history teachers

these teachers are especially annoying so they need a different mention. for one thing they rave on about the boring lame bits about life styles and all that. no gory bits just the boring lame facts. now in Australia in years nine and ten(i'm in yr 11 so i'm rite now) you learn in history about Australia,. it is boring as heck and it just goes on with lots of boring facts we dont need to know.

teachers 2

I'll go into bare specifics, I was stuck taking COBOL in college. Keeping in mind, no one really uses COBOL anymore. Well, the textbook was written by an idiot, obviously, since none of the example programs worked.

Then there's the instructor. We'll call her LC for convenience, and to be vague enough to keep her identity secret. LC was basically a rude woman, and a COBOL expert (an endangered species, I believe). She tried to fail everyone in the class. Not only by giving poor marks on programs that didn't work because the textbook was wrong, but even to the point of e-mailing students to try into their personal lives.

She ignored the fact that we were doing bad because of her poor teaching methods and the fucking BOOK! Hell, I only signed up for the class because my course advisor was listed as the instructor until he was placed teaching another course.

I did not pay $300 semester tuition to almost be failed and have my private life asked about. Neither did anyone else.  What happened to LC? Well, between the numerous complaints, and my course advisor's inability to tolerate the woman (and he likes everyone- she was that much of a total bitch!), she was fired, the COBOL course wiped from the course list, and all remaining students passed (there were 13 of us on day one. By the last drop date, only 6 of us).

I don't care what college it is or what the class is, or how important you think you are. College is not high school. We pay a lot to take one course, you will not treat us like high school students. We chose to take the course, you will treat us with respect or we will leave the class.

Art Teacher 3

Fucking Bitch Art Teacher of Miss R. failed my ass. I do more work then that bitch and have gotten more awards for my art then that slut ever will. Stupid whore just failed me cause I am a better Artist then her retarded fat ass. Stupid bitch, I bet shes only good for pissing the hell out of me and other people and probably sleeping with people in order to keep her job.

Teachers 4

Ok some of them can be very decent human beings and it is a difficult job to do. But I am furious at those Arses who run around on a power trip like little mini dictators. Also whenever they don't have control over a noisy class they will always pick on the quiet kid if he so much as farts in the wrong direction. Teachers give you masses of homework and never take into consideration that you might have other teacher's work to do as well.

Lecturer 5

I have this fucked up lecturer at uni whose head is so far up her own arse she cant run the fucking course. Yes Mrs J S, you, did you even read that fucking email i sent or just send a standard reply after you read the subject line? I dont pay fucking $600 to attend a course where the assesment tasks are always fucking changing, because you cant get your fat fucking arse into gear, where you fucking scale down my marks because the majority of uni students are dumb arses, where you cant send a reply to my email that is fucking relevant. This bitch doesnt listen to any of her staff and doesnt give a fuck about the students, she must be sleeping with the fucking chancellor!!!

Teachers 6

I am angry today because my junior grade english teacher is a complete dumbass. How she got into teaching, we don't know. Everyone else agrees with me that she is a retard. We do nothing in her class. All she does is this retarded poetry shit. Half the class sleeps, the other does nothing. When we all get our grades, she told us they were low because of the quizzes we took. Everyone was confused. The only quiz we actually took in that class was 3 fucking months ago, and that's it. She doesn't review anything, and she almost teaches history instead of English. DUMBASS.

Teacher 7

one of my teachers i had in grade 4 (along time ago)was the most sexest, fatest, rudest piece of crap i have ever seen. She weighed roughly the weight of a baby elephant and had this eye thing that made so only 1 of her eyes would open properly and the other eye open 1/4 of the way. She blinked a dozen times a second because of this and she smelled like ars. She loved girls so much my friends thought she might be well, gay. There was a girl in my class that she loved named Y, well she put all of her work on the display board and gave her nice pretty stars. she hated all of the boys in my class, including me. She just about flunked me when i said anything and one time my friend and i were sitting next to a marker bin on a table and my friend knocked it over, well because i was sitting near it she immediatly accused me of doing this. Well she sent me out side and my friend then told her it was him who did it. Well i got to come back inside and i waited and waited and all day he didn't get sent out side. another girl named Q in my class didn't have the nicest writing and didn't achieve the best grades so one day Q did horrible work that was very messy and Y did amazing work. My teacher showed the 2 pieces of work to the class and read out the marks of both the students. Well for Y it was great but for Q it was devasting. She told us that this was not exceptable work and showed us all the mark, which was a D-. Q got mad and started crying and then my teacher said "don't cry its not that uncommon". I hate this teacher and now that im in high school i wish i could go back to that school and make fun of that teacher. I hope she gets fired and i pitty all of her students

Mrs. Berks 8

I came into class crying because I couldn't take anymore of the kids and you basically belittle me. "You can go to the guidance counselor but your not going to come into my class and cry", I was so upset I didn't even know what was going on really.

One day something really dramatic will happen to you and people will do you the same way. You haven no business teaching grade school, because you have no sense of compassion or understanding.

Year 10 English Teacher 9

My Year 10 English Teacher is a FUCKING BITCH and a STUPID SEXIST WHORE! Who the fuck does she think she is? She likes all the girls and hates, HATES all the boys. She gets up us boys for anything and the girls get away with everything. Nothing against them, it's just that this knieving bitch is fucked in the head and she needs to get her head screwed on.  The next time I see her, I will tell her to go fuck herself and that I have finished my first year of university.

Teachers 10

Mr. C,is a dumb motherfucker! I don't need his damn typing class and the only reason I have to take it is because I need it on my transcript to pass. I can type 49 words per fucking minute, fuck! I hope he gets his ass kicked for assigning a damn 10 page assignment on the fucking Roman coliseums. It's only highschool, goddammit!

Past teachers and principals 11

I'm absolutely pissed off with past teachers who, for the last decade and a half, treated me like a piece of scum. One occasion, a vice-principal classed my bad handwriting as a 'discipline problem' and came down harsh on me. The result was a long period of very low self-esteem.

The good news is that, on this day, I stand as the graduate of two of the best universities in the world, and I'm preparing for a PhD. So, to Mr AW*** (that lousy scumbag vice-principal I mentioned), you are one big lousy f***ing loser!! I've accomplished more in the last 4 years than you can hope to accomplish your entire miserable life!! So, go and rot, you lousy piece of garbage!! And the same to all those school bullies, and all those shit-faced teachers who treated me like dirt!

Ron 12

This guy takes over as a trombone coach in a local youth brass band and turns it from an educational organization to one which criticizes people in front of everyone. There is no need for his excessive questioning of the life of one of the students with disabilities either, nor should he threaten people. He needs to get out of this position. As the disabled trombone player who has to make adaptations to hold a slide and then be criticized in front of my peers, I feel it is altogether fitting and proper to fire this guy!

Teachers 13

I am an audiologist who works in the school system and I can't stand teachers. Everyone one of them is a mindless liberal clone of some demented DNA strand from a 1969 hippie music festival. They are all fat and out of shape. They dress like it is casual day every day and look like slobs. They think they are cool and hip but the teenagers laugh at them behind their backs and call them sorry and pathetic. They are, without fail, on the far left side of every issue. They claim to be for freedom of expression but mock and make fun of Christian students, the young republican group, and speak about our president in slanderous terms. I despise this group so much. They all think that I am a pleasant guy who is friendly to everyone. look, you morons, I only put up with you because it is my job. They think that they are all so educated but someone needs to tell them that it doesn't take a genius to teach high school English. They excuse every crime and moral lapse and think everyone is a victim. No one is responsible for their behavior but Christians. Every time you turn around, they are taking up a donation for some far left cause - on public time. If I tried to take up a collection for any of my causes, there would be a riot. They even have the nerve to distribute Kerry bumper stickers to us all, assuming wrongly that we are all in the same boat. Half of the country is Republican and not one of these fossils cna figure that out since they all only associate with each other. I have news for you filthy, disgusting, slobs: I am republican and I hope they end the department of education so that parents can send their kids wherever they want with a voucher so that kids can get away from your horrible influence!! Go to hell!

bosses a.k.a professors 14

i am so damn angry because my professor made the whole class participate in his own personal research project. it took a few hours to do and i have enough of my own work that i did not spend much time on doing my professor's job for him. because of the lack of time i spent on this i apparently didnt do as well as the other students in the class and the teacher gave me a "D". after i got this "D" he decided that his research is so fucking important that this grade should count twice. thank you for listening, i feel much better now.

Tardy teachers 15

What really bothers me are teachers that come to school late and make us wait outside in the cold morning for almost a half hour. It's an Economics class, which really isn't truly an exciting class to begin with but it's a graduation requirement nonetheless. This is my last year of high school and I am trying to attend a university with stringent entry requirements. I went to my counselor and he tells me I can't switch to another class since they're all full. Frustrating. I mean, if these teachers find teaching unmanageable or boring maybe they should just go stand and wait at the unemployment line! I have my own future to be concerned with. So, Ms. Plank, you better get your priorities straight! Where do they get these people anyway?

