I hate the beginning of September! My nasal passages close up so I can only breathe thru my mouth, but I'm still honking into kleenex every 5 minutes. I haven't worn makeup or my contacts for two weeks because my eyes itch and water so bad. I hate that sharp stinging sensation deep in my nose and throat. I've tried everything over the counter and nothing helps, I guess I have to go to the doctor for a prescription but I really can't afford another bill right now. I am so ready for a hard freeze!

Food Allergies 2

I am so fucking angry having been cursed with this damn food allergy! Sick of not being able to eat anything without looking at every single freakin label! You lucky people out there who can eat any food without worrying of having a nasty reaction, you really don't know how lucky you are. It fucking sucks when friends ask if I want to come out for a meal. I can't come along and enjoy food like they do, this shit is virtually everywhere and in everything.

These stupid ''May Contain Nuts'' labels are on everything! 'What the fuck am I supposed to fucking eat? It might aswell say ''Haha you can't eat this because we are not going to tell you if it has nuts in it or not''. I wish at least my allergy was harmless, none of this life threatening shit. I think I am going to waste away at this rate with the lack of suitable foods to eat. Damn you crappy nut allergy and useless food manufacturers.

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