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New Jersey politician won’t resign after running over cyclist

Good day all. It’s time to play the game, “Guess the Political Party!” Last week, a New Jersey councilwoman hit someone on a bicycle and then fled the seen. This is what is generally known as a “Hit and Run” accident and is against the law. If people are injured or killed, usually the driver is going to be spending some time as a guest of the State.

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Chris “Tingles” Matthews out at MSNBC

Good day all. We have some breaking news. Last night, Chris Matthews, aka “Tingles” announced that he was ‘Retiring” from Hardball, effective immediately.

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South Bend to America, Don’t vote for Pete Buttplug!

Good day all. South Bend Indiana Mayor Peter “Buttplug” Buttigieg is one of the Democrats running for president. He’s been running on, among other things, his record as mayor of South Bend Indiana. So why are the residents of that city telling America not to vote for him?

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Moonbat says Trump voters should be arrested

Good day all. It’s always amusing to watch Progressives in their natural habitat show the world their true colors. Totalitarian elitists who despise anyone who disagrees with them. In this case, we have Noah Berlatsky who thinks that all Trump voters are racists and should be arrested.

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