Primary School Principal 16

I work for a recreational company teaching circus skills to primary school children. The kids have a great time, they learn something new, they gain confidence, hone their motor skills and learn to work with someone younger and differently visaged from their class teacher. Apparently the facial piercings I have (nose and la bret) pose a serious threat to the little dears at C. primary school, at least the principal thinks so. As soon as I signed in on my first day, the crusty old bitch ordered me to take them out, in order to follow "school policy". She also told me female students were only allowed stud or sleeper earrings...so fucking what? I'm 21 years old, do I look like a primary school student? I'm getting paid to teach your kids, you dopey cow! I'm getting paid to stop them from going insane with boredom in the repressive, conformist environment you've created. Get off your stupid power trip, and realise that not everyone in the world lives in fear and awe of you, like the pre-teens you tower over.

There are a lot more serious things you could be worrying about than a few random bits of metal in my face. It's not like the kids care, and if they even notice, it's a lesson in tolerance for different lifestyles. Do you really think the preps are going to see my piercings, think "ooh, that's neat" and go stab themselves in the nostril with a drawing pin? Yeah, whatever. I hope Mrs Uptight Dry Fuck Pruneface Bitch gets slapped upside the head by a disgruntled former student. With piercings.

professor 17

Professor H. is a cunt. I got an 85% on a test I studied really hard for. Four fucking hours at least, and it wasn't even a midterm. For the most part, I got points knocked off for my own stupidity, but on one of the questions, she took off FIVE points just because I wasn't "specific enough," even though the stupid bitch didn't provide enough room on the test to fully answer the question. I would have gotten a 90% I'd gotten full credit for the question.

Chemistry Professor/Nazi 18

I am a 34 year old who has worked in the professional corporate office environment for the past 12 years. I left college 2 qtrs short of my undergrad b/c I got all caught up with working my way up the corporate ladder. That is, until reality struck with one employer and I got the smack down denial for lack of a degree AFTER I already quit my job. OK, so I was a dumbass I admit it. Derrr. ANYWAY--so now I'm finishing the stupid piece of crap degree which is completely useless to me (fashion merchandising = BIG joke degree--AND from a Big 10 school to boot). For God only knows why--we have to take organic and inorganic chemistry series. Folks, I can tell you for a fact A RETAIL BUYER WILL NEVER USE CHEMISTRY IN ANY PART OF THEIR CAREER. Ugh. OK, so I took the first of the series at a local community college so it would transfer to my "real" school. OMG. The professor from HELL. This old, wrinkled up, skinny, non-smiling (EVER) guy who hates students. Makes perfect sense WHY YOU ARE TEACHING FOR A LIVING YOU FUCKWAD. This guy has a heart of lead (Pb on the periodic table for all you chem gurus--NOT). He actually yelled at some guy in our chemistry lab for SMILING. He said if this individual "had a problem and thought something was funny" you can just leave. What the fuck? We were all looking at each other like we were in the twilight zone or something. Old prune was paranoid too. I think he was a lazyass who didn't want to take any extra time than necessary with us. Probably just a lame way to supplement his income to support his secretive lab experiments--turning humans into lead blocks. Lead again--I can't get away from it! A sidebar to the original meanie I'm bitching about: so I got a chem tutor to help me out with some of the crap problems and the first day I go there, I get some paranoid schizophrenic who told me the fire alarms were bugged, the desk plug extensions were bugged to make sure we weren't discussing methods of making chemical warfare or making bombs (YEAH--at the lowly community college where they regularly churn out Nobel winners you assmunch! and that the professor I currently had works for the CIA (I almost believe that one--frigid mean fucker---probably a relic from the cold war days). I was like, um, did ya take yer lithium today dude?! Freak. Chemistry professors are all freaks. I haven't met one that has been normal or even remotely in a state of reality. They're all out there in the third dimension exploring quantum mechanics or something. I have one more class to take next quarter so I'm giving someone out there the chance to prove me wrong.

College Professors 19

I'm tired of my college professors that always make snap judgments about me! Like they are all knowing! I mean I'm a white girl in her early 20s so they just know I don't have any obstacles to overcome. Not everybody goes to college only to party and has mommy and daddy to pay for everything! My teacher tells us that we need an additional $30 text book (besides the one i already spent $120 on) by the next day. When ur barely scraping together enough bus money to get you to class, $30 is a lot of money to come up with in a 24 hour time frame! But that's not what bugs me! It was the "Its not that much money, just get ur parents to buy it, or skip Starbucks for a couple days." And I show up to class once looking somewhat unkempt with bags under my eyes to drop off a paper and my teacher (a different class, different teacher) makes a remark in FRONT OF THE ENTIRE CLASS about how maybe i shouldn't stay out partying the night before my paper's due! I had had an allergic reaction and spent the night in the hospital, and still managed to go home and get the paper to turn in! But she has to humiliate me in front of the class before i even get a word out! And these people are supposed to be in charge of our "higher education"? HA!

Annoying Professor 20

I have the most anal professor in the world. The man goes away for 2 months of the semester and then expects that i will have done all the research that is required to understand a single scientific article. Do you have any idea what that entails? That requires me to know over 40 years worth of research. The people who wrote the paper have been doing this research for the past 30 years. Of course they are going to assume that whoever is reading it will know what's going on because that person will have been doing the research for 30 years also. Then he rips apart my presentation and calls me an idiot. What kind of professor calls a student stupid? I didn't pay $40000 a year to be called an idiot by a pear shaped little man that doesn't do anything worthwhile for the academic community. Next he hassles me for borrowing my friends notes, saying that I had to quote them. Now I know you're thinking so what's the big deal. It wasn't the hassle that pissed me off. It was his tone. His tone suggested that I am a horrible person who shouldn't be allowed to graduate. It was an honest mistake I made, the first in my entire 4 years at college, and he wanted to get me kicked out of school when I would be graduating in 2 weeks. I seriously could shoot this man. I could commit murder and live with myself afterwards. That's how intense my anger towards this man is. I hope that his racist, worthless, apple-bottom ass gets canned in the next week. I will make that my life's mission.

*Note from Anger Central
We would suggest that you get a copy of the relevant laws on Slander and ask him to review them, especially if he did this in public.

Teachers 21

I am ANGRY at teachers. I dislike most teachers because they use their "power" in stupid ways. They call us names and give us F's and piss me off. You know what I say? F U, you ugly stupid people. This goes to you to "A"! YOU make me angry! Get your overly large, booger-filled nose out of my life because I'd rather be crushed by a damn tree than sit and listen to you ramble on about your fucking cats! GOOD DAY.

*Note from Anger Central
Name was removed.


They say i'm a fantastic student and want to take me to a huge prestigious exhibition. Then they tell me actually my work is not good enough and they will take it out if i don't make their changes! Why did they say it was good enough and then say it wasn't? And on top of it they are all off on long weekends and can't be around to approve the changes they insisted be approved by them before continuing?

Phil 23

Hey Phil, you are the least sympathetic, most emotionless, empty minded slug of a "tutor" with no people skills, care or interest in students what so-fucking-ever. Instead of preaching around like a self righteous shit with your condescending pompous attitude you should take a damn good look at yourself and stop criticizing people who try to seek solutions to their issues in the work or otherwise.

You should also cut the judgmental crap and learn to take things at face value instead of pretending to "read between the lines" and finding an ulterior motive in things that people seeking help are saying whether it be in e-mail or face to face.

Do you not realize that when it comes down to it nobody actually likes you? Maybe there is a reason for that, buddy? Maybe because you see students as spineless annoying wastes of space who are only there to waste your time perhaps?

Also stop asking stupid questions like "tell me what such-and-such a person would say if I were talking to them now?". It is a naive question whatever you say because I'm not a bloody mind reader so get real! Also, go back to being a network manager because you are total crap at managing people or understanding them.

*Note from Anger Central
We thought carefully about posting this one. It really is more of an insult then a rant of anger.

teachers 24

my god damned teacher is such a god damned ass hole. he tries to lie to us in class, like one time he told us some shit speech about hitler and the microsoft windows folder,and how hitler used to have a folder to make comics and windows used it for their folder thing. we all belived him until... he started crackin up. then he once kicked me out of class just for saying "mmmmhhhmmm" when someone was doing a presentation, then my group had to lose like 20 points.

teachers are so fuckin gay how they give out homework without end and all their lazy fat asses do is sit and watch over you like a damned vulture. I AM SO ANGRY AT ALL THE TEACHERS IN MY SCHOOL. especially my principal!

