Aspects of the Canadian Government

I am sick and tired of being abused by the Canadian government, of being forced into submission by the Canadian government, being humiliated and shamed by the Canadian government, and of being made to feel powerless when I defend my rights within the Canadian government! I hate the Canadian government! Why should I or how could I ever respect a government that will educate rapists and murderers before they educate someone like myself who has not killed anyone!!! And this is only the beginning I am sure!!!

Human Resources Skills and Development Canada refused to educate me when I applied for funding from one of their bullshit programs. Going through the application process was grueling and I appealed their decision sending an in-depth letter to 14 Ministers and only received feedback from my MP and MPP, who did not answer my questions, and who basically just re-iterated the original form letter I received from Skills and Development Canada.

What gives some probably “fat-ugly-spoiled-power tripping-rich-bitch” who does not even know me or give a shit about me in the first place, the right to determine my future!!! The people that answer the phone at my MP's office do not care about my welfare either... They are supposed to defend me, but they defend the criminal Canadian government instead... Who do I go to when I need assistance!!!

Today, I was hung up on twice on two different occasions by two different morons that work for the government as I was trying to explain my position, so I filed a complaint with Human Resources Canada. What in the hell ever happened to Freedom of Speech? What exactly are my rights? Could someone from the government please let me know... As if I would believe them anyways... Clearly, the government has made it clear to me that by their standards I DON'T HAVE ANY RIGHTS! If I were rich I would though... Oh! I get it!

This is only the beginning of my bitching! Rich people can kiss my beautiful butt. I should be rich!!! No wonder people hate the Canadian government! The Canadian government AKA SATAN!!!

The Canadian Government 2

O.K. Now I am REEEAAALLY AAAANNGGGGRYYY! I hate the can gov and here is another reason why. Condensed version is... I got fired from my last job (where I was being controlled by ugly-fat-dyke-bitch-wenches from hell anyways)and I start a new job on Mon. The gov was supplementing my income slightly and when the gov found out I was fired (for defending myself-by the way), they chose to penalize me by cutting me off assistance until the end of November... Nice huh? Not too mention they wont educate me (only people like Holmoka are priviledged to that), or put me through any job training programs which they SAY they have. This area of gov is COMPLETELY USELESS AND A FUCKING JOKE.

I phoned them and told them if I have to become a prostitue and I get killed that my blood is on their hands! I figured I had better post this message so that someone knows how inhumane they are and before they come to cut my hands off for expressing my opinion!!!

THE GOV: AKA SATAN!!! And then they wonder why people RIP THEM OFF AND HATE THEM SO MUCH! Does anyone have any suggestions as how I can deal with these FN &*%$#???? to get results? Thank-you for listening.

Yours truly,


KISS Concert 3

For two months I had to listen to Oshawa's Whining over the KISS Concert Tour. Big Deal Oshawa, you came in first as being KISS's #1 Fan City and KISS didn't schedule Oshawa for one of it's first concerts. Well thanks to all your crybaby media friends like CHEX, CTV-Toronto, CITY-TV, Toronto Star, etc, etc, who helped you put on the Cry Baby Campaign against KISS for failing to recognize Oshawa as KISS's #1 Fan City, you got your 5 minutes of fame.

Oshawa you aren't KISS's #1 Fan City even though you won. The Voting by Oshawa Fans was CAW Union Organized so you could get a known name to appear at your new arena that has been loosing money since it opened.

Oshawa Mayor Gray and his Council are multiple morons who live in a Pot induced Pipe-Dream that a new arena that only seats 5100 people is going to attract famous acts like KISS, Stones, Mettalica etc, etc.

I am sure that Bands from all over the world are just dying to play to 6000 people so they can loose money every second they are there.

Oshawa you are not a world class city like you try to portray yourself in an attempt to attract Tourism to your old and dilapidated city, even though you have forcibly removed every person from your downtown core who doesn't earn over $40,000.00 per year. Yes Oshawa you have lots of flowers but you need them to fragrant the smell of your dirty nasty smelling residents and the Dog Crap that lies everywhere.

Well Mayor Gray, you whinny good for nothing fascist Jim Flaherty Ass Kisser, you got your 5 minutes of fame and a mediocre 2 hour Concert from KISS that was no more spectacular than the Concerts being played in the Cities that didn't have a Union-City Controlled Stacked Polling Box.

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