I am boiling angry at some of my renters who behave as if I provide free rent. Why can't the mutants just pay their rent on time? I'm not a rental complex. I own property to rent. I keep it in excellent condition. No, I don't want to wait until they are ready to pay. The rent is due on the 1st of each month. Oh, hell, I think I'll just tell my creditors that they will have to wait. Then the card-carrying liberal party boys will have to go without water, electric and heat. I'll just say, "I didn't think they would shut off the utilities. I told the corporate freaks that I would get around to paying soon".

Betty and her 4 kids. 2

Ms Betty previously tenanted a lovely 4 by 2 property through what i realise now as a dodgey real estate agent. Her and her boys were feral, trashed the house and let the cat ruin the blinds and piss all over the floor. blinds were missing, fly sreens missing, items stollen, basically the indside has to be ripped out and start a fresh, as i wouldnt even let a dog live in there!. I just hope that one day she gets what she deserves.what goes around comes around bitch!!

*Note from Anger Central
Edited to remove possibility of identifying the target of the rant.

Renters 3

I am angry because I'm 21 years old and have the inability to rent an apartment. Thanks to all the immature, beer chugging, drug using, party throwing, loud ass, broke, irresponsible losers, we all have to have to have references and tons of credit built in order to be independent.

Fuck all. I am just an adult who wants to live on my own, and I need my parent's permission if I don't want to live with dumbass roommates.

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