*Note from Anger Central
Sounds to us that you are a juvenile moron. How about you sit quietly and learn something?

failed principal 25

well i study hotel management at this institute in switzerlad...iv been studyin there for the past alomst 3 years...iv been haviu na blst there and meetin new people n blah blah...however v have a virus in our school...the viruses name is our deputy discipline principal....he thinks hes too fukin powerful in a school of hardly 250 students...but wat he doesnt knw is that 99% of the school thinks hes a dick....married to a student of the school...dude i knw u cant get chics watsover, but atleast search...so nzz...hes this low life and a FAILED RESTAURER, whos restaurant went down the drain like water does.....just cos he can cut those dumbass PAD points of every student he thins hes fukin powerful...hes gotta knw that the whole school thinks hes a unsuccessful lowlife idiot....hes such a lowlife he cant even teach a subject in school other than PDP...which evebn my 15 year old brother can....and as far as him tellin us to go nd reflect goes...dude go and reflect on ur life...v dnt have to run away form our home countries to hide the shame of being a absolute failure....and those suspenders...wat r u charlie chaplin....grow up man.....u have a daughet wid a STUDENT of the school...grow up....atleast vl all end up workin in some nice hotel...where did u end up IMI...no offence to the other faculty cos they kick ass....god knws who took this idiot....just wana finish by sayin thankin u for readin it.....AND FOR THE RECORD IM SURE ALL ENGLISH PEOPLE ESP UR FAMILY MUST BE ASHAMED TO KNW U, JUST LIKE THE WHOLE SCHOOOLL...

*Note from Anger Central
We posted this with no attempt to run it through a spellchecker. We can't tell if the errors are due to English not being the posters language, or if the poster is just....
Might we suggest a few lessons in spelling, grammar or at least an investment in a spellchecker? :)

Lazy, Stupid Graduate Student 26

I am angry because for the past year I have been working under the laziest, dumbest, and RUDEST graduate student there ever was. She is paid a stipend, apparently only so that she can be paid to sit around on her fat ugly ass and bark orders at her underlings. She has ZERO teaching duties and contributes nothing to the work that needs to be done. She does her homework sitting in the office so it looks like she is doing something.

She insults me daily under the pretext of "kidding" even though I have never considered her even close to a friend or someone where that sort of kidding would be appropriate. She does nothing but complain and blame all her problems on everyone else. Her poor adviser can't do enough to spoon feed her thesis ideas, work, and analysis to her.

She talks to me about all of her friends and says nasty things behind their backs, to me, someone who couldn't give less of a shit about her friends' personal information. I don't need to know about your friends' STIs or their relationships. Frankly, it's none of my business and I doubt your unfortunate friends would appreciate you sharing that sort of information. I don't need to know about your stupid life.

I am not being paid enough to be continually insulted and subjected to your rude behavior. Grow up, take responsibility for something, and stop leaching off your parents. You're a grown person. For Pete's sake, stop being such a bitch to others just because you are insecure about your (in)abilities.

By the way, I have nothing against graduate students. 90% of the ones I have met are very nice, hardworking individuals who are not paid enough. They are often better teachers than the professors. This girl just happens to be completely worthless.


Coach 27

I am so damn angry, because I should be effing captain. I lost it to a foreigner who still lives in the other country and has never met most of the team. Fair? NO!

useless teacher! 28

OMFG! i swear my teacher is such a hypocrite! i go to a private school where my parents fork out 20 grand a year. and we aren't rich, my parents worked hard to send me to this school, so the least i want to do is study hard and get good grade. EXCEPT MY FUCKING ENGLISH TEACHER IS SO FUCKING DUMB!

he sits in his chair and lectures us about drinking, smoking and being responsible and how we should never drink drive. This is coming from the man who was caught driving drunk outside our school during a school day. WHEN HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN TEACHING!

he gives us all bad grades, and then he makes a smart arse comment about how we should all be doing soo well. WELL MAYBE IF YOU ACTUALY TAUGHT SOMETHING INSTEAD OF JUST SITTING THERE ALL LESSON WE MIGHT BE DOING OK!

i don't know whats more annoying, listening to his lectures, or seeing him waste our time and money in class.

I am angry at Chef Jim. 29

Chef Jim is my college advisor. Before I can register next semester classes, I HAVE to talk to him to get an Alternate Pin. He refuses to talk to me in person without an appointment, but he doesn't answer emails, and is never in his office to answer his phone. So I can't get an appointment with him either. I'm stuck without an alternate pin, and am unable to register for next semester classes.
Saw him around campus today, and he had the balls to ask me "So, Abigail, did you get registered yet?"

Teachers 30

Im taking a programming course in college and this one professor is such a fucking idiot. For one thing he has a thick accent so i actually have to guess at some of the shit he says. Another thing is that his method for teaching is actually walk into class have someone set-up his laptop and projector for him (i think he's actually computer illiterate) and then proceed to read a projected image of the textbook to the whole class for 3 fucking hours, and then expect us to react to what hes saying and take notes. I mean he actually said "If your not taking notes i don't know why you're here." when he looked around and realized no one had any notes. All i wanted to do was jump out and shout, "Please, explain to us why we're here, why we come to sit here and have you read us a fucking textbook for 3 fucking hours that we all already own. Why?!!!" I mean seriously you are getting paid to help us learn not fucking read something that no one could read cover to cover on their own without going insane, much less having some asshole we cant understand read word for word and then expect us to perfectly understand it. FUCK!!!

Nick 31

My teacher is a ridiculous nutbag. It's a total lose lose lose situation with him- If you talk to him about it, he'll reprimand and punish you for criticizing him. If you don't talk to him, he'll reprimand and punish you for not saying anything so he can 'fix it.' And if you go to HIS boss, he'll reprimand and punish you for going over his head. Not to mention he lies and blows everything out of proportion, which is kind of like lying in itself- Example, I'm currently on probation for a conversation that never happened. Because in this nonexistent conversation, I said, "No." That's it. Just "No." He throws gargantuan hissy fits when things he asked to happen go even slightly awry- he recently screamed at us for, 'getting out of hand.' Apparently his definition of 'out of hand' is people getting involved in a debate he started. It was about the meaning of a The Three Little Pigs, which is based on opinion ANYWAY. He tells me that people call him and tell him things about how horrible I am. First of all, no one in my class is the type to go behind my back. None of them have any problem with telling you you're full of shit, and I'm good with that. After I pointed that out, he said, "Did I say students? I meant parents, too." Way to fail at lying, asshole. The parents in my class may be stupid, but none of them are THAT stupid. The ones who have met me are the type to either love me, or just tell their kids to ignore/stay away from me. He also can't stand being wrong. He once told us Romania was in Transylvania. When a brilliant student and friend of mine pointed out that Transylvania is, in fact, in Romania, he blew up, told us to teach ourselves since 'we're all so much smarter than him,' and stormed out of the room. It's getting ridiculous. If he confiscates your phone, he reads everything in it. Your texts, your emails, your contacts, everything. He doesn't even need to read half of it, but he does. He also occasionally tells us what's in them, in a gossipy way, much like a teenage girl. The only reasons I haven't transferred out are because my friends are great and stuck here, and this school sucks at actual academics, so I'll be held back three years in a regular school. I'm not the only person who feels like this, either. Everyone talks shit about him behind his back, but only another girl and myself are willing to tell him. He knows it- he's just in denial. Granted, he does do some good things, but he then uses them as an excuse to poke holes in our arguments- it doesn't work, but he never gives up on that method. Currently, I'm looking for something he's done that could be considered illegal, so I can sue his ass and get him at least fired. I used to intern with a lawyer, and I'm sure he'd be willing to talk to me about it. God, I want to put a bomb in his car so bad.

*Note from Anger Central
Congratulations! You have just encountered a member of the teachers union. This person is flat out incompetent. Talk to your parents, and perhaps they might be able to actually get something done with this person. Don't count on it though.
Oh, one last thing? Don't let them hear you talk about bombing his car. You will end up in jail, mental hospital or shot while attempting to escape.

teacher 32

there is this one teacher of mine who makes me so just... UGH!! he hates me and told that to my face. well my friend is telling my i have adhd.. so i looked up the symptoms of it, and they match me perfectly! so now i just need to have my mom set up an appointment with my doctor so i can talk to him about it. Im 16 by the way, and my mom still wont have a serious talk with me. i will ask her to talk and she will say later cause shes too busy with other things. its ridiculous!! i still have to talk to her tonight, and i hope i can get to her cause im just so angry all the time... along with hyper and augmentative!
i swear, if i could kill people i would.. but i wont. i promise!!

*Note from Anger Central
The Webmaster suffers from ADHD, (More along the lines of ADD), and knows what you are going through. We would strongly recommend caution when you speak with a doctor since they like to push pills. When the Webmaster was your age they didn't have a name for what he had. They also didn't have a treatment.

The good news is that it will moderate as you get older, but it will never go away. There is also a slight benefit. People with this problem also tend to be a lot smarter then others. If you can focus, (And we know how hard that is), you will be surprised at what you can do. One thing you can do is develop a good strong sense of right and wrong. (Ethics) Doesn't have to be religious, just stuff like don't steal, try not to lie, things like that. Find some hobbies that interest you, and when talking to people try to pause a few seconds before responding. Think forward. The Webmaster has a tendency to run off at the mouth and it has gotten him in trouble in the past. Good luck!

