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On the left is a picture of our Lord and Master, the Angry Webmaster. A nice and stable looking sort isn't he? He bears a strong resemblance to a certain figure who went by the name Dr. Strangelove. Interesting that the two have never been seen together, hmm?

On the right is our typical Poster. Note the blind rage in his face, the eyes popping out, mouth wide open. Yes, he does seem to be a bit annoyed at something.

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  • December 28, 2008

    And now, a word from the Angry Sysadmin:

    special notice: We will be totally upgrading this server starting the evening of January 9th. Please plan on avoiding any site updates the 9th and 10th as we copy files.

    This upgrade will completely redo the server, disks and processor and triple the speed of the server. We expect NO outage during this, but make sure to take note of the dates.

    Now that the housekeeping is done...
    This will be the last posting of 2008. It has been a very rough year for Anger Central. The Webmaster was out of work from Dec. 28, 2007 until Nov. 20, 2008. As some of you know, being out this long is very scary. The Webmaster has been out this long only once before, and that was 10 years ago. The management was concerned that the Webmaster might have lost his house and we may have had to shutter this site. Hopefully the new job will work out.

    In the last year we have put up 622 rants. We received well over 3000. (We don't keep count of the ones we don't post, we just delete them) We've done some site reorganization and upgrades.

    We also had been using Google Adsense until they decided to accuse Anger Central of Click Fraud. We have since found a much better company called Chitika. They are based nearby and we recommend them heartily. For those of you using the Evil Empire's ad system, (Better known as Google Adsense), they have a tie in with that as well.

    We started using Twitter to announce our recent updates and general news. We have 40 people following us. Several of them are politicians, so no doubt they do get an earful. ;)

    Mrs. Webmaster went back to China for a few months last spring. She returned to the loving arms of the Webmaster in early summer. Mrs. Webmaster is now waiting on the tender mercies of the USCIS and it's cast of clowns. The couple put in the paperwork for Mrs. Webmaster's Removal of Conditions, (The 10 year card) last January. According to the USCIS web site they are processing people who submitted last December.

    We also had an anointment...err election this year that was historic for several reasons. First a man of African decent was elected to the office of President of the United States. Second, an absolutely unqualified egomaniac from one of the most corrupt cities in America was elected to the office of President of the United States.

    The Mainly Stupid Media, more commonly known as the Main Stream Media, did everything it could to destroy a fine woman running for Vice-President while covering up the complete ineptitude of the now President-Elect. The betting pool is now open on when the New York Times folds its tent and collapses.

    So, what's in store for Anger Central in the coming year? We don't have a *expletive deleted* clue! For the time being we'll just keep posting and commenting on the coming economic crash caused by our wonderfully competent new President and Congress. We have no doubt those nitwits will provide much fodder for Anger Central.

    So to all our fans and posters, Have a great and successful New Year and Stay Angry!!

  • December 21, 2008

    First a little housekeeping news. The hosting company Anger Central uses has announced: We will be upgrading this server the first week of January 2009.
    Seems they noticed a few issues with the servers and are basically swapping them out. We have full backups and we're ready if need be.

    Will someone please tell the acolytes of the Church of Global Warming to SHUT UP! We have 12" of Global warming on the ground now and as the Webmaster types this, more is coming down. The Angry Groundskeeper is NOT looking forward to clearing out the Anger Central primary dwelling.

    And then there is Mrs. Webmaster's need to travel to work. She works a good ten+ miles away and will be driving into the teeth of the storm. She's going to call her boss and see if she has to go in. We hope not. At least this boss is much nicer then the Queen Dragon Lady Mrs. Webmaster used to work for.

    Meanwhile, here're a few items you can buy. It might be to late for Christmas, "Bah! HUMBUG!!", but for New Years they will be great. Something for the kids and something for the grownups.

    And speaking of Bah Humbug! Our favorite Holiday Grinch has posted his annual rant about Christmas. ;)

    So, until next time, or next year, Enjoy the season, for it is one that people should be angry at!
  • December 14, 2008

    The new job is moving along well. The Webmaster is learning how things work. Tomorrow he is supposed to interview someone for a position at his job. Needless to say, this will be a first! The Webmaster is usually the interviewee, not the interviewer. Also the job is for a programmer and the Webmaster is a hardware person and frankly, can't program his way out of a wet paper bag. Well he will muddle through somehow.

    We had an ice storm last week. The Anger Central primary domicile along with the data center remained online, although the Angry Parents lost their power. After 24 hours on their generator the Really angry Father said "That's it! We're going to a hotel!" The only problem was the nearest one that had rooms was in Woburn MA. :/

    The Webmaster is toying with the idea of another blog entry regarding the fiasco known as the United Auto Workers Bail Out Bill, more commonly known as the Auto industry bailout. What part of the word "NO!" that the majority of people are saying to their alleged reps do they not comprehend? More on that later...maybe.

    The quality of the rants was low this week. This makes us sad. A bit to much whining and not enough rage there people! We know you can do better then that!

    Until next time, Stay Angry!
  • December 7, 2008

    67 years ago today, the Imperial Japanese fleet launched 353 aircraft against the United States naval base at Pearl harbor, Hawaii. The attack destroyed or damaged every battleship the United States had in the Pacific, killed 2400+ soldiers, sailors and airmen and launched America into World War 2. Please take a moment to remember this day.

    The Webmaster is getting his feet under him at his new job. Unfortunately the company had some layoffs and one person in the office was released along with another in the main office who was teaching the webmaster how to do his job. This makes life a bit difficult. The funny things is, there are two openings that are in the process of being filled in the Webmaster's office.

    Friday a developer managed to infect his system with a virus. The Webmaster spent 3 hours trying to scrub the system without success. The Webmaster notified his boss and asked how he wanted our hero to proceed. Desktop support is not the webmasters job. He will find out Monday.

    All in all it has been a slow week here on Anger Central. Not many people showed up nor were any ads viewed/clicked on. (Please do click on them and by things. Make our sponsors happy!) We would at least like to make enough to cover our hosting charges.

    In any case, until next time, Stay Angry!
  • November 29, 2008

    The Webmaster has received his first paycheck! He is so excited over being gainfully employed now. The job is tough and there's a lot to learn. It's sort of a "sink or swim" situation. Still the Webmaster is going ahead full bore.

    Thanksgiving was this week, and we hope you all overindulged in massive amounts of turkey. Mrs. Webmaster is not fond of turkey unfortunately, although she has been preparing one for herself in her own unique way. ;)

    We've been looking into our Chitika ads. No one has signed up for advertising space on Anger Central. No matter, we still run ads from Chitika's client base. Of course we could also use Google Adsense...Oh wait! No we can't! *grumble*

    We also received a few rants regarding terrorism, no doubt due to what happened in India. They appear to be from the same person and we chose the best one to go online. The Webmaster is considering writing something about that in the blogspace, but no decision has been made in that regard.

    The Webmaster has been buying books on Amazon again. We're recommending the following items this week:



    We hope you'll like them. As you can see the Webmaster tends towards SciFi and Adventure books and movies.

    Until later, Stay angry!
  • November 23, 2008

    Well, the first two days of gainful employment have passed. Talk about tough! There's a lot the Webmaster needs to get his head around, and he also has been assigned some projects. The only issue is, he doesn't know enough to ask the correct questions. Still he is muddling through.

    Besides the usual business of learning the job, he's also been working with the HR department to get his pay and benefits, (Now there's a nice word), all set up. The Webmaster had to fill out at least 20 pages of documents, scan them in and then email them down along with snail mailing a hard copy. Fun Fun!

    Still it's good to be working.

    Until later.
  • November 16, 2008

    The Webmaster will be starting at his new job Thursday November 20th with an established start up. Much as we hate to say it, the new administration could prove to be a boon to this company. Postings might drop off a bit as the Webmaster gets settled in and learns how things work.

    The Webmaster has been toying with setting up a dedicated blog here. Mostly he has been posting his musings and comments in the news section. With the new administration providing such a target rich environment regarding policies and idiocies, the Webmaster feels that he can't do real justice posting his noise on the news page or the main page.

    The section isn't ready yet, but if you want to explore it, follow the link to the Blog. Since the Webmaster doesn't like to hear from the peanut gallery, there will be no comments section. ;)

    We're also redoing the links page. Basically we're tightening it up and cleaning out dead links.

    Until next time, Stay angry!
  • November 14, 2008


    The Webmaster has just been made an offer!! Gainful Employment has finally arrived. It has been a long and frightening period for the Angry Webmaster. The Webmaster went out at the end of last year after completing a contract job. He expected to be employed again within a couple of months. That didn't happen. The Angry Webmaster was out of work for 11 months.

    The position starts as a 90 day trial period. After that, provided no issues with the Webmaster or his new employer show up, he will be permanently hired as a full time employee.

    Mrs. Webmaster is happy. Her stress levels just washed away. :)

    We will keep you up to date on how things go. Needless to say, we will not name the company. ;)
  • November 9, 2008

    Well we might as well get it over with.


    We hope you enjoy the change from a free prosperous nation to a socialist totalitarian one with a collapsed economy, suppression of free speech and dissent, seizure of your 401K and IRA accounts, etc.

    Well that's over with. now on to other business.

    The Webmaster had a job interview last week. It's an interesting job with a start-up. It deals with energy. Lots of potential. Pity the Webmaster didn't get warm and fuzzies from the manager. He did contact the Webmaster late last week and ask for references so we will see.

    Another job the Webmaster is waiting on will involve traveling a bit. Also a good job with a lot of potential. We contacted the HR person and she said the manager is shorthanded and is working like mad.

    The Webmaster heard back on one of two contract jobs. Big Fat NO! The other one, the HR person is ducking the Webmaster so we are assuming he didn't get that job either. We're also waiting to hear back from a third opening that looks really good. The earliest the Webmaster expects to hear anything is the middle of November.

    Now some housekeeping.

    We saw a number of postings come in that didn't come even close to our TOS. The delete key got a major workout. Ladies and gentlemen, please. We want to know why your are angry. Don't bother responding to postings you see here. We don't care if you feel insulted after reading about fat people or dumb blondes. We must have trashed 15 postings last week.

    The Angry Advertising manager has been playing around with our Chitika ads. We are now capable of taking ads directly. Simple click on the "Advertise Here link on any ad and you will be taken to the Chitika site. You will be asked to set up an account. Because this is a low trafficked site, (Damn it!) we are keeping the rates low.

    Chitika is a small company but it is growing. We think it is superior to Google's Adsense. They are a heck of a lot more personable and fairly quick to get back to you if you have a problem.

    Mrs. Webmaster has been suffering a headache for the last week or so. It may be tied into her recent oral surgery. We'll see if she wants to visit a doctor this week.

    Mrs. Webmaster's sister, (Living in Tennessee), got her drivers license this week. If you live down there LOOK OUT! Like Mrs. Webmaster, she never drove a car before coming to the United States. In fact, according to Mrs. Webmaster, her sister only had to take a written test, not a road test. 8-O

    Well, provided we haven't been shut down by The One, we'll keep you up to date on Anger Central and the search for gainful employment.

    Until next time, stay angry!
  • November 4, 2008
    It's election day. Today the United States chooses it's next president. It will either be the communist or the old fart. No matter who you choose, vote! Just remember to choose the Old Fart and everything will be fine. ;)

    This has been a public service announcement from Anger Central.
  • November 1, 2008
    It was a very busy week on the job search front for the Angry Webmaster. He had 2 telephone screens and a face to face interview. He also has an interview scheduled for next week. The interview the Webmaster had last week didn't pan out. He was rejected. Well at least they let him know which is very much appreciated. Most of the time the Webmaster has been left hanging.

    The interview next week is for a really good permanent position. The other phone screen is for another really good position. No doubt none of them will pan out of course. :(

    In really annoying news, the Webmaster just got a bill from the local hospital. This wasn't for the recent trip to the Emergency room spoken of below. Oh know, this was for a trip that happened 2 YEARS AGO! Thanks to the delay, the Webmaster is going to get royally screwed. He has a $2500 deductible and the Webmaster paid that shortly after the incident. (Covering doctors, ambulance, etc) The remainder should have been covered by insurance. *grumble* We'll have to figure out where we're going to get the money.

