What’s new with the 2020 Arizona election audit?

Good day all. It’s been a while since we heard anything regarding the election audit of the votes in Maricopa County, Arizona. The last information was the auditing company handing something like 50,000 ballots to the Attorney General for further investigation.

Now it looks like some shoes are beginning to drop. The AG’s office has released a review that brings in some serious questions regarding Dementia Joe’s “victory” in Arizona. Here are the details from the Washington Examiner:

A blockbuster review of Maricopa County’s mismanaged 2020 election by Arizona’s attorney general is raising new questions about the final vote in a state former President Donald Trump was expected to win but lost to Joe Biden by 10,457 ballots.

We have reached the conclusion that the 2020 election in Maricopa County revealed serious vulnerabilities that must be addressed and raises questions about the 2020 election in Arizona,” said an “interim report” issued today by Attorney General Mark Brnovich.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, the company that handled the audit handed over 50K ballots that they felt were questionable. That is 5 times the “Margin of victory” that handed the state to the worst president in American History, and could easily show that President Trump did indeed carry Arizona. Still, the Attorney General is being correctly cautious in his report.

The 12-page report, reviewed by Secrets, did not condemn the county’s handling of the election outright but raised enough questions about voter identification, ballot handling, and counting to prompt Brnovich to call for a vast tightening of the rules.

The audit of Maricopa County showed that the who process down there was a bloody mess, and ripe for fraud. Add to that the county officials actively refusing to cooperate with the audits and other investigations made a number of people go “Hmmm, what are they hiding?”

It also revealed that he is readying criminal and civil fraud charges against some individuals the attorney general’s Election Integrity Unit has probed.

The EIU’s review has uncovered instances of election fraud by individuals who have been or will be prosecuted for various election crimes,” said the report on its first page. The investigation is ongoing.

The report followed an Arizona Senate probe into the election and ballots in the state’s most populated county. In his follow-up review, Brnovich found serious irregularities with how signatures were verified and ballots safely transported in a state where some 80% voted by mail or absentee.

The mail in ballots were perfect for election fraud, not just in Maricopa County, but all over the United States. In many cases, switching to mail in ballots actually broke election laws. When these were brought before the courts, the refused to even hear the cases. (One thing the Progressives, Liberals, Moonbats and the GOP Never Trumpers refuse to acknowledge is that none of President Trumps challenges were even heard. No evidence was allowed to be presented. In my opinion, there are a number of judges who need to be removed from the bench)

Brnovich, who has led the nation in calling for election integrity laws and even won a Supreme Court case on the issue, said in his report, “Whether we agree with peoples’ reasons for questioning election integrity or not, we should go above and beyond our call of duty to assure Americans that each legal vote was counted, and no illegal votes were allowed.”

The majority of the American voters agree that there were serious issues with the 2020 election, and they want things tightened up. Leading the “reforms” is providing identification proving that you are who you say you are and that you are entitled to vote in that election. The Progressive Liberal Democratic Communazis have been dead set against voter ID. Why? I don’t have to spell it out to you. There are a number of other reforms that most people want but that the Progressives are dead opposed to, since it would make it so much harder for them to steal elections.

The Attorney General issued a list of problems that he found ranging from the officials in Maricopa County doing everything they could to stonewall the audits and investigations, to Mark Zuckerberg and Big Tech dumping huge amounts of money to count votes.

We can report that there were problematic system-wide issues that relate to early ballot handling and verification,” said the report.

Added Brnovich, “With each passing election, Americans on all sides of the political spectrum have less confidence in the integrity of our elections. This is a crisis that should be addressed immediately with bipartisan solutions grounded in the rule of law.”

Up here in the Land of Granite and no sales or income taxes, the counting machines used in 2020 in one town were found and videoed actually flipping votes from the Republican candidates to the Democrat candidates. It wasn’t quite enough to flip those races, but it did force an investigation, which seems to have been buried.

The 2022 midterm elections are coming up and the expected result is a flat out hammering of the Democrat Party. A number of states, thanks to the Tainted, (And probably stolen), Election of 2020 have been revamping their election laws. This has led to flat out threats by the Biden Maladministration’s Department of (In)Justice to force states to make it easy for the Democrats to steal elections.

The Democrat’s fraudulent “For the People” bill, H.R. 1, was designed to strip the states of their ability to conduct elections as specified in the Constitution of the United States. It would have enshrined everything that gave them the ability to commit fraud in 2020, and was opposed by most Americans. That bill failed, and even if passed, would have been ruled unconstitutional.

Now people are going to be watching the 2022 midterm election very carefully. Without question, the “Usual suspects” are going to try and stuff the ballot boxes again to try and either mitigate the expected damage, or flat out steal the midterms to make sure that the Democrats not only don’t lose, but increase their hold on Congress. The problem with that, as mentioned, is that everyone is going to be watching this election like a hawk and the tactics that were used the last time will not be tolerated this time. (Stopping the counts and sending the observers out and then suddenly “Finding” boxed of ballots and counting them with no poll watchers present)

A lot of people don’t expect the 2022 election to be honest because of the fallout of the 2020 election. They all hope to be proven wrong and that this election will be honest. If the Democrats do pull something again, it might be enough to push this country over the edge into “Bad things” territory. That is a place I do not want to go. The best way to insure an honest election is to vote and to make sure that the vote count is monitored, honest and as accurate as humanly possible. No more of the crap that happened in places like Michigan, Georgia and Maricopa County.


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