Well, there is this boy in my class who has autism like me ( i have a wee bit i am very clever for a normal person ) but he is not clever its not that! i know its not his fault that hes not smart. its that just HES SO ANNOYING! he asks the same question over and over again!! and he knows the answer!! and he wont listen to me and my friend supports manchester united he supports liverpool he says ''manunited is no good!!'' OVER and over again! Oh my god! WHO CARES what he thinks!?! and whenever my eyes are opened he says ''WAKE UP'' and i say ''IM AWAKE NOW GO AWAY'' he hits me or sticks the middle finger up at me. and, if i push him ( not very hard ) he pretends to fall for attention.... and today at school he kept on telling me and my friend to go to a different table when we can sit where ever we want!!! and, he has bad temper problems and he hits me too and touches my hair! he does it everyday i cant stand him i dont care if he has autism

people who think the all people on benefits are lazy 2

I am fucking fed up with people thinking that all people on benefits are lazy.

i was raped and sexually abused when i was 9 and because of this i suffer from social phobia and generilsed anxity.

i deserve these benfits and i don't give shit what you middle class snobs think and all you moaning tax payers

shut the fuck up

*Note from Anger Central
You deserve nothing other then what you beat out of your assailant. You are worthless. Do you think you are the only one who has had this happen to. May I give you a couple of examples?
Elizabeth Smart. Kidnapped at 14, rescued 9 months later. I would suggest you look at what she is saying at the trial of her attackers.
Jaycee  Dugard. Kidnapped at 11. Held 18 years. Forced to have 2 children, one at 14 the other at 17.
If we had been there everyone at Anger Central would have cheerfully beaten your attacker to a pulp, then nailed him to a cross after emasculating him. We would have also seen to your medical needs, paid for from the estate of your late attacker. However, you are using this as an excuse and trying to hit our guilt button. Sorry, that button broke a long time ago. Get off your lazy backside and make something of yourself. You are just using what happened as an excuse to watch Oprah and lay around doing nothing.

people are so fucking full of shit! 3

people are so fucking full of not the type of person that puts my rep. out on the line by talking about things i know nothing about.i only open my mouth about topics im sure of,and i cant stand running into ill informed narrow minded fools that love to dispute every word that comes out of my mouth!people like this are every where though,and its truely unfortunete that a majority of the worlds population doesnt give a flying fuck how stupid they realy are.fuck them all!!!

general uselessness 4

if the world is full of endless possibilities why do i keep making the same mistakes. I'm angry with myself for picking a father for my child that's as much a dick as my own dad. i'm angry that the csa have failed to get a penny out of him because he just doesnt want to pay, because we are the 51st state, we went to war because of some dick named bush, beacause our goverment are namby pamby dicks. i dont want to tolerate extremist's of any religion just want to blow them to shreds like they do us. if u hate this country so much then just DO ONE.

People 5

I'm sick and god damn tired of all these looters, and POLLUTERS! Fuck Rick Moranis, Colonel Clusterfuck, and Dick Cheney. And the Philippines, they can fill up my ass.

This is the second time I've been fucked by Dairy Queen. I'm too pissed to give a shit!

People Farting 6

I'm fucking really fucking angry about the fact that when something makes me angry noone else is there to suffer with me!

The biggest offense of late happened at the YMCA. I take exercise classes there because I find it really boring to just be a rat on a wheel doing the same repetitive sad motion over and over and over again.

So, I went to a step class that I like.

Side rant: I can't stand when, at the beginning of the year, everyone and their fucking mother decides to join a gym because they're going to lose all that fucking weight that they've amassed over the years. Besides the fact that I can't find a fucking parking spot, all the lockers are fucking taken, and it takes three hours for someone to scan my fucking tag, I have to deal with the fact that the exercise classes are overcrowded because they all just got their membership. Fuck you! You'll be gone in three months but I hate suffering through the bullshit. Oh yeah, and you late motherfuckers who decide to enter the class halfway through it, don't! It's fucking rude and it's not my fault that you decided to wait an extra 20 minutes for that fucking parking spot right near the entrance because you can't understand the concept of losing weight and walking an extra 20 feet.

But,,,,,I digress. Anyways, most of the people who go are familiar faces, but again, with the influx of mindless losers, there's a whole bunch of new tards in the class. In front of me, one pregnant woman (who takes a step class when they are 7 months pregnant???) and some mid-50 year old guy. We start stepping, I get a whiff of something putrid. AND IT DOESNT GO AWAY FOR LIKE THREE MINUTES. I look around hoping someone else felt my pain...nope, nothing. OK, fine. Whatever. It happens three more times.

I am pissed the fuck off. If you're gonna fart leave the fucking room and do it outside. I almost threw up because that god awful retch of a smell was worse than a hooker's crotch. I almost moved to another spot but I felt that it would disrupt everyone else's experience. Well I should have, because my experience was ruined by someone's inability to hold their bodily smells inside. It smelled like something rotted in their insides. And then you don't admit it? You pretend like it didn't happen? You sick fuck, I smelled all the putridness that was in your ass! I can't get back that hour of my life that you so took from me. I wish I could've kicked you in your anal parts and held your face in some dog shit. Rude ass! Have some pride, excuse yourself, take a shit, and come back when your insides are empty! Fuck you and fuck all those people who join the gym for 2 months!

Fat People 7

People suck. Does everyone know that? Good. People make me angry.

The people who rant about skinny people make me angry, this isnt actually about fat people but the object is suppose to be brief so fat people is close enough to fat people ranting about skinny people.

I was on google and found the fat people rant page (which I love) then I went to the homepage and found the skinny people rant page, By gods, there were fat people trying to justify their fatness with the exact same excuses loads of people were bitching about in the fat people rants. So either the fat people were trying to justify themselves with "It's genetics" "food's an addiction" "It's metabolism" or "It's not as easy as calories in and calories out" or they were bitching about whores. They weren't actually ranting about skinny people, but skinny people being whores and sluts. So really, they are just ranting about skanks, not skinny people, they are just throwing in the skinny people in their because they are jealous they can't be skinny and act like skanks themselves.

Admittedly, I'm sure their are people who are mean, rude, stupid, etc., etc., but those are just the way people are, it doesn't have anything to do with their weight. Really they seem to be ranting about how people don't like them. We have reasons to dislike fat people, They ruin our appetites (sounds, smells, looks) they take up space, they are forever complaining about bring fat yet when lunch time comes around there goes half of a pizza, they attempt to pass off their inability to eat less as something else, and the list continues. Point is, on the fat people rant page people are ranting about things that is attributed to ALL fat people, while on the skinny people page they are just ranting about people and their faults in general and not about skinny people.

Their is nothing wrong with skinny people! Unless a person is really underweight people don't get disgusted by skinny people, skinny people don't take up loads of room, on average fat people smell while skinny people don't, and again on average skinny people have better table manners. Reading through the skinny people page pisses me off, they are just ranting about experiences they have had with rude people that happen to be skinny, they aren't actually ranting about things that skinny people do, like, I dunno, promote exercise. So, fat people ranting about skinny people piss me off, unless they are seriously ranting about someone who doesn't have ten extra pounds of fat hanging off their arms and how that pisses them off.

