Pelosi considering banning GOP from the House Floor

Good day all. San Fran Nan Pelosi is, arguably, one of the worst speakers of the house in over a century. The level of contempt for the Constitution, then Rule of Law, and compromise are well known. She is one of the prime movers in using the Panicdemic to strip the rights away from the American People, and she is now going to use it to keep the Republican party off the floor of the House of Representatives.

Pelosi recently set up metal detectors and is ordering members to pass through them “Or Else.” Many Republicans have flat out refused and Pelosi has been docking their pay. She has also been caught ignoring her own orders. (A classic “I make the rules. I don’t have to follow them) I believe there are several lawsuits regarding the legality of her fines. Now she is considering banning Republicans who refuse to wear masks or get the China Virus vaccine. Here are the details from The Epoch Times:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) suggested on Friday that Republicans who do not get vaccinated for the CCP virus and defy her mask mandate may be prevented from entering the floor of the House of Representatives and have to cast their votes in a dedicated space in the House gallery.

We have to wait for them to be vaccinated because they are selfishly [an] endangerment to other people, including staff people here,” Pelosi said. “An honor system as to whether somebody’s been vaccinated? Do you want them breathing in your face on the strength of their honor?”

“We could come to a place where we say, ‘If you don’t want to wear a mask and you don’t want to—if you’re not vaccinated, don’t even come to the floor. We have facilities up above in the gallery where people can come to vote,” she added.

And if a member objects to those facilities Pelosi, what then? Perhaps the Queen Bitch has forgotten a few little items from the Constitution regarding interfering with a member of Congress in the performance of their duties. Perhaps this arrogant cow might want to review Article 1, Section 6 Clause 1 of the Constitution of the United States:

They shall in all Cases, except Treason, Felony and Breach of the Peace, be privileged from Arrest during their Attendance at the Session of their respective Houses, and in going to and returning from the same; and for any Speech or Debate in either House, they shall not be questioned in any other Place.

Now this is a rather antiquated section, and does NOT protect a member of Congress who has broken the law. However, if Pelosi uses the House security personnel to block the members from going to the floor to vote or speak, she could, theoretically, be in breach of this section. Of course, since she thinks she’s the Queen, she probably doesn’t think that any of this applies to her.

Pelosi said that some Republicans have either not been vaccinated or chosen to not disclose their vaccination status.

Ever here if a little law called HIPPA Madam Speaker? I do believe that the House of Representatives is covered by it.

After the CDC guidance, Pelosi did not change the stringent House mask rules, prompting backlash from the GOP. Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) led an effort Wednesday to get the Office of the Attending Physician to update its guidance for mask-wearing for vaccinated lawmakers and staff while they are in the House chamber and in committee hearing rooms. But Democrats defeated it along a party-line vote of 218-210.

Ah Yes, the Democratic CommuNazis are once again acting like the spoiled little totalitarian thugs they are.

Lawmakers can remove their masks when speaking on the House floor but otherwise must keep it on when they are in the chamber. There is no requirement for wearing masks in the Senate chamber.

That’s because the Senate is not being run by whiny little Karens…mostly.

This is about science and governance,” Pelosi said. “We have to make sure that the House of Representatives chamber is not a petri dish because of the selfishness of some not to be vaccinated because it requires us to wear a mask.”

San Fran Nan could not care less about “The Science.” For the Progressive Liberal Democratic CommuNazi, saying something is “Science” is akin to religion and generally has not actual basis in the “Science” they claim to care about.

Democratic lawmakers say they are tired of the requirements, too, but they worry that some of their Republican colleagues have declined to be vaccinated and could spread the virus.

Some GOP lawmakers opted to go without a mask during votes Tuesday, with a few taking particular care to stand in the well of the chamber to ensure that spectators, colleagues, and C-SPAN’s cameras could not miss them.

Their defiance could come at a financial cost. Lawmakers who refuse to wear masks are subject to a fine of $500 for the first offense. Subsequent offenses can result in a $2,500 fine. In practice, however, the House sergeant-at-arms is providing a warning for the first offense.

I understand there are some serious questions on these fines as well. These were ordered by, wait for it, San Fran Nan Pelosi, she of the $20,000 freezer filled with expensive ice cream and demanding that a stylist open her doors to have someone take care of Madam Bitch’s hair. (Then driving the person out of business because she was “uppity”)

Pelosi has a long history of both abusing her position and acting like she was the Empress. Because of her actions, the house stitched back to the GOP during the Obama maladministration by the largest number ever. Rather then learn from her mistakes, Pelosi is doubling down on Stupid. She need to be removed from the Speakership and expelled from Congress.

That won’t happen now, but if the 2022 midterms do flip the house back, then treating her and some of her minions, (Along with the assholes from The Squad), as she’s treated the Republicans would be true just desserts.


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