    Speaking of money, The Webmaster got an email from someone wanting to buy ads on Anger Central. We aren't set up to handle ads directly, but the company we use, Chitika.com is set up to do this. We have activated a new section on the ads. If you wish to purchase ads on Anger Central, simply go to the page you want the ads to appear on and click on the "Advertise Here" link. You will be taken to a page that will allow you to purchase ads. You will need to set up an account with Chitika.com. We would recommend that you do so. They are smaller the Google's AdSense, but we think they are much nicer people. :)

    And finally, Next week is election week. Remember, Republicans and independents voting for the whatshisface/PALIN! ticket vote on Tuesday. Democrats and independents voting for Comrade Obama/Retard Joe Biden ticket vote on Wednesday. They have decided to split the voting days due to the anticipation of a huge voter turnout. :)

    For those of you in Massachusetts, vote YES on Question 1 and give yourself a pay hike.

    Until Later, stay Angry!
  • October 25, 2008
    No word yet on the job interview we wrote about last week. The Webmaster has a call in to his recruiter for more information. We shall see.

    Speaking of interviews, the Webmaster had another one earlier this week. It was yet another contract job, but there is a lot of learning potential in it. This one is only for 3 months though and no chance of going permanent.

    The Webmaster also got calls from two other companies he has applied to. These are permanent positions. One involves traveling about 25% of the time. We also have another phone screen set up for the 28th. All the positions are good ones and would advance the now stagnant career of the Webmaster. Keep your fingers crossed!

    Earlier this week, the Webmaster ended up in the Emergency room at his local hospital. We won't go into details, but he was in incredible pain. The problem cleared up in a few hours and the Webmaster fully recovered. We are looking forward to that hospital bill...NOT! No doubt it will be below the Anger Central's Insurance plan's deductible. :/

    We'll keep you informed on the Great Job Search and whether any of these pan out.

    Until next time, Stay Angry!
  • October 19, 2008
    Well, the Webmaster has gone on another job interview. It's an OK job, but only a contract for 3-6 months. One of the "Gotcha's" they didn't mention was the occasional coverage of a plant 90 minutes+ from the Webmaster domicile. Still it's a job and they will pay mileage. The bad news is that the Webmaster doesn't think he's going to get it. The manager asked the following question: Are you looking for a long term position? The reason I ask is that we don't want to train someone and then have them leave 2 weeks later."

    Um, yup The Webmaster is. Well, so much for that job! The Webmaster is unable to lie to a prospective employer. The other fun thing is the manager is also new to the job, having started there 2 weeks earlier.

    While the Webmaster was driving down to the interview, he was called by yet another recruiter. Obviously the Webmaster couldn't talk while driving, (Although the Webmaster does have a hands free system for his Cell phone), arrangements were made for a discussion the next day. Emails were exchanged and the call took place at...Oh wait! No call was made after all!

    Mrs. Webmaster is feeling much better and the swelling has gone down. She is doing fine at her new part time job. The restaurant is near the Angry Brother's home so she can always go there if there is a problem.

    Meanwhile the Angry Entertainment Director has taken delivery of several new DVD's. We are going to be watching,

    1) Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (Two-Disc Special Edition)

    2) Iron Man (Two-Disc Special Collectors' Edition)

    3) Batman Begins (Two-Disc Special Edition)

    We're going to spend the afternoon watching these after we finish our updates.

    We also heard from someone from the Land Down Under. Nice to hear from long term fans. *waves*
    Mrs. Webmaster commented when told about this that in China, Kangaroos are considered the same as mice. Since Mrs. Webmaster's name translates into "Don't bother telling me what it really means, I'm right and that's that!" The Webmaster just nodded and went "Yes Dear." ;D

    And last but not least, we received a donation this week from someone who has sent in a few ducets in the past. Last time he asked to remain anonymous and we are assuming he wishes to remain so again. We will send out a major league thanks to him. We did notice one thing. Paypal took $0.88 as a fee. When did they start that? We thought internal Paypal transactions were free? The only reason we can see for the fee is the donor used a credit card or bank transfer. If not, DAMN PAYPAL!

    Until next time, stay angry!
  • October 12, 2008
    The Angry Webmaster's "Extremely generous" unemployment benefits have run out. Now the money really starts to flow outwards from the bank accounts.

    If you have been living in a cave, you probably aren't aware of the stock market crash we are in the process of having. The Webmaster's portfolio is so far underwater that it's staying with the WW2 German U-boat fleet. We had been counting on it to help alleviate some of our financial issues. We were hurt, but there's still enough to tied us over if we have to sell out. Hopefully we won't need to.

    On the job front, the Webmaster put in for a position Saturday morning at 6:30am EST. He was called by a recruiter at 9AM. To say the Webmaster was surprised would be a slight understatement. According to the headhunter, he had gotten something like 40 resumes for the position, but none of them had any experience in a manufacturing environment. The phrase he used was "Techs working at Wal-Mart." He will be putting it into the company Tuesday. We'll see how that goes.

    The Webmaster is also looking at going back for more training on his own nickel. He and the Angry Brother In-Law are looking at Cisco and getting CCNA certifications. That's $4000 right there.

    Last week, Mrs. Webmaster had her four wisdom teeth extracted. The surgery went well and she is recovering. Mrs. Webmaster is also doing some part time work for a restaurant new the Angry Brother's home. Not handy, but it's about 20 hours or so a weekend.

    Well that's it for this week. We'll keep you informed on the job prospects, (Low thanks to the morons in Congress. That means you Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Charles Schumer, etc!) Do Anger Central a favor and click on the ad links and buy stuff from Cafepress as well. If you have any ideas for logos, artwork, etc for the Cafepress shop let us know. And don't forget Amazon.com.

    Until later, stay angry! :)
  • October 5, 2008
    Just a short note. The Webmaster had a "Meet & Greet" with yet another recruiter. This was preliminary to a jobs submission. Well, they sent the Webmaster's resume in to <nameless company> and wouldn't tell the Webmaster what the company name was. He found out when he went in for the waste of time meeting. The recruiters told him that the company had two resumes from the Webmaster. When he got home he checked his records and found out another recruiter had submitted. He has contacted that recruiter and he will be withdrawing that resume. Hopefully this will get sorted out and the Webmaster will have some chance of getting the job.

    The <Nameless company> has been putting ads out with all the recruiting firms as well as the jobs sites. None of the ads are written the same so it's easy to make that mistake.

  • September 28, 2008
    If our fans have been living in a cave and don't know what's going on, there is a bill to "bail out" the financial sector. The bill is at *least* $700 billion dollars. The staff of Anger Central has been polled and the results were 50/50. 50% said NO! and the other 50% said HELL NO!! The current state of affairs can be laid right at the doorstep of the Democratic Party, specifically Rep. Barney Frank, (D-MA), Sen. Christopher Dodd, (D-CT) and Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY)

    Since 2001 the Bush Administration, useless as they may be domestically, has been trying to clean up this disaster in the making. They have been blocked at every turn by the Democrats in general and those three in particular. These three need to be removed from their committees to start with and should resign from office.

    They won't of course and in fact have been trying to play games with this bill since day one. The overwhelming majority of voters in the United States are against this bailout, but the oligarchy in Washington won't listen. They see this as their chance to completely crush the free market in the U.S.

    Who will be paying for this abortion? Go look in the mirror.

    While we know that the Webmaster is one who will be badly hurt in the coming economic crash, (We expect to lose the house and possibly this site), we know that what is being proposed will be far worse. If they jam this down our throats, consider this the date that the United States died.

    For to long the so called elected officials at all levels have been looting the treasury to keep themselves in office. Now the chickens are coming home to roost.

    If you want to try and stop this disaster, call your representatives in Washington. Jam the switchboards. Send telegrams and email. Letters and postcards would be good, but the speed these crooks are moving at, snail mail won't get there in time.

    If your senators and representatives vote for this stinking pile of manure, and they are up for reelection, vote for their opponent. At this point it doesn't matter who wins, the people of this country are going to lose.

    In other, non-political news, Mrs. Webmaster's best friend has just moved to Virginia with her husband. We finally got to meet him, and the Webmaster determined in 10 seconds that politics would not be a good topic for discussion. (Flaming moonbat)

    Mrs. Webmaster's friend left her car with use for a while until they get settled down there. The Webmaster heard two things regarding the car recovery date. One was 3 weeks, the other was sometime around Christmas. If the latter Mrs. Webmaster said she will sell her friends car. ;)

    Nothing new on the job search front. The Webmaster applied to 5 openings on Friday and was called by a recruiter on yet another one. We looked at it and told him to submit the Webmaster's resume. We'll keep you up to date.

    Until next time, Stay Angry!
    (That won't be hard with this fiasco in Washington!)
  • September 24, 2008
    Well the Webmaster was called and told he wasn't getting the contract position he interviewed for yesterday. It seems they went with someone who had worked there in the past for a longer period then the Webmaster. The Webmaster was their second choice, so if the first choice doesn't work out, he will be selected. :/

    Other jobs the Webmaster is trying for have all been put on hold. We were also rejected by another company without an interview. Life is not good for the Webmaster. :(
  • September 21, 2008
    Well well, the Webmaster has an interview. He will be meeting with another group at the company he was at last year. It's a desktop support role and for less money, but it's work. Yes, it's another contract, probably for about 6 months with a possibility of extension. We'll see.

    The Webmaster is still hoping he will get a job with his former manager's company. He's a VP now and he was one of the few decent people the Webmaster worked for. No word yet.

    We're looking to replace the feedburner RSS system. Since they are owned by Google now, and they have killed the Anger Central Adsense account, there's no reason to stay with them. We're looking at other alternatives. (Money is good)

    The other day we got a post from a raving 9/11 truther. We thought about putting it up, but why bother. Besides, from the way it was written the poster was either drunk or stoned. (Possibly both)

    Mrs. Webmaster's best friend is moving away again. This time to Virginia. At least it's the same time zone. Last time she moved she and her husband went to Saipan. Mrs. Webmaster has been helping her pack up and last night she brought home a load of food. We;; that takes care of the groceries for a few weeks. ;)

    We'll keep you up to date on the job front.

    Until next time.
  • September 13, 2008
    Not much to report at Anger Central> We're now adding the new ads hosted by Chitika.com. Click on them and buy stuff. We're also now selling stuff through CafePress as well. We're still working on the goodies there, (a problem since the Webmaster has no artistic ability at all), but we have some T-shirts, Hats and other assorted stuff.

    As usual, no news on the job front. The unemployment runs out in a few weeks and we really start hurting then. Mrs. Webmaster needs some more dental work and that's going to run into big bucks. (for those of you in love with single payer government run health care, Mrs. Webmaster is a victim of it)

    We've been sending out resumes of course. Our estimate is over 1000 since the Webmaster lost his job at <Company> in 2006. One of the things we're seeing now is the obscene requirements for positions and the pay levels rivaling that of a McDonalds hamburger flipper. If we don't get an income soon, the Webmaster will have no choice but to sell the primary residence before he can no longer pay the mortgage. Needles to say, Anger Central may have to be shut down as well since it costs us money to have it hosted.

    Well, that's for the future. (Hopefully distant)

    Until later, Stay Angry!
  • September 11, 2008

    In Memory of those lost.

    I Remember
  • September 9, 2008
    Just a short note. We've started adding the new Chitika ads. These are a bit louder then Google's adsense, but this is a small company and are also fairly local to Anger Central. So, throw Chitika.com some business and help bury the evil empire that is google!

    We've also started adding a local search rather then the Google search we were using. It's not as pretty, but it does seem to work. If you find any issues drop a note to the Webmaster.

    More later
  • September 7, 2008
    Well now, that was an interesting convention. The Webmaster missed Gov. Palin's speech the other night, but caught the replays. The Anger Central staff is now energized. Previously we were giving serious thought to sitting out this election for the first time. Now we have a reason to go to the polls, and it ain't to pull the lever for Obama!