Well, I feel a whole lot better now ^^

people in general 8

i am angry at young people who think its cool to act like idiots and completely ignore their education, parents wishes, and whats good for them. i am only 17 and i swear im more matured then 75% of the 20-25 year olds i know. stop partying all the fucking time and acting like WHORES. read a damn book for once and GROW UP THERE is more to life than drinking,sex,and clubbing! sheesh

people suck 9

I am in my 2junior year of fricken highschool and i am a girl and i had to move to a completely different state and start highschool mid semester. i have no fricken friends and all the guys here are ugly and the girls are rude and also ugly. and i hate everybody and all my teachers. and i have no job cuz its hard to find a job here which is so dumb. and seriously. the school i go to DOESN'T EVEN HAVE LOCKERS. this is a ghetto ass school. Also there is like 2 thousand kids at this schoool and literally there are like 50 white people.. which doesn't bother me because i am white and I LIKE OTHER RACES.. but the other races DO NOT LIKE WHITE PEOPLE since there the minority at this stupid ghetto school. SO im screwed. also i'm really fricken heartbroke over some piece of shit that i havent even been with in like almost a year and i still cry my pathetic ass to sleep every night. & the best friend i DID have back in the day my whole life goes and screws that guy im still heartbroke over just 2 weeks after i move. SERIOUSLY i am sooo done with this world

Everyone 10

Why does everybody expect me to be so god dam perfect? I am only human. All the time I'm picking up your shit, I'm cancelling my plans, well you know what from now on, it's just me and no one else and quite frankly I don't give a crap about you. Let's see how you like it now.

I'm always the one who has to fucking sort out your problems, fix everything for you, and what do i get in return, only the grand prize of getting pushed around, shoved over, well today marks the end. its time i did something, just for me. But if i wanted to do that, you all would have a go at me saying that I am selfish and arrogant, I dont want to play the nice guy anymore, i just want to be me and have some fun for once in my life.

Fake People 11

I am so tired of fake people. I can't stand when people pretend to be nice to you just because they don't want to cause drama. I've been having some problems with certain people I know that only pretend to like me because they are friends with my boyfriend. I really hope that one day when we are out one of these assholes talk shit to me. It would piss my boyfriend off so bad that he would never want to talk to them again. I'm not socially crippled like some of you people think and I can recognize sarcasm and ill intent. I cannot wait until we move to the west coast so I never have to see any of your phony ass faces again for the rest of my life. I will no longer have to feel uncomfortable when I and my boyfriend go out to the bar because you mother fuckers will not be there. By the way, I never cared whether you liked me or not because your opinions do not matter. People grow up and they move on. Like I, you shall all be dust in the fucking wind. general 12

Well for starter...the human race is a piece of shit. i don't like black people, white people, mexicans...etc. this doesn't mean i'm an ignorant racist. i just can't stand the thought of people breathing. i wish the world would crumble beneath them. i wish the would all fall in to a dark abyss. i wish they would ALL stfu about the issue they have in there life. fucking roll a blunt, sit back, and relax. don't worry about my life...worry about yours and how you live. i'm not perfect, never clamied to be, but neither are you so don't judge me and if you chose to do so, stfu and keep it to yourself, because seriously nobody is fucking worried about your worhthless piece of shit excuse for a life. i know the things i do interest you, but hey get a hobby and maybe your life wouldn't suck that much dick. now have a lovely day (:

Angry People 13

I think angry people project deficiencies they don't want to acknowledge in themselves onto others, and make them an undeserved target. I am angry at the viciousness displayed here against various types of people who don't deserve it.

Fake people 14

Okay, besides the fact that you can't hold a intellectual conversation and are always making lame jokes until I stop responding, you also piss me off by being fake. WHY would you defend someone who you apparently 'hate' against me? And telling me what that person did was a 'joke' and for me to stop overreacting and to shh? Last I checked, you're always the one lifting up your shirt to anybody with a dick and crawling back to people who hate you because they act fake-nice to you ONCE just to screw with you. Make up your mind about a lot of things and decide when you're going to stop saying random lame one-liners and being just fake and annoying.

People Everywhere 15

Fuck naive and oblivious people that think the entire world is full of shiny happy people that do no wrong. I am by no means perfect. I have lied, cheated, and stole. Do I regret anything I've done? The answer is hell no. Why? Because I know that their are people in this world that are 10 times worse than I am. Not everyone in this world is a truthful, happy go lucky person. Everyone has lied, cheated, and stolen at one point in their life. I am proud that I can have empathy & sympathy for somebody that nobody else wants to acknowledge because of something stupid that they did. I will continue to live my life defending the beaten, broken and the torn. Most of you people that tell other people to suck it up, move on, and get over it, have no fucking idea how sick and twisted people can really be. You pretend that people can just shake things off and be just like you. Guess what! You are dead fucking wrong. Tell that to me or anyone else that has seen the true face of fucking evil and see what happens. You are going to get a fucking ear full. I will never be an optimist because optimism is fucking FAKE. I can never be a pessimist because I can never be that negative. I will remain my realist self and will call out bullshit when I fucking see it. There are people in this world that like to hurt other people intentionally because they get off on it. There are people that like to lie and start shit just because it amuses them to see others in pain. I believe that the sick and twisted people outnumber the good people. We live in a Narcissistic society where other people's feelings do not matter. After my observations, I believe our society has become even more sick and twisted than it was 10 years ago. I'm so sorry I cannot deny what I see, hear, and feel. I cannot sweep it under the rug and deny it. That's why I barley associate with anyone. I believe there is only a handful of good people left in this world. People in general fucking sicken me. Most people are self absorbed, materialistic, hollow headed, assholes. FUCK PEOPLE IN GENERAL. I would much rather be alone or have a few so called "piece of shit" friends than be surrounded by fake assholes that could give to shits and a fuck about me. I know who gives a shit and who doesn't. It's not that hard to figure out. Therefore, I will continue to be the extremely manic, yet humble introvert that I have been for the past couple of years. If you don't like it, that's a whole lot of tough shit for you.

Why don't people give a shit!? 16

I'm so fucking disappointed by my friends on Facebook. Every now and then, I post a link to a petition regarding some kind of human rights issue. The last one was regarding Al Bashir (the leader of North Sudan and a notorious, monstrous murderer/raper of countless innocents). It would only take a minute to click the link, type in an email address and hit send, thus putting increased pressure on the UN and USA to do something about the situation. But like usual, not a single "like" or comment, despite me asking people to "like" the link and show support. In contrast, plenty of people had commented prolifically on things like pictures of their new puppy, the hike they went on that day, their new band etc, since I posted my link. Its not just me either - I often post comments on similarly trivial things, and they almost always attract likes and comments from others. I just can't get my head around it - why don't people give a shit? It takes so little effort! Just a minute of their time to support the rights of thousands of people who are being brutally raped and murdered AS WE SPEAK. But no - my friends are clearly too busy spending time on much more important matters like puppies. My Facebook friends are carefully chosen, and I consider them all to be good, highly intelligent/educated young people. I am SO disappointed that they don't give a shit - I feel like yelling "what the fuck is wrong with you!?" to them all!