College Professor 33

My first assignment of the quarter in your class, and you rip it to shreds by destroying it and casting it off with a simple "Absolutely no discernable points worthy of reading." What the hell? Are you fucking blind or just a crotchety bitch? I spent 4 days writing this paper. This is not a beginning level paper, either. I have written many things beyond what you have asked me to do for this one assignment. I have even been published. When I write you an email, quite respectful I might add, though I felt like doing otherwise given your contemptuous words; you have the audacity to respond in your reply closing with: "in the future, please address me as Dr. I am a PhD and have well earned the title." Are you serious, you pompous bitch?

*Note from Anger Central
Welcome to the world of higher edukshun. You have probably run into your first tenured professor. These types have absolutely no clue how to live in the real world since they have spent their entire lives in schools learning...nothing. Throw someone like this teacher into a real life and death situation, and they will sit there and argue while the boat sinks. They rarely run into an older student, one who has been around the block a few times, but when they do it's always amusing. Unfortunately, there's not a lot you can do until the revolution but ride it out. If this nit gets really bad, remind them that you are paying their salary. They always hate that. ;)

Idiot Teacher 34

He overrode my computer with some stupid 'student surveillance program during study (where we can do homework for any subject) and wouldn't let me back on because he didn't believe what I was doing was work. I had just spent the whole lesson working on a poster for my English Major. It's due tomorrow.

Teachers 35

I am angry because they hire unsuspection people as teachers whom come home and talk about the students bodies because they are gay. I live with one so I know. Lazy and expects everyone else to pick up after him. Talks about everyone and their mental illness when this person is always complaining about hurting, going to the doctor and making every excuse in the book not to get up and move except to go to the refrigerator or shopping. California junior high teacher making $70,000 a year, big red, physically lazy, ignores the doctors suggestions to exercise, and is an insecure Baby Huey. Will pass the children to the next grade just to avoid conflict. Loud, impolite, and likes to meet men in motels after work. Seems unfair that a person like that can be employed while normal people can't get work.

Band Teacher 36

I'm frustrated with my band teacher. we always get all this really good music and we always end up cutting it. we always have to play these freaking baby songs and our director is just a cry baby when we cant play it and he doesnt get what he wants.

Theater Arts "Teacher" 37

My so-called Theater Arts "teacher" is such a lazy, incompetent, evil old bitch! She is failing me-me an honors high school senior with straight As in every honor class they offer at my idiot highschool- who just took her damn class for fun! This whole school year, she let us bring in cases of coke cans so we don't have to do the current events assignment-what the hell do current events have to do with theater!?! I hate her so much because she is so stupid!!! In the Grease skit we're doing, she gave me a zero because she "didn't like my skirt" although it was very fifties. She gave us the option to where pants-girls didn't wear pants in the fifties, you obtuse baffoon! She sits up there drawing her paycheck while she texts on her phone-we're doing the dress rehearsal and I look up and she's checking her email! Somebody should fire her!

Spanish Teacher 38


College Graduate Student Instructor 39

I don't understand why I pay thousands of dollars to go to an acclaimed university, only to be put into a class where an idiot graduate student with no qualifications determines your entire grade. This idiot could barely call himself a teacher since every time students ask him questions he would just recites something he memorized from the textbook. If you ask him anything not mentioned in the textbook, he just furrows his brows and says "Nobody knows for sure." Well you're in one of the best universities in the country, it's called THINKING CRITICALLY for goodness sakes. This idiot also felt threatened by me because he could tell that I knew he didn't know much, so presumed to single me out and threaten me by saying that I " didn't care enough about my grade." Dude, go to hell, if I didn't care why would I be in this university and who are you to judge how a student feels. I'm sick of these college elites who believe that grades are the end all for everything. You can have a PhD, and even then that doesn't tell me a single thing about you other then you can memorize stuff really well.

Teachers 40

High school is the biggest waste of time I've ever encountered. Not to sound like a teenager who thinks they know everything, but I know about a hundred times as much about the real world than any of the fucking idiot teachers at my school. All these overly politically correct teachers have basically never left high school in the first place. We learn nothing of the real world from them. All they do is perpetuate overly optimistic visions of the world to moronic students and encourage them to focus their goals on meaningless achievements over gaining actual intelligence or fulfillment. If a student even ventures to discuss something a little controversial in a realistic manner they will label them as having anger and cynicism issues.

ot to mention all the teachers who come into school dressed like they're heading to the country club and looking down on all the students when, come to find out, they live one of the shittiest streets in the city they love to criticize. SHE HAS A BUSH-CHENEY POSTER IN HER ROOM FOR GOD SAKES! And all teachers are fucking mindless followers of religion and politicians and they're supposed to teach US how to think?!

And also a big FUCK YOU to all the "guidance counselors" who pretend to even care about your future at all when they're truly only trying to turn you into another fucking cookie-cutter adult like themselves. "You have to decide your future in 10th grade or you'll be a big failure" FUCK YOU! Why would a take advice about my career from someone who works in this school? All teachers are looking to do is get kids to pass state test so they can up their own salaries and then push them out the door with no preparation for life and throw in a few detentions and lectures to make themselves feel powerful along the way. All the teachers in my school are failures in life and get a big fat F from me!

*Note from Anger Central
Bush/Cheney? You just found the only teacher that supported them in the entire educational system you stupid moron. We have a feeling that this teacher is the ONLY one who actually knows how to teach. Considering that you didn't do any typos, you must have learned something.
Now considering that you flew off the handle over a Bush poster, we suspect that you support Obama. Hope you enjoy not getting a job anytime soon.
We almost rejected this since it really doesn't met spec on why you're angry. However, since your spelling was so good we decided to put it up. :)

Abusive professors 41

I am annoyed at pretentious college professors. Who cares if a student isn't paying attention to your speech and is quietly doing something on their computer or cell phone instead?

You act like these people are being so damn disrespectful and ruining the learning environment. Guess what, it's you that keeps stopping the class just to harass the person and kick them out, all while throwing a temper tantrum! It just makes the class nervous and gossipy. Knock it off.

I don't like how this behavior is justified by older people who blame younger people for all the world's problems. Adults constantly fight in wars, let the poor stave, and abuse the young while demanding total respect back. I'm sick of you whining about how young people don't have good character. It's because the young look up to you to learn how to behave in life, and they don't see one iota of respectable behavior from you!

You have this false ideology that college is a grand learning institute, and you are doing the world a favor by passing knowledge to the young. No idiots, everybody goes to college because they are convinced they won't be able to get a good job and live a quality life without it. People like you shoved this message down out throats for years. You took everything that college once stood for and you replaced it with cash. Thousands of dollars people borrow and spend just to watch you act like a bully to some student who didn't want any trouble. Face it, you are only in this profession because you like to hear yourself talk and be praised! This wouldn't be acceptable in any other career!

It's funny, when I call each of these professor bullies out on their behavior and debunk each and every one of their excuses, suddenly they lose the ego and whine about getting their feelings hurt. Too bad! This bullying needs to be stopped. It's the cancer of society and I won't stand for it!

supplementary exam 42

My last ever clinical exam in medical school and I meet this crazy professor who hates me immediately he meets me. The guy totally refused to listen to my explanation and the patient's case and gives me 25%...enough to pull my whole average down to below passing and i have to sit a friggin supplementary.

So for the last 8weeks I've been attending school and NOT learning anything new (cuz i'd knnown it all) while my classmates graduate, have lovely xmas holidays and start work. In the mean time, I face an uncertaing future cuz the bad luck may come again, i lose friends cuz they have better things to do than help me through my 1st supp ever and pretend to be strong for my parents cuz i know they are majorly stressed abt all this. I NEED TO MOVE ON.

Results are coming out tomorrow..eeeeeekkkkkk!!!!

I need help.

Special Education Teachers 43

I understand that there are many kind and hardworking special education teachers, but most are complete bitches! I have a very mild form of Aspergers Syndrome and I got over a lot of things at an early age. I'm also in an Advanced Placement, but the school system still insists that I have an IEP and be in Special Ed. The special ed teacher at my school, Mrs. R, is downright nasty. She purposely tries to get me mad so I'll have some kind of "autistic temper tantrum" or whatever. She then gets angry when I don't throw a temper tantrum! She talks to me as if I'm retarded. Everyday I come to school, kids call me a retard. Mrs.Rose is trying to ruin my life, she can take all her special ed shit and shove it up her asspergers!!


My fucking teacher acts like she is the most perfect bitch on the face of the earth. If you hand in an assignment even one day late she'll fucking flip out and talk about how 'irresponsible' and 'immature' it is, but if she doesn't have prep for our class or our marks done on time it's "oh, I was busy with my friend" or "I had a date with my boyfriend". FUCK YOU, YOU HYPOCRITICAL FUCKING BITCH.

my professor 45

I'm pissed because my brother got a brain tumor this semester and I went to my advisor to drop a class, and we misunderstood who would drop it and it didn't get dropped, and now it's past the deadline and I've been trying to get a hold of my teacher but she won't respond to like 10 of my emails.

Then today she finally responded and said, "I was there all Monday, you didn't come by." She didn't tell me when she'd be there! She didn't say a word to me! I'm so pissed off! And she forwarded it to my advisor, too, so now I look like a slacker.