    The Democrats were caught completely flatfooted over this choice by McCain. So much so that they are in a blind panic. This can be observed by the flat out lies by the MSM, (Mainly Stupid Media). They are simply regurgitating the talking points of the Daily Kos and the Huffington post. This is now an interesting and exciting race to the White house.

    Speaking of Gov. Palin, we got our first rant aimed at her direction. It isn't going up. The reason? All it does is vomit forth the same MSM talking points that have already been discredited. If you are angry about Sarah Palin, then try to be original. We understand how hard it is for Liberals Communists to do this, but try.

    More news on the job front. No job yet. A lot of calls from recruiters and we hope things are picking up. The Webmaster is getting flat out scared now. We don't make any money from this site, especially since the scumsucking maggot infested dirtbags at Google Adsense disabled our account. We've set up a new account with a new firm local to the Anger Central Corporate offices.

    The company is called Chitika.com. We'll see how it goes. We're also looking at reactivating our cafepress store. We never really did anything with it since we have no artistic skills at all. (As the artwork on Anger Central proves)

    Until next time, Stay Angry!

    We were doing a little check on something and found out that our wonderful friends at Google screwed up our internal search system. Our guess is, it was tied into their crooked Adsense system and when those hagged out scumbuckets closed our account, it broke the search mechanism. We've reverted to a basic one until we can find something better. We've also started working with Cafepress.com to create some Anger Central cool stuff. Check it out. We hope to come up with more cool stuff in the future.
  • August 31, 2008
    Another month has gone by and no job for the Webmaster. Panic has set in. Apprehension for the future has lessened slightly thanks to John McCain actually listing to people and choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate. We had been giving serious thought to sitting this cycle out, and would have crawled into a hole for 4 years if McCain had done something really stupid and selected Joe Lieberman to be his VP running mate. We dodges a bullet there!

    As we said, no jobs for the Webmaster. One he had applied to and was a very good fit went to an internal candidate. The Webmaster never had a chance. Another headhunter contacted our hero about a job he applied to. Back and forth, a promise to call, then they ask if I had ever applied to this company they represent before. The Webmaster checked his records and sure enough, he had. So much for that job!

    Anger Central studiously avoided watching the "I love Me" Obama lovefest. He's still an empty suit and he's proving it every day. His acceptance speech was a rehash of all his other empty and vacuous speeches. Basically it was all show and ptttthhh!

    Obama should have gotten at least a 10 point bounce out of that fiasco. Nope. McCain stole his thunder. Perhaps the U.S. will actually decide to not elect a terrorist supporting communist stooge who wants to be the Robert Mugabe of the United States.

    As you might have noticed, Anger Central has taken a shine to the Bullwinkle Blasting Babe, Mother of 5 and death on corrupt pols from Alaska who will be our next VP. It's been fun watching the Democrats caught so completely by surprise. We can just see Hillary Clinton breaking in a new lamp...on Bill Clinton's head. :D

    Mrs. Webmaster has started looking around for a job. She applied to a place at the local mall, She wants to serve mall food. :)

    Until later....

    Ciao baby!
  • August 24, 2008
    As is the standard around here, no calls for a job or an interview. We do have one lead and we're hoping it pans out. The Webmaster has been talking with this hiring manager for several months now and finally a new position opened up the webmaster would be a fit for.

    If we get an interview, the Webmaster will also bring up another opening he saw but didn't apply for. He can do about 60% of that job as well as the one he's trying for. That would give the company some backup and a bit more depth to their IT department. All we need is an interview and a break.

    Some of you have been wondering why we haven't posted the Webmaster's Resume/CV. We don't want a potential employer to find out about this site just yet. The only way we will mention it is if we are hired by a company that requires a security clearance.

    Mrs. Webmaster has been watching the Olympics of course, rooting for the home teams. We were talking about the gymnasts and how some of the Chinese girls seem to be a bit on the young side. Mrs. Webmaster let slip that one of them was 14 and very good for her age. Whoopsy! We do believe that the minimum age is 16. :D

    The new DVR is working fine. Different interface, but we are getting used to it. Mrs. Webmaster was very happy when the Webmaster recorded Jackie Chan's The Tuxedo Even though it is 5 years old, Mrs Webmaster had never seen it. She thought it was brand new. Apparently it never played in China and hasn't been on the air here in a couple of years.

    Twitter. As you can see, we have a grand total of 9 followers. :/ Come on people, get with the program! The Webmaster doesn't post a lot of tweets, so we won't be maxing out your systems. Join up and retweet the Angry Webmaster's musings and announcements.

    Until next time, keep those cards, letters and donations coming!
  • August 17, 2008
    The Angry A/V Admin has done a bit of research and found that DirecTV has a deal. A free replacement for the Angry Webmaster's old DVR. Free is far better then spending $100 to get parts for an obsolete model. It arrived last Wednesday and was quickly configured and is now merrily recording the adult entertainment...err we mean the cooking channel. :D

    The Angry Sysadmin decided to take apart the old unit and see if he could fixe the hard drive using SpinRite from the Gibson Research Corporation. While removing the drive from the DVR the Angry Sysadmin scraped his knuckles on the case, drawing blood. While disconnecting the hard drive from the Anger Central BBS server, he managed to slip and slice open a finger right behind the nail on the same hand.

    The Angry Sysadmin was REALLY angry then! He ran SpinRite and it either didn't find anything wrong, or it quietly repaired the damage. Since the unit has been deactivated by DirecTV, we can't test it. We are toying with the idea of replacing the hard drive with an aftermarket one and either selling it to the Webmaster's brother or setting it up as a secondary unit. Right now it's collecting dust in the Anger Central front office.

    While channel surfing last week the Webmaster stumbled upon a Women's Table Tennis match. It was a Chinese woman, Wang Nan, and someone else who we've forgotten. Of course the Webmaster notified Mrs. Webmaster about the game. She started watching and recognized Ms. Wang. It seems she is from the same city as Mrs. Webmaster. Needless to say, Ms. Wang was victorious. The Chinese own Table Tennis the way Fred Phelps owns Olympic Gold Medals, as well as the patent on "A hearty breakfast."

    Last week was dead as far as the Webmaster's job search. Late Friday he found one at a company he has looked into before. He has previously spoken with the HR manager and has dropped him a line asking to be considered for the opening. We're keeping our fingers crossed.

    Until next time, Stay Angry!
  • August 9, 2008
    Hi there happy campers, are we all watching the Olympics? Mrs. Webmaster is watching the opening ceremonies on our Tivo. A Tivo that is on it's last legs. :(

    It's actually part of the DirecTV package the Angry A/V admin got for use a few years ago. It looks like the hard drive is beginning to fail. The Angry A/V Admin is looking into a replacement drive or a new unit. Replacing the drive with a preloaded copy of the application won't be difficult, it's just spending the $100 for it.

    Speaking of which, many many rejections this week. We did have a phone screen, but it didn't amount to much. We do not expect to hear back from the company any time soon. It's beginning to look like the Webmaster may be out of IT soon. There are no jobs in the area unless you are certified in 15 different subjects, have a PhD and are willing to work for minimum wage. In other words, they are looking for H1B slaves and will not hire Americans. :(

    Well, off to practice our pole vaulting and other sports.
  • August 3, 2008
    Another week has passed and another rejection for a great job. :(
    The company in question sent a letter to the Webmaster telling him they had found someone who was a perfect fit for their needs. Small problem here. What the hell were their needs? The job description was very lacking in details. They didn't even include a job title. When the Webmaster interviewed all he really found out was that he would have to travel to Florida a few days a month. It seems they were also looking for someone to update their flash only web site they bought from an outside company.

    Sorry, don't do flash and haven't done commercial websites in over 10 years.

    The Webmaster has been out of work for 8 months now. We never expected it to take this long for him to find a job. He isn't even able to get interviews. To top it off, he's now seeing the same jobs being reposted by the same companies several months later. Because of their automated submission forms, he can't do anything to let them know he is still available.

    Oh and it gets worse. Now he's being told that since he's been out for so long, he may be unemployable now. Excuse me? Is it the Webmaster's fault he is not able to find a job? It isn't like he's just been sitting around watching the Comedy Channel all day!

    We did get a call from a recruiter last week informing him of a possible opening near one of his former jobs. "Put me in!" he cried. We'll be talking to the recruiter this week to see if anything comes of it. Our guess is it won't.

    In other news, we have grown to like twitter. We watched the goings on in Washington DC last week when the Republicans refused to leave until a vote had been taken on opening up the oil fields. It was entertaining and informative. We just wished that more people would follow the Angry Webmaster on twitter. he can be found at @angrywebmaster. :)

    We'll keep you informed as to the job search for the Angry and unemployed Webmaster. Until later,

    Stay Angry!
  • July 27, 2008
    Well, Google Adcrap has deigned to reply and as expected has told Anger Central to go take a flying <censored> at a rolling doughnut. That means the only revenue we get is from our Tip jar and our Amazon associates ads. We've been looking around but haven't found anything like Adsense yet. We tried to set up with Yahoo, but their payment system has a broken captcha on it and we can't submit to it. Meanwhile we are removing  the old ad codes as well as the Google analytics we used. Screw them and the horse they road in on we say!

    On the job search front, 2 interviews last week and a lengthy phone screen. :)
    The first interview was for a job that the Webmaster has decided not to apply to. First they didn't state that this was a second shift job, and the part about doing janitorial duties as well as desktop support pretty much decided that for him.

    The second interview was much more promising and definitely a lot more interesting. One of the things they didn't mention was the need to travel to Florida once a month for a few days. Not a problem since the location is near Disney World and Mrs. Webmaster might like to go sometime.

    The only problem was the day of the interview. The Webmaster allowed for plenty of time to get to the corporate office, however some idiot who decided to play chicken with a tractor-trailer screwed up that time table!

    The Webmaster had to take an exit to get to a different highway. (From north/south to east/west) As soon as he started up the ramp he saw that traffic wasn't moving at all. He came to a screeching halt halfway up the ramp and basically parked. After about 10 minutes he located a radio station that explained what happened. (To the best of their information) The State Police had closed the roads and rams right after the Webmaster drove on to it. :(

    Well, the Webmaster is nothing if not resourceful. He couldn't back down the ramp, so he put the Angry Transportation System into 4 wheel drive and drove across the median until he reached the off ramp. He then drove to the alternate route. The only issue with that was everyone else was doing that too!

    The upshot? The Webmaster was 2 hours late for his interview! Anger Central would like to thank the inventor of the Cellular Telephone. The Webmaster was able to call the person he was to meet with and let him know about the delay. He said they were aware of the issue and that it wouldn't be a problem.

    The Webmaster spent about 30-40 minutes with what turned out to be the president of the company as well as the only IT person with the company. Hopefully the Webmaster was able to make an impression. When he returned to the Anger Central offices he wrote a letter thanking the president and throwing a few thoughts at him. With luck the Webmaster will get this job.

    Another call came from a different company. The Webmaster spent a good 45 minutes talking to them and answering questions. It's also a good job, but not as good an opportunity as the previous one. Still, we hope something comes of one of these interviews.

    Mrs. Webmaster is finally getting past her jet lag. The bad news is she has been glued to a stack of DVD's containing assorted Soap Operas. ;)

    The happy couple went out with the Webmaster's parents the other night and devoured much lobster. A good time was had by all.

    Until later, stay angry!
  • July 19, 2008
    Mrs. Webmaster has arrived safe and sound and has crash landed on the couch due to a serious case of Jet Lag. She spent a good 30 hours in transit from Fushun, China to Manchester, NH. She arrived at 11:15PM EST with a pair of really heavy bags. :)

    Mrs. Webmaster got through Immigration with no issues. The Webmaster was a bit concerned, since Mrs. Webmaster's Green Card had expired while she was overseas. We knew this would happen though and we had an extension letter good for one year. Mrs. Webmaster took the original and 4 copies.

    On the job search front, the Webmaster has another interview with another company. Hopefully this one will work out. The unemployment ran out last week, and although the Webmaster did file for an extension. the first of those checks hasn't arrived yet. One of the annoying things about this is he has to file manually and either mail it in or hand deliver it to the local office. The state hasn't gotten their computer systems set to handle the new requests.