*Note from Anger Central
We'd give you an answer but we can't be bothered to click on the link. :)
Now for the real reasons.
Clicking on Facebook links is a great way to give information to Facebook, their advertisers, potential employers and the Federal government. The second reason is it's absolutely meaningless. It's typical feel good junk. "Oh look! I clicked on the link to show my support/opposition to something. I am a good person and I feel like I've done something. Time to go to Starbucks and tell people how good I feel for clicking on a link!"
In other words, you have accomplished nothing. You want to stop a dictator? Do something useful. Go over there and string him up. Oh wait, that would require that you actually DO something that might actually cost you something. (Like your life)

Lip Service 17

I can't say that I'm really angry, I try to control that and not let it control me. But I am frustrated with people that make statements or open promisses they never follow through with.

I do many service related jobs from mechanics to computer repairs and I run into far too many people that want a repair job done, haggle prices, then... nothing no follow through no call cancelling or even returning my call just to say "hey, sorry I changed my mind..." etc...

Everyone needs to make a living and a do a good thorough job and even do extra that I don't charge for and this is the thanks I get.

It seems a persons word mean little to nothing now days.

people generalizing thinner people 18

I'm so damn tired of people thinking skinny people are materialistic, self-centered bitches. And that its totally acceptable for heavier people to hate on skinny people. Well you know what? They can go suck a big huge dick. Im skinny, its not my fault, for the last three years ive been trying to gain weight with little success. Oh sure, ive been exercising at the same time, but not to lose weight or maintain my figure, just so i dont become an unhealthy lard ass. Actually id be fairly happy to have curves of any kind, then id look more feminin and stop hearing names like plank,twig,boney lil skank. So everyobody should just look at people for their personality, and not their size. Dont judge someone just because u find them prettier then u, jealousy is an ugly trait.

feel forgotten 19

I am angry because everyone I know is a lier, arts user, and cant depend on them for nothing. Nobody knows the answer to anything and when you realy need something you cant get it. everyone I live with is a pig and I am chased out of the room where I sleep because the other person farts all night and realy stinks! My family never calls me. And I am pregnant. I could go on and on

Everyone 20

I hate everyone, they make me so fucking angry, and they're everywhere you can't get the fuck away from them. Even if you just want reassurance that your not the only person in the world that is a fucking angry with everyone as you, so you go on the internet, do a little googleing then all you find is people u don't know moaning about there stupid problems, don't they know we don't give a fuck! Of course I do see the irony going on the internet to moan about people who go on the internet and moan, but this is the problem with the world now, u can't yell FUCK YOU in there faces but if u wanna tell the whole world to fuck off without them even knowing it, u can. What people think anyone actually cares about anything they right on the internet, it's just the largest collection of useless shit ever, so that people think they're sharing their lives with others but actually the only people who care are their fucking stalkers. But it's not just people on the internet that piss me off, teenagers are so fucking stupid, everyone in a happy relationship should know that they're just pissing off everyone that isn't, everyone that isn't seem to spend all day fucking moaning about it, and EVERYONE seems to fall into some category or other that makes them fucking annoying, smoker, dieter, self-righteous, self-loathing, idiot, slacker, fat and not even trying to loose weight, but if you even register that they are larger then other still get all bitchy about it, you can't have it both ways, optimists the ignorant fools, pessimists the fucking kill joys, relatives, friends, everyone who every had feeling for you and everyone who you ever had feelings for, all people throughout history, first hate them for all the crap that they did to each other, the heartless bastards and secondly for exsisting in the first place, forcing me to learn about it at school, extream anythings' either side of the extream your always Fucking in everyones face, Everyone who has ever dropped litter, every involved in politics, every to lazy to get involved in politics, everyone who has ever walked down the same street as me and all those billions of people that are apparently out there living their lives without giving a damn about me, fuck you, fuck the people I care about they just hurt me more, REALLY fuck the people who get on my nerves regularly and will everyone please just piss off and give me a little space, I don't actually want to see you stupid fucking faces!

Those who think all food stamp recipients are lazy 21

I am angry and irritated at some people who think ALL food stamp recipients are lazy and don't have jobs. I am a divorced mom with one daughter, who has sense enough not to bring any more children into the world when I can't afford them. I do receive food stamps and my daughter receives Medicaid. I do not have any health insurance for myself because I can't afford it and my employer doesn't offer it. Yes, I do have a job, but my hours have been drastically cut, so I do qualify for Food stamps. I don't have cable TV, internet service, a wide screen television, or an iphone because I can't afford any of that stuff--I use the computer at the public library to check my e-mail. My vehicle is 19 years old, and something breaks on it every 3 or 4 months. I live in a very small rented house with my daughter--her grandmother watches her when I'm at work, because I can't get free daycare. My daughter's father is an irresponsible, greedy bastard who doesn't pay his child support most of the time because he makes money "under the table", so his paycheck can't be garnished. Clearly I'm not living an extravagant lifestyle, and I do work hard for what I have. My goal is to eventually make more money so my daughter and I can have a better life. By the way, I am also a college graduate. So no, I am not a stereotypical "welfare queen" who sits on her rear end and pops out babies. Please don't stereotype all people who receive food stamps--we are not ALL unemployed bums who sleep until 2pm in the afternoon. Thanks.

Society/Environment 22

I'm the kind of person who would go to any lengths to help an animal, but wouldn't piss on a human if they were on fire. That said, what in the actual fuck are we thinking?

We're destroying the planet that we live on, building our fucking tower of Babel skyscrapers higher and higher. We live in the age of Give it to Me Right Now, and everyone's so far up their own ass that they can't see how close our planet is to becoming the garbage dump of the universe.

If I could, I would chuck my cellphone, ditch my computer, abandon my house and live in some forest where no one would ever find me. If you ask me, everyone should have stayed where they were country-wise. Europeans were so trigger-happy they came and shot up every place they landed on, fucking Great Britain trying to organize and file every other continent and country.

If I had a time machine I'd stop them from invading, stop American colonists from tricking and massacring and then eternally screwing over Native Americans, and most importantly make it so that money never existed. Why the hell can't we live with nature, are we all such pussies now that a night in the woods would kill us?

When I go for a walk in the forest and I'm feeling all calm and peaceful, then I come out the other end of the trail and see a gas station or a road I think to myself "Ugh, civilization." The entire planet is so fucked it's ridiculous.

All I want is for animals to be able to live and thrive, and for people to be at the bottom of the food chain where we belong.

*Note from Anger Central
What we have here is a stereotypical Moonbat. The Angry Webmaster has written about them on the blog. This type of person hate everything but doesn't have the guts to pull the plug and kill themselves. They would much rather destroy everything and everyone to show how "Superior" they are. We would love to see you strip off all your clothes and go live in the woods. You'll be dead like in a month.

asshole people 23

I hate people who make fun of other people. Just read somethin bout a guys wife being humiliated @a restaraunt b/c she's overweight. They actually pointed! Assholes! I hate people who run into you in the store &dnt say excuse me. I hate people who are rude to store clerks b/c they feel they are easy prey&can't defend themselves. Cuss out your boss or your spouse or whoever that spite is truly intended for &stop bein a prick to some defenseless guy tryin to do his job, asshole! On the other hand, I hate rude clerks who are purposely nasty& unhelpful. I hate crappy parents who don't take the time to teach their little darlings to treat other people with respect. I work with kids &its infuriating to watch little bullies who have no respect for others, being defended by their jackass parents,so they don't have to parent. Assholes helping make little assholes, into big assholes. Arrrrgghhh!