I don't want to get a failing grade in this retarded class just because of a stupid miscommunication between me and my advisor and a non-communication between me and my teacher, who obviously doesn't even understand the situation.


Bitch-Ass Instructors 46

I am a student in the Office Skills Training program at IRSC and I'm sick and tired of the instructors telling me that I need to wear a jacket to cover up my tattoos because they are offensive. I have a sunflower on my shoulder, a cross on my arm, and a star on my back. What the hell is so offensive about that?? It's like 100 degrees outside and you want me to wear a fucking jacket?! So I guess it's okay for some 250 pound black girl to wear a tank top with NO BRA and her nipples showing, but I cannot have my tattoos visible. I can understand if I had a naked woman/man or a pentagram, but all my tattoos are colorful and tasteful. I'm sick and tired of this fucking school and this lame ass program. I know the only reason why you bitch ass instructors pick on my is because I white. There is now way in hell you will tell those black girls to put a jacket on and cover up their saggy triple D boobs. I also sick of seeing these fat black trashy bitches walking around with their ass crack showing. So, I have learned in this class that visible tattoos are way worse than partial nudity in the work place. Also I have learned that the instructors are deathly afraid of the race card.

My damn Teacher 47

My teacher is so anoying!! she wil say shit and then fucking change it. i wanna slap the shit out of her.. even tho i listen to her ill talk back and she will start all the shit in the fucking school. when she gets fired or quits izz gonna be cuz i made that bitch retire and im so fuckin proudof itt,

Band Teacher 48

I am the god damn top chair in my band and when i was supposed to be entered in to the top band, he put in the 2nd chair and put me in the worst band. I have been throwing things and a bunch of crappy people made it easy!

Teachers 49

Okay, I know that alot of teachers are good people and crap, and I don't like to go on rants, normally. But here I am, typing at 11:00 PM because I AM F***ING ANGRY! I started this d*mn homework assignment at 5:00 PM! I was 3/4 of the way done! This b*tch thinks we have NO LIVES OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL! WHAT THE HECK? It is almost f**ing summer! Projects should be OVER! I hope that this b*tch has to a terrible summer! She is only 4 foot 11! I tower over her, why should I have to listen and respect her? (no offense against short people most of y'all are cool) That sexist b*tch can go f*ck herself!

Discrimination of a teacher! 50

AAARRGGHH!! I'm so angry! I'm angry about my teacher. In fact she's really a nice person, but when it comes to me I don't exist!

She helps everybody else and helps them with their exams even if she can't, and when I need help she just ignores me!! I HATE DISCRIMINATION!!

teacher 51

Shove that $2600 class fee up your ass Ms. Associate Director drama queen cunt. From taunting me for 12 weeks, telling my advisor to drop me in week 3 (Yes WTF), continuously telling me i'm going to fail, insulting my work telling not graduate enough, not letting me do my thesis even when it was my final semester, and making me redo assignments from the class i already took, badmouthing me and showing my work to other faculty (who then told me about it because he defended me), into showing up continuously at my other class and lectured me in front of other faculty and students from other class, pulling me out and yelled that I can't understand english and i probably paid someone to write my email. (I'm ESL) changing assignment, sending me email in the middle of the night, then made the secretary called me in the morning that i have to see you in the afternoon, WTF? Then showing up at my final presentation like a god damned stalker so i didn't pass. I know you got fired because you offended a gay student at your last school. I know you're just bully, so shove that $2600 fee way up to your ass, because you always acted like you got something stuck in your ass anyway.

My Principal 52

My high school principal is a fucking douche bag....one that a whole fucking brothel used and is full of nasty STIs.

How DARE he say I cannot achieve what I want in my life, he knows absu-fucking-lutely nothing about me and if he actually took the 10 SECONDS it took to glance at my report card he would know I'm not some fucking floozy bitch with an IQ lower than a potato....FYI my IQ is fucking bigger than yours and your stupid "careers advisor" put together.

Get off the fucking meth and open your eyes...I'm a smart girl!!!! GET THE FUCKING PICTURE!!!!

Ever heard of the phrase "aim for the moon and you'll at least reach the stars"? Me aiming for a completely reasonable (and based on PRIOR knowledge and factual fucking evidence) score of 85+ is accurate. For fucks sake if I tried I could get 96, but it's people like you who put the smart girl down that make her think "what's the fucking point? Noone expects me to do exceptionally well so I'll just keep cruising at above average." your a fucking asswipe who should be encouraging young people to aim above their standard potential not telling them to lower it or "prove you wrong" because that backwards negative encouragement has no place in our schools. Maybe if the school system had less fucktards like you, more kids would be able to see how fucking awesome they are instead of taking backlash about how their potential is based on your fucked up opinion of someone you do not know at all.

Typing teacher 53

Ok so, I joined tech class to learn, LEARN goddammt!! And our teacher is such a dumbass, she makes us type fucking pages she found on the Internet! Dose the mosthershittard want to teach us how to work computers, or teach us how to plagerise. And i swear, I have like 20 WPM, shit that's a retarded term but, that's when I'm typing those pages. When I'm chatting my friends or something, I can crank words out crazy fast. And the worst part is, when we aren't typing, we are learning about Microsoft word or something. Or making POSTERS WITH FUCKING WORD. And I handed a paper in with ALL THE SPECIFICATIONS to it and she gives me like a d+. Not even that! Well FUCK THAT, IM FUCKING TAKING COLLAGE AI CLASSES, SO SUCK MY DICK, BITCHHOLE.

English Professor 54

My fucking English professor told us to set up a 10 minute meeting with him to discuss our papers that we wrote. Well I showed up 10 minutes early and sat outside the room, my time slot rolled around and nobody ever came in or out of the room. I finally open the door at 11:39 and he shits all over me telling me how I'm 9 minutes late and he is so fed up with his students. I tried to explain that it was a misunderstanding and I have been outside for 20 minutes but that isn't good enough. I "...should have researched this more and known". I guess I missed the fucking email about how to enter the room. Fuck this college professor, he thinks that he is better than everyone else. Upon turning in papers, if it is not staples prior to class, 10 points off. Unless he likes you, then he just pulls his fucking stapler out when you turn it in and takes care of it. We shall call him Professor C. L.

teachers 55


Birdbrained Teacher 56

I'm damn angry at this retarded teacher. I've just started in Middle School, and I've already encountered this stupid teacher. Whenever the girls in the class whisper to each other the teacher thinks its "cute".

But whenever we guys whisper to each other, for example regarding the text that we're supposed to read, the teacher goes on a rampage and screams "This isn't elementary school anymore! Grow up for fucks sake! (he said that), why can't you be mature like the girls? Have you ever seen them to anything wrong? I will give all of you a remark if you continue like this, ignorant children." What the fuck? And when he's supposed to teach he tells us childhood stories instead, I'm not here to waste my fucking time, I'm here to actually learn. Here, our max character is 6 (I live in Norway), and I spent 1 fucking week at this project about my hobby, and when I was finally done, I read it out loud for my class, I even made a song with FL Studio for crying out loud! He then gave me a 4... what the fuck bro? Everyone else in the class told me it was great. And then he said "Yeah, I won't be giving out any 6's because yeah.. you eh.. you have to be happy when you finally get it, if you'll ever get it." Stupid brainless cunt. Then he's accusing me for something I haven't done, and the list goes on.. The next time he does idiotic things like this, I will personally make sure he will live on the street..

Mathematics Teacher 57

It makes me livid to be under the instruction of such a lazy teacher. I die a little (whatever that is left to atrophy) every day that I have to deal with her. For example:

  1. When have you taught a proper lesson? I'd say never, since all you do is say to read the textbook and outline it. Never mind the textbook is a shoddy piece of work and has only half the answers to check over but those "lessons" you gave are no longer than 5 minutes, and all it involves is explaining a problem that you claim will be on the examination (but won't), and even that isn't explained properly.

  2. Don't think you're a good teacher just because you're obligated to offer help sessions. Here's a pattern that should raise concern. If a lot of the 130 students you teach have to go to a help session, they're not the problem. That's just inefficient teaching. A help session should be for those who need the help. If 40 people need help all in that 45 minute block of time, you're doing something wrong.

  3. You are not a terrorist. Stop making so many threats to the classmates to dock points or send nasty emails to parents just because it's incompatible with your despotic rule, because even if it scares the souls out of the students, it only shows that you act on your feelings rather than that syllabus that you assigned. (The school environment is supposed to be "egalitarian", but apparently, you'll be damned if you cannot impose double standards.)

  4. Your pregnancy is no excuse to avoid teaching. Say your excuses, but if you are in no condition to work because of your future spawn is dormant in your womb, take maternity leave.

  5. Hostility only begets more hostility, but not here! All the students are too scared to act against your hostile attitude to your students. A student has little to no power in the school justice system. (Like most other schools, disciplinary hearings are rigged just like the vice admiralty courts in the distant past.) Schools take these things seriously, so don't start threatening detentions and suspensions just because you don't like the tone of a student's voice. Your tone of voice isn't any better.

