Just stopped calling and coming around. WTF?

The chick at work who whines to me about someone, then when i add my bit, goes straight up to said someone and repeats what ive said,,, with embellishments. grrrrr

Im slowly becoming just damned angry all the time these days.

I hate everybody! 97

I am 21 years old, and I'm already tired of life. I am not planning to kill myself, but if I got into a life threatening situation right this minute I would feel relieved that my life may be finally ending.

Everybody is horrible. Society is nothing more than a large group of hypocritical, close minded snobs. My old friends ignore me, my coworkers try to bully me, and everybody tries to ruin my self esteem by trying to embarrass me and acting like I'm a screw up.

This town is filled with gossips and backstabbers. Everybody gets together and acts like friends, but they end up splitting into groups and start telling horrible stories and lies behind the victims backs. When I refuse to talk about people that way, I get labeled as "socially stunted".

I can't end this post without telling you about a small part of my day, just so you can see how my life normally plays out. I took my dog out on a walk a half an hour ago. When going back to my house, some adult woman was standing out in her yard. I tried to be friendly and say hi, and she started holding her nose like I stunk (I take daily showers, in the morning no less, so I don't know what her deal is.). I kept walking and eventually looked back. She wasn't holding her nose anymore, but she was glaring at me. I looked back a third time and tried giving a friendly wave. She gave me the finger twice!

So, TLDR: Society is trashy and I hate it.

Jealous, stank bitches 98

Tired of stank looking, scantily dressed, nasty bitches seeing me and my family and trying to bump into me because you are jealous you will NEVER EVER have what I have - a husband and beautiful children! Don't hate me because I'm beautiful, ladylike and well taken care of!!! You will NEVER have my man, and you will NEVER be at my level.

This overweight stank wearing thigh cellulose with her daisy dukes and horse-hair weave almost ran my daughter down in CVS. She followed us through the store, and when we were going to the register, jumped in front of us, and almost ran me and my family down as we were trying to leave the store. I don't know you and I don't care about you, but the next time I see you, your weave is going to be so far up your backside you'll be spitting wet and wavy.

Insecure People 99

Insecurity is the most annoying trait in people.

I find it sooo annoying when people are insecure ESPECIALLY ABOUT SOMETHING THEY CAN CHANGE. I mean itís ok i feel sorry at first but when someone is feeling inferior to others and insecure ALL THE TIME and making no effort to change things it is so fucking annoying. The ultimate worst is complaining and proclaiming this insecurity to others to get some sort of validation. Also if you say something to make them feel better, instead of appreciating the fact that someone who doesnít have any responsibility for their mental health has tried to say something positive to them they keep complaining. That is all kinds of pathetic. If youíre insecure at the very least have some dignity and keep it to yourself. I HATE INSECURE PEOPLE WHO TAKE NO ACTION. THEY ARE DOING MY HEAD IN. Accept it or change it!

Being used 100

People these days just don't seem to care about other people. It may sound stupid or petty but if you sit back and really take in all that goes on around you in this world you'll soon see that there really isn't room in anyone's life for anyone other than themselves. It's even worse when the ones who are meant to care show the least concern for the people they're supposed to care about! All those people who are in relationships that are falling a part or have a partner who just doesn't seem to pay any attention to anything you say, YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN... and yes, IT REALLY MAKES ME ANGRY!

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