Fairness? 23

God-damn-it! I'm sick of it! People always telling me to be reasonable... rational and compassionate! I am ALWAYS reasonable rational and compassionate! I gave everything to this world and got a whole bunch of orphaning and SHIT IN MY MOUTH. I have given up everything, and I have kept a REAL level head. If you can imagine, I've given up my money, my status, my friends, my family and all for a cause that is (in retrospect) completely altruistic. All I ask is for one day, one day where people pay their respects for the dead, the dead who gave their lives for these peoples' well being- and whaddya know? They just can't make the time. They can't make the time for the people who died for them. They can't make time for the people who believed in them, they can't make time for the only people who fought for them.

But I'm told "Oh, c'mon now! It's spring break! These people are goin' on vacation- they deserve it!" FUCK THEM! I deserve a vacation! And my mom deserves to have the people she put her life on the line for (and lost!) at her funeral! Fuck. Them. All! Fuck all of them! I am so angry!

People are evil, warmongering, goodness eating, filth shitting producers of plastic and anguish! I am ASHAMED to be one.

I hate everyone 24

I am fucking mad because, well everyone and everything! First off every time I message a fucking a girl they ignore my dumb fuciing asss. I added like 3 rants to this site already. The funny thing is, no one thinks I am angry and full of rage. They think I am happy and normal. Little do they know I want to kill everyone. If I could I would line every human on earth up and kill the ones I want. The people I do want to live will live by my rules and if I don't like something they do I will kill them. Why are girls so fucking stuck up? Every time I comment, message or anything they ignore me! Man I hate everyone including my fucking self. I wish I could nuke the world.

so damn annoyed! 25

i'm so damn angry with everything and everyone! Friends, family, even people i don't know that i see walkin in the street! I'm overweight and when i see skinny bitches flaunting skin and wearin fancy clothes, i get quite pissed off! Also i feel ugly and that no guy would date me because of my weight, so i'll never tell a guy how i feel. And when i see girls talkin to the guy i like, i get so angry! My friends never make the time to hang out with me and i'm always the one runnin around and makin time for them, it makes me seem so desperate! My 'best friend' seems to have ditched me and is never there for me when i need her, but when she wants something i must drop whatever i'm doing and run to her rescue! Fuck that annoys me! My family seems to worry more about my brother than me and that would make any child angry! They always do stuff for him and buy him nice things, but never for me!

Parents, School & Friends 26


A. i love my parents, but they offer little to no emotional/medical support whatsoever... i had a bladder infection once, they gave me a pack of red powder, did nothing, i had to beg to go to the doctor... i just got over hemorrhoids, they gave me a pack of white powder, did fucking nothing, my sister had to recommend the correct fucking prescription, then, my parents called me a fucking drama-queen, how about you ACTUALLY START CARING!

B. my dad is a normal, conventional person, i AM NOT, consequently, many things that i enjoy doing, (scriptwriting, designing custom dvd covers, discovering cult films/literature, etc.), he does NOT WANT ME DOING, has he ever heard of a little something called EMOTIONAL SUPPORT, in fact, when he found out i had got "i spit on your grave", HE WAS SO PISSED, i lost ALL MY PRIVACY for a month, he made me keep the door open so he could make sure i wasn't indulging in the creative arts, then we had a biased talk about the "expectations of my family", and "unsuitable material"... for your convenience, i will sum it up:

son, you have to get a trade, expressing yourself is unmanly, you also cannot do what you enjoy because, while you are under our roof, you must do whatever we want, no matter how much it conflicts with your views and beliefs, end of story.

no mom and dad, watching a film about rape while underage does not mean i am a perverse, misogynistic psycho, i still want to have a decent, wonderful relationship with a preferably smart, beautiful girl built on love, common interests, etc. which brings me to...

C. nobody my age, (i am a teenager), is interested in a healthy relationship, ALL THESE GIRLS CARE ABOUT IS SEX, POP, AND FUCKING TWILIGHT, it's gotten to the point where i loathe talking to most girls, therefore, everyone assumes i am either gay or psychotic, the last time i had a conversation with a girl at school, i dug my fingernails into my fucking hand, quite an accomplishment seeing as i trimmed them to almost nothing the day before... no girls, i don't give a fuck about p!nk, nicki minaj, justin beiber, twilight, teen magazines, watered down teen horror, emos, who fucked who, your exes...


D. my friends, my best female friend got raped, and not one "mature, responsible" adult seems to care, not even her mother, my closest friend is a psychotic conspiracy theorist, oh, and he's a libertine, (someone who believes that everyone should have the freedom to do everything, even sick shit), one of them whinges much more, about much less, one of them is bisexual, she has more exes than i have books... and she's only 14, one of them is into fantasy literature, which is all well and good, except for the fact that he hates every other form of literature, one of them always steals my food, she is also a sack-of-shit friend in EVERY OTHER ASPECT, one of them, i have feelings for, but i will never express them... and three of them treat me like their disposable friend, apparently, they want me around, but they don't give a fuck otherwise, JUST TELL ME YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT ME AND CALL IT A DAY, one of them is also a clingy little bitch, she is not a good friend, she is stupid, i hope she will pass quietly, and leave me the fuck alone, i am also separated constantly from my friends, at school, and at home, because they're either "weird", "a girl", or "a bad influence"...

E. my education, my geography teacher, a miserable old bitch, with an annoying voice that literally gave me a headache last semester, i had my geography exam a month ago, i got my results back last week: 27/50, my 500 word response was worth 20, i had six choices, i chose population and growth, she gave me 3 marks... solely because i did not pick something she has repeated in that high drone or forced us to write 20 times, no you old fucktard, you cannot force me to write ANOTHER FUCKING 500 WORD RESPONSE ON WASTE MANAGEMENT, NOT EVEN IF YOU THREATENED TO CASTRATE ME, YOU VINDICTIVE, DRIED-UP OLD SLUTWHORE, she said it herself, if i had picked waste management, i would have gotten around 41/50, that would have proved that THREE YEARS OF LEARNING GEOGRAPHY IS ENOUGH, but, alas, i got a mediocre result, so now, i apparently HAVE TO listen to her, i have to write until my hands go numb, meanwhile, NOT RETAINING A FUCKING THING, i actively take jobs around the school to miss as much of this subject as humanly possible, please, RETIRE, LEAVE ME ALONE, SEND IN A TEACHER THAT HASN'T BEEN STALE SINCE VIETNAM!!!

i feel better now...