Thank you for allowing me to blow off some steam. After a while, one stops yelling when you notice you're no better than the teacher if you do. I hate you for killing my educational opportunities, emotional well being, and health while I slave away with all that bullshit you give. Now Mrs. "Almighty Teacher", get stuffed. I'm moving on to online classes.

Idiot Principal 56

You know what if kids misbehave in school you punish them by giving them detention or suspension you don't drag them by the neco on the school bus and pin them to the ground and one worthles fat piece of shit school prncipal did that. I've got news for you you fat son of a bitch your child abusing actions were shown on tv but the school fires him. This idiot deserves worse he should have the hell beat out of him and have his fat guts ripped out of him. I hope this Fat Fuck of a principal goes to jail and to the parents of this school. BEAT the fuck out of this man because if that were my kid he attacked I would beat the life out of this fat fucker and cut his fat stomache open and beat the shit out of him with everything and leave him in a pool of his blood. I hope this idiot principal gets destroyed by the parents and gets torn limb from limb in prison. Child Abusers deserve to die


i don't understand why every fucking teacher in this classroom has to make a SMARTASS remark about EVERYTHING. you make a smartass remark, and you're gunna get a smartass answer. are you dumb? i've learned more BY MYSELF then i do in this fucking class. and when i graduate, i'll make sure to flash you a big smile, motherfucker :)

My Bitchy, Pregnant, Speech Teacher 58

My teacher is such a fucking bitch! She thinks that just because she's pregnant, everything revolves around her! Last Friday in speech class, she was going over what was going to be on our final and my friend, who is 2 years younger than me, (he's a freshman and I'm a junior) came in. The teacher was like, "Can I help you?" and he said he was feeling sick and leaving early and wanted to know what he was going to miss in Freshmen English. The teacher said, "How about you apologize for interrupting my class, and THEN you ask me about that." So he did and she told him what they were doing. After he left, she said, "It must be nice to be a freshman and think that you rule the world!" And then I piped up and said, "It must be nice to be 7 months pregnant and think that you have to bitch, moan, and complain about every little thing!" I got sent to the principal's office immediately and our dumbass principal gave me in-school suspension for the rest of the day.

Teacher 59

Fucking dumb bitch English teacher practically failed me for the second semester of my 10th grade.

So I recently just transferred to a new school. I had always gotten A's in English class. English is my most loved subject, and Im damn good at it.

I went into the hardest English class available at my new school: AP English (Advanced Placement). I didnt have this at my other school, so it was a bit difficult. Luckily, I managed to get a B in the class. Then while looking at my grades online, it was a C-???! Upon looking at my grades, it seems that one essay (worth a lot of points) had a 0.

I go to my bitch teacher explaining this. She gets angry, screams at me, and asks if I was trying to cheat. She didnt believe that such a perfect person (her) could make a mistake.

I tried talking to my counselor about it, and he believed me and spoke to her. She still refused to change my grade.

And by the way, she HAS done this before. She failed me for an assignment and I had to email and talk to her several times until she gave me the correct grade. She has some fucking nerve!

Shes a rude, vile, and narcissistic bitch who is too immature to teach kids. She's lazy and very rarely teaches us anything useful. Its basically her bitching about anything in her life: her job, life problems, etc.

Im tired of her treating me like shit. And now, I will end the grade this year with an almost failing score. Unbelievable.

*Note from Anger Central
Get your parents involved, make sure you have lots of documentation and then file a formal complaint. See if you can find others who have also had problems with this teacher.

My chemistry teacher 60

ARRGGGHHH I am so angry at my chemistry teacher. She annoys me sooooo much. So today I go to ask her some stuff, right, and she's like sit down; and then she spends half a freaking hour doing other stuff...and i'm like, i get that you're busy, but it's really not that hard to say "come back in half an hour". Because believe it or not, I actually am busy too and have 8 exams to study for so I'd really appreciate it if you didn't waste my time. And when she's finally done, I ask her about reaction mechanisms and chemical change, and she's like "oh you don't need to know that for the exam" and i'm like "are you serious? they why did you put it on like 20 revision sheets?" ARRGHH. and then I ask her about rate order and she starts laughing uncontrollably and then drops the f-word. and i'm like, are you for real??!!!! and then she takes 2000 minutes to explain something that would've taken 5 seconds on paper...and then finally I ask her about the types of questions we need to practice and somehow she doesn't understand it...despite it being a simple straight forward question. and i'm like ffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuu what is there that is so complicated about the question? are you stupid or something??!! so I'm like uggghhhh if I could slap you, I would. arghjadjhaskjhdsakjh.

teacher 61

I'm angry because I'm stuck doing tedious shit for my psychology class. It's supposed to be a change of pace from high school where you can work shit out how you do so long as you get the fucking point. However, my homework happy teacher grievously gave me a five page worksheet, and a five part journal on top of reading the chapter, and studying for a test on the previous chapter. Inconsiderate considering like many if not most college students I take more than one fucking class which consumes my week. Why the fuck am I studying for a test on the past chapter? Shouldn't the normal and most logical order of operation here be study/homework>test>repeat? Rather than this jumbled crap ass excuse for organization. Now I can't drop the class at this point in time and I'm constantly being buttfucked by the repeated barrages of tedious assignments. Why I can't just read the chapter, do my tests and pass is beyond me. Instead I'm subjected to the shitty ass high school program of "I'll fail you if you don't complete this abnormal amount of homework." That on top of 3 very fucking boring hours of lecture per class. Three solid hours.. of incessant yammering about opinionated hypothetical bullshit. How about you draw a correlation between your class sucking balls and the negative remarks left by students. That being said.. I fucking hate psychology in general. It's a hack science that has no place outside of clinical fields dealing with mental illness. That's iffy too since they apparently don't know shit. Such as why one treatment works.. or how it works. So then, what the fuck are you doing using it?! Fuck psychologists, fuck psychology.. and fuck this class.

Peer Review (or Teachers Who Trade & Grade) 62

You know what has come to piss me off gradually? Teachers who have us trade and grade each others’ papers. I’m not talking about say, various essay articles that could use at least 2 peer reviews. I’m talking about trading and grading math homework, pop quizzes, etc. where there’s only one correct answer to each number listing. Trading and grading papers like this in class almost makes the teacher look lazy in a way. And more than half the time, there’s so much trouble and problems going on during such grading process. It also opens people up to rude messages, personal remarks, and embarrassment in front of the whole class.

In 4th-5th grade I had this stupid teacher who wouldn’t let us work on our next math lesson homework, until we finished correcting our previous homework. What for?! We never got credit back for correcting our homework, it was just a waste of time we could’ve spent working on our new homework. And NO, we didn’t learn from our mistakes correcting our previous homework (as she claimed we would), I learned from my mistakes by merely reviewing and rereading the previous math lesson! (BTW we sometimes tried to shorten our correction time by hurriedly writing the correct answers to our math homework before the teacher could turn off the overhead! Yes, I know that's cheating, but MY GOSH! )

Ugh! My classmates were such shitty graders! Many of them don’t even know what they're doing. (The teacher on the other hand, would’ve graded it almost perfectly!) I remember looking at several math answers marked wrong, and wondering why it was wrong, and they turned out to be right all along. The stupid boy who graded my math paper complained pathetically “I thought that was a...(blah blah!)” (Yeah right! You need new glasses, shithead! I have a reputation for neat handwriting...)

A stupid 6th grade girl visiting our math lectures (no wonder she had to drop down to a lower math lesson!) was so dumb and had no sense of art when it came to the greater-than, less-then, and equal-to symbols shown in these parentheses (> < = ) We liked to draw teeth on our symbols, because this memory trick was so fun. But this stupid bitch somehow couldn’t "see" the symbol and marked my answer wrong just because she "didn’t know what it was" (she included an arrow and comment saying “what is this?”). She even wrote a rude message on another boy’s paper (whom she graded before mine) complaining “stop doing this to your answers!” As if they didn’t clue her in on how I did mine too, dumbass bitch.

As for that boy, it really annoyed me when he left rude messages on my math homework criticizing how I write my number 4's. I used both the closed and open versions of the number 4 in my math homework, in a go-with-the-flow. And twice when he corrected my math paper, he had the nerve to write "Make your fours one way or another" Hey! It's a free country! There's no rule that says to pick only one number style and not both at the same time! So what if I swing both ways (tee hee! :) ) when it comes to alternate number styles.

Often a confused classmate would complain “for number (so-and so) they put (blah blah)” and the teacher would nosily ask “Whose paper do you got?” I freeze hoping they don’t say my name, because this always means the teacher's going to criticize whoever it is in front of the whole class. It's just so humiliating for one of us to be put on the spot like that, “Miranda, Don't write like that...Stop writing like that...(blah blah, her naggy lousy reprimands, etc.)”