    Nothing from Google regarding Adsense and their claim of click fraud. No surprise there. Google's numbers came in this week and their share price is taking a beating. GOOD! At least now we know why they are stealing...err claiming small Adsense users are committing click fraud. They need the money for themselves.

    Since yesterday. the Anger Central submission form has been under attack by spammers. Very few have been able to break the captcha, and those that do must be trying to load up viruses and other assorted crap. All the Angry Sysadmin is seeing is a title and a subject heading. No content. This too shall pass.

    Until next time, Stay Angry!
  • July 13, 2008
    As we mentioned last week, Google Adsense accused the owners of Anger Central of click fraud. The Webmaster promptly filed an appeal and as expected, no answer was forthcoming. We expected nothing less from the most evil company in the 21st century. People complain about Microsoft, but they were classic robber barons of the 19th century in their style. They were interested in the all mighty dollar.

    Google has gotten people thrown in prison for their political views. I don't recall Microsoft doing that. Ask a few Chinese dissidents what THEY think of Google. Oh wait, you can't. Google has erased them from their databases by request of the Chinese government.
    (We won't discuss how China governs themselves. When in China, the Webmaster obeyed their rules and will do so the next time he goes over)

    If anyone knows of an affiliate program Anger Central can sign up with please drop us a line. Sorry, we aren't going to serve up ads for porn sites. we do get minors in here on occasion.

    Speaking of China, Mrs. Webmaster is due back at the Anger Central home site this week. The Webmaster is waiting impatiently for her plane to arrive. The Webmaster hasn't talked to her for a couple of weeks and hopes she calls home soon. He has found a potential job for her and needs to ask her if he should send in her resume.

    On the Webmaster Great Search for Gainful Employment, nada. He received 5 rejections last week, and his unemployment benefits ran out. There has been a 13 week extension granted and he has applied for that pittance. We never thought the Webmaster would be out of work this long. What we are seeing is the beginnings of the collapse of the U.S. economy, mostly driven by high oil prices.

    Anger Central is in the Drill here, Drill NOW camp. We also believe in building more refineries and nuclear power plants. Pity our government, with a few exceptions, believes in totally destroying the economy and enslaving the people. (See Sen. Charles Schumer and how he managed to cause a bank to fail last week)

    Well the Webmaster needs to get back to preparing for Mrs. Webmasters glorious return. Until later, Stay ANGRY!
  • July 9, 2008
    Oh BOY are WE angry!

    This morning we logged in and received a little gem from Google telling us our Adsense account was being suspended for alleged click fraud. Click Fraud???

    As we wrote below, we received notification that a segment of Adsense was being retired. That just happened to be the part we used the most on Anger Central. So we had to go through the site and make changes and do testing. We also clicked on some of the links to se where they went, an in a few cases we were actually interested in.

    Gee, ya think that might run up the clicks a bit since we had to CHANGE THEM ON DOZENS OF PAGES? We weren't making a lot of money on this site. The last, (and only payment), was last February. It looks like our testing might have generated about another $20 or so dollars over the weekend. Did Google ask us about this? Nooo! They just closed the account and seized the money.

    We have filed an appeal, but considering things we've heard about Google and how they treat small web sites, we don't expect the account to be re-enabled. This means we will need to find another source of revenue or another affiliate program somewhere. Amazon actually brings in very little for us.

    And Google, if we were going to intentionally commit fraud, we would have used a few things like TOR and Sandboxie to hide our tracks. (TOR, The Onion Router) All Google would have needed to do was reset things back to July 2 when we posted our last update regarding the Adsense changes and what we had to do on this site.

    In the meantime we have started removing the Adsense applets as well as the Google analytics. If Google decides to re-enable our account we'll put the ads back on. What might happen if you visit a page that has an ad on it, you might see a small error message or a blank space.

    In other news, 2 more rejections for jobs this morning. (Or was it three?) And that job we interviewed for last month? They won't reply to the Webmaster's email on a status. This usually means that he isn't going to get the job. Why can't HR people simply reply and say the Webmaster wasn't a fit?

    The Webmaster also called the latest recruiter to "help him find a job." This was at the agency we wrote about on June 24th. He doesn't have to go down to this office again, however the headhunter did not give him warm and fuzzies. In fact she told him it would be very difficult to place him since he has been out of work for 6 months. Hello? It's not like he was goofing off you nit! One problem was your own agency and recruiters disappearing or resigning shortly after meeting with the Webmaster! Well, when the Webmaster checks in with this recruiter again, we'll see if we get the same attitude. If we do the Webmaster will contact the manager there and ask to be assigned to a more helpful headhunter who actually wants him to work. *SNARL*

    Well, at least Mrs. Webmaster will be coming home very soon now. :)
    She will help put the Webmaster back on a semblance of an even keel.

    We'll keep you informed on how the screwing over by Google goes. Until later.
  • July 2, 2008
    We were notified that Google Adsense is no longer supporting referrals in the Adsense program. Since most of the ads on this site are referrals, we will have to go through and reconfigure them. No doubt we will miss some. If at the end of August you see a blank spot where an ad should be, please drop a line to the Webmaster care of this Domain.

    Mrs. Webmaster will be coming home in just a couple of weeks!! Yay! :)

    On the job front, still no job for the Webmaster. In fact, this week he was called by the recruiter who he had to meet with a couple of weeks ago. She was letting him know that she was leaving her job and that he was going to be handed off to yet another recruiter. This makes three in the same office in 4 months! The Webmaster sent the new recruiter a hello note. If this one also demands a face to face, the Webmaster will refuse unless they compensate him for his travel expenses. If this one balk he's going to call the manager of the office and complain loudly about lost opportunities due to their turnover.

    This weekend is the Independence Day weekend. We Americans celebrate our independence from the British crown. These days we may need to have another Tea Party regarding our own corrupt government.

    So, have a great weekend and try not to blow to many fingers off. ;)
  • June 24, 2008
    We're running a bit behind this week. The Webmaster threw his back out and it was painful for him to remain seated long enough to complete the updates. He's better now.

    No news yet on the interview. If we don't hear back by the end of the week we will contact the HR manager and force her to admit they won't do the smart thing and hire the Webmaster. ;)

    Speaking of the job front, the Webmaster is heading to another meet and greet with another headhunter. This one is in an office he went to a few months back. The problem is the headhunter he was dealing with left the company and the Webmaster was lost in the shuffle. This may have cost him a job too. He intends to make sure that this new person understand that traveling 60 miles is not a good idea for a 30 minute meeting. The Angry accountant figures this is going to cost Anger Central a good $30 for gas.

    The Webmaster also spoke with Mrs. Webmaster yesterday. Her phone card expired after 2 minutes so the Webmaster called her back via Skype. The new service gives him 10000 minutes a month for about $10/month. A very good deal. We are also playing around withy Skype 4 Beta. So far no problems, although there are a few complaints regarding the user interface. It is beta so we're fairly certain they will fix the issues.

    Another new toy the Webmaster is playing with is called Data Crow. This is an open source catalogue application for Movies, applications, music, etc. Since the application we were using seems to have stopped development, we're moving to this new one. best of all, it's free and doesn't require installation that writes to the registry.

    Back to the salt mines for the Webmaster.
    Stay angry and keep clicking on those ads! ;)
  • June 16, 2008
    Well, the Webmaster went to the interview. He met the HR manager and she is a nice person. He also met the Global IT Manager. He seems OK. The test was pretty basic, more of a "What you know" type test then some bogus certification nonsense. The manager said the Webmaster was the first person he had met, and that he had a few others to meet with over the next week. Once he had gone through that, he was going to call a few back. Then a decision will be made.

    As usual, when the phone doesn't ring, it will be the notice that the job the Webmaster wanted went to some other, less deserving person. :(

    Well, we will keep out fingers crossed. The job is actually a good one. The location is about a mile from the Anger Central Primary Domicile. In fact, the parking lot of the business was used by Mrs. Webmaster to practice driving when she was preparing for her drivers license examinations.

    In other news, The Angry Niece graduated High School this weekend. She has a slot in a good collage and will be heading up September 1st to begin her freshman year. It seems like yesterday when the Angry Niece was screaming her lungs out during her first Thanksgiving and the Webmaster was wearing earplugs while eating Turkey. :)

    Yesterday was Fathers day. The Webmaster had a few issues with his sister and left. The last time issues like this occurred the Webmaster didn't speak to his sister for 6 months. We think he's going to try for 9 months this time. :/
  • June 12, 2008
    Job interview on Friday the 13th!?!
    Yes, the Webmaster has an interview tomorrow morning. The company is about 1 mile from the Anger Central primary domicile. We aren't to sure about this one, but we'll see how it goes. The IT manager plans on "Testing" our hero. Does the Webmaster hate tests? YES!!

    The Webmaster has noted that there are people following him on Twitter. If you use Twitter add him to your friends. he needs them. ;)

    The Webmaster doesn't post to often, usually a notice on new postings. So join up and help the Webmaster bury Leo LaPorte and Kevin Rose!! Muhahahaha!! ;D
  • June 8, 2008
    The Webmaster is still unable to find a job. It's been over 6 months now and he is getting really depressed. He's lowered his sights a bit, but what he's seeing now are the same jobs he did 10 years ago for just above minimum wage. This is significantly lower then he was MAKING at the SAME JOB 10 years ago! To top it off, even those jobs are an hour away from the Angry Webmaster's primary dwelling. Even if he got that job, he would slowly starve to death. The pay wouldn't even cover the cost of transportation.

    Speaking of which, the price of gas. $4/gallon. Why is this so high? Easy really. 85% of the known reserves of energy in the U.S. are off limits to development by act of Congress and the courts. And these are the KNOWN reserves. The oil companies aren't even allowed to drill where they think there might be oil.

    Last week, these geniuses in Congress tried to pass a bill that would basically shut down all industry in this country. It was called Cap and Trade. It was nothing more then a massive tax increase and the creation of yet more government. Barak Obozo supports this of course as does that idiot McCain.

    We know there are a lot of followers of the Goracle's Church of Global Warming. Pity this is just a fake problem manufactured to enrich Al Gore and his cronies. (All those carbon credits? See who is getting the money. FOLLOW THE MONEY!) According to the real science, the temperature hasn't been going up, and appears to have actually gone DOWN the last ten years. There are credible scientists who think we might be heading for a mini-ice age.

    So, what to do? Easy. Drill, dig and build. Drill more oil wells, Build more nuclear power plants and refineries, open the Oil Shale deposits, dig more coal. Yes, thanks to the slime in Congress not to mention the Marxist elitists in the so called Environmental movement, we are going to suffer for the better part of a decade while all this stuff gets built. That's if these morons even allow it in the first place.

    So, to all our fans now in Collage, what are your plans when you graduate in the next 1-4 years? Forget getting a job, there won't be any. We're heading into a depression that will make the one in the 1930's look mild. You'll still have to pay those student loans back of course. What's that? You don't have the money? To bad.

    Does the Angry Webmaster sound bitter? Oh yeah! He reads history and sees Bad Thingstm coming.

    Well Mrs. Webmaster will be returning in a month and we will sit down together and make some decisions on our future. We might have to sell the Anger Central Domicile and seek new lodgings in another area of the nation. Not fun.

    Well, the Webmaster has ranted enough.
  • May 25, 2008
    Since our last news update, another potential employer told our hero, the Angry Webmaster to take a hike. He is not happy. Well, through an acquaintance, the Webmaster has gained access to a small e-learning site and is now in the process of rampaging through it. Right now he is working on SharePoint 2007 and has some CISSP and Exchange classes in the wings. Hopefully he will be able to pass the tests and gain some certifications that paper shufflers in HR departments love so well.

    That is a bit unfair. One of the rejections didn't come from an HR person, but from the techs in the department. They sent the Webmaster a timed test to see what he knew. The Webmaster as well as the Angry Sysadmin both recognized the questions. They had chopped bits and pieces from various certification exams. The Webmaster answered most of the questions, but of course they weren't the "Right" answers so he wasn't qualified.

