People of Wal-Mart 1

I am so angry at my latest visit to Wally World; why would anyone want to bring a busload of retards to a public place of business? I don't mean to offend anyone with autism but my god you're out in public screaming and causing a scene at Wal-Mart, seriously you're disrupting shoppers with how loud and rude you are not to mention one of them brought a bag full of piss. Now that is just unsanitary you're bringing a sack full of urine in a Public Department Store. Also there were some dumbass kids skateboarding in the store. Yes fucking stupid kids skateboarding in the store, one that is dangerous, are you aware you could injure yourself and others because you retards think it's ok to ride skateboards in a place where you are not allowed to. If I was an employee, I would kick them all out of the store. Also I saw two nasty white trash skanks go in Wal-Mart in their Pajamas and they smelled like piss. I mean for the love of God are fucking lazy to put on some fucking clothes and take a shower, also if I was an employee I would kick people out for wearing pajamas. Mr. Webmaster I honestly don't blame you at all for not shopping at Wal-Mart it's a Circus.

Selfish Bitch on Black Friday 2

I went Black Friday shopping looking to get my son a Nintendo Switch and then some fat bitch snatched it out of my son's hand when there were more in the case. I yelled at the bitch and called her a fat inbred bitch and told her to give it back or i'll punch her in the face. she gives me the finger and I grab her hair and punched her in the face as I took the Switch from her hands. I then then told her to get one from the case instead of stealing from a kid you fat selfish cow.

Then as I went to check out the selfish cow hit me with a cart and then tried to steal my son's switch. My son tried to stop her and the bitch pepper sprayed him. I was so enraged I Yelled YOU GODDAMN FATASS BITCH and hit her with my cart, grabbed her and took her mace from her hand and sprayed her with it, along with punching her in the face and then taking her head and bashing it against the Wal-Mart Conveier Belt. Security broke up our fight, me and my son decided to press charges against the selfish bitch and was able to pay for a Nintend Switch. Dear stupid dumbass women if you want something buy it from the case if they have more in stock, stealing and pepper spraying a kid makes you into a total bitch especially when you piss off their mother and they end up beating the fuck out of your fat inbred ass the next time you come to Black Friday, I hope this fat fucking cow also gets run over by a Truck.

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