Arizona Audit workers speak out

Good day all. The Audit of the Maricopa County, Arizona 2020 election results I still being digested. The Communazis are saying “See? It was honest! Biden picked up more votes!”, however, they are skipping over the part about the 50,000 ballots handed to the Attorney General for investigation.

There were over 1500 people who volunteered their time to the audit. They have been under an NDA, (Non-Disclosure Agreement), and weren’t able to speak about what they saw during the audit. The NDA has now expired and they are free to speak out. This is what they have to say.


You won’t find any of this on YouTube. The censors have been working overtime to bury the entire audit and the results that seem to show massive fraud did take place. Now the investigation moves to the Attorney General’s office. They will look into all the duplicate ballots, votes from people who weren’t allowed to vote in Maricopa County as well as all the other things tied into registrations, the mail in votes, and Maricopa County’s supervisors flat out refusing to cooperate and to preserve information they were required to by law.

As to what happens next? The election certification could be revoked, citing massive fraud. This won’t change anything since it is the Electoral College that elects a president, but it will show that Joseph Biden did not win honestly. There could be criminal indictments of the supervisors for covering up the problems. There could be criminal indictments of the original poll workers. Frankly, we’re in a waiting period now.


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