    The Angry Sysadmin suggested the clown(s) who came up with this test were probably propeller heads, in their 30's and living in their parents basements. The only girls they've seen are the ones they can download from the internet. Touch one? HAH! They would suffer a panic attack and shrivel up in the corner of a room somewhere.

    In other news, this is Memorial Day weekend. This is the time of year when all true blue Americans think about those who died protecting this nation and our worthless behinds. Of course there will be the idiots, morons and flat out traitors who will denigrate, insult and in a few cases attack our boys and girls in uniform. The troops can't really do much about it unless they are actually hit. (Then it's call the meat wagon and scrape up the remains of the idiot)

    However, all true citizens, and those who have come to America legally can and should explain to these morons the error of their ways...with a large blunt instrument, preferably implanted in the anal canal. ;)

    Not that we are advocating violence. We would never do that nor would we condone it. :x

    No, just calmly and rationally explain to the protester that the only reason they have the right make a complete ass of themselves is due to someone in uniform blowing away Islamofascist scumbags and risking their lives to do it. If you see someone in uniform, walk up to them and say "Thank you Soldier", (or Airman, sailor, etc. If an officer say "Sir") If you feel a bit self conscious doing that, then a simple thumbs up will suffice. :)

    On another note, those of you reading our RSS feed should click the links and read the main entries. The Webmaster on occasion will post a "Note from Anger Central" and most of the time you won't see it if all you do is read the RSS feed.

    Meanwhile, have a safe weekend and stay angry!
  • May 22, 2008
    Well, the Webmaster was rejected for 2 jobs this week, and it's only Thursday morning. One was a job he really wanted. It was near his home and would have been a great learning experience. The other was for a medical center near one of his old places of employment.

    The first rejection was short and succinct. "We selected someone who better fit our requirements." No idea what that means. My guess is they found someone who knows everything, is here on an H1B visa, is about to be deported and will work for almost nothing.

    The second one sent the Webmaster a timed test. He had one hour to finish it and send it back to the HR person. He was able to do about 75% of of it. Some of the things they asked he has no experience with, but could easily pick it up. Nope! He "Didn't meet the minimum requirements." Manure! The test he took was an mix of several certification exams. Those things only show that you have memorized the text books and don't have any real world use.

    The Webmaster also had to trudge back to the Unemployment office again for yet another waste of time meeting. The drone basically criticized the Webmaster but offered nothing. The system in this state needs to be changed drastically. These bureaucrats should be talking to companies in the area and pointing them to possible people in need of a job. Instead all they do is fill out paperwork and get fat. The Webmaster suspects the person he's been dealing with has always worked for state and has never needed to worry about a job. Time to call the State Reps and see about making a few changes to the system. If done right, it won't cost the taxpayers a dime and may in fact save them money.


    In other news, the Webmaster has created a Twitter account. You can see him venting and raving between postings. His URL is http://www.twitter.com/angrywebmaster. Sign up and feel free to follow him. Do NOT send him rants to be posted. Those will not be run through our "Super Sekret double exposure identification stripping system" and could be tracked back to you.

    Until next time, stay Angry!
  • May 15, 2008
    The Webmaster spoke with his beloved wife and as expected, they didn't feel the quake in her city.

    Still no news on the job front for the Webmaster. He is supposed to hear back from the last interview some time this week. Considering the track record of the companies he has been applying/interviewing at, he isn't holding his breath. :(
  • May 12, 2008
    There was a major earthquake in China last night. The epicenter was south and west of Beijing and Mrs. Webmaster is north east of Beijing. the Webmaster hasn't been able to reach as yet but she should be Ok.

    Of course these damn telemarketers keep calling and they have their systems rigged to come up as unknown number on the caller ID. When Mrs. Webmaster calls from overseas that also comes up as Unknown number. This forces the Webmaster to answer all such calls. They should be forced to list a true number so we can ignore them more efficiently!
  • May 9, 2008
    Well the Webmaster has gone for another interview. This one lasted almost 2 hours, most of it with an engineer. He then spent about 20 minutes with the manager. It's a good job, and we're all hoping he gets it. The other position the Webmaster went for has apparently been given to someone else. As usual, the hiring manager won't return the Webmaster's requests for updates.

    One of the things the engineer/interviewer asked the Webmaster was what might be wrong with a customer's system. This was a real ticket, so we won't go into details. Working with the engineer, who had been working on this for several weeks, the Webmaster came up with a possible solution. The Engineer went "Bingo!" Hopefully this bodes well for the future employment of the Webmaster at this firm.

    We got another posting from a wife in a really bad situation. We provided a few thoughts and hopefully she will take advantage of them.

    We also got an email this week. It looked like it was supposed to be a posting. However it didn't make it online for 2 reasons. First, since it wasn't a posting through our web form, we had all the information we would need to track back the person. If we could do it, so could legal type investigators.

    The other reason was the tone of the message. Noting in there regarding anger. It was just a hate filled screed against fat people. Granted, this is a judgment call, but some things are just so obviously against our stated policies that we won't let it go up.

    We've also been playing around with Stickam.com. We're not sure what we could do with it in regards to Anger Central, but it is kind of cool to fool around with. We've also set one up for Mrs. Webmaster, although she isn't aware of it yet.
    (Being 10,000 miles away doesn't help)

    Speaking of travel, The Angry Brother and his family just got back from a trip to Scotland. The Webmaster asked if he had brought back any Scotch or a few pounds of "Nessie Steaks." Sadly the answer was no to both. :(

    Well, the Webmaster is heading out tonight for some lobster with his parents. The Angry Father, who is in his 80's, has a home office the Webmaster maintains for him. He's doing more business now then he did the last few years working in an office for another company. To celebrate, the Angry Father likes to take his annoying children out once in a while.

    We will say that if anyone has a reason to rant, it's the Angry Father. He was a classic victim of age discrimination at his last firm. They let go a large number of people who all seemed to have one thing in common. They were all over 55. In his case, revenge is profitable. ;)

    Until later, Stay angry!
  • May 3, 2008
    Today is the annual Kentucky Derby. The Webmaster will be attending the annual party thrown by the Angry Parents. (Angry parents you say? You didn't know the Webmaster when he was a youth)

    The Angry parents have a party every year. The Webmaster helps out by staying out of the way. Does anyone have any tips on which horse will win?

    Last night the Webmaster went to see Iron Man. Our recommendation is simple. See this movie! The lead character is an unabashed patriot even if he started out as a jerk. Without doing to much in spoilers, he saves the innocent villagers and kills the terrorists. YAY! There's a small bone thrown to the commies out there when Tony Stark has a "Come to Jesus" moment and decides to change the course of the company. You also have an evil corporate magnet who is stealing stuff and selling it to the evil Taliban. Stark being the good guy puts a stop to it when he finds out.

    Through it all, Tony Stark remains proud of his country. The CGI is terrific, even if the physics and medical science is a wee bit off. We predict a good run for this film and sequels down the road. Someone in Hollywood figured out that Americans like Patriots and pro American films, and not the anti-American crap they've been putting out for years.

    In other news, The Webmaster will be going to an interview next Thursday. The Angry Legal Counsel went through the site and was surprised to find that there are no postings on the company the Webmaster is interviewing at. As is our policy, we won't be mentioning the name of the company.

    Mrs. Webmaster called in and spoke with her wonderful Husband. ;)
    She's still dealing with the jet lag, and was complaining about the incredibly high temperatures caused by Global Warming in her home town. It's so hot over there she's had to wear an overcoat to keep from freezing to death. :/

    In Anger Central news, we have started trimming back the RSS feed a bit. Basically we will be keeping items in the RSS feed for only a month or so. The file was getting rather large and the bandwidth usage was climbing because of it.

    Well, the Webmaster has to go and get ready for the Run for the Roses. No doubt his horse will get in sometime tomorrow. ;D
  • May 1, 2008
    It's been an interesting week here at Anger Central. Mrs. Webmaster has arrived safely in Fushun, China and is getting over her jet lag and "Plane sickness." The entire Anger Central staff misses her terribly, but she did leave a large supply of home made dumplings in the cafeteria freezer.

    On the job front, the Webmaster had another phone screen and this has resulted in an interview. It's in the process of being scheduled. The location is very close to the Anger Central data center and is with a company that has been posted about here. Needless to say, if the Webmaster gets this job, the Angry Attorney is going to have to do some disclosures and stuff. (What a pain!)

    The job will be running a technical support lab for the Engineers who handle client calls. The Webmaster will be responsible for setting up the equipment in such a way that the Engineers can replicate the problem. Well, at least the Webmaster won't have to talk to the clients. It is a great learning opportunity.

    Another job the Webmaster interviewed for hasn't been decided. It's also a good job. The Webmaster will send off an email to the hiring manager shortly asking for a status. No doubt the position has been given to someone far less deserving then our humble Webmaster. ;)

    The last the Webmaster heard, the hiring manager had an issue and couldn't take the time to make a decision. That was a little over a week ago. Of the two positions, the Webmaster is thinking that this one might be the better of the two in a career sense. Also it's a smaller company and this will give the Webmaster more control over things.

    In Anger Central news, the Webmaster has started trimming back the archived RSS documents. Basically you will see about a months worth in history. This is being down to save bandwidth.

    Until nest time...

    Stay Angry! ;)
  • April 20, 2008
    Mrs. Webmaster is all set of her trip back to the homeland tomorrow. The Webmaster is getting the spring loaded mattress ready to help her get out of bed at 4am. (The flight is 6:30am and we need to get to the airport at least an hour early for security)

    Still no news on the search for gainful employment. The Webmaster sent out an email to the hiring manager of the position he really wants, but no reply yet. He was contacted by a headhunter Friday about a position near his old company. However this job is a step backwards both in skills and money. A big step backwards.

    The Webmaster is starting to look at more classes. The only problem is the unemployment morons here won't send the check if he "Isn't available for work." Basically they want the Webmaster, and anyone else, to sit around. If you decide to try and improve your skill set, they say you aren't available and won't allow you to claim unemployment. Morons!

    The classes are generally 1-2 weeks long, and any employer would be happy to wait for a potential employee to get some training on his own dime. Try explaining that to some bureaucrats who only care about crossing T's and dotting I's. The Webmaster will just flat out lie to them. The problem is, the system is set up for day laborers and farm workers, not highly skilled professionals. This needs to change and soon.

    Well, in the meantime, back to the job boards.
  • April 17, 2008
    The Webmaster is still waiting for that call telling him he has a job. Nothing yet of course. :(
    Mrs. Webmaster is all packed and ready to go. She leaves for China Monday the 21st. The Webmaster is moping around and already is missing her.

    The Anger Central Mansion suffered a broken window over the weekend. The window is a double pane and one of the panes is completely shattered. It's barely in the frame. Mrs. Webmaster decided to use the time honored tradition of inexpensive repairs. She duct taped the thing. ;)

    The Webmaster spoke with the Angry Facilities manager and has a quote for $90 to replace the glass. The order has been placed and as soon as it comes in the Angry Facilities Manager will pull the window out of the frame and take it to the shop.

    Earlier this week the the Angry Webmaster had to pay a visit to the Unemployment office. What a complete waste of time. The whole system in the state the Webmaster lives in is set up to fail. The Webmaster would like to take a few classes to improve his skills, but if he does, he "Is not available for work" and forfeits his mediocre unemployment check for at least that week. The whole system is really set up for day laborers and factory workers, neither of which have much of a role in this area of the country any more.

    The person the Webmaster has been dealing with is only concerned with her forms, crossing the "T's" and dotting the "I's". The Webmaster doesn't believe she's EVER worked in the "Dreaded private sector" in her entire life. All she cares about, (and we assume this goes for everyone in that office), is making sure that people are actually looking for a job. Hello? That crummy check we get doesn't even cover the mortgage you morons!

    Oh well, the Webmaster has a few calls and emails to make to see what's up with the job's he's looking at.

    Until later, Stay Angry
  • April 11, 2008
    Well, the Webmaster went for the interview for the good position. It's better then he had hopes with lots of potential. The downside is there are 6 other candidates the manager is looking at. The Webmaster did his best and hopes he came across alright. Being a positive sort, he is certain he won't get the job. Absolutely positive in fact. ;)

    The company is a small spinoff of a couple of larger companies. They are working on a very interesting product. We won't be going into it here of course, but it could save a lot of lives down the road.

