Progressive Liberal Democrats call for global taxes

Good day all. Never let it be said that the Progressive Liberal Democratic CommuNazis will let a bad idea die. Usually they like to double down on their bad ideas, and we now have another case. The maladministration of the Fake President is now pushing a global minimal tax.

As I understand it, the basic idea of the global tax is to keep companies and people from moving to areas that don’t see them as piggy banks to be looted. Since Progressives are nothing by Communists by another name, letting people keep their own, hard earned, money is to be stopped at all costs. Here are the details from Fox News:

Council of Economic Advisers chair Cecilia Rouse pushed for a “global minimum tax” on corporations to counteract President Biden’s proposed corporate tax rate hike.

“The idea is to make sure that corporations are paying their fair share, to button up some of the loopholes, which have meant more corporations were actually putting more money offshore – off of U.S. soil – and having a global minimum tax so that we’re working with the rest of our trading partners, so that we’re working with the rest of the world so that corporations are paying their fair share worldwide,” Rouse told “Fox News Sunday.”

Ahh yes, the Progressive mantra of “Their Fair Share.” As usual with Liberals, (and sadly, a few alleged conservatives), they fail to understand that taxation is about paying for the few things governments are responsible for. For the average progressive, that someone else is smarter and more successful then they are is unfair and must be punished.

“President Biden is really saying, ‘Look, everybody should pay their fair share,'” she said. “Yes, internationally we don’t want to be disadvantaged, so he’s also working with other countries so that we have a minimum tax internationally so there’s not a race to the bottom.”

Does that include the Fake President, all the Progressive Liberal Democratic CommuNazis in congress and those businesses that that toe the Progressive line? My guess is “Hell No!”

The American Jobs Plan, the $2.3 trillion spending plan that Biden introduced at the beginning of April, would raise the corporate tax rate to 28% from 21%, reversing a key part of Republicans’ 2017 tax law. The measure would also impose a higher global minimum on companies’ foreign earnings.

And that tax cut launched the greatest growth in private sector jobs since records started to be kept on it. Since it is the Private Sector, of course the CommuNazis want it destroyed.

“What we’ve seen over the past several decades is that the wealthiest Americans, the big corporations are getting wealthier, and they’re contributing less in terms of federal revenue,” Rouse said.

So you are in favor of NOT rolling back the SALT deductions to what they were prior to the Trump Tax law? You know, forcing “The Rich” to actually pay taxes? Oh who am I kidding? Of course they want to repeal the SALT cap on the Rich. It affects more progressives then it does normal people and the progressives will always pretct themselves at the expense of everyone else.

The European Commission is on board for now as Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen works with G20 countries on the issue, Reuters reported earlier in April.

“We hope that the announcements of Secretary Yellen regarding the U.S. position, withdrawing the safe harbor regime proposal and calling for a minimum corporate taxation, will spur a new momentum toward agreement on a consensus-based global solution this summer,” European Commission spokesman Dan Ferrie said earlier in April according to Reuters.

Yellen is a dangerous incompetent, and she is a first class Globalist. She absolutely rejects the United States as a sovereign nation and will happily put us under the yoke of the European Union and/or the United Nations.

Meanwhile, a majority of the nation’s top CEOs agree that Biden’s plan to raise the corporate tax rate in order to pay for his nearly $2.3 trillion spending proposal will hurt business competitiveness and slow wage growth. 

This plan is all part of the Globalist agenda. These are people who think that they should control everything, and that nations should exist only in name and not fact. The European Union is a case in point. It was originally meant to be an economic zone, and the elites tried to make it a single all encompassing entity. (Brexit has thrown a hammer into the works) Now their goal is to crush America’s entrepreneurial spirit and our desire for freedom.

It will fail, but if Yellen and the others get their way, they will do tremendous damage. It could also lead to something they flat out won’t consider. That is people saying enough is enough and dealing with their actions in ways best not discussed. These people put the senile Fake President into office because they could not control President Trump. To bad for them that their cunning plan is already backfiring.


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