New Jersey politician won’t resign after running over cyclist

Good day all. It’s time to play the game, “Guess the Political Party!” Last week, a New Jersey councilwoman hit someone on a bicycle and then fled the seen. This is what is generally known as a “Hit and Run” accident and is against the law. If people are injured or killed, usually the driver is going to be spending some time as a guest of the State.

However, if you happen to be a Progressive Liberal Democratic Communazi, then not only do you not worry about being arrested, you don’t even have to apologize and resign your seat. This is what is happening right now. Here are the details from Fox News:

Shocking video shows the moments a New Jersey councilwoman allegedly plowed down a bicyclist while speeding through an intersection and kept going in an apparent hit-and-run accident.

Now it is possible that the driver only moved out of the intersection, stopped and walked back to assist the individual she brutally rammed with her SUV. That doesn’t seem to be the case here.

Jersey City Councilwoman Amy DeGise is accused of failing to slow or stop her car after striking the cyclist at the intersection of Forrest Street and Martin Luther King Drive last week. 

Traffic camera video released by city officials on Tuesday afternoon shows the black SUV allegedly driven by DeGise striking a man on a bicycle in the middle of the intersection on July 19 without ever slowing down before leaving the scene. 

I’m sure this is all just a misunderstanding. No doubt Councilwoman DeGise was heading to a very important meeting that she had to attend or the entire state could have collapsed into anarchy.

The man, wearing a helmet, backpack, yellow shirt and jean shorts, flipped over and slides off the windshield and then onto the pavement after the impact. The video shows him slowly getting up afterward, his mangled bike lying on the opposite side of the street.

The biker was very lucky, let me tell you. I was on a bike when I was a kid and I was hit by a car. Other then a few stitches in my head, (I was thrown from the bike and into a tree), and having every muscle in my body scream at me week, I was lucky. (I still remember the moment vividly as the bumper hit my rear tire) I spent a week in the hospital and the driver was a wreck. He did stop of course, and to be honest, it was my fault. (8 years old and thought I was faster then the car)

The cyclist, identified as 29-year-old Andrew Black, told police he had a green light and the right of way, reported, citing a crash report. In an interview with, Black reiterated that he had the right of way and said he suffered deep bruising and anxiety crossing the street after the incident.

Apparently, the victim of this brutal hit and run didn’t have the green light. That might excuse the crash, but it doesn’t excuse leaving the scene of the accident.

WNBC reported that officials later said Black was mistaken, and he did not have the green light, but DeGise is still facing mounting calls to resign because she still did leave the crash scene. 

“[That] someone of prestige would fall to a point where they would ignore the law they are demanding to uphold, and they are trying to clean our streets or whatever they are calling it, they can’t even do it themselves — that really upsets me,” Black told HudPost on Tuesday.

Despite facing criticism, a spokesperson for DeGise told news outlets on Friday that the councilwoman would not resign. 

“Councilwoman DeGise was elected overwhelmingly just a few months ago and she has no intention of walking away from the commitment she made to serve the people of Jersey City. She will not resign and plans to complete her full term and continue in public service,” DeGise’s spokesman, Phil Swibinski, said in a statement obtained by 

She may not be able to complete her term if she’s cooling her heels in a state prison for a year or so. If she had stopped and rendered aid, as well as apologizing profusely, and worked with the police, it’s very likely that this would have blown over. Instead, she fled the scene, and the images show she was fully aware she had just run someone down, and appears to be pulling the old political tactic of “Do you know who I am?

The councilwoman at large reportedly claimed she hit her head during the crash and went to a police station several hours later to report the incident after leaving the scene.

I don’t think so Tim. In order to hit her head, she would have had to slam on the brakes or otherwise come to a sudden and unexpected stop. This is a 2-3 ton vehicle and the impact with her target wouldn’t have slowed it down at all. I know this because She Who Must Be Obeyed was involved in an accident a few weeks ago, (She was hit from behind at a red light while stopped), and her head was slammed into the head rest. She suffered a minor concussion. (She’s better now) That driver did stop and the insurance is dealing with everything.

DeGise has shown that her judgment leave an awful lot to be desired, however, since she is a Democrat, good judgment is not something she’s ever had to deal with, along with common sense, obeying the laws or having any honor at all. Hopefully she will be removed from office, and her victim will sue the pants off her.


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