To add to another teacher's own disorganization for Peer Review, I've had an older one from 6th grade who sometimes accidentally read us the answers for the next math lesson! Yikes! Just when we're wondering if ALL those answers on the homework sheet were wrong. After marking the first 5 wrong, a smart kid gets clever and points out the teacher gave the wrong answers. (Hey! Thanks for giving us the first few freebie answers, Teacher! You'd better hope we forgot 'em or didn't cheat and write those giveaways down!)

It wasn’t so better from 8th grade English through high school at my other school. We had to sign our name on the English paper of the classmate we chose to grade. And too often, I’m always being the odd one out. As soon I turn to trade my paper, everyone around me is like “I already traded! I already traded” These shitheads wouldn’t bother trading at least twice just to make sure nobody was left out; they just rashly sign their name on the first paper they traded, BEFORE THE TEACHER HERSELF WAS ALL SET TO READ THE ANSWERS!!! I have to tell the teacher so she can force a classmate to trade papers with me, and then cross out that previous grader’s name (because we grade in pen, of course!). And no one ever got smart enough to resolve this problem. It happens nearly every freaking grading session!

My personal conclusion: When it comes to math homework or one-answer questions the TEACHER ALONE should grade such homework! If you're gonna do peer review at least save it for the essays, compositions, reports, and other articles where you need feedback from at least 2 people.

My Fucking 8th Grade Language Arts Teacher 63

Ok so I'm in 8th grade and my LA teacher is a fucking project WHORE!!! She fucking gives us these damn retarded-ass projects every 2 days that would take anyone about 3 motherfucking weeks! I mean, what the fuck is that? I just wish she would give us a fucking normal assignment like maybe a fucking worksheet. Either way it would be shitty because of the fact that it is homework but giving us a worksheet every once in a while would be nice. My fucking Spring break was ruined by the bitch and her goddamned projects. She should just fuck herself and quit her job

Church Bigot Teachers 64

To set up the background of my rant, I used to go to this religious school for 7 years, from K through 7th grade. This school would naturally document and keep track of students' church attendance asking, "Church, Sunday school, both or none?" Why they did that, I don't know, but it was certainly none of their business! After 4th grade, they discontinued including the "none" part for some shitty reason, and I coincidentally dwindled on church attendance. Due to the noticeable decline in church attendance, the teachers began to take up dishonest bribery, extortion, and otherwise bullying us students into regular church attendance. You may think this was a Catholic school, but no way, this was actually a Lutheran school, the supposedly loving, tolerant, polar-opposite of Catholicism. From 4th grade through 7th, I grew to hate this school (and attending church) with a passion, one of the worst schools ever! And it was those damn church bigot teachers that make me so angry even to this very day! Here are some excerpts...

Mrs."M" of 4th-5th grade
I always attended church with Dad and my stepmom (and hated it almost all the time), but when I entered 4th grade, they took about a 5 year hiatus after having quadruplets. When I started answering "None" almost every week, "M" criticized, "Beg your family to go to church!" She had the nerve to criticize on my report card, "Can't we talk a little more about worship?" She even threatened to lower our religion grade if we didn't attend church more, making Mom wonder why I had a C in religion (I could never fully tell Mom why, because she hardly listened to me at the time). Jared, a classmate even taunted, "Ooooh! You gonna get an F in Religion!" (Fuck off!) For once I actually wished to go back to church, but for the wrong reasons. Once in a while, I would sometimes white-lie about church attendance, just to get this prying judgmental bitch off my back. She was also the first teacher to use bribery to manipulate us students into attending these church events. One particular Monday, she handed out chocolate cupcakes (which sat on her desk a whole week before the church event AND was enough for the whole class. I thought those cupcakes were for someone's birthday!) to the classmates that came to school Sunday to sing "Holy, Holy, Holy" (which she made her own decision to set up; we students never agreed to her choir event) and deliberately excluded those that didn't, saying "These are for the people who came to school Sunday and sang out to the Lord!" (fucking cunt!) What she did pissed me off so badly, but there was nothing I could do about it at the time, other than feel sorry for myself for being held out on. From there on out, I reluctantly decided to go along with her carrot/stick manipulation. So there I was trying to get my family to come to school on Sunday for a choir event, just so I wouldn't get excluded from this bribery treat socialization clique...

I tell you this bitch had choir worship so far up her ass! Sometimes she'd have us try to sing morning hymns outside our classroom for other classes to hear, but those classes closed their doors. And "M" blamed us for not singing good enough! Once in choir class, she didn't like how we sang the last song, and didn't let us go to lunch until we got it "right,"(in her eyes anyway) thus making us almost 10 minutes late for lunch. BOY, did that aggravate us...And she insisted that we always SMILE while singing. She tells us that a church go-er would probably think "Hmm, they're not smiling, it must be sad. I'm not gonna believe in God/Jesus/etc. if it's sad..." Fuck you, Mrs. "M", and your bullshit! You're so full of shit! Note to church attendees: the children smiling in the choir is a LIE! We're not really happy...I'll never forget having to sing "There Is A Redeemer," and during the rehearsal and actual performance, that church bigot bitch teacher coached us along by lip-syncing our singing and shaking her fists at us, trying to look all dramatic and passionate like some conductor in the orchestra. I could just roll my eyes at her...

Mrs. "K" of 6th grade
After "M"' husband retired as school principal, 6th grade teacher "K" took over, much to our dismay as she was quite a Nazi principal, many reasons unrelated to this rant. Her one awful moment of church bigotry happened around the date of the school dance. She too established a church event to sing "I'm Heading For The Promised Land" that we students neither asked nor agreed to. She sent a flyer home about it with some "fine print:" If you don't come to this church event Saturday morning, then you won't be allowed to attend the school dance Saturday night. NO EXCEPTIONS! (Bitch!). Due to my hectic, pain-in-the-ass family life schedule of 3 addresses (Mom; Grandparents; Dad & Stepmom;), I didn't find this out 'til after the fact. I innocently skipped the church event, went to the dance, had a nice time, and almost got away with it. Until the following weekday, Andrea (a kind girl; she went to the church event, but ironically not the dance) innocently asked where I was at church because she couldn't find me there. I, equally-innocent, replied that I didn't go to the church event. Queen-bitch mean-girl Nicole (see rant titled "Nicole" in the "Friends 3" category) looked at me shocked and stated "You had to go to the church event on Saturday or else you couldn't go to the dance!" My classmates later snitched on me (bastards!) to "K" and her sub-teacher, who then confronted me, and punished me with choosing either to write a report or miss recess for several days (I chose the report, and finished it in 1 night with detailed memory of a Helen Keller report I once wrote in 4th or 5th grade. Take that 6th grade douches!). BTW, today I wonder, how was that bitch Nicole able to go to the dance AND that church event? She couldn't even sing (allegedly), "only strange sounds came out" (liar)! So while the teachers yell at everyone on how to sing correctly, Nicole just gets to sit off to the side in one of the other pews just daydreaming and doing nothing! So there was absolutely no purpose for her to be at church since she can't participate in the singing choir. Hypocritical teachers...

Ms. "Z" of 7th grade music/art/drama class
We stood her up for the Talent Show pageant because we knew it would be suck terribly anyway (Seriously! It was anything BUT talent.) The following Monday, she threw an adult tantrum at us ranting, "You made a fool of me!" (Yeah, that's right. Make it all about you...) So the next time around she set up a church choir event for "Day By Day," and threatened "If you don't come to this on Sunday, we won't be doing the play!" I believed that threat and didn't want to risk the play that we classmates actually agreed on and worked hard together to make. So I had no other choice but to let the bratty bitch have her way, and force me (and a relative) to come to school Sunday morning. I arrived a week too early the first time around, wasting an extra several hours of my life on church. The second week, which was the correct date, "Z" tries to act overly nice to us students, "You look great!" (Fuck you bitch!) and our families, unlike how she treats us in class, the big suck-up... During the song, not a moment went by that I wanted to spit in that teacher's face, as she tapped her foot and clapped along to our second chorus part, trying to make herself look good in the church visitors' eyes, another conductor wannabe. Could you believe at one point in time, a 6th grade girl wrote her a nasty letter for her tantrums and overreactions? LOL! Serves her right! (Beware though, that girl got suspended for writing that note...)

In the least of church bigots, Ms. "R", our regular 7th grade teacher also paid her 2 cents in strings-attached church bribery when she handed a candy bag to the 1 classmate that showed up for another one of the singing events Sunday...

To all of you self-righteous, holier-than-thou, church bigot religious teachers: Fuck you! You think MAKING us attend church through bribery and extortion was pleasing in God's eyes? I highly doubt that. Shame on all of you! Thank you for taking something that was supposed to be about love, guidance, and sometimes unconditional acceptance, and showing us how to HATE it! Despite my anger, hate, and profanity in this rant, I pray that one day when your times come, God will show you all how your "goals" in students' church attendance harmed us more than helped us. Even today it makes me dislike church even more now as an adult, than back when Dad and Stepmom were dragging me to church as a little kid. I've also come to hate all those songs mentioned above due to those unpleasant memories associated with those teachers. Damn bitches...