    Mrs. Webmaster is all set for her grand return to the Middle Kingdom. She has renewed her drivers license, and was quite happy she didn't have to take another test. She has gotten her car inspected at a far lower cost then we anticipated. Yep, she is all set to go.

    The Webmaster on the other hand is moping around like someone just killed and ate his favorite dog. Oh well, the happy couple or going out with the Webmaster's parents this weekend to murder and devour lobsters.

    Until next time...
  • April 8, 2008
    Today is Mrs. Webmaster's Birthday. She is "27" years old today. Please wish Mrs. Webmaster a happy birthday by heading into the Anger Central Company Store and buying something, or clicking on our donation button. :)
  • April 6, 2008
    It's been an interesting week. The Webmaster has another interview this week, and this job looks interesting. We won't be going into details, but it is a great opportunity.

    Mrs. Webmaster's car failed inspection again, and this time the repairs are going to cost $$$. The Webmaster would just as soon send that piece of junk to the bone yard, but Mrs. Webmaster wants to keep if for a little while longer. She has arranged something through one of her friends and will get the repairs done at a better price then the webmaster.

    Mrs. Webmaster has also bought plane tickets for a trip back to China. She will be leaving on the 21st of April and return on July 15th. She doesn't want to get caught up in the Olympics mess that will happen in Beijing in August. She is looking forward to seeing her mother and her sisters again. Her mother is not well and this may be the last time. At least, Mrs. Webmaster has a Green Card and can travel freely.

    We've been playing around with Google Analytics, (Which we noted a while back). It's been very interesting. We aren't pulling IP addresses, which makes us happy, but just seeing the locations of our fans is cool! One question for all of you out there. Why is Israel so underrepresented compared to the Islamic world? Come on people! We like Kosher food now and then. :)

    We've also been sticking Google ads hither and yon throughout the site. It looks like we might actually make enough to pay for the hosting of Anger Central. YAY! It's tough when you have no income, so keep clicking on those ads!! ;)

    We're still working on the best format of course, and you will see it being tweaked out here and there.

    Until later, Stay Angry and give us money! :D
  • March 30, 2008
    Well, the Webmaster has finally had an interview. Yay?
    The job involves a great deal of traveling, and probably long hours. If offered he is considering turning it down. He has also had another phone screen with a very large company, however the position doesn't look all that great. If it's the only opportunity, he will take it, but keep looking. There is another opportunity he is hoping to get. This one is closer to home and is a better opportunity then either of the first two. As usual, the Webmaster isn't holding his breath.

    The Webmaster also heard back from a local financial institution. He was turned down and not even interviewed. The Webmaster does wish to publicly thank the HR person. She was very good about keeping him up to date on the selection progress. To bad the institution isn't aware of what they have missed out on.

    Mrs. Webmaster has been glued to the corporate office sofa catching up on her Chinese soap operas. She's moving through a stack of about 40 DVD's.

    Mrs. Webmaster is also planning on her return to China. The happy couple are heading to the local Immigration office this week to make sure her papers are in order. Her Green Card expires next month, and while she has received an extension, she wants to make sure there are no issues. She will be leaving at the end of April and be gone for 3 months. :(
    So start heading to the Anger Central Company Store and buying stuff! :)

    On the political front, the crew here at Anger Central have been following Rush Limbaugh's Operation Chaos with much mirth and merriment. Although we have decided on a "None of the above" endorsement this cycle, we do like watching anything that cause devastation and chaos among the communists...err we mean the Democrats. ;)

    The latest stupid idea to come out of there is a Draft Al Gore movement. We support this completely and demand that the Democratic Party select Al Gore as the Nominee at the convention! No doubt Senator McCain will strap on his old Skyhawk and lay a pattern of 500 pounders on him and then swing around for a low level strafing attack. Or he could just land the plane on Gore. Lord knows he's big enough to handle an aircraft lading on him. :D

    Until next time, Stay Angry!
  • March 24, 2008
    Well, the Webmaster finally has an interview. However, it doesn't look like the job is what he is after. Still it's an interview. The Webmaster has also had another phone screen. This job looks interesting and it's close to the Anger Central Domicile. We'll know more in a couple of weeks.

    Mrs. Webmaster is slowly recovering from the slave like working conditions she recently left. In fact she took a trip to NYC yesterday to see some friends. Unfortunately, she seems to have picked up a bug. She came home today not feeling well.

    Mrs. Webmasters car is now fully repaired from the recent attempt to fly. However the bill was steeper then we planned on, and more work will need to be done to bring the Reject from Rent-A-Wreck up to legality for the state they live in. So please, feel free to visit the Anger Central Company store. We now carry a full selection of stuff for the Amazon Kindle.

    Until later.
  • March 15, 2008
    A few notes. The Webmaster has a job interview on the 25th. He's not to sure about this one, but is going to meet with the company and see what's what. He was also called by the contracting firm that got him his last job. They wanted to know if he was interested in going back to that company. It would be a different job and more money. Can we say YES!??! Additionally another company he is looking at was supposed to call him Monday with word on his being interviewed. No call came, so he has emailed the HR manager. This manager has been rather good at keeping the Webmaster up to date on the job, unlike most of the HR weenies out there. We'll let you know how things turn out.

    Mrs. Webmaster is doing well. She has decided that working 88 hours a week for a slave driving cow is no longer what she wants to do. She told the dragon lady that effective immediately, she will no longer be working there. Needless to say, the now former boss was not happy. Mrs. Webmaster was doing the work of three people and being paid less then minimum wage. Overtime? HAH!

    Mrs. Webmaster is suffering from a clear case of burnout. This may have been a partial cause of her accident earlier this week. She has been sleeping and basically de-stressing from the miserable work environment. She'll either look for a new job in a few weeks or more likely go back to China for a month or two and see her mother.

    Otherwise, it's been a slow week.
    Until next time.
  • March 11, 2008
    We had a minor incident last night. To be more specific, Mrs. Webmaster had a minor incident of the traffic kind. She drove her car over a cliff.


    Ayup, last night, the Webmaster was relaxing, watching the History channel when the phone rang. Mrs. Webmaster had gone out to have dinner with her friend. It was Mrs. Webmaster, but she was almost incoherent. Her friend's husband took the phone and asked the Webmaster to come over and bring the insurance cards. Mrs. Webmaster was OK, but had had an accident.

    At the phrase, "She is OK", the Webmasters pulse dropped back to something like normal. He grabbed the required papers and drove over. When he arrived he saw a vehicle from the local constabulary parked down the street.

    The Webmaster looked but didn't see Mrs. Webmaster's car. The reason he didn't see it was simple. It wasn't on the street, it was in the neighbors backyard. Oops! :)

    Mrs. Webmaster's friends home has a driveway that ends at an embankment. There is a drop of about 18" to the ground. The Webmaster looked down and saw his beloved bride's car sitting at the bottom of a hill.

    He went into the house to see Mrs. Webmaster. She was physically OK, but was an emotional wreck. Then he and the Friends husband walked down to talk with the homeowner who now had a new opening in his fence.

    "Opening in the fence?" you ask?

    Yes. Mrs. Webmaster crashed through a fence and came to a stop just shy of the back porch.

    The Webmaster spoke with the homeowner who was in rather good spirits. The actual damage to his property was minor. Mrs. Webmaster had managed to go between the support posts and only flattened the section of fencing. The fence in question is a prefabricated type, and repairs should consist of bolting a new section in place.

    Now, what happened with Mrs. Webmasters Reject from Rent-A-Wreck? After the towing company hauled it back up the hill, they did a quick check. Other then a smashed parking light and mirror on the drivers side, and yet another dimple in the fender, it was fully drivable. In fact Mrs. Webmaster's friend drove it home for her.

    Today the Webmaster went down to the corporate motor pool and checked with the Angry Mechanic. The estimated cost of repairs is about $140. The only problem will be getting parts for the vehicle. (It's 17 years old)

    We've scheduled repairs for next week and Mrs. Webmaster is taking a few days off to recover her balance. She had a good scare. She has informed her evil boss that she had an accident and is in the hospital. She should be back to work soon.

    So if you would like to help Mrs. Webmaster, head on in to the Anger Central Company Store and buy something, or click on the Paypal donation button. All proceeds will be put towards a good cause. A new BMW for Mrs. Webmaster! :)
  • March 9, 2008
    Oh great! Who knew that last night we were supposed to turn the clocks ahead? Thank you Rep. Markey, (Dumbass, MA) The crew at Anger Central completely forgot that Daylight savings time starts this weekend. Mrs. Webmaster mentioned it to her husband, but he didn't recall seeing anything about it. He woke up and started banging away on his computer. Mrs. Webmaster, who works for a real slave driver, slept in. She didn't have to be at work until around 10:30am.

    The Webmaster happened to notice the time on his workstation and realized the clocks had changed. Mrs. Webmaster was going to be an hour late! She quickly bolted from the Angry homestead and raced to her place of business. What a mess.

    Well at least it didn't happen tomorrow! Why is that so important? The happy couple have to be at the local USCIS offices at 8am EST so that Mrs. Webmaster can get her picture taken and her fingers printed. We're going through the Removal of Conditions on her Green Card. Once she completes this process Mrs. Webmaster will be able to stay in the U.S. for 10 years. During that time, she will be come eligible to try for citizenship if she so chooses. For now, it's in her interest to have a green card. It makes it easier for her to travel to and from her homeland.

    On the Great Search for Gainful Employment, nada. A few rejections telling the Webmaster he wasn't qualified or didn't have some tiny little skill set that no one else has used in 10 years. We might hear something tomorrow about an opening the Webmaster is interested in. More then likely it will be "Thanks, but get lost!

    The Webmaster also has to pay a visit to the local unemployment office. (Pack of useless drones)
    Basically he has to prove to these twits that he is actually trying to find a job and not live off the largesse of the unemployment benefit. If anyone has seen what this state pays out, you'll know that living on it is a joke. It doesn't even cover the mortgage on the Anger Central Mansion.

    The Spam storm we mentioned earlier this week has passed. We notified our hosting service of what we were seeing. They thanked the Angry Email Engineer as well as the Angry Network Security officer for the information.

    Until next time.
  • March 4, 2008
    Well this is annoying. The Webmaster woke up this morning, activated his primary system and received a large number of bounce messages. He woke up the Angry Systems Administrator who did a little investigative work. It looks like some Botnet hijacked the Angry.net domain and started spewing out crap. We tracked some of this manure back to a DSL user in Spain. That connection is now offline and we suspect the ISP spotted the problem and killed the connection. We have notified the hosting company that handles the Angry.net domain and our website of what happened and what we found.

    If you are a systems administrator and have been tasked with trying to figure out where that pile of odious bytes came from, it wasn't from Anger Central. We apologize for the inconvenience. This nonsense seems to happen about once a year. Now we'll have to visit all the black list maintainers and see if they have blocked our domain again.

    In any case, we apologize for the problems and we hope to be able to activate the Anger Central Executive Action Committee to track down and terminate this spammer with extreme prejudice! Or at least get his ass tossed in jail. :)
  • March 2, 2008
    This update is primarily site changes. Most of this weeks postings went up yesterday, but we didn't do any news. Anyway...

    You may notice that we have removed the Search button and replaced it with Google's search function. We did this to get rid of the clunky search feature built into MS Frontpage. We also stand to make a few bucks off it as well.

    Speaking of which, we just received our first Google Adsense payment. WooHoo! It only took three years to get it. Now that we've done some ads, (And we do apologize, but we need the cash), hopefully more money will be coming in. So just click on the odd ad now and then, or head off to Amazon.com and buy some books. :)

    Still noting on the job front. We spoke with an HR type last week and he said he was going to hand the Webmaster's Resume over to the hiring manager. We've heard that one before. A couple of months ago we heard the same thing from another company that we wanted to work for. The HR manager never bothered to tell the Webmaster whether or not he was being considered, or had been rejected. He also blew off two attempts via email asking that question.

