The Wall Street Greed. They know who they are. You greedy bastards. I hope and pray you all can be brought up on charges and jailed for a long long time. I also pray that the money you stole can be brought back from offshore banks and put towards this country's deficit. You all should be hung for robbing a Country as Great as The United States of America. You obviously are not proud to be Americans. May you waller in crap the rest of your lives here and also in the hereafter. All that you took or felt you were worth is crap, just an excuse for your greed. How much is enough? Do you really think you all got away with it. Well you didn't and remember payback is a bitch and yours is to come. Screwed others and screwed yourselves at the same time. So smart Huh! Yet so damn stupid. Force Congress and our government to STOP THE GREED IN THE USA! We are a better people and greedy people have no place here.

*Note from Anger Central
First, it took us a few minutes to decide where this should go. In the end we decided to open a new page. under Things.

Now Comrade, We think it's time to give you a little lesson. First, the mess we're in now can be laid squarely at the feet of Government. Specifically Rep. Barney Frank, Sen. Christopher Dodd with a big assist from Sen. Charles A. Schumer. They prevented any attempts by the Bush administration to clean up the F/M's years ago when the problem would have been manageable.
Then there was our friend, Janet Reno back in the Clinton Administration. When she wasn't burning children, she was forcing banks to give loans to unqualified people. This mess is wholly owned by the Democratic Party, not Wall street. Of course, you are a Marxist and have no real clue how the world works. You will though, provided you manage not to starve to death.

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