Waste Bins (lack of)

I am a new dog owner (a responsible one at that) and I am so mad that local councils in Britain do not provide enough bins for dog poo bags. One supermarket pulled me up for using theirs, when there was no where else to put the bag. We are told to pick up after our dogs, so why are there not enough places to put the offending article.

*Note from Anger Central
The poster is obviously from the British Isles. Americans use the term "Trash Cans", and since the Webmaster is an American...

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Litter 2

Tell me something, am I the only person that finds people littering outside my house annoying, let me give you a few examples:

A) We had need to do some work in our front garden involving digging and relaying of a pipe, after this was done all that was left was to put 2 paving slabs back down and clear away a tiny mound of debris, I go out for the day and on my return find a 3/4 finished can of lager thrown in the general vicinity of the dirt mound, who the fuck wanders around drinking cans of lager during the middle of the day then feels the need to dispose of said can in my garden, and you could tell it was some scumbag lowlife because it wasn't even a decent brand, it was some cheap ass wino shit, and to top things off I was so annoyed I picked up the can and crushed it in my hand, this is when I realized it was 1/4 full, so I had some asswipes backwash filth all over my hand, god know's what kind of diseases I could have caught, thank god for bleach is all I can say.

B) I leave my house one morning to go to work, right outside my driveway someone has dumped a half eaten portion of chips, not rolled up in the paper, just strewn across the floor, obviously by some pissed up wanker who could barely walk let alone negotiate a bag of chips at the same time, I admit, I picked up the chips and threw them into the next pikey gippo scumbags front garden as I drove past, I know, not the best way to go about it, and some might say slightly hypocritical of me, but fuck did it feel good.

C) Not really an example but I'm wondering if it's just me that doesn't want to look at a shit-tip everytime i walk out of my door or look out of my window, if I had some rubbish outside my place I pick it up, I don't care if I actually made the rubbish (my thoughts are clear on that subject) I pick it up anyway, because i don't like shit outside my house, apparently most of my neighbours don't share my view, I shudder to think what the inside of their shitty houses look like if they can't even pick up the crap from their driveways. And I don't think I need to go into the whole "what the hell do my taxes pay for" routine, because it sure as shit isn't going on street cleaning!!!

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