public transport no way too slow to go

I wasn't sure where to put this post so I decided it here as it is the government at fault. Well I'm pretty damn angry at our mass transit system our city railway. firstly we don't have an underground system although some stations are underground so that means suburban commuter trains share the railroad with cargo and intercity trains. secondly trains haven't been running on time since the Olympics back in 2000 why? because of lazy train drivers who always call in sick and because of the fact the engines are now old electric ones way past their use by date. So they introduced some new yellow ones and guess what they had production faults and had to be recalled so the ones the DO work now have to travel s-l-o-w-l-y trains are like always 5 mins or more late so u know what they did last weekend they introduced a new timetable and THEY CUT half of the weekend services making it harder for people who work in the city on a weekend to get to work and to make matters worse people who live in nearby satellite cities can no longer catch direct trains to the city they now have stop halfway and switch trains which sux. they have also cut some suburb to suburb services and sometimes it is now impossible to get to your destination on time. why did they do this though? to free up drivers for the peak hour services which leave people packed in trains like a can of sardines. wouldn't it be more feasible to hire more drivers yes except for the fact that there are strict stringent rules for applying for the job and u have to take medical tests etc etc but THE WORST part is that EMPLOYERS NO LONGER allow you to use "the train was late" as an excuse anymore they say "well catch an earlier service" but in some cases the early service come 2 hours earlier than the train u usually catch I tell ya next time I'm going by car

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Public Transportation (Chicago transit) 2

Man do I hate taking the train t go to work and school. The people who ride on the train are idiots and the samegoes for the busses. Chicago transportation is the worse out there. Some dirty bum alwas wants t take to me and someone is always singing and someone is always doing some some stupid LOUD shit. Ghetto as people talk so loud it hurts me ears. I wish i could carry a gun on the train and shot anyone who bothers me. I can never have a good quiet train ride as you see in the movies. The Bums and the Drunks can all go to hell or stay in the ghetto and don't come downtown to bother civilized peoples. Why cant they just stay away from downtown, they are an embrssement! What makes it worse is that 97% of them are black and it sucks cuz i'm black it makes me feel like shit to see black people acting like they were raised in the jungle of New York's ghetto...Oh well its off to work on the train again...Weep...I'm buying a car!!!

Public transport 3

In Britain the government, eu and un have just said that we should not use cars but use public transport. That is all very nice accept for one thing WE HAVE NO FUCKING PUBLIC TRANSPORT!!! I wait for the ten o'clock bus for 50 mins or maybe it was the 11 o'clock turning up early and this is the normal service in my village and yet we're ten bloody miles from anywhere with shops, it is so bloody fragmented, instead of buses going directly there they go all over the town visiting empty bus stops HELLO NO ONE IS EVER THERE! stop wasting time money and fuel going all over the houses. This weekend I visited Windsor and although I was there all day I saw no buses at all and the queen lives here most of the time! The trains are no better every train where I live is always delayed and even worse every summer they announce that they will be now using wheels to stop the problem of leaves on the track well that's a relief except that the leaves still cause a problem because wait for it they're the wrong type of leaves WTF! On the rare occasions you actually board a train you find that they are dirty, a kid has dribbled on the arm rest of your seat there is graffiti on the window and the trains is so packed that you can't even stand up without difficulty. I'm fucking tired of this public transport system so the next time someone tells me that I shouldn't use the car I will quite literally ram their words back down their throat and out their fucking ass!

Public Transport in the San Francisco Bay Area 4

I'm 15 and can't wait to get my car! I have ridden buses, trains, and ferries for the past 15 years and I am sick of the crappy ass system. The bus that runs by my house is ALWAYS late and the buses come in threes, fours, and fives! The BART subway system is actually pretty good, but the connecting buses suck! MUNI has buses that are so full past the yellow line because the drivers keep picking up passengers! At least 25% of the passengers riding entered through the back door without paying, and that takes a seat away from people like me who actually pay the fare! God forbid we have more free-ride days because the buses are just too damn full! Another bus system has just cut weekend service from every hour to every two hours so I end up waiting for an hour just to get to where I want to go! The Bay Area Air Quality Management and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission keep urging people to ride public transport because it's "Fast, easy, and convenient." It's the total opposite of those things. It's slow, difficult to ride, and just an inconvenience! The only good systems in the Bay Area are BART and Caltrain commuter rail, the rest suck. Thank you Anger Central for letting me vent about the crappiness of public transportation.

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