Happy Frakking New Year 2021

The new year has started. Many people are saying/hoping it won’t be as bad as 2020. My? I fully expect it not only to be as bad, but probably far worse. We had the Great Panicdemic of 2020 which allowed the Progressive Liberal Democratic CommuNazis to both destroy the greatest economic turnaround we have seen in like ever.

We saw how the CommuNazis rigged and stole the 2020 presidential election and are about to put into the oval office a man who is on the leading edge of dementia, and even when his brain wasn’t “broken,” is considered one of the stupidest members of the congress ever.

His Vice Presidential choice was crushed so badly in the primaries that she didn’t even stay in for the first vote. She literally slept her way into power, and once she attained it, massively abused it for her own personal gain. I fully expect her to overthrow Dementia Joe Biden, either by use of the 25th Amendment regarding his mental and physical condition and his ability to do the job, or by forcing his resignation due to the Biden Family’s selling out to the Chinese Communist Party.

I expect the economy to flat out crash and burn. Why? Because the CommuNazis are basically bringing back all the failures from the Obama Regime, and adding to them real communists and try believers who will use the government to basically shut down the energy sector, throwing millions out of work and starting a ripple effect.


I expect to see the borders of the United States basically collapse as every person south of the border comes in and demands that the American Taxpayer take care of them. Add to that the massive tax increases that the new administration wants to impose and that giant flushing sound that your will hear will be millions more jobs heading out of the country.

I expect to see major Islamic Terrorist attacks hitting in the United States, and I don’t expect to see much done about it other then to blame America for causing it. I also expect to see Dementia Joe and the Democratic CommuNazis once again kowtowing to our declared enemies, starting with Iran.

I expect that the Church of Global Warming and Climate Change will become the official State Religion and that anyone who refuses to acknowledge it will be virtually burned at the stake. I expect the right of free speech, the ability to practice one’s faith, the right to bear arms and protect yourself, and many other rights to be suppressed.

I hope that I am completely wrong. I don’t expect that I will be.


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~The Angry Webmaster~

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