everything 27

Im mad for so many reasons! Im mad at my parents for being druggie alcoholic gambling sex addicted self centered lazy people who beat, neglected, mind fucked me over and allowed all their friends to fuck me as a child. Im mad at my sister for getting out of there so fast, finding her prince charming at 14 years old. Im mad at myself for thinkingv i could do the same. Im mad at charley for letting me think i had, and im pissed that he fit in with my parents so well. Im mad at the school system i wasn't good enough for. Im happy i got to kick the principal in the balls my last day of real school... 5th grade. Im mad at myself for having my first baby at 1. Im pissed cuz the man i left my husband for was even worse than charley. Im pissed at jon for sleeping with my sister the whole miserable time we were together. Im mad at my rebound mistake who gave me my second daughter cuz he was sleeping with the same skanky sister jon left me for. Im mad at chris for being so wonderful at first and tricking me into loving him. Im mad as hell he tried to kill hisself cuz i told him i wouldn't marry him. Im pissed cuz he knocked me up and dumped me when i told him i was pregnant with my 3rd baby. Im pissed cuz no one even thought twice about what would happen to me when they did what they did. Im pissed cuz my girls know their fathers don't care. Im DEVASTATED CUZ THEY THINK THE SAME OF ME!!! Im mad cuz i tried SO FUCKING HARD to find a job and i couldn't. Im mad at everyone ehwho could have and should have taken all four of us in. I was thankfull to charleys mother for taking my oldest over the summer while i lived out of a backpack. I was thankfull for pauls parents for taking my middle baby in while i secured 2 crappy jobs and saved every penny to get a roof back over our heads. I am sooooo thankfull to chris's parents for showing my youngest girl how to be graciously awesome. Im thankfull my girls didn't go through exactly what i went through, but i am pissed that it gets worse!!! Im mad becauseit took six months to get into a SHACK with raw sewage in the yard. Mad at bothe jobs together barely covered the rent. Mad cuz as soon as i asked for my children back i was slapped with 2 guardianship hearings 2 child support orders automatically turning into garnishments. Mad that i was harrassed by charleys parents at WORK, resulting in my getting fired. Pissed cuz charley decided to show up out of the blue and leave divorce papers in the snow on the back porch. Pissed that he won custody cuz i wasn't informed of the court date. Pissed that i was evicted from a two room shack with human shit for a lawn. Mad that i was gonna have to send my babies back to the people who were trying to take them from me. Mad at every car i bought that never made it home. Mad at TOM appearing in the middle of this crisisth and promising to make it all better. Mad as FUCK

Posers 28

Ugh! I relish in the fact on how many posers are OUT THERE! They are always talking about how much they have the same likes or interests as someone who is legit in their likes! They fucking pretend that like something when they just want to fit in! You will never fit in! You posers are no better than fat people; excuse after excuse do you do say that you are something when you not!!!!! Thank you Mr. Webmaster for this and I have one question... can I talk about how I troll Fat People on the Fat People Forums?

*Note from Anger Central
In answer to your question, No. :D

People in general 29

Race, religeon, age, and sex aside I truly cannot stand 90% of the population. As a whole people are nosy, two faced liars willing to hurt anyone they can to get ahead. They'll smile to your face and the second you turn around they're whispering lies about you so it'll take the attention off their fat asses and zit covered skin. Most of them smell bad and the sound of their voices is like nails on a black board. Even "friends" only come around long enough to bitch about everything in their life then dissapear again. I'm tired of being people's fucking therapist. Most people are so dumb they're not even worth the food, space, and oxygen they take up on this planet. If it were my way, I'd sterilize and remove driving and working priviledges to everyone who falls below a certain i.q. Most of them are loud and obnoxious with no regard to how others perceive them. It's impossible to get most of them to shut the fuck up for 5 minutes to listen to the response you have for their 40 minute bullshit rant about some guy/girl who doesn't give a rat's ass about their feelings. People mostly blindly follow what the t.v. tells them to and their lack of creativity and intelligence is truly disgusting. Most people on the earth are nothing but dead weight and not even worth the price of all the plastic bottles they throw into the landfill. They rush into marriages and needless offspring only to divorce and emotionally scar everyone around them. Most of them also can't spell or hold a conversation that's not about some shitty rap song or celebrity marriage gone bad. For the most part, people are mindless, vacuous slobs that were born to this earth with the main purpose of annoyng the living fuck out of me with every breath they take. Trust no one...they're all liars and fakes.

Mean Popular People 30

They think they're so cool just because they're rich and wear expensive clothes. They think they're so pretty because they wear loads of makeup and take 2 hours to do their hair in the morning. they think they're so hot because they wear slutty clothes. Just because they're like that, they think they are above everyone and that everyone is inferior.

These popular kids don't talk to people who are ugly or don't have pretty clothes. I am one of those people. I don't try hard. I don't comb my hair in the morning or have a different outfit for every day of the month. So they don't talk to me.

In elementary school, these people were my best friends. But now in high school, we are complete strangers just because I don't wear makeup or cool clothes.

fat/ skinny/ normal sized/ kind of chubby/  31

'I'm so angry with fat/ skinny/ normal people' Why are people so 'people'? Why are the so normal in the middle/ fat/ skinny/ a little chubby/ a little bit skinny. LIKE UGH.... that is soo unfair. People are so people. They are like so skinny fat in the middle kind of normal a little chubby.

The whole time reading these comment I could help, but think how people are so insecure. Who cares what people think. They will talk, because they themselves are insecure. So yeah people have a lot of insecurities, love them anyway. Don't let what other people think, effect your everyday. Because really if you truly sit down and think about it, it's so ridiculously silly. Yes some people will be mean, but some people will be nice to. Don't not be friends with someone just because they are skinny or fat or in the middle. Open you heart and be willing to forget in an instant. It's hard sometimes to do that but it shows maturity and level-headedness. Hey, you can do it, don't give up on yourself!

Ignorant Thugs 32

I tried schoolteacher, I seriously tried. I listened to just about every arguement disuading me from looking at a situation without any social steering. I've been struggling with the fact that the only one of you I meet with at least a minimal sense of propriety are not from the United States, they are from abroad. Minority America: quit complaining, quit constantly ranting about the past without listening to your own actions and moves. You are a disgrace to a nation that tries to talk itself into looking around the real issue, your incompetence to succeed at anything, your incompetence to educate yourself to the very basic bottom floor levels required here in America. Your inability to work hard, your inability to show humility towards those who can teach valuable lessons, your refusal to change based on your own ignorant pride. Your fathers are hooligans, your mothers actively look for ways to ruin themselves. Your children are violent, disruptive and display the same ignorance that breeds throughout your people. I wish no one would help you any longer, I wish you stopped complaining, taking checks, trashing the schools and streets. I wish you would get a job.

People who don't pay attention 33

Screw you guys! Almost everyone I know pisses me the fuck off because they never fucking listen to what people are saying and expect them to repeat themselves or get confused when they start listening. This one time I said I hate a the iOS keyboard and my friend (not really an Apple fanboy) said "DUDE iOS IS GOOD WHY DO YOU HATE IPADS!" Fuck that shit. This is why I hate social interaction (I'm schizoid.)

Angry People 34

I'm tired of living with angry people. Why the fuck do they have to bring everybody down? I can't do anything with my life without those fuckers holding me back, claiming that I'm out to piss them off. They think everybody is out to get them when in fact they are miserable assholes that need to fucking calm down, but they won't. They are out to stop everybody from being happy and improving their lives because angry people think they are being attacked. In reality, angry people are attacking others and I'm fucking sick of it. Angry people are dysfunctional assholes that can't let people live their lives.

