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Welcome to Carter 1979…err…Biden 2021!

Good day all. We are 5 months in to the maladministration of the mentally incompetent fake president. The southern border is wide open, gas prices have gone up massively and now inflation is kicking in again. Frankly, I hoped to never have to see the Carter Administration again, but now Dementia Joe has decided to relive his first term in the United States Senate. (He probably thinks he is still in the senate)

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Fake President prepares to surrender to Iran

Good day all. Once again, Dementia Joe has demonstrated that he will always choose the wrong path when it comes to anything important with regards to foreign policy. This time he has decided to revisit the failed policy of Der Fubar, Barack Obama and cave int to Iran’s demands.

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Fake President Demands that States follow his orders

Good day all. More and more we’re seeing just how bad the Fake President and his handlers truly are. They ignoring the legislative process and are in the process of wearing out Der Fubar’s refurbished Pen and Phone.

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Obama continues to hate Americans, wants them punished

Good day all. Barack Obama, the worst president in the History of the United States, continues to show why he is despised by all real Americans. He recently went on a tirade regarding America’s love of cars and cheap gas, two things he tried to take away from people during his reign of error.

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