*Note from Anger Central
Per our policy, all easily identifiable names have been altered. Lawsuits are not desired, thank you. If we missed any please notify is so we may correct the problem.

Teacher of Senior Camp Trip 65

I have an issue with a certain teacher from my senior year of high school. I will call her Ms. Sulky (that's NOT her real name; it's just an adjective I felt suited her attitude well). Let's see if I can summarize the background of my rant before I explain why Ms. Sulky makes me angry. Before I entered my senior year of high school, we seniors were going on a special camping trip into the mountains for 3 days to teach us about leadership etc. all that spiritual religious stuff. I would give you the name or even the initials of the project program, but I fear that may be too identifiable. Anyway, I don't have too much against the trip (except that part about us girls not being allowed to wear make-up. Dude! I had visible acne...), that trip taught very well meaning skills and has moved me.

On the 3rd and last day there was this big challenge in plan: the 17 mile hike, which I actually wanted and planned to do, but things didn't work out according to plan. I was instructed to bring a 4-liter water bottle which confused Mom and me because that's the only water bottle they mentioned to bring on the supplies list. It sounded silly to be carrying a heavy, bulky water container for the first 2 days prior to the hike (They should've included on the list, "small water bottle for the regular camping part"). I also failed to bring a proper "day pack" (it sounded so vague on the list). I thought a "day pack" would mean a small fanny pack would do, and I arrive to see all my other classmates using large backpacks instead (they should've explained how "big" this "day pack" was supposed to be). The day before the big hike, the camp trip leaders, Ms. Sulky and her husband, discussed what we would be needing on that hike: the 4-liter supply of water, a packed lunch, rain poncho, sunscreen, and bug repellent (I can't remember anything else required). Although I tried to fit what I could, I realized it was pointless trying to stuff all those things into one little fanny pack.

With long and careful consideration, I reluctantly decided it would be wise for me to not go on the hike, due to my lack of supplies. I would instead help Ms. Sulky and other classmates who chose not to go on the hike, pack away the camp supplies back at the school. After we spent a good amount of time, energy, and exercise on that, lots of sizable lifting, in and out of the sun, we all sat together in the teachers lounge. There, Ms. Sulky would solemnly ask us to share our reasons for not going on the hike. I assertively gave my reasons as you've read above; going on that hike without those necessary supplies would've been very hazardous to my heath (and this was Arizona in the summer, mind you!) One boy mentioned something about his injured knee healing and that his doctor instructed him not to do any hard physical activity. Of course he then admitted, he still played basketball despite the doctor's discouragement against that...

Now to cut to the chase, here's the scene that pissed me off about Ms. Sulky. She insisted to us (not assured, insisted) that there has been no injury or death of anyone from this hike (Oh yeah? Heatstroke is still possible without that 4-liter amount of water!). As she discussed our decisions for not going on the hike, and missing this one-time opportunity, I started to notice something: This bitch is lecturing us and sending us on a fucking guilt-trip! Giving us a snotty little lecture as though we could've done better, and probably thinks we skipped this hike out of pure laziness. She even had the nerve to shed a few crocodile tears to manipulate us even further. One kid fell for her trick, saying later, "Wow, we made her cry..." I didn't fall for her trick though. I made a well-informed decision, not an ignorant lazy one. Why don't you respect my choice, Bitch?! I swear, does she do this every year? While congratulating the accomplished hikers (with a banner that we non-hikers all signed and decorated), she just sits all the non-hikers down, bullies, interrogates, and lectures them with a guilt-trip song and dance! One girl admitted weeks later that Ms Sulky made us feel so bad about not going on the hike. And exactly what was Ms. Sulky's excuse for not going on the hike, hmm? Her precious little baby that she brought along with her? If she thought we could handle the hike if we just tried (in spite of our explanations), than she could of easily hiked too with her little crotchnugget on her back. But nope! She's only passing on the hike so she can chaperone the other hike-skippers, and then bite their heads off with a guilt-trip lecture.

When we finally met the hikers at the end of the trail, they were all sweaty, burning hot, and almost all the boys had removed their shirts. This assured me that I made the right decision to not go on the hike. If I had brought with me all the needed supplies, I would have gladly gone on the hike. If I knew then what I know now, I should have told someone about how disrespectfully Ms. Sulky treated us. I should've told my senior seminar teacher, whom we each turned in a camp reflection report. I did not include Ms. Sulky's lecture in the report, just that I had good reasons for not going on the hike, and I wanted people to respect that. Ms. C merely assured, "I think we do," obviously unaware of Ms Sulky's darkside. I should of at least told my mom this whole story right when I came home, and maybe we could have submitted a complaint to the principal. Well, if I ever get invited to some kind of reunion at the school, and asked to reflect on something, I'm going to tell about how Ms. Sulky lectured us with such a guilt trip for not going on the 17 mile hike. I'd also like to confront her in person too on why she would treat us like that. Well, I guess only time will tell...

Everyone, but mostly my art teacher 66

So, I was making a film for my 'major work' this year, and the day it's due in, my art teacher, who didn't agree with it in the first place, got in and destroyed it, rendering the audio out of sync, cutting out random shots, putting in random effects, etc. etc.


And the kicker is: he's trying to make me say it's a 'surreal' film, now that the original intent/vision behind it is completely dead.

It also doesn't help that nobody is on my side, they all seem to think that what he did (i.e: sabotaging my 'subversive' film to suit himself) was totally justified.

And he wonders why I'm ignoring him!?

Ms. "H" 67


Teachers 68

Let me make one thing clear if any Teacher abuses or lays their hand on a child than that teacher better be ready to get these hands of one pissed off parent ready to break every bone in his or her body. Some stupid teacher dragged a poor autistic boy and left bruises on his body. Let me tell you something if a teacher ever laid their hands on my child I would come to the school, go to the classroom and start throwing chairs and I would beat the fuck out of that teacher and break every bone in their body and drag them out of school in pools of their own blood. Guess what I am their parent and you are not, you are their teacher and putting your hands on my child would end up getting my hands wrapped around your neck and a violent beating followed. Since our government is too goddamn tone dead and since Principals are too goddamn fat and gutless guess what I say it's about time us Parents give our own form of justice to these idiotic teachers who think it's ok to abuse children and you know what they don't deserve fucking raises when they can't fucking do their fucking jobs right. I say this if you are a teacher and you put your hands on my child I will come to the school and make damn sure that is the last thing you ever do in your miserable pathetic life.

Teachers 69

I am so angry at Teachers and pretty much the entire School System who clearly can't do their fucking Job right. I have a message to all of you Teachers out there who want a raise. The only Raise you will get is me Raising Hell on you idiots if you ever put your hands on my Child. I just heard on the news some old hag dragged a 9 year old boy with Autism down the Hall. Now if you did that to my Son you can bet your ass I would be coming to that School the next day kick the door open to that Classroom and beat the fuck out of that Hag Teacher and smash a hot cup of coffee on her head, hit her multiple times in the head with a chair than drag her by the hair through the hall and out of the school onto the street and run her ass over and have my tires covered with her own blood.

I honestly do not understand why Teachers feel the need to abuse students, I think it's about time we start running background checks and drug test these so called educators before we have them teach our children because why should we put these people in charge of Teaching our Children when clearly they can't do that right and instead want to abuse our Children. The same thing can be said for these Pervert Teachers who try to sexually assault our children. If some creepy teacher ever tried to send nude photos of themselves to my kid's phone or ask them to send her pictures and try to sexually harass or attack my kids, you can bet I would be raising Hell at that school and would beat the living fuck out of that Teacher.

Oh yeah it's also bullshit how Bullies want to beat up our kids and the Teachers and gutless Principals let it happen. The Fat Inbred Bully shouldn't even be allowed at the School in the first place. If someone ever bullies my Kid trust me I would beat the life out of that Bully and make sure he never livers to see his Graduation and I would also attack their Cousin Parents for raising a disruptive loser. Also it's even more bullshit when Kids who stand up for themselves get punished all because the Teachers are too gutless and the Fat Power Abusive Principals punish the victims instead. This is also why we need Principals who have morals and know how to do their jobs right rather than letting power go to their heads.

I honestly don't blame Kids for not wanting to go to School because of abusive teachers, power abusive principals, and loser bullies getting away with bullying kids. It's about time the damn Board of Education got their shit together and start preventing this shit from happening. Otherwise some angry parents will be taking action into their own hands if the BOE isn't going to.

Dumbass Feminist Teacher 70

Why did they register a 6 Year Old Boy with Autism as a Sex Offender for hugging a fellow classmate? If I was the boy's father I would kick the door open to that school throw a hot cup of coffee at that teacher, throw a chair at her and beat the goddamn holy fucking shit out of her than find the girl he hugged and beat the fuck out of her too. I'm so sick of Women and their bullshit and you wonder why I hate all women it's because of stupid shit they do from falsely accusing men of rape and it's bullshit like this is why domestic violence needs to be allowed and fucking women deserve to be attacked. Women I do not and will never love any of you; you are vile worthless abominations and all of you deserve to be wiped off the face of existence.

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