Thank you for letting me type this, and once again, fuck angry people that take control of everybody else's life.

welfare bums 35

I'm pissed because people think just because you are on welfare you are LAZY and won't work BULLS**T!! I would love to have a job but nobody will hire me even at some crappy little Starbucks that should be GRATEFUL I even applied stupid a**holes! I have an Associate's Degree and WANT to work but I file 25 applications within 2 weeks and get NOTHING! Then some stupid b**ch at a work program tells me 'oh it must be something YOU'RE doing' what b**ch I'm rtying to find a damn job stupid!! Yes there are a lot of lazy people sitting around being fat and stupid off the taxpayers and that's too bad but I AIN'T one of them. I would love to have a job but I keep getting told no don't lump me in with all those stupid fat cow a**holes sitting on their porch and drinking their 40's eating their collard greens and crap! I WANT TO WORK BUT I KEEP GETTING TOLD NO SO I SAID F**K YOU TO IT!!

*Note from Anger Central
The problem is that the majority of people on welfare are lazy bums. You are now seeing 3rd and 4th generations people who have never held a job in their lives and expect the government to take care of them. The system is designed to punish those down on their luck who need a temporary hand, and have been and want to be working. You seem to be in that minority.

Thea 36

I am angry at Thea because she is nothing but a pathological lying scum of the world! The woman put bogus charges on her mother, who is now serving 82 years in prison because of a series of stories that she fabricated when she was nine years old. I am angry because she uses that story- that LIE to gain sympathy from other people, and when she told me one story of how the event happened, it would conveniently change around into different scenarios for each person she told the story to. I am angry because she does nothing but lie about people, and lie about herself. She has fabricated lies and stories about being a crip since she was five- she targets mentally retarded people and people with low self esteem and leeches money and all sorts of stuff off of them. and she will literally find a way to use the fabricated story of her mom as an advantage to get people to buy and do things for her. She had two beautiful children that she picked drugs over, she fucked the father of her kids over as well because instead of being responsible and quitting drugs while she was pregnant, she kept accumulating drug debt and getting murder beefs over her head- so of course, the father of those children is going to keep paying the drug debt off just to make sure those kids weren't going to be harmed regardless that it keeps himself homeless and completely fucks him over, and regardless that he knew because of her, he wasn't going to be able to keep the kids. But what does that fat whore do? she continues to cheat on him regardless that he has saved her life several times, and she lies on him telling everybody that he sold their non-existing place for crack and crack was more important to him than her and the kids, when really she was nothing but a fat junkie whore and didnt give two shits that they were homeless and going to lose the kids because she was the one doing bathtub crank, and snorting coke all the damn time. I am angry how she uses the fabricated story about her mother to keep her disability when she is nothing but a fat lazy lying bitch that doesnt want to work and thinks that the world owes her something. she is such a junkie that she was medically flagged and can no longer get pain meds. It makes me angry because when I fucking need some and I am in excruciating pain because of my teeth, they treat me like I am the junkie and wont get me access to them when I have six broken teeth in my mouth and a fucked up foot, but a fat lying whore like her gets everything handed to her. FUCK YOU THEA

Tolerant People 37

OK tolerant people. I realize tolerance has it's place but make up your mind and stand for something real! I can't accept the fact that you just go with the flow even if it's headed down the toilet.

You pretend on the surface that all ideas and all people are of equal value while deep down you are miserable because you have not only sold yourself out but the rest of us as well.

You people are the worst kinds of friends. You have no loyalty, no spine, no substance and no heart. If anything most of you are a drain on resources.

Speak up! Even if I hate everything you stand for at least I would have some respect for your honesty.

So tolerant people, STOP being spineless, worthless, useless drivel. Make your ideas known so we can stop wasting our time pretending to satisfy the masses. Nobody cares about you because you don't care about anything.

Unmarried people who refer to themselves as married 38

If a couple can legally marry, but don't, why the hell do they refer to each other as spouses? I'm angry with this man who calls his on/off girlfriend his "wife" when they are not married. They CAN get married, nothing is stopping them, but they WON'T, yet want to be treated as a married couple and referred to as a married couple. Well, say the words, sign the paper, have it recorded using proper channels, and then you're married. Until then, people who call their girlfriends their wives or who call their boyfriends their husbands are just a couple of idiots playing house.

I got no problem with people who aren't married, have chosen not to be married, but don't try to refer to each other as their spouse. They say partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, or lover. These are the proper terms for that sort of relationship.

fake people 39

I am so FUCKING ANGRY with people and " human society" in general that I can't even formulate a detailed account as to why! The words that enter into my mind does not do any justice to illustrate the hate I feel to evil people. It is a very frustrating feeling not having words deep enough to show my burning hate for the fucked up humans living on this rock.

People 40

FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! I hate everyone sometimes! I fucking hate peace, tolerance, and love and all the shit people talk about but know one want to do anything about it. I hate how you're not supposed to be angry in public cause people will think we should keep our heads down and go with the flow. I hate how fucking weak and spineless people are.

*Note from Anger Central
Well, you've come to the right place if you're angry!

people on here! 41

Im so damn angry over you lot have you heard yourselfs, your proper redicules the lot of you need to grow up and act your ages. Lol you all wanna listen to yourselfs lmfao. Redicules really, well all i wanted to say is that you should get on with your ow life and stop trying to control others. Fat or skinny your beautiful the way you are if you want to loose weight or gain it then thats up to you:). STOP this bullshit and grow up seriousley. Im 16 and know what im talking about. We are the same end of story if you lot wonna carry on abusing fat and skinny people then just go to hell you have obiousley got something against yourselfs just give over man thing about other peoples feelings instead of your own for once.

People in Line-ups 42

I don't understand why, for some reason, people who are in a line or a queue seem to feel that they need to stand so far behind the person in front of them that it becomes unclear that they are part of the queue at all! I have seen someone come in and join a line but not at the end, which is because the next person has not edged up to keep thier own place. The worst part of this is that the otherwise next person, who didn't move up, does...NOTHING! They let the intruder take their place, causing the rest of the people waiting to wait even more...and nobody says anything! Why does this happen? I understand giving someone their space, but lets be reasonable...we have all stood in lines from the time we were children and we all know how it who wrote these new rules, and worse, why do so many people abide by them? I belive that it is customary to leave about a foot and a half between the person in front of you and yourself if you are in a line. That way, there is no risk of someone butting in because they see that there is an end to the line.

Plus, for those who DO butt in, ASK if that is the end of the line or not, please people, have som common courtesy! Thanks.

Angry People 43

When I was 43 I had a slip and fall accident which I needed surgery for the Sciatica I got from it. The surgeon removed the wrong disk in my spine leaving me disabled for life. I have had 4 spine surgeries and am forced to live on a measly government issued SSDI Income every month. I was an award winning graphic artist and now I can hardly move my right arm because of a stroke I had. I'm not very cool with people that feed off the system, having more kids and milking the system - but in my case, I wouldn't be able to live any kind of life without the help of Social Security. I'm sorry all of you folks are so damn angry - but so am I. I lost my livelihood, ability to work, stand in one place for more than 15 minutes at a time or sit for that amount of time. The drugs that I have to take are probably killing me and I'm so DAMN ANGRY that people think that all people with handicapped signs hanging in their cars think that were all 'cheats'. I wish to GOD I could work again and I'm pissed that I can't. So be careful where you tread my friends. Being on government assistance sucks and I'd give anything to be working and off of it!

weak people 44

look i have been spending some time researching peoples opinions on quitting oxy and methadone, and also drinking and smoking. i smoked a pack to two packs a day for 15 years, been heavily binge drinking for almost 15 years, and whacking around 150 mg of oxy a day and 50-100 mg of methadone for 5 years. oh my god seriously the horror stories are so pussy. it took me a month and im off all of that shit. with no help from people or other drugs. you all need to suck it the fuck up. when did this country turn so soft? does anybody have a set of balls? bunch of fucking pussies.

self centered shitass humans 45

These pieces of possum shit think the fucken stars spin around their in bread wants and is like trying to talk to a still wet load of vulture shit .Fuck em,I almost want a war to start,so I can use theur greesy corpse to run my band saw.