    Compare that with the HR manager at a different company the Webmaster has applied to. This person has been keeping the Webmaster informed and up to date. Last we heard the VP there was going to decide who was going to be interviewed. (Somehow the Webmaster feels his chances are low) *sad look*

    However, this HR manager demonstrates how it should be done. The Webmaster has written this person thanking him/her for his/her professionalism.

    And now for something completely different...A man with three buttocks.. No! This is NOT Monty Python! Actually, we're about to complain about Global Warming, and how this is the biggest crock since the first teenage boy told his girlfriend, "Don't worry, I'll pull out!"

    We just finished clearing the Anger Central domicile for the umpteenth time this winter. It has been cold and there is more snow cover in the U.S. since 1966. Parts of China were virtually closed down due to snow, and they have been seeing snow where they haven't had any in recorded history!

    According to astronomers, we may be entering into something called a Maunder Minimum. What's this you ask? It is a period of minimal to no sunspot activity. Apparently, the last one that happened coincided with what's been called "The Little Ice Age". Basically, we aren't getting warmer, we are getting colder. All this manure about CO2 levels and how we have to wreck our economies to "Save the planet", is just that. the night soil of a well fed male ox.

    More and more science is coming in showing that this is what may be happening. However, we know that the followers of the High Church of Global Warming, headed by High Cardinal Al Gore the Magnificent, won't believe this even if there are icebergs floating off of Miami.

    We're sorry, but we have no intention of letting these left wing Luddites destroy our economy, not to mention keeping the third world nations in perpetual poverty, just so they can sit around trees and sing Kumbaya all day long.

    So, all you ignorant followers of Al Gore, get a clue and actually read the science. Gore is full of it and has always been so. This is just a scam so he can make piles of cash selling "Indulgences", err, we mean Carbon offsets. You may want to see who stands to make a mint off of those!

    That is all!
  • News February 28, 2008
    We've been watching the new stats from Google Analytics. It's fun seeing all the visitors from different countries. Some of this surprises us. We would have expected it to be blocked. In any case, Hello to all of you! Don't forget that you can access this site via RSS feed. Also please click on a couple of the ads or buy stuff through the Anger Central Company Store. We like money. :)

    We also heard something interesting. It seems that some people think that we write all the postings to Anger Central. Umm, no we don't. The only places you will see us rite anything is here in the News & Information section, and an occasional Note from Anger Central. Most of those notes tend towards insulting the poster for being a moron. However, we do occasionally post a response that is helpful with a technical matter, and in a very few occasions, we will tell a poster that he/she needs to get out of a situation.

    One such case was a woman who to put it bluntly, was married to a real turd. She was in a really bad way. (See Husbands 34) Our advice to this was rather simple. Leave now. About a year later we got an email from the poster about what we wrote. Normally we don't post email and we will not put anything up that violates this woman's privacy, however we think you should see this message:
    "HI I wanted to say thank you. I wrote the story about husband 34 (something about the title saying he was a baby bitch man).

    at the end of my message you wrote a note telling me to leave him.

    At the time when u wrote it I was shoked kinda, but then my eyes were opened. It did take me seven more months to leave but I did leave.
    I owe part of it to whoever posted that.
    Thank you.
    My life is going to be much better.
    This website although maybe intended to release anger also helped to save this womans happiness."
    We think this justifies this sites existence, don't you? There have been other Notes from Anger Central in a similar vein. We have no idea if the posters in question took our advice or not.

    So, this is a reminder that Anger Central doesn't create the content. Our anonymous posters do that and if we think it passes muster, we will put it up here for one and all to view.

    Speaking of helping others, we received a rant from someone who is really down right now. We almost bit bucketed when we read his opening line about getting a gun. The Webmaster has posted a Note from Anger Central to the youth and we hope he takes our advice.

    Now, we're going to helps Mrs. Webmaster make dumplings and home made sausages. :)
  • February 25, 2008
    The website update is a day late. This is due to the Webmaster goofing off. The Angry Manager has beaten him severely for his impudence and he is now back at work. The management

    Sorry Boss, won't happen again!

    Anyway, Mrs. Webmaster is in the the Webmaster's office using his Skype phone to call a friend in North Carolina. For some reason the AT&T phones we use won't connect with her friends house phone. Using the main office line for a long distance call is not considered a good idea due to the present cash flow problems. So the Webmaster is letting his beloved wife use his "computer phone" since it's nice and cheap.

    Pity the Webmaster's language skills in regards to Mandarin Chinese are lacking. ;)
    Mrs. Webmaster has a cell phone and also uses the primary residential phone as well. It is quite common to see her using two phones at once which causes the no end of amusement.

    Still no news on the job front. The Webmaster has been in contact with an HR rep at a local firm. We would like to publicly state that this HR rep is very professional. The Rep has been good at returning emails from the Webmaster and keeping him in the loop. Hopefully things will work out and the Webmaster will return to gainful employment.

    Now the contracting firms the Webmaster has been forced to apply to. There are a number of openings that the Webmaster is qualified for and would like to do. The problem is getting these boneheads to actually contact him. One position he has seen is being advertised by two different contracting firms. The Webmaster has emailed everyone he knows to try and get an interview with the company offering the job. Bunch of useless.....!

    Oh well..
    Until next time.
  • February 17, 2008
    It was a slow week posting wise. Only a few rants came in worth the time to post them. Probably all the normal posters were celebrating Chinese New Year and Valentines Day.

    Speaking of which...

    February 14, 2003 is the anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Webmaster's first meeting. :)
    In two days it will be the happy couple's 3rd Wedding anniversary. It would be nice if the myriad of potential employers would send the Webmaster job offers...

    Yes, the Webmaster is still looking for gainful employment. He isn't having a lot of luck even landing interviews. Most of the time he gets stopped at the HR phone screen. This is so depressing. Most HR people really aren't qualified to do interviews with technical people. They just look for buzzwords and certifications. Once the Webmaster gets past the HR people and meets with the hiring manager, he usually impresses him or her.

    To top all this off, the Webmaster had to put in an appearance at the local unemployment office. The state the Webmaster lives in generally doesn't provide much help or encouragement and this visit proved no exception. What the Webmaster wants is more training. However, even if he goes to a class on his own nickel, he can be docked his check since he "Won't be available for work." This means you are screwed no matter what you do.

    The crew here at Anger Central thinks the entire unemployment insurance system needs to be blown up, burned and the ashes bulldozed into a pit. This mess is not designed to help people find new jobs, it's set up for bureaucrats to fill in forms and waste money.

    When the Webmaster mentioned several positions he applied to, and that he later found out they were bogus ones, the bureaucrat he had to deal with demonstrated a complete lack of clue. When he mentioned the video that went viral last summer, showing a law firm giving a seminar on how to legally avoid hiring Americans, the cluemeter dropped to zero.

    Well the Webmaster has put in for a few jobs local to the Anger Central Office Complex, and hopefully one of them will pan out. What really makes him nervous is when they ask for salary requirements. Why these companies just don't post what they will pay is beyond us. Tell prospective applicants how much you are willing to pay and they can decide if the position is worth trying for.

    Oh well...

    Until next time, stay Angry!
  • February 9, 2008
    Busy week here at Anger Central. The number of postings coming in this week was way up. The Angry Network Engineer has also reported that our bandwidth usage has doubled over the last month. Now if we could just get people to spend money via Amazon or click on some of these links for Google ads...

    Nothing new on the job front, although one of the contracting agencies did contact one of the Webmaster's listed references. We would like to send a hearty "THANK YOU" to "BQ". He was always a good director type. He took care of his people and was always good with clients. Pity he got shafted by the same company the Webmaster used to work for. Well he is in a much better company now and doing quite well.

    The Webmaster posted to a position right within walking distance of the Anger Central Data Center. The Webmaster applied the night it was posted to the HR department via email. The HR rep was nice enough to reply the next morning. She said that she had just been told the job was being changed and wasn't sure what was happening. The Webmaster replied thanking the HR rep and asking to be kept informed.


    We have had a few telephone screenings, but nothing has come of it. So disappointing. However, a good friend of the Webmaster who has been out for quite a while is starting a new job next week.
    Good luck GA!!

    On the immigration front for Mrs. Webmaster, the application for the Removal of Conditions, (I-751 form), was returned to the happy couple. There was a notice of error included. The Webmaster read through it and found the problem. It seems the Angry Accounts Payable clerk forgot to sign the check for the $545 fee.

    Mrs. Webmaster was not amused and the clerk has been exiled to a gulag in Manchuria. ;)
    The Angry Accounts Payable Intern has corrected this error and the packet was sent out from the Anger Central Corporate Mail room this morning.
  • February 3, 2008
    We have activated Google analytics on this site. We have specifically NOT set it up on the add page or the thank you page. So if you read this site through Firefox and you are running the Noscript add on, (as you should for protection), you may see that notice pop up. If you are using Noscript, you can enable or disable as you like.

    The Webmaster met with yet another recruiter this week. This one looked like he just finished high school last week. Oh well, at least he hasn't become jaded yet. :)

    Today is Super Bowl Sunday! Go Pats!

    The Webmaster is working on his screech...err. screed on why he won't vote for John McCain under any circumstances. If he does become the nominee and is going up against either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, the Webmaster has decided to do a write in. All three are major league disasters for this country. More on this down the road.

    Oh yes, we aren't overly thrilled with Mitt "The Flipper" Romney either.

    Mrs. Webmaster's I-751 form has been delivered to the USCIS office in Vermont. We have not received notification of this event as yet, and the check hasn't been cashed. The Angry Immigration specialist suspects the envelope is sitting in a bin somewhere under a pile of dirty laundry.
  • January  29, 2008
    We had a few new postings that required a "Note from Anger Central." We really went after the caveman who thinks women are nothing more then property. We would strongly recommend that you read some of the latest postings for our responses. We haven't felt the need to write this many in a long time. :)

    We forgot to mention this on the last update. After several years, we finally reached the magic Google Adsense deposit number! Woohoo! We made a whole $100 and it only took about 3 years. :|
  • January 27, 2008
    As usual, the Angry Webmaster has not heard back about the great job he applied for. One of his friends who's been out for almost a year has two offers pending. We wish him well and ask that he pass on some of those offers to the Webmaster. ;)

    Last week the Webmaster sent in the forms and evidence for Mrs. Webmaster's "Removal of Conditions" on her green card. Basically this is a renewal of her card good for 10 years. We wonder how many trips to the Immigration office this will take, along with how many times we need to bring the family owned and operated politicians to bear.

    The Webmaster is playing with new Webcam software. This allows him to run a local web server which will provide both stills and streaming video and sound. This camera is not always on and is affected by whatever he happens to be downloading at the moment. Feel free to check it out at The Angry Webcam beta site. It's rather interesting to watch his Logitech Orbit moving around. It seems to have the habit of locking in on his hands rather then his face.
    (Note from the Anger Central Staff: HAH! Even a computer knows enough not to look at your face!!)
    Excuse us while the Webmaster discipline the staff. This shouldn't take to long. Now, where's that cattle prod?

    Until later.
  • January 22, 2008
    Fred Thompson has announced that he is withdrawing from the presidential campaign. All rise to welcome Hillary Clinton, Empress and tyrant of the former United States.

    We might be exaggerating a bit, but not by much. Hillary Clinton is the probable nominee for the democrat party. If she wins, she is going to begin nationalizing health care, energy and anything else she can get her hooks in. We predict that if Clinton or Obama get in with a democrat Congress, we will be heading into a full blown economic depression and our national security will be a joke. Get ready for more terrorist attacks in this country.

    If we seem a bit depressed, we are. The Webmaster is a bit of a history buff and we see similarities between the United States and the late stages of the Roman Empire. We hope we're wrong, but we doubt it. Our advice now? Buy food, medical supplies, guns and gold for the collapse of this once great nation. :(

    Meanwhile, we have removed the Fred08 donation button and archived that section of our site.
  • January 20, 2008
    Well, Anger Central would like to send a little message to the voters in the Republican Primary held in South Carolina yesterday:

    Thanks a lot you pack of inbred mouth breathing morons! Why don't you stick to mainlining tobacco and barbecue sauce and leave politics to the grownups??

