Crocs, Heelys, and BByhds

Crocs are ugly and no more comfortable than most other flat shoes. Now, if you honestly think that they're more comfortable than any other type of footwear, you still don't have an excuse for wearing them! Suck it up! If I wanted to be comfortable all the time without caring what people thought of me, I would probably walk around naked. Sometimes clothes are uncomfortable, but there's also a sense of propriety that most of us feel in not being completely exposed. Just like some of us feel a sense of propriety in not wearing fugly shoes.

Heelys... How do I hate thee? Let me count the ways (apologies to Elizabeth Browning in her Sonnet 43). I hate thee freely, as I strive to not be taken out by someone half my height travelling 20km/h whilst shopping in the market. And frankly, if rollerblades are not allowed in stores, then Heelys shouldn't be allowed either. Why? Two words: moving obstacles.

Two down, one to go: Bbyhds. I have no idea what the name means, or how to pronounce it, for that matter. They are not particularly mainstream, but I've seen my fair share. Basically, they're like the love child of heelys and skateboards. A mini-skateboard, actually, attached to each shoe. Kind of like rollerskates, except you're moving sideways instead of forward. These are pointless, ugly, and dangerous.

Flip Flop Sandals 2

I'm sick and tired of everyone and their uncle wearing these ugly-ass, cheap, noisy, disgusting-looking excuses for footwear! Ten years of seeing everyone wearing flip-flops is enough! Let's get one clear on this: "Flip-flops ARE NOT SHOES! They never were! Trust me I wore them once and the first time was the fucking last time! They are NOT comfortable! You can't walk in them without them sliding around and you sure as hell can't run in them! If you wear these plastic monstrosities all the time, you are an idiot! You aren't on the beach nor are you in the shower room at your local gym! These are shoes for lazy stoners, dipshit rich broads, and disgusting fat pigs who can't fucking tie a pair of shoes! I am tired of seeing them! Try wearing real sandals like Birkenstocks or those Roman/Greek-type sandals that secure them to your feet. Let's go back to getting dressed in society!

Converse Shoes 3

Why are these ugly shoes so fucking popular, seriously these shoes are gayer than crocs and Birkinstocks combined. Seriouly who wants to wear some soft leather shoes that could tear apart and white laces and toe really that's fucking ugly, seriously it seems like the only people who wear these hidious shoes are goth kids, Emo kids, Scene Kids, and other Faggots. They tear up so easily you might as well throw them away along with the money you paid for such trashy shoes, if you want money for shoes here are some suggestions Nikes, Addidas, Reeboks, K-Swiss, Vans, New Balance those are REAL shoes hell i'd rather wear sandals over my socks than go out in public in hideous Converses, because if there should be a fashion crime it shouldn't be sandals and socks it should be those trashy Converse shoes that should be thrown in the trash and the shoe company to go out of business and the rest of you should save your money to buy a REAL pair of shoes

Chaco Sandals 4

I am so angry seeing people where these hideous looking sandals. I don't even understand why people where sandals at all, I don't want to see anyone's ugly fucking feet especially in these ugly as fuck sandals. Chaco Sandals should be a crime against fashion, and anyone who wears these abominations should be charged with fashion crimes and the sandals themselves should be thrown in the trash.

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