 A certain retard from Canada 46

Dear Woman who got Justin Carter put in jail if you are to illiterate to know what JK stand for after a kid talks about out of sarcasm shooting u pa school than who the fuck do you think you are snitching to the police you goddamn retard. First of all who does this bitch thinks she is nosing on League of Legends, it's a video game not a club for ignorant cunts to spy on, secondly to the government you don't reward some Canadian cunt by jailing an American Boy over something stupid no, you take the cops over to Canada and you arrest the dumb bitch for misusing 911. If I was running this country the dumb bitch who attempts to pull that shit would end up getting themselves arrested and being put in an American jail for invasion of Privacy. Seriously the fact tht this bitch wants to be an anonymous pussy because she knows she'll be the most hates person on Earth goes to show that's she's ruined an American Kid's life, eight years in Prison over sarcasm no wonder America is the dumbest Country in the World, I would have the kid be free and have the cops who arrested him turn their badges in and lock them selves up or go arrest the dumb bitch who snitched.

Reading this shit makes me want to go to Canada and find every dumb bitch in Canada and beat the fuck out of them until the retard comes clean and that is something i'm serious about. So to all of you dumb brainless Canadian Cunts I suggest you either admit that you got Justin Carter put in jail now or i'm going to rape and beat the hell out of every one of you stupid bitches until you confess, than I will make you pay with your life and let true justice be served, so fuck all of you dumb ass maple syrup cum guzzling retards because you're going to get what's coming to you soon, I guarantee it bitches.

Lack of humanity, intelegence and reason 47

I volunteer my time every day to research for Anonymous i have a very expensive, completely custom and high functioning setup worth thousands in my man cave in part for this. I study the lil' mutherfuckers VERY closely that make those viruses we all hate, it just so happens i managed to get my hands on thousands of documents and notes on it just so i can learn how to give it the fuck back to them but the problem of V.P.N. and Proxie configurations still exist, you must be 100% sure before you strike back always. Pinging rarely work's, so what dose? I don't sit and take that shit personally, i do something responsibly bout it. If your not doing anything remotely wrong to another or illegal why the fuck dose people do this shit? I can see having a virus that would, (with the right script setup,) auto pwn the bastard hacking into a server or network like my own even however its far more complicated than that due to program communications and networking traffic. There needs to be an offensive tool for this that fuck's there day up with an army of shit. I can't tell you how sick and fucking tired of fixing my network like i had to last night... NOTHING worked and there was no virus rather an unknown in the process i.d.'s with unusual signatures "Listening" so i shut his ass down hard and fast! But not before the ass hole went into my shit and messed up all my setting's soooo bad i had to use a very special kind of restore method, my system restore is not all on my C:/ drive and the dip shit thought it was, lol. Yanking a BIOS is the best way to get rid of a hacker, makes there PC permanently garbage. Alternatively, i run a massive web site pertaining to pediatric medical help for those who have children with special needs like my own and share everything i can. it's common knowledge in certain circles online yet one of them was who did this shit all because of creative differences i suppose... fucking idiot hackers have WAY to much free time and the same ass hole didn't make it more than 2 hours with my identity before he got his and caught at that. I block scripts, use multiple antivirus but only one run's automated, Non-Bitlocker/corporate full disk encryption, custom I.P.'s, VPN & Proxie chain's, never keep anything on my PC i use external media that has its own separate encryption, i don't install anything i simply use portable app's or make them and keep them on a card with yet more encryption, i use over 8TB completely custom built in home server each 1TB is a separate partition with even more unique encryption, custom firewall, custom traffic monitoring and much - much more accessible only to me from anywhere in the world complete with both physical and virtual kill switches. Its all remote controlled by me 100%. The point is NO MATTER WHAT shit happens. Be prepared i always say and never think inside the box or your fucked. IT ENRAGES ME I HAVE TO GO THIS FAR TO TRY TO DO SO MUCH GOOD! People have forgotten how to be human, no common sense or reason any more and its not just sad its highly dangerous.

Fucking retarded pieces of shits 48

There was this one survey, made by the University of Helsinki. In the fucking survey, they had a fucking retarded math question which was really simple; connect the correct answers. Yet they somehow managed to fuck that up, we checked over 10 times and we still found out it was wrong. But somehow, our dumbass classmates and teachers managed to get it correct. Apparently, 2 - 3 - 4 - 2 is equal to 8-2-3-2, fucking retards, how did they ever pass kindergarten? They manage to mess up a fucking national survey and yet some people manage to belive that it's correct. Ridiculous.

*Note from Anger Central
Mathematics was never the Angry Webmaster's strong suit.

I love being single 49

It angers the shit out of me when women view me with pity or suspicion just because I choose to be single. Fuck off you men-deferrers. Most of you have never had the chance to live alone and enjoy the benefits that being single has to offer, and there are 1000s. You know what you are missing.

You try to set me up with a loser brother or some other parent's-basement-dwelling jerk just so you can watch me gradually get miserable and you can feel less threatened about your own flagging coupledom. Or, you see me as unnatural, a lesbian, callous or crazy. Know what? Fuck off!

I live like you would dream to live. I may be poor but I don't have to argue with a man about it. A materially impoverished marriage is a crushing fucking embarrassment. Poverty is fucking unromantic. I'd rather manage my meagre income on my own. I do better than you would like to think. Also I don't have children and I attribute that to fifty years of bloody good management. I felt pressured like most women to have children but I said no. And deep down, you resent the shit out of me (and your own life). My house and garden are impeccable. Things smell fresh. I read a lot of books. I grow my own food and shop in places where you would never deign to enter, lest your mean husband and nagging kids make you feel guilty.

I have perky breasts. I have really good skin. I dress conservatively but sexily. I have only myself to think of and yes, I am fucking selfish. Oh, I forgot to tell you that my bum looks like a peach. It will take a great man to get his hands on me and to date, no man has been good enough. I don't care. I go to bed every night thanking myself for staying single and holding out for the right man. If he doesn't come along in my lifetime, I don't give a fuck. At least I will never have to wake up and view some snoring, sweaty, pining, whining pig with disgust every morning.

Don't ever accuse me of being a threat to your marriage just because I am single and attractive. I don't give a fuck if my presence, even from a million miles away, is eating you up. Your kind take great pleasure in tearing me down and you know why you do.

So enjoy sitting around with your married girlfriends, sipping your sadness and stay the fuck out of my business. Misery loves company. You have plenty of that.