    McCain and Huckabee. Nice going. Thanks for the nice birthday present you dolts! Oh yes, yesterday was also the birthday of the Webmaster. Some present you incontinent barbecue sauce snorting twerps!

    Well, hopefully Fred Thompson will stay in at least through Super Tuesday. In November the Webmaster will write his name in on the ballot as a protest to the jackasses who chose some idiot as the nominee.
  • January 18, 2008
    Time for some politics! Tomorrow South Carolinians go to the polls. Anger Central reminds you to cast your vote for Fred Thompson. Fred is the "Only" candidate in either party who actually supports and believes in the Constitution of this great land. If you are considering voting for Mike Dukakabee, you may want to consider his latest boneheaded comment where he considers the Constitution a "Living, Breathing Document that must be interpreted with today's standards. Fred Thompson took exception to that!

    So, to the good citizens of South Carolina, when you go to the polls and pull a Republican Ballot, be sure to select Fred Thompson as your choice to be the nominee of the Republican party for the office of President of the United States of America.
  • January 16, 2008
    Just a couple of brief notes here.
    First, we would like to offer our congratulations to "Uncommitted" for doing so well in the Democrat Primary in Michigan last night. ;)

    Second, we received an email from someone who was complaining about not finding a post he/she put in. We replied to her with the link and explaining why we put it where we did. We also included various methods for the person could subscribe to our RSS news feed. You have many options to view these feeds. Firefox and Internet Explorer version 7 have built in readers. You can also subscribe via email as well.

    We also recommended to the writer that it wasn't a good idea to post anything to this site since the IT Department can and does track things. (At least the places the Webmaster has worked did this)
    Hopefully we have helped this person get squared away and he/she will be subscribing to the Anger Central News Feed in the next day or so.

    We've been getting a lot of stuff regarding fat people. Pity a lot of this is in the form of a discussion or just plain insults. Come on people!! Remember this is a site dedicated to anger, not to discussion or insults.

    Until next time...
  • January 13, 2008
    It's been a quiet weekend. Only a couple of worthy rants have come in. We have been playing around with the news feed, seeing what we can do with it. We've noticed that the feed stats are rather low. We suspect this is due to people not clicking on the Feedburner logo. Please click on it, or on the main feed banner on the main page. We like to see how the stats go up. :)

    Speaking of which, the data transfer stats are up this month. The only question is, are we seeing new people or is this just a bunch of bots surfing around for content?

    As we announced earlier, we have created a page dedicated to the election of Fred Thompson to the office of president. It's rather empty, but we will add to it as we can. Speaking of which, it looks like Fred! has taken the gloves off. He clearly won the debate in South Carolina last week, shocking pundits and main stream media morons everywhere. We always suspected he was just laying in wait for the proper time, and that time arrived. We understand that Governor Huckaboob is still trying to get the marks off from the beating he received. ;)

    Still no news on the job search front. The Webmaster keeps applying and the phone keeps not ringing. :(
    Oh well, what can we do but try and show potential employers the Webmaster is the best person they could possibly have working for them?
  • News: January 10, 2008
    Well, the primary in New Hampshire has been concluded and a few surprises occurred. Turnout was at a record high, Hillary Clinton managed to squeak out a win, Mitt Romney lost again, and only a few people had the intellect to vote for Fred Thompson. Well he didn't do a lot of campaigning up here in any case, putting his resources to other states. Irregardless of who won, Anger Central was very happy to see such a large turnout. Now how many of these people registered that day by stating they were thinking of moving to New Hampshire... We'll never know.

    Speaking of Fred!, we have created a dedicated page to his candidacy. As we said, Anger Central is well and truly in the tank for him. :)
    The page is in it's early stages, and we will continue to add to it. Please show your support by donating to the Fred08 campaign.

    In site news...

    We have changed the Captcha system on our Add page. This one was recommended by our hosting service and it seems to work quite well. We've backed up the old stuff for the time being and if this works as we expect, we'll delete the old files. We have also been continuing with the updates to the site. So far it's looking good.

    In Mrs. Webmaster news...

    Mrs. Webmaster's Green Card is due for it's Removal of Conditions. This occurs after 2 years of residency. Basically it means a ton of paperwork and fees coming close to $500. Since the Webmaster is gainfully unemployed, this is going to sting. Feel free to click on the Donate via Paypal button and send in some cash to help Mrs. Webmaster out.

    In other news, Mrs. Webmaster's youngest sister, who immigrated to the U.S. last fall, has moved with her husband and son to Tennessee. That means she's even closer to Mrs. Webmaster now.

    On the employment front...

    Nothing yet. Very few calls and no interviews for the Webmaster. He has filed for unemployment and should be getting his first check in a few weeks. Nothing like that massive check to take the edge off not having a job don't you know?

    Until later, stay Angry!
    (This should be easy considering it is the election season. The Ron Paul fanatics are going absolutely apesh** over their their candidates soon to be crushing and ignominies defeat)
  • News: January 6, 2008
    Our first week of gainful unemployment. This sucks! The Webmaster has filed for unemployment benefits. He is not thrilled about that. The Webmaster has also been firing out résumé's left, right and center. Oh well, we're sure there is a ditch somewhere that needs a highly trained professional to dig it. :/

    The Webmaster was also given a nice belated Christmas gift. The Angry Brother in-law gave him a 500GB SATA drive for the development system. Pity the mounting rails don't fit the drive. Looks like the Webmaster will be paying a visit to the local "We Sell Computer Crap" store next week.

    On the politics front, (You were thinking you might escape this, didn't you?), the Iowa Caucus was held Tuesday. Hillary Clinton was handed her head by the empty suit and the ambulance chaser. We expect the nukes to start flying any time now.

    On the Republican side, a blogger put the results in a rather succinct manner: "What the F*** is wrong with you?" We particularly liked how he referred to the republican voters as "corn-sucking idiots." We would have used "corn snorting idiots ourselves. :)

    Yes, the morons of Iowa selected the Huckaboob as their nominee. Well Iowa's track record hasn't been to good of late, and once people understand what an outright disaster this clod is, he will be sent packing.

    Our man Fred! came in third, just ahead of Sen. John "Amnesty for illegals and we don't need the free speech" McCain. Considering that the media is doing all it can to kill off Fred! Thompson's campaign, this is rather good. It also appears there was a dirty trick that emanated from the Romney campaign, but as of this posting it hasn't been confirmed. This was the rumor that Fred! was going to quit if he didn't do well in Iowa. A blatant lie by a blatant liar.

    The New Hampshire primary is next. We just had a debate and the format was one that works well with Fred's! way of thinking. (He thinks while all the other candidates just squawk and make promises they have no intentions of keeping) While the others just jabbered on, Fred! provided detailed answers for the voters to chew on.

    In Anger Central News, we have been moving along with the subtle changes to the web site. We haven't had any complaints yet, (nor any kudos either), so we will assume all is well.

    Until next time...
  • News: January 2, 2008
    Happy New Year!
    Well the Webmaster has been a busy little beaver the last few days. As you can see we have started our revamp of the Anger Central web site. This is going to take a while since we have a number of pages to update. So far things have been going well. Everything looks like it's working as it should.

    Of course, as you move through this site you will see both old a new pages. Be patient, we will get it all done eventually.
  • News: January 1, 2008
    Well, another year has passed. Anger Central is now 10 years old. Who would have thought we would survive this long. It has been an interesting year for the Webmaster. He has been forced to take contract jobs rather then a permanent full time job. As of December 28th, his last contract ended and he is once again trying to find something else.

    Meanwhile, a few site stats and systems updates.

    We posted some 270 rants. We received over 1000 this year, but most were absolutely worthless. They either had information that would allow the tracking or identification of people, (Names, addresses, etc), were racist in nature, or just made no sense what so ever.

    Our site traffic was also down this year. We've been averaging less then 1GB of data transfer a month and it looks like most of our visitors were searchbots rather then actual people. We suspect this was done due to the Webmaster scrubbing the site of any identifying information on him. Google is NOT your friend when looking for a job. (Do no evil my A**! The Webmaster)

    We've also made a few changes with our RSS feed. We now use Feedburner to promote our site, mostly for the statistics as well as added configuration options. We've also changed from our original RSS editor to a new one after some trial and error. This one is open source and appears to still be under development and updating.

    Another change was the addition of a new icon to represent Anger Central. If you pay any attention to the news, you may have seen this tool. He has become known as Islamic Rage Boy. We thought his picture, with him in full scream, sort of fit in with the philosophy of Anger Central. (Pure rage with little common sense) Our hope is the IRB, (Islamic Rage Boy), doesn't decide to strap a bomb on his chest and go blow up innocent people. He can blow himself up for all we care though. ;)

    We have received a number of postings or emails complaining about our defense of President G.W. Bush. We have decided that Pres. Bush no longer deserves our support. From our point of view, once he was re-elected, he decided to study the Way of the Stupid.

    Anger Central has also come out to openly support the candidacy of Fredrick Dalton Thompson for the office of President of the United States. We feel he would best support the Constitution of the United States as well as defend this country from Terrorist attacks, as well as our sovereignty. Our views on why we made this decision can be found on Why we support Fred Thompson.

    We've had a few complaints regarding our political views here. Not to worry, we have no plans to turn this into another political blog. As to our views, we freely admit we are rather conservative in our outlook with a large helping of small “L” libertarianism. Not the Ron Paul version, but the version of much less government interference with a strong helping of slaughtering our enemies wherever they may be.

    When we get posts of a political nature that we don't agree with, We will respond with a Note from Anger Central. In most cases, we won't censor the postings, although we don't promise to actually put them up either. If they're just another case of BDS screeching, head over to the Huffington post or the Daily Kos and post there. You'll get a much friendlier reception. :)

    Now, what is in store for Anger Central in 2008? We're doing a minor site redesign. You'll see part of this on the navigation footer at the bottom of each page. We're also doing a minor redesign of the home page as well as all the primary pages on the site. We're adding pretty buttons and trying to make navigation a bit easier. Unlike 2003, we aren't planning on blowing away the entire site and starting fresh. If something doesn't work, please let us know asap.

    We're also going to look into the Captcha field on our add page. We understand the fonts aren't very visible and we have been researching ways to make it a bit easier to read. We instituted the Captcha to try and cut back on the amount of spam we were getting. It definitely achieved this goal, (along with another addition that blocks out URL's in the submission form), but we have received a number of complaints on this feature.

    We're also going to be working on our ad system. We know you don't like it, and frankly we aren't overly thrilled with it either. However we do need to pay for our hosting service and Internet connection fee.

    On a personal note, Mrs. Webmaster's Green card is due for it's removal of conditions. Since our friends at the USCIS decided it would improve services, they have astronomically raised the processing fees. We're also looking at contacting a lawyer to go over the forms we will be sending in. Mrs. Webmaster's green card is in her maiden name, along with her passport. However all her other documentation, drivers license, social security card, etc. are in her married name.

    Because of this, we have had difficulties in getting her social security card, which is marked “For work only” changed to have that stamp removed. It doesn't help that the local Social Security office is staffed by morons. (This has been confirmed by an employee of a different SS office who assisted us with Mrs. Webmaster's original problem of two valid and separate SS#) This will cost us money we can't afford, but we need to get this taken care of.

    The Webmaster has completed his classes and is going to begin studying for his MCSA certifications. The Webmaster is a bit concerned since he has never tested well in the past. As a case in point, many years ago, when he took his drivers education class, he was given a test at the very beginning. This was a “Let's see what you already know” test. He got one answer wrong.

    At the end of the course, he was given the exact same test. This time it would count towards his grade. He got three questions wrong. This was still a passing grade, however, the instructor, who stated he had never seen this situation before, offered to let the Webmaster use his first test as his final. Not being a complete fool, the Webmaster took the offer. ;)

    Somehow we don't think the Webmaster will be able to duplicate that set of circumstances, so it will be study, study and more study.

    So, there you are. Another year has past and another one is coming down the pike. We hope that you will continue to visit our site and post your rage and anger to us. (The hate you can keep thank you

    Thank you from the crew here at Anger Central and have a great New Year.
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