Wife and boss 50

I'm thinking my wife and boss need a month or two without the annoying burden of my presence. Thsee fucking people act like I was born to serve them, with no thoughts of my self. They are mistaken. If you cut my fucking pay in half, what the fuck do you think I'm going to do, lick your balls? And if you're my fucking wife and you refuse to shut your loud cunt voice long enough for me to perform my extremely difficult and complicated job, what the fuck do you think is gonna happen? You think that shit turns me on? You two are either dumb as fuck or I'm speaking a foreign fucking language. Either way, I'm outta here. Good luck getting anything done, asshole. Good luck paying the bills, bitch. Fuck you both. You two fill the world with shit and complain about the smell, and you expect me to stay quiet and clean up your mess. Fuck you.

*Note from Anger Central
Since this is a "twofer" we put this in the people in general category

Raw Tanning 51

I am so angry because I am a 4th Grade Teacher and while I was teaching my students Social Studies the students were all looking out the window to a house across the playground to see a woman laying out in her backyard sunbathing completely naked. I was completely shocked, I had to close the blinds children do not need to see a woman tanning naked in her backyard, lady you're backyard is right next to a Elementary School Playground and kids are seeing you, either put some clothes on or go inside your house.

After School ended me and several other teachers and let our Principal know about what happened. We called the city to report the naked sunbather. Worst of all the children were all watching the nude sunbather as they were heading out of school, our Principal had to tell the kids to get on their School Buses and confronted the sunbather before she got all pissed at the Principal saying it's her backyard. Then Cops showed up and the lady immediately went inside her house, I feel like this lady should have been arrested for indecent exposure for sunbathing naked and having her naked body be seen by children, hopefully the city makes this lady move.

*Note from Anger Central
Wash she at least attractive to look at, or did she look like a beached whale?
Legally, We have heard that the person was within her rights, since she was on her property.
We don't have lawyers here, so there's salt over there for you to take this with

Clout Chasing Attention Whores 52

I am so angry because some idiots on Twitter or Social Media in general will do or say anything for attention. You have some woman making fun of anime fans saying they should grow up and why they won't get laid. Really Bitch are you jealous because most anime girls are more attractive than you, you're just some dumb cunt wanting attention and clout by trying to start shit with the anime community and the only person who needs to grow up is you. There are celebrities that do watch anime but you probably don't care because you believe it's why men can't get laid, you're probably the same kind of woman who gets jealous when a guy plays video games because he isn't giving you attention. Dear Women the World Does NOT revolve around you if you half to go and talk shit about hobbies like watching anime or playing video games just because you're not getting attention than you deserve every amount of hate directed towards you because you're nothing but a stupid bitch.

Another dumb bitch to rant about is some dumb cunt on Twitter talking shit about people who play with Legos under 12 Needs Help. No fuck you bitch the only person who needs help is YOU. You must really be desperate for attention if you think it's ok to attack people who collect Legos and also why the fuck is it any of your business if they do. You know what it's dumb bitches like you are why women stay single because you want everything to be ALL ABOUT YOU and could care less about what men want because everything has to always be about you and act like the whole world should revolve around you. I got news for you No man would ever want anything to do with some stupid selfish bitch like you and don't blame legos or anime as to why your single; because all you have to blame is yourself for how much of an ignorant, clout chasing, attention craving bitch you are; now go back to your miserable life of being single and taking 1,000 selfies of yourself on facebook because that's your life of being a selfish, narcissistic, clout craving attention whore.

TJ the Dumbass 53

I am so angry at this loser named TJ who is nothing but a racist, homophobic asshole who thinks i'm gay despite the fact I have a girlfriend. Hey Dumbass did it ever occur to you the reason why you don't have a girlfriend is because no woman is stupid enough to fuck your dumb, ugly, goatfaced ass? Obviously the guy is an asshole and is beyond toxic and is no wonder no one wants to be on any team with him during Online Survivor Games on Facebook because he is such a dick always trying to force his racist, homophobic agendas on everyone and whenever someone gets eliminated he becomes an asshole to them. It's no wonder no one wants to be around you and why just about everyone hates you so much TJ and why you've been kicked out of so many games in the past and it's because you're nothing but a racist, homophobic asshole calling me a faggot and the N word all because i'm black. Yeah you lucky you don't say that to my face because I would beat the fuck out of your stupid ass. I'd like to know how you are in real life, I bet you probably work at McDonalds and won't serve any blacks or gays which is why your dumbass won't get hired anywhere else.

TJ I bet you're the same dumbass on here bitching about Sports and the NFL since you wanted to make a flag mocking Colin Kapernick which nobody wanted nothing to do and yet you bullied everyone into following your lead in our Survivor Game. I can tell it's you with your bitching about Politics in the NFL and shit, yeah bitch you have no job; if you do why don't you go work at Wendy's or Chick Fil A since they don't serve Gays you can fit right in with the rest of the Homophobic and ignorant bigots such as yourself.

Fuck you TJ, get a fucking life and get fucked you dumbass fucknig loser.

*Note from Anger Central
We put this here since we couldn't figure where else to put it. (Lack of coffee)

Assholes with their smartass comments 54

So this morning I was jogging two blocks before work to get in a bit of exercise, and some waste of flesh yells out "run Forrest, Run"

For fuck sakes. Have you never seen anyone jogging on the sidewalk before? Is jogging on now eccentric, abnormal behavior that warrants some shithead to fucking bother you with asinine comments that are neither witty nor funny? Or is your life just that unfulfilling and pointless that this is the only way you know how to get your kicks? If that's the case, for the love of god, GET A FUCKING LIFE, and if you absolutely are that pathetic and can't do that, at least come up with something original and that isn't a quote from a goddamn movie that came out ALMOST THIRTY FUCKING YEARS AGO.

Annoying People 55

It really gets on my nerves when random strangers who have mutual friends with me wants to add me on Facebook so yes I accept but that does not mean we half to start talking or be friends.

It's really annoying because 1 I don't even know you at all and just because you like the same stuff as I do doesn't automatically make you my friend and spamming my messages is a guaranteed way for me to block your annoying ass; also please stop liking all of my posts and shit it's really annoying if me ignoring your annoying messages isn't a hint that I don't want to talk to you than liking my posts is another reason I will block you.

I already have plenty of friends and don't need any annoying attention seeking excess ones. I mean yeah I try to ignore messages but it only does so good to an extent when you realize the person who's messages you ignore are spamming you all the time, like what the fuck do you want from me? Take a fucking hint I don't want to be friends with you.

It also pisses me off when these types of people also ask me for my Gamertag on Xbox One, Playstation 4, or my Nintendo Switch Friend Code asking me to game with them. I don't think so I only game with close friends not some random moron who friended me on facebook who's thirsty for attention. The reason I don't game with people like you is because I only game with my close friends and we hardly ever get much of a chance to game together due to us having busy lives. It also pisses me off when I open up rooms, these assholes jump in without asking me if it's ok right when me and my friends are about to play together and I tell this person to get out and they get upset by saying i'm not being a true friend to them. No dumbass me and my real friends are about to play and I never asked you now get out. This is why I don't game with many people because I only game with real friends not annoying attention seekers.

Another thing that pisses me off is when some idiot adds me to a group chat that I never said it was ok to add me in, I leave the group chat because I never wanted any part of being included in your stupid group chat with people I don't know and I have no intention of knowing. I mean why can't these assholes just leave me the fuck alone and respect my boundaries?

Let this be a message to any of you annoying assholes out there, i'm not interested